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  1. @Yarco Thank you for your thought-provoking opinion.
  2. I have been wondering about career choice lately, as I am an introvert and want to start doing job soon. I have a concern that as in most part time jobs (I am currently a student in Canada and not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week on off-campus), those jobs are usually in a fast paced environments and requires a lot of interaction with people. The idea of it makes me nervous because i have never did any job before and i don't feel confident/comfortable about interacting with people. Do I need to change as an introvert to do these kind of jobs? In other words, does my introversion a roadblock to be successful in jobs that requires a lot of interaction with people?
  3. I want to excel at all the four component - Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. Please advice me how I can do that.
  4. @aurum interesting. Are you suggesting to have slow sex?
  5. Hey everyone. I want to know about how to have quality sex and last longer in bed for male. I know one can find tons of info on internet but i want to know the perspective of real, spiritual minded people. So please, feel free to share your opinion and/or experience!
  6. @Leo Gura sorry i didn't understand how this map works. How do you feel about nevada? Few days ago krystal ball said it is in favour of biden but can potentially switch for trump.
  7. @Leo Gura if really 150 million people vote in this election as most political pundits are predicting, then yeah, it will be a blue Tsunami. Republicans are master at voter suppression. If they can not pull that old trick out of the hat, they are gonna loose badly.
  8. @Leo Gura don't you think it will be much more worse than the last four years?
  9. @Gidiot it looks like more chaos and darker reality will take place if he gets reelected.
  10. @Leo Gura if joe wins in 2020, it will be either joe or kamala in 2024, unless something unusual happens.
  11. This movie shows that one of the main reasons behind the division between political spectrum we see today in the world is facebook, google, youtube etc business model. Now a days the level of political polarization is very high and finding common ground is becoming harder and harder as they day goes by. People are subscribing more into conspiracy theories which I think should not be blamed upon digital platform alone but they significantly contributing to this problem. You see the idea that you like the most and it gets multiplied by these platforms by their algorithms. Thus you seldom see opposing idea/ other point of view ,succumb more into your personal biases and it is hard to fall out of this.
  12. This new Netflix documentary film will change your entire view on companies like google, facebook, youtube, instragram etc. I was basically shocked seeing this documentary film as it shows how this big companies are using those who use this platforms as a purple cow and suck the hell out of it. We have basically become digital slaves without being aware of it - and it didn't happen by accident, their entire business platform makes sure this so that they can earn money. It's the 21st century digital version of cocaine except the fact that most people are not conscious of taking this drug. Those who use these platform which I think most of the people here are, must see this documentary film to educate himself/herself about this dangerous phenomena happening right now. The only way you can unhook yourself from these "digital drug" is by taking the first step toward becoming aware about it. Also, besides education, this movie is good entertainment as well.
  13. @datamonster hey, can you pm me those sources as well? I am also working on my german.