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  1. YOU are making you grow old. All is me, there is only me, I do everthing/nothing and so on... Youre assuming that. How could i possibly manifest dna, or the universe or people in a real way, in a illusionary way, in any sort of existance or thr illusion of existance without any knowledge or awareenes of how Im doing it... So Im concluding that im not doung it... If I as a humas paint a picture, i Know how and why Im doing it what techique im using and so on... there is no way that im manifesting humans and the universe without having any clue how im I doing it and without having evan a clue that Im doing it... Non duality is the most assuming dogmatic movement that there is...
  2. The question is in the title... What's interesting that I want to add into the discussion are all the problems that the crew had while filming the movie? Could it really be the devil trying to stop them? (or clever promotion where the directors therefore lie about all this) Here is the link where the directors talk about it...
  3. @spiritual memes I only experience a unified field of conscious awareness. /// You only experience a field of conscious awareness... You're dogmatic (and never experienced, and there is not one practical implication, manifestation or prove of it) that it is unified... You're dogmatic about that there are no other fields besides others that you have not experienced... so I can say, a never saw china or a round earth, conclusion, there is only a flat hearth and there is no china... So non dualist denies anything that is outside of experience no matter what prove and argument you put it... if I did not experience it it does not exist, its all me (such standpoint, if taken for truth, can never be disproven to a human witch such standpoint to begin with (no matter if it is true or false ultimatively, but if it is false you can still never convince somebody of it he starts with such a belief)... not yet understood the idea that 'you' and 'me' are excited states of one underlying field... OK lets pretend to accept... i think its a word game... we are material humans, or we are excited states of one underlying field... the difference is only in a theoretical definition, because practically it all says the same... because practicaly we do not have one possibility of that field that we can use (no feel or do anything besides the ,,human" body mind) or lets say the excited state... maybe we can not even exist as that field in any way (how was your existance before you were born or after you die)... So separation is a practical truth, one field theory is only apparent and existent and accessible as theory... The illusion that things are separate is useful for your survival so you take it as absolute truth not because it is actually true. When you see trught an illusion that should make you able to ,,do" somethig... so if separation is illusion, o there is a illusionry wall I cant cross it... then i see the truh and just go trught the wall... its funny with your truth that you can not do ONE more thing, or anything that is true... the only way we exist is the separate way, jet you call that way an illussion and your TRUTH for witch you care is absolutly untouchable and does not give ONE possibility for any way of practical or any extance or doing or whatever,,, although it is real, it is not real and available at all and nothing can be "done" with it but you ,,live in it" and i live in my illusion... but when your and mine illusion stops, everything stops like before we were born (or maybe our soul goes to onother dimension but thats onother topic)... They would be part of the same circuit. The concept of separate devices exists in your mind. What makes devices separate? your mind does. Now extend that analogy to every object in the universe. Those are not same analogies... in a dream (rupet spira says) there is me objects, planets and so on but it is all the same mind, no space no time all me... you can do it with water also... but a fridge and Washing machine are not when they are connected to the electrical system, and they are not ONE ELECTRICAL SYstem or extension of it ... looking if from a human and earthly perspective, those are two connected things, but a dream is one manifestation of one SOMETHING, what ever I question everything, thats because im here and talking to you... How does unconscious matter give rise to subjective experience? Here is how... how does a camera take a photo, how does a PC put output when you put input... so the PC sees, you give it info, it gets it (subjective experience) than it gives it back to you (processes it)... (and if there is no free will (free will vs determinism) the better... so matter (or whatever atoms or whatever it is)... has the ability to process information... To communicate, to play to make it... how subjective experience is possible evan if not explained fully, it can be accepted as possible and as a property of matter with which it transfers energy and processes it... when you take your eyes out there is no sight, when you take out your brain there is no experience, so its hardly to imagine that subjective experience is there from its own, and if it is why dont you experience the grass from the perspective of dirt... BUT you only do it from the bodymind... So when a pc works, there has to be something in it that experiences the energy process and the information processing procedure... and it is not me, but if it does that so does my seperate something do it to... and even if it is one and the same field, that does not matter because it has nothing effectively useful, practical and real from that property which is then shown to be only theoretically correct, while according to every other criterion reality exists as separate and only as such in a relative sense we exist, live and function, whatever it may be, matter or field or soul... and in the way of absolute truth, which can be one and the same infinite field of consciousness, and in such a way we do not exist in any way, especially not in a practical way, that is why it is useless as a human being to go in that direction and try to exist, because as a man, we can live and exist like that only as a theoretical idea or dogma in his head, not in his reality, which brings me back to the beginning that non-duality is a dogma... Thank you for your politeness btw. Also... I dont think you should answer anymore, we agree to disagree and I'm open that I'm wrong and humble enough to KNOW one thing for sure, I DONT KNOW what is right about it, I do not even believe in my viewpoints, and who am I to understand the most demanding questions of existence and the universe in general... I see the logic in what you talk (I listen to this now for 7-8 years) and it has something to it, but what seems to me to be more reasonable, more acceptable, more logical and more accurate is exactly what I have presented myself, so even though proof is a relative technique according to my perception, what I have stated seems more evident... thx
  4. Who are you, who is my friend? It's not me... you and I are not one, and not the same, and not connected especially not consciously... (maybe over this forum in a communicative way, but that's obviously not what we mean... Which mind did write : You are the only one in the universe, my friend <3 ... not my, I was not conscious of that, my brain also did not? I can not access you, your body-mind... if we would have the same consciousness or if we would be IT and not US, we would be omniaware, so we are not IT... if we somehow still share the same conscious field, we still exist as that (whatever it is, let say ,,human") what is separate in that field and that(we) exists individually, even if it is connected to all other existence, it is still individual, separate but connected (what is highlighted in that same field and unconnected with another that is highlighted in another place and way, in such a way that what is highlighted or isolated from that field and other happenings, although connected in one way, that becomes essentially separate and independent and no longer speaks of the same entity, being or appearance)... lets say all electric devices can be connected to the same electrical field in one house, but that does not make all electrical devices in that house one and the same electrical devices... when I as a human connect to the experience of consciousness, via drugs or meditation, I think we experience only the pure awareness of our mind, or at best the pure awareness of the underlining consciousness of all existence, but that does not make us all ONE, or that does not deny separation, and existence us different beings, awareness or individual consciousness that just have one wire that leads to the same field, and or other is unique... very similar to the electrical devices analogy ...
  5. @spiritual memes I just have to continue debate politely The separations you are making are mentally constructed. NO, the oness youre making ist a pure mental construct, never experienced, proven or with logic explained... you just belive that from your interpretations of your non dual experiences, whitc never gave you that we are all one, but you interpreted the experiences of your pure awareness like we are all one... what us severest can be argumenta with 1000 arguments that are practical (cut of your hand, i dont feel you, you live you die, youre here youre not, youre not the stone and so on), what us connect as ONE can not be proven with anything or on any practical level, only with philosophical abstract concepts, believes and dogma... you only put dogma to me, why cant you say, we are all one i can stop the sun, or travel to mars in an instant, or feel my hand... you cant do or precipitate one thing, but you claim non dual theory that where it should be possible not to do ONE thing, but all of them The connections AS one is mind generated, because practically there is no connection... I can not prove materialism, i dont know what we are... so you conclude -believe and imagine we are all one... i can not prove that by far... I also believe in the practical reality... i don't know know what the universe is and how it is build, i dont understand atoms or if they truly exists but I know what is practical, logic and what is the FuC n truth, and for me that is the real truth, what IS and what works, and what is possible... so the practical truth is that we are separate, there is non one practical implication of us being ONE, not one prove, just a philosophical dogma or a mental construct, because on any level of existance or experience of truth, we can only be practically one in your mind and belief, not on this planet in any other way, because there is NOT one practical experience, evidence, or peculiar to the human race and the experience of the individual that we are one- i can access you, or anything besides my body mind, even telepathy is a connection between two body minds, even if it is between a shared filed, there are still two separate units that just share one field, that is also not them they just use it... the only place where non duality exist and works, is the interpretation of a trip or a meditative state, so in the mind... and not on the field of this word and practical existence
  6. @spiritual memes thx... i agree that I did bombard with everything at once, and some arguments are weak or badly constructed... as you could see... i posted many other forums before with just one or two arguments or questions where i also never got an answer that i can say Ok, now understand or what you say is really a true answer... i would like to reply back to some of your answers... A whirlpool on one side of the world cannot interact with a wave on the other side of the world even though they are aspects of one ocean... Its not one ocean not in a materialistic way, not in a conscious way... its just water (atoms or drops) pressed together so the analogy about water from one ocean can not be applied to humas... you could press 100 humans together, there are still 100 humans, or one pressed bunch of humans called ,,ocean"... ONE is something that you can not separate without losing the essence of that one, or where it does not get party destroyed, or where it has one (conscious) control center that can not control outside of it boundaries... so my left hand and right hand are independent in a sense and the left does not know what the right does (but the brain can know), but they are both connected do the brain, and if i cut one off its done... all of my body has special conception to all of it, or my body mind... but it has 0 connection to your body or body-mind... I dont see and practical argument or prove where you can say that you and me are even connected, let alone being ONE... you can say that only with dogmatic imagination... and when I say give me proof, logical arguments, rational explanations, anything ,,tangible'' you get philosophical with trick or attacking rational thinking, prove, or logic... There's a difference between 'your' limited human experience and the you which is the entire universe. Also, you do experience stuff when you sleep and people sometimes recall past lives. Ok what is the difference and how you know? So there is human experience but humans don't exist and we are all just one and the same consciousness, but he can non experience feel or know anything besides or outside of the human capability? again why can't i feel you or a stone, or a guy on another planet? ps. I struggle a lot with English, and thx
  7. Please debunk my last answer in this post that i will link, and in all the other forums with claims and questions that I posted in my last answer in the link
  8. thx for the high-quality response... maybe you also misunderstand my points, mostly because i put them in a way in which it is probable that you understand me the way that you understand me... my radical open-mindedness has led me to believing everything witch is also false... this can go also in dark ways (where i did not go)but for example, lets just try pedophilia, heroin or whatever comes and goes... as you said: of trying to rationalize them into a coherent idea with some explanatory power... and then happens imagination and dogma and delusion... proof is relative, somehow you prove one thing with other things... the relation of A to B, and A to C proves A... if i sleep, other people still live... nondualist somehow say that this is not true... if you cut your arm off, you don't have your arm on your body anymore... should we now take drugs, or go into deep philosophy to discredit that proven statement about your arm that fits into basic logic, truth and common sense philosophy... and say a thing like there is no arm, no you, and if you deeply meditate you can grow it back, and all prove that that is not true are false because there are no proves... you see where this goes... to all the so-called non dual and drug experiences I can say that they are true, and profound and that they show something about the nature of something, but what about what, we as humans dont have the capacity to know it all and to explain the deepest truth and laws of an absolute existence... so your IQ can be 140 (smart guy), but it is not even close to 9999999999999x999999999, and you complete knowledge is less then 0,0000001 of the existing knowledge on earth, not to start comparing it to the universe... so what truly can you GET from observing your experiences or trips... my experinces and openmind is so open that i can question the same critice that opend it in the first place... so I trip or listen to ,,gurus" wow wow wow, so deep, I listend again, yes, yes yes, wiat WRRRROOOOONNNNGGGG, youre just imagining or gessing or shouting arbitrary ideas that fall from your (smart) head, its not like YOU KNOW or that it can be proven in any (relative) credibile style of proving... and what I test your ideas or statements with everything (modest) that i got, with all my mind, knowledge or whatever, they fall those test, whil some other ideas or statement they pass all the tests or critices that I can possibly try so i belive them, I say they are true or proven (with always an open mind that everything could be wrong) so if i cut my arm maybe tho new arms will grow insted if i take 8meoaya... Again all those questions... why cant I feel you if we are all one, if we are all one, how that i can only feel my shit and not one more shit of other persons... i should at least be able to feel/experience 100 or a million humans if not all of existence... Why i dont experience anything when I sleep, im in coma, dead or before I was born? why most gurus charge and make money, and take drugs ond somehow fuck up their lives? Why non duality leads to expositional more searching and suffering that never ends? you see how leo is drifting... he is not a person who got it, who is so happy peacfull, who does not search, who emits love, who makes wonders and soo on... just an everexpeding deeper never ending searcher with more and more task complexity and so on... why does morality go down in this path, and sins get relativized... Why does the truth can only bee attined with tricky methods (drugs, meditating and so on) and why is it not always obvious (so its a mind state attained with touching special parts of the brain) when you see the wall, the wall is there... when you get that 2+2 is 4... it not that you tomorrow can not get or see it... but a non dual realization is an induced experience, and later you make just ideas of it without any prove or test that those ides should be capable of passing... non dual reasoning can be applied to any experience... there is only sound, everything is sound (if you would have only that sense)... i think our brain has a basic receptor for every input... when you sort out every input and start to feel the same blank receptor than you get to the nondual experience... it can be blank or filled with incredible inputs that again show your pure awareness as it its... later you dogmatize that all is that, as you cold do with all is sight, sound or whatever... So i Dont belive you can in any way prove to me that you and are the same consciousness, or being or mind or the same nothing or whatever... while I belive you every word of the things you have experienced, but I dont belive you your conclusions or ideas about what they are if you can not in any way prove them to me or to most of the human understanding (if you can put it simply you don't get it-Einstein) while I or the whole human comunity can in many ways disprove all of non dual theories claims or ideas... Again if you take aya, and say i talked to another entity... i can say that is your hallucinations or that is true, there are multiple dimensions and maybe the human brain can be modeled with drugs to directly experience it... telepathy is also posible, when mobile phones can connect, why not electromagnetic brains... so i'm open-minded... but when you say i meditated and felt like nothing, i say I belive... then comes dogmatic reasoning... so I'm nothing ... NOOOO, thats your idea and interpretation of your experince but not your truth... btw. the ego is so relative, one kick in the brain and there is no person any more... you can experience your deletion, and get an existence crisis or bliss... who knows... I wold like to know what we truly are, where we go, where we came from, why all of this is and so on... I thought non duality was the answer for long time, but it literary does not give answers... when it gets tough it says stop asking, thinking, meditate, take drugs, there is no you, empty your brain, fuc k asking, thinking, logic... this is the truth because I say so, and if you dont get it you're just on a low-level consciousness... it relative, all is relative... cut of your arm!!! there is no arm. Its always there, but it never even was there... so cut it of or don't. here is more those are examples of the forums i put with even more and more questioning, Leo answered and others,,, ant their answers fit the style in which i elaborated now to you... so basically they come to a dead and get dogmatic or asking me just to stop ,,asking"
  9. If there is a consciousness identical to me... (two not one-non duality gone)... i was able to recognize a telepathic connection... because it was fully awake like I was and this can only work if both are fully awake, one God reaching to another God, two absolutes reaching to another God... If you would ask Leo: are you above Jesus (higher level), Budha, Ramana Maharshi in the awakening stage or knowledge, guess what this humble man would answer... Just analyze the psychological style and way he talks about his (perfect persona-absolute God), not only the content of his words and ideas (i know he is super intelligent and has enormous knowledge (that partly trapt him into overdrive and not freed him into peace)... there is the same patterns seen in delusional people, and narcissism and so on... so even if he is right, he sounds like a lost cause... he is getting more and more criticism for being deluded evan from followers... I just try to see his body language, his patterns his ways of speaking and acting that don't give me a positive vibe, and where i can see patterns of someone who is delusional or trapt in overthinking and over his fantasies and everything that pops up in his head, mental masturbation can only produce so MUCH content and overthinking (manic behavior) videos, blogs, forum, never ever stopping, that can not come from a peaceful and enlightened soul that mostly just IS, and does not endlessly search and think and lives on the internet typing and filming what it thinks(that does an unrested mind) be it even sophisticated nonduality, at the end it lost its ground and lead to falsehood...
  10. nice... but look again, you still speak about, time, differences, parents that know and experience something i Did not or what i forgot... that all indicates separation, time, and different selfs... when you say that I existed before I was born, or you, or both of us, us one, when you say it like that; isn't it just dogma... you just intellectualized that idea WITHOUT direct experience (THAT IS THE HOLLY GRAIL OF THINKING AND PROVING IN NON-DUALITY) and also without other proof... its a pure idea and dogma backed with nothing but your imagination... you just say such (spiritual forum dogmatic theory) that I heard before, but without ANY experience, or proof... it just sound nice and fits the deep non dual hole of sophisticated knowledge that in fact is dogma, based on direct experience, denying of everything else, and further making up (or coping Budha christ or whoever) thing based on the experience of the no self feeling... so you get the no self experince, but what is it, and than comes imagination and dogma that you were there before you were born and that we all are ONE, without truly ever experiencing it or me and my legs, emotions thoughts and so on
  11. I put this question here like 10 times... or what is when we are in deep sleep or coma or before we were born, why dont we feel other peoples limbs and emotions, and so on, why isnt there one person who can manipulate reality or do superhuman things, one that breaks the matrix, there is only drug trip reports about such ,,dreams" because i never saw a person on drugs and flying but that person of course can report that it flew, but it did not... Of course, no one answers... you can get only trick answers or some phrases 100 times replied, or the old trick there are no others, oneself and so on... you can not get a normal logical answer, because it would be: you can't perceive other people's thoughts because there are materials separate beings and have individual consciousness... it's funny how you can get many concrete answers, but only when they fit into the nondual perspective, but when you ask the other problematic questions that dont fit into non duality you come to a dead end, and then the answers get dogmatic, or attacking the questioner or just, all is an illusion there is no question, everything is one and so on... you only get practical and logical answers on questions that fit into non dulal perspective, when they don't, you get what I said or answers that attack logic, rationalism or criticism, or evan the questioning, you can get stop questioning just meditate or take drugs... stop questioning the non dual dogma, and blindly belive, dont test it, dont apply logic, just take drugs as many as possible
  12. I just want to say: Men are better drivers Women are worse at car drives skill... so men park better, avoid dangerous situations better, and if there is a professional race they are faster... But men are more dangerous because of skill and testosterone they drive recklessly or drunk and so in general they make more accidents... Stil men are better drivers in general Women are worse drivers in general... Men do make more incidents so they are also more dangerous drivers them women... being more dangerous and being a better driver is not the same... good driving is a skill and a potential in capacity of a human,, being more careful is not the same at having skills and being good at something... very often people with less capacity are more careful so they back of or double check I drive a skateboard just a little, im my whole life that's maybe 20 hours... I never had an accident, tony hawk for example broke his bones many times, who is a better skater? You can do it with everything... Me vs. professional sports, scientist or fighters... i never lost a fight, am I a better fighter than thyson or Connor mcgregor, i never felt of a bike, am I a better driver than Valentino Rossi? so its not about how many mistakes you had or had not as a measure of how good or bad you are at something, but its how actually you good are at something and what you can do so its the same argument and logic here, man vs woman and driving... Men are better drivers
  13. Then you should not say things like in your last videos, and claims about the philosophy book you would write... so you would basically rephrase just other philosophies and books without giving anything new or revolutionary... So you should not say I'm the best ever and I teach what no one has ever done before, you should say i will just more directly simply or clearly teach you guys the exact same thing that did Spinoza, Hegel Jesus (or who ever)... if its not the exact same thing but just with more clear words, than you should say what new and revolutionary you have... For example, maybe you can make bread from ony air (that would be new), or you have developed a breathing technique that makes us levitate or speak with aliens on other planets (thas new), or you can do or explain this and that... not everything is clearly said and answered or proven... the question is can you at least do/answer or prove one more new thing? that Budha, Peter Ralston, Spinoza etc did not say...
  14. What will that do? How would ,,Leos world" look like? or a world based on Leos teachings... Will humas work, have kids, play sports? What would basically be different than today? Would they be governments, courts, hospitals, money?