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  1. @Derek White Thanks.
  2. @Angelite Sorry, I'm very naive at English and am facing difficulties making sense what you are saying. Would that be okay for you if i ask you to explain what you are saying in a more easily understandable way?
  3. Thanks a lot for the tip. As far i know from my previous experiences is that ,when i'd try to let go/surrounder the identity, the mechanism will produce many negative emotions and other painful stuffs via subconscious mind to keep itself alive. Can you elaborate on how to deal with those?
  4. But wouldn't that would create further IMAGES/identities that would want itself to be preserved/survived.
  5. @Inliytened1 I think I'm stuck at the materialist paradigm. I'm getting an intuitive feeling that this could be possible. But truly speaking, I'm unable to make sense what this means logically. I hope my comprehension ability would improve in the future.
  6. You are the creator, I'm the creator as much as somebody else is. On the other hand we know there is only ONE creator. Who is the right one?
  7. When i open my eyes a new world comes into being?
  8. @Synchronicity @TrynaBeTurquoise I see...
  9. @Truth Hey, i understand what you are saying. The thing is, I've tried those before. But didn't worked for me. It was like forcing myself to be/think in a certain way when i am not authenticly. To me,They work for short term issues like reaching a certain state of mind. But for a stable solution, I'd prefer dealing with the inner world of beliefs. I think as our knowledge and experiences of the world are different from each others, it is not unnatural to come up with different perspectives and opinions about a general topic like this.
  10. @Synchronicity You are saying that i don't experience anything outside of my experience. And things outside my experience exist without needing myself being aware of that. But leo sometimes says that the world doesn't exist without someone experiencing that. And the world would not continue existing after my death.(as though there are nobody eles real but me) This subjective-objective theory really confuses me.
  11. I can't "just drop the mission",if it was that easy, i wouldn't be here seeking help. I tried to LET GO before. That just doesn't work. What happens is, i try to force myself with my conscious/logical mind and on the other side my deepest part/subconscious holds some different ways of looking.(representing the morality problem leo talked about ) If you try to abort the mission the mechanism will go to any limit to not let that that happen. All kinds of negative yakky stuffs can surface. Fear, resentment, resistance of all kinds, you can't imagine how far it can go. That's how it protects itself.
  12. I don't know what you're saying. Can you explain further?
  13. What the f@#k means that reality is a subjective experience? Does "I'm not experiencing something" means, that thing don't exist in reality? Lets try a little thought experiment. whoever you are, one thing you can't disagree is that you are reading this thing right now. And therefore, you would also have to agree that, you exist. If you look around, you become aware of the world around you, things are happening around you. And referencing your direct experience, you/we can say that those things/the world exist. And the whole time, I'm not directly experiencing those. That seems like reality exists without my direct experience. Show me how the opposite is true.