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  1. I had this, what do you eat? By me it was undereating and poor metabolism... it still isnt great but its ,,ok"
  2. Or youre just smarter and more mindfull? Having better noticing abilities... (Not saying that youre arent aware as fuck, just saying)
  3. Yes, I agree, and I try to speek with that understanding... and no matter how carefull I am its hard to express my self about this thopic without being a hypocrat, because I'm not enlightened at all... but at least i really try not to climb or belive on any of my opinions... i would say i evan try not to have opinions or stand points... just relative conclusions based on thinking and observations, for witch conclusions I know that they ultimatively are false... enought philosophy... are you enlightenet? Like ,,level" ruper spira, ,,moojiji"? I know its a stupid question but againg, you know what I mean...
  4. Yes, i know that... but i dont see how it does not exit... i understand the theory but its not my experience... some of my depression an anxiety comes exactyl from what you say, an ego that try to go someware, to achive different thing, desires, oposite wishes (like a everyday example, loosing way vs eating whatever i want) and so on... but i dint manage to transcendent it, get free of it, accept it or whatever im slowly acceptung that it is shity like that and cintunue to feel like 40-60% OK.
  5. No need to defend your self... Its not like I really know how everybody is doing, and I clearly see how some guys are going crazily deep and becoming slowly enlightened... however i think you got my point anyways
  6. I did a lot of wim hof method, and what i would call just ,,normal" meditation... now i backed off a lot because of the insomnia that i finnaly got a little bit under controll... the depression and anxiety is not that bad in general I'm ok
  7. for me its almost only pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and side effects... 20 minutes in average of nice states in three months-more or less, (ps. I'm on the path for 3 years) the only thing good about is i get more sharpminded and smarter... I notice and understand much more ,,things" in general... my english improved from studying this stuff and from trying to express my self in english heh
  8. I thought you will be evan banned from here, but i wasn't mature enough to recognize that you would leave... looking back, and analyzing everything, now I see that this was very easily predictable, but I didnt see it... I'm very disappointed you were very precious to me for observing, staying critical and learning about different ways to finding truth if yesus is trully the truth you would be such a strong ,,prohpet" of his words if you stayed and proved everything again and againg... but the first winds off attacking comments were strong enought to blow you, and the endurence of your faith away... in contrary you could for ever stayed Jesuses light that could have shined some light into the darkness of this forums and our souls that are decived from devil (speeking (what I assume) from your point of view)... there wasnt evan need to debate, or answer on this forum, put post... just to stay here and from time to time say something, or after a few months or years to post your new deeper insights or meeting with Jesus... I meean, you dont have 24/7 to debate and prove Jesus to everyone all the time here whitch you in a bit reduced way evan did... similar like vegan pushing agenda, I'mean the same mehanich i can see there... however, you can always come back, who knows, maybe one day as a newbron muslim, or something else... againg, good luck
  9. youre making some wrong assumptions here and on them some wrong conclusions... A medicine student is not jet a doctor... someone who is on the non dual search isnt really a non dualitst/enlightened untill he is... So youre judging people on this forum like non dualist, and then making conclusions about them, and contributing this to nondualit... but no one here is enlightened???? a true non dualist? you can do the same with christianity, there are so many christians who are not true christians and are just bad and then judge the whole christianity based on people who are not truly christians! Enlightened or not, being a good person or a good open midnded critical person to talk about ideas, belives, logic and so on is also not necesary in coleration... So by judging non duality you judged yourself and the people here (who are not enlightened or they are party maybe evan zen devils, or dealing with ego backlashes, whaever)... Also as you were a ,,non dualist" you were not,, so you judget your self as you were at the procces of becoming, not at the destination (if there is one) but you didnt came to Budha, Ramana, Ruper spira, Mojiji level 4 shure, and maybe they are wrong but you dont know yourself beeing like them, not is anyone on this forum like them... Second: evan if you were to be right, youre experiencing now very big ego trips, and youre to excited about your new insights... its to soon to have a clear mind, if you just meet Jesus, and youre to emotional probbably... and I ask my self, what would Yesus do? would he give up on the probbably most spiritual, most hopping, and most intelectual forum on this planet, where are just almost all good people just trying to find they happines, truth and help in life in personal development? woul he abandon his people (with whom he were ,,online friend" for years) at the moment when he finnyl got the true insights about life and everything... your behavior puts a big -?- in what is really happening to you... if you need to leave because of your self or the different opinions here, than this is selfish and youre to much identified with your opinions and to much offended and touched with the stuff that other people post/belive on a ,,digital" forum... still, love and peace good luck
  10. a non doualist should not have a agenda to begin with... holding on to non duality... big ego illusion/concept ... if a christian bla bla makes you feel bad or irrittated ond so on, then youre not evan close ,,in the non dual zone"... chill, obesrve egoless, you can learn about you, about him, grow further, incresse your acceptence, understanding,,, and stay radicaly open minded so that you are openminded to evan a cleshay for whitch you are certain that it has to be wrong, like a christian belief... however, a really opened mind, a free and open awareness (open sky) can accept evan the mind storm that eggoless is giving or tripping to us, and who knows, maybe there is evan something more to Jesus than we belive or experience in our current awareness / counciousness #staynondual vs #dontstayadualidentifiednondualits
  11. this was posted yesterday-coincidence?
  12. Rupert spira says that the purpose of life is to be happy, not empty... he further says that pure awareness is inherently free, and peacefull... however, I dont see one good and logical answer in this post, not do I know it...
  13. So it seams... there are many explonatiins in non duality that i get... they are often aligned with some scientific undersranding and are unfolding some mehanics of reality or our psyhological procceses and the relativity of that... but then they just delude further them self and spread insids about some ,,stuff" on every stuff-so they come to beliefs that theye are God... my finger does not exist if i close my eyes, or sleep... so nothing exists... there is a big logical flaw in this... my finger does not exist (to me or my awareness) if i close my eyes... but it continues to exist, and then evan if it does not exist that does not mean that nothing else exist at all... so they do the same with God... its just isnt acceptable or logical or whatever... its not TRUE... if all those experiences are a state of mind/brain, that would explain it all-logicaly... people just with force and intent contribute the attributes(no attributes-no self) and conclusions made in this state, about this state/experience to everything that is and exists no matter if ita true or not, if they know it or not... so they say that they are me and my brain without ever experiencing me... a blind belief... and so on...
  14. @Leo Gura nobody is answering this... your answer in the last vido also doesnt make seanse to me, its more a logical construnct, an assumption...
  15. I didnt created anything... i dont know that at all, i dont know how, i dont feel it, experience it or have any power or intilligence to littelery create planeth earth and and so on... how am I doing that without knowing, understanding or seeing it...