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  1. I dont trust a guy in a ceremonial dress who charges so much for workshops... a see his talk is top end briliant, but still...
  2. do you think that duality is a illusion? do you think that absoulte infinity inclides also duality? do you think that absolute infinity, that includes duality, has a apperent finite illusion, a human living on earth? that human on earth is in fact absoulte ONE, while appearing at the same time as human? while being absoulte one, do you still eat and breath? if you say that you kind of breath, in whatever aspect of the absoulte one, than in that aspect and only in that one we can talk at all, and then, even if it is a illusion that is a part of the ONE, made of ONE of nothing, that the ,,dimension" where we talk that humans cant fly like superman... recap, we are all ONE, unborm nothing, infinity... humans dont trully exist they exist as illusion or infinite posibility in that limited apperance of the unlimited ONE, humans just cant flY! if you break that, and fly, then leos talk, and yours is right and practical, and has truth in the relative truth where things seam to exits by rules... when you bend thos rules youre superenlightened (like Jesus for example) you have superpowers, and Leo claims that... i claim that there are no supermans...
  3. knowing much and high IQ is not the same, i know that.... basically you can shot down every human discussion with saying shut up, you dont exist, youre not here, we are all one, youre not evan born so what ever you say youre wrong... only then leo can say that he has superpowers, that he may fly like superman, and when i say, wait this cant be, prove it, its wrong and so on, and i will be debunked in your way... thats no talk, no argument, no logic, no nothing you can slice my arm in that etic because i dont have an arm, im not born, you can force.me to eat shit ot poison because im not there or born... trum is a rocket plane, and my father is hulk, you can teleport and this forum is what it is... i dont think we should talk at all if we do things this way... because no one can say anything here, he will be 4 ever wrong, whatever, and not one practical thing can be discussed and that gos so far that i have to trully and practicaly accpet that you and Leo can fly and teleport, while labeling christians or scientis as dogmatic, but when you say that humans can fly like superman youre right, when i say they cant im dogmatic, ego midn, false, assuming, living in false relativity, deluded and what not... strange forum
  4. so if you dont know language, and if your IQ is like 2, and amount of knowing is 0, then a human can fly like superman? or if you are dead, or a baby in a belly, then humas can fly like superman? are you explaining to me.that humans can fly like superman, and am I wrong when I say that they cant?
  5. by black me means really black like in the image, not indians or araps...
  6. are you serious that flying or shoting a kamehame ha for humans is normal and not a superpower... then please do it... make leo do it... youre not serious at all and your reasoning is false on all infinite levels... thats not how you apply the relative correctly into a real world scenario and argument... my superpower analogy is based on fact... a human cant fly, it has to mutate or to bend the laws of nature to fly, that would be a superpower, or to master energy in a special way that still would be a superpower in a way what it means for me, and you know whar i mean but ti act smart from a higj horae trying to.relativize all with the theory of relativity/non duality... of course everything is relative but in a apperent finate relative sYstem like our dimension there are rules and limitations to relative infinite posibility... thats why You cant flY, you just cant, if you do thats a superpower, and if its attained with the non dual pathy, with breaking reality and becoming god, and if you fly, then men, thats even more a superpower... so fly
  7. I took 5 meo dmt and i can manifest fire... prove it... you should take 5 meo dmt to see it... wait, you cant manifest fire and film it, you cant burn a thing, measure heat from your body, make other people look at it or touch it, so there is your superpower-fire only if somebody else takes 5 meo dmt, only then it exists and can be proven... OK... (ps. i can also spit fire, in a video game, i can prove it, come and play the game -the false reasoning conclusion is that i really can spit fire (have superpowers), beacause i cant, and thats a fact... and if i prove it in a video game i still didnt prove it, in fact a proved the opposite)
  8. thats a method of understanding you, your claims... its not the method to see your superpowers, and if you have superpowers taking 5meo dmt for others should not be the only scientific method to see or prove your superpowers... you can prove many claims with a lot of methods, telepathy, superpower or a infinite unlimited being should be able to prove itself scientifically with infinite methods, or at least with a few... you could prove us telepathy or manifesting thing, or flying or whatever very easily, and the claim that it can only be proven when I take 5 meo DMT 100 times just proves that it is false...
  9. Thats ok ... for me its like just reading what you type, I understand it, and its not at all like that for me... there is no difference in my experience at all 10 years ago and now... no matter if I read so much, listened to leo, mooji, rupert, to you... i meditated and took some drugs... i have had my ,,moments" i changed as a person, i grow and so on... but im not it that ,,state" i'm 100% in the same human state as when i was 15 or 20 or whatever, and im not experiencing and realizing what i did on meditation or trips, or some weaks after trips, right now, or what leo ,,saw" on 5 meo dmt... I have so much more knowledge and understanding about me, about everything, im more wise and stable and so on... i dont belive there is much to teach me about this with words, i really know and undrestand most of it, like many others do here also, BUT I'M not living and experiencing it, if youre are, then hello Budha (or whoever) my friend and sorry if my assumption were wrong and youre 100% honest and authentic with your claims...
  10. That goes for you and others also... discover for your self how i can fly... my current abilities that manifested 5 minutes ago allow me to fly about 2000 kilometers, just 3 minutes ago i flew above Germany, of course you cant watch, i cant show you, i wont film it or prove it, and you should see it 4 your self, if you know what I mean, and yes I'm the truth and I speak the truth... you sound like that to me (no offense)
  11. you should be still able to make one thing to make us see your telepathy, or anything supernatural... you can't just say my superconscious ,,mind" or whatever isnt into that, i do high end telepathy or manifestation of supernatural powers, that you cant see, understand or that does not manifest its self at all, for others low end egos... thats like when i would say i dream that i can fly, in fact i can do everything because im infinite and ulimited, so i can fly and do everything , sorry if youre not that level, its not my level of interest to fly in this realm of being, because my enlightened being/mind has ,,higher plans" and i can fly but i can not prove it and im still right and youre wrong... from my perspective that is like = (dogma + delusion) x infinite
  12. No i'm 100% honest, and youre 100% theory and delusion... youre lying (not to offend you, but to show your ego belief)... lets be practical and real... Leo, you and me have had elightened experiences, awakenings... but right now we percive the world like every other human, we are not in that space, from our first person experience, just right now... you claim something else,, are you really right now int the god/mind enlightened state, or whatever, lets not fight with the meaning of my words... you know what I mean... I dont percive right now as i do on drugs or meditative states and leo is right now not in the enlightened state or counciousnes (whatever) like when he was when he was on 5meo dmt... in theory we are all one, enlightened, nothing all the time, I KNOW THAT, in theory... but i exist and live as a illusion, a me-ego, and for short i manage to break this and to see what i am, to be awake... whatever, but i get back again and again... youre lying that youre trully are awake all the time (even if that is true in theory) its not for your subjective experience and its not different as for any other human or for me, and its not like in deep meditation, awakenings or drug trips... or is it really like that 4 you? are you really awake and fully consciuus right now (just as when Leo talks about his moments, drug or no drug) ? are you budha level (or 5 meo dmt, or whatever) right now, trully and fully honestly? not in theory, in theory I'm also!!!! (i know the theory) but as an honest person i tell you how it really is with me, how i see and feel (not believe or think) and its not like that, and when you say its like that for you i assume youre lieing, without trying to offend you... its a delusion from a dogmatic approach to this forum, spirituality, drugs non duality and whatever... just say what is acutally true for you, what do you really and 100% honestly experience and ,,see" right now (TRUE SEEING AND BEING NOT BELIVING) right now... my friend
  13. thata your theory not your reality, youre lying to your self... youre not experiencing reality like that at all...
  14. @Meta-Man why cant you be right now in a realized being, in the truth, why cant you see it, why do you have to meditate hard, take drugs etc, even if you saw the truth a lot of times before... why cant you be fully consciuouss of it by will...