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  1. @Leo Gura what about filtering your tap water, is it save then?
  2. @Leo Gura is it ok to boil tap water and then drink it? Also for what do i have to look out for when buying water?
  3. Great work, very inspiring! I wish you all the strength you need to execute your new goals
  4. @Shin Yes, great technique. I get the feeling that when i'm always present, i am missing something. My thoughts: "When i stop thinking and planning, what will happen to my life? I will never figure things out. I have to think, otherwise there is no progress, no solution." Feels like an addiction. And probably limiting beliefs? Very interesting. Thanks!
  5. @UDT i am relatively healthy and fit. I'm skinny and sometimes i eat garbage but most of the time i feel energetic and clear. Yoga and Bioenergetics helps a lot with that. I started to lift weights but then the exact same problem appears: I don't give a fuck if i have muscles, i just want to be admired. I want to be sexy so i don't have to feel like a lesser human. No intrinsic motivation, only insecurity and shame.
  6. @Shin thank you, this is good advice. Being ok with not knowing and uncertainty sounds exactly like something i need right now What, in your opinion, is the best way to deal with those kind of emotions? I work with the Sedona method and the work of byron katie. This mostly works effective. @K VIL actually i had a good day when i wrote this, because this insight was freeing me in some way. But a lot of anger came with that realization, so i had to blow of some steam. Letting go of goals, how spiritual and awesome is that! Sounds hard tho, any advice how?
  7. Hey guys, It's quite frustrating. After years of thinking and pondering, of taking the life purpose course, of contemplating and meditating i still don't know what i really want out of life. Sure, i want to be happy. But what does that mean, what do i want CONCRETELY? I can't formulate my top goal without sounding fake to myself. "Make 10k passive income" "become enlightened" "get super healthy". I mean yes of course i want that, but not really.. It feels like all of those goals are something i "should" achieve. I got those goals handed from society, from actualized.org, from self help books and gurus.. But not one goal feels like MY goal, my authentic goal that I really want to achieve. It feels confusing and crazy scary. What the hell am i going to do with my life? I wanted to become a great musician, a davinci esque artist. Someone who creates mindblowing art. But more and more i come to realize that these are just grand compensations. I feel insecure and worthless, i feel not enough. I try to become superman because my dick is tiny. And all my ambitions, all my goals are motivated through that lense. To show how good i am, to show that i am better than other people. I don't want that anymore, that's what i want! This was super rambly but i had to get that out. Anyway, can anybody relate to this? Has anybody overcome a similar situation and can give some guidance?
  8. @TheSomeBody What do you mean with "you are entitled to get financial aid"? And who specifically owes you money, the world in general?
  9. @Knock Beautiful, thank you! When i started to let go from getting girls and begun to focus on my life Purpose i got my first gf. Crazy how that stuff works.
  10. @Tiny Nietzsche may i ask how old you are? I started to teach piano a while ago and right i'm not that skilled either...
  11. @outlandish Ah, now i get it. I will edit my post till tomorrow and add the golden nuggets i could find
  12. @outlandish Sorry, i really thought this is incredible helpful for most people on the forum, i mean is there a better place to post it?
  13. Hey there, today i want to introduce you to scribd.com You can access so many good books on there, most of leos reading list is on there too. (as book and audiobooks!) If you can accept reading on a screen and use audiobooks this site is a must. It's waaay cheaper than audible because you pay like 9$ a month and can access everything. They have really a ton of good books and audiobooks that it blows my mind this shit is not popular. (They also have music sheets! As a musician this tops everything.) So yeah check it out, it's a great website. Here are some faves: Healing the Shame That Binds You Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali A Course In Miracles Never Split the Differences The Wisdom of Insecurity Dao De Jing
  14. Hey there, I am trying to get into Hatha Yoga but i can't seem to find good resources. I am looking for a progressive guideline, that leads you from the basic poses to the advanced. Most of the books/courses give you just some poses without any structure behind it. It's like "here are 50 Asanas now do them as you please" I want to build my own routine, so if you could help me out i would be very grateful.