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  1. @egoeimai @Roy First I broke up because I didn't want a long distance relationship, but then I decided to give it a try 1 hour later. (now we live closer and its not a long distance relationship anymore) Then she broke uo because she couldn't trust me because I wanted to spend the day alone. After that she explained to me she has something like borderline, which makes her push me away when she gets scared. Then she broke up some weeks after because I was going out with friends and didn't reply for 8 hours. She is reflected and after those incidents she comes back and takes responsibility for her over the top actions and accusations.. She is quite clever and spiritual. I am really confused.
  2. We are together for 5 weeks and we ended the relationship 3 times already but always got back together soon after that. Wtf? Never had that before. We are very passionate and get easily scared I think. A red flag?
  3. Hey there, i use bioenergetics everyday and i love it! It helps me to express my anger and repressed sexuality like no other technique can and it gave me a huge confidence boost. Do you know Devaraj Sandberg?
  4. @Serotoninluv I didn't know that, thanks! Could anyone tell me how long the tolerance reset for 50µg LSD would approximately be in your individual case?
  5. LSD is great but it takes to long for tolerance recovery (2 weeks) You might say "just increase the dosage and then you have enough to integrate in 2 weeks" but i feel this is not my way of going about this whole shabang. Ideally i want to trip every 3-7 days with small to medium dosages, this would fit perfectly to my lifestyle. Any ideas?
  6. @Esoteric I've read and watched some Kahn, exactly what i was looking for. "Whatever arises, love that"
  7. @Thought Art I just finished it, wow what a ride. I've read many books but that one struck me deeply, almost painfully. Thanks for giving me the push.
  8. @Thought Art crazy, there is this girl i fell in love with who recommended me this book incidentally. Then through accident i stumbled upon this book weeks later. Now this. I have to get it now
  9. I've read it often enough: open the heart is the next step, become more loving and accepting etc. But how to you actually do this? Visualize the opening of the chakra? What are your methods/books?
  10. I tested out a fair share of spiritual practices and qiqong seems to be the most suited for my personality so i want to commit. (I love to move and i can't sit still) But now a questioned entered my mind: Has qiqong the same purpose as sitting meditation or yoga? I want to become healthy in body and mind, calm my being and open my heart. Is QiGong the right practice for walking this path? Imagine that i commit to a life long mastery of Qiqong, where would this lead me, what will get out of the practice? Another Question that is related: will all practices lead me to the same thing the one way or another?
  11. @Esoteric great answers! I noticed that tend to the superstitious personified god due to christian upbringing. Absolute freedom is scary, but that is what the whole thing is about.
  12. I want to discuss the statement above, what are your thoughts? Recently i heard that Terence Mckenna died of brain tumor. His doctors assured him it had nothing to do with his psychedelic use, but he firmly believed that his cancer was a direct result of his drug use. I don't have this as a quote, a friend just told it me like that. So besides the quote being true, what are thoughts on this problematic? Will using a shortcut to consciousness have a backlash sooner or later? Will it be "punished" through cosmic law? I don't think this is the case, but to be honest i still have some doubts.
  13. @Leo Gura what about filtering your tap water, is it save then?
  14. @Leo Gura is it ok to boil tap water and then drink it? Also for what do i have to look out for when buying water?