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  1. Nope, you dont need it to become enlightened but... you will care more about other beings and the environment so it might make you more of a vegetarian. Also... your body will become lighter in a way, and it can be easier to attune to your spirituality eating less meat. Experiment meditating when you eat lots of meat and when you dont. Ultimately you gotta do what resonates with you, dont force too many things...
  2. The thing is... if you go for the Truth for happiness... you are actually going for happiness, trying to barter with life, to make a trade, to make effort in order to get paid, not really to find the One, the Truth. But ironically... going for Truth for Truths sake does give you the deepest joy. So its a mind twister.
  3. lol kinda arrogant my last post. my bad. Still kinda getting used to feeling diferent... gotta watch out that it doesnt go to my head.
  4. @cena655 Hope you find your path soon and feel better. Try not to be hard on yourself... dont put lots of pressure on yourself... thats one of the biggest downers in life. Keep learning. The life purpose course and book list are gold mines.
  5. Its a sad day for me... first time in 3 years that I dont excitedly watch Leos sunday video! I know ego backlash quite well. I think it comes from the forcing... forcing yourself to meditate, to change habits, even to love, to be mindful. It comes from believing life is hard, from believing you should be a certain way, from not forgiving yourself and judging yourself... From not being centered in the love that we are. I did the suffer mindfully thing lots of times... but its basically us believing things that arent true. Its the way your higher self is letting you know you have a false belief or your not alligned with who you are and what you want to do in life. We are doing it to ourselves! If you believe things are hard they will be hard... we have so much freedom that we will create our experience through our beliefs like that. Enjoy yourself. Love yourself. Be happy and free.
  6. @Shin nice
  7. I have faith in something. They say masculine compassion is about enforcing necessary boundaries and facing harsh truths. But at the highest levels... its seems like compassion should be about eliminating boundaries and sharing the gentle, soft, totally loving, joyful, and peaceful Truth. Like the story of Ryokan... he had a rebellious nephew who his family wanted to help. All ryokan did was give him one deep look, eyes filled with tears and that was enough to heal the boy, to change him for the better. No harsh boundaries, no harsh truths... Only Love.
  8. @SpiritualKitten hey! I put all my trip reports on the forum. you can run a search for it or look at my post history on my profile. @Nahm Hey thanks!
  9. Hey guys! I tried this practice out and its worked on me like crazy. They say that everything in existence already exists, so that enlightened society full of peace, love, and joy that will exist in 1000 years is connected to this Now moment and in a sense its happening Now, since time doesnt exists and everything happens Now... Yea I know weird but hey... So I tried it out, just imagined that society already existing now and how blissful that would make me... And it kind of brought me into this psychedelic high and my body started twisting, I felt tensions and contractions melting away from my body, resistances clearing up... Just really upped my vibration to say the least. Anyone want to try something like this and write about what they felt?
  10. Well tecnically speaking you are what you observe because what you are observing is the Absolute, but the thing is that we normally dont contextualize it that way, when we think we observe things, we are not thinking, oh shit, this thing I am observing is God. So yea... the point of doing the "not me" is to get that shift so you do see the Absolute in everything... after that then the not me would be irrelevent.
  11. I discovered this cool way to do neti neti... forgive me if something like this was already posted! So you stand in the sun, arms wide to your sides or hanging comfortably, standing as balanced and comfortably as you can. Now the idea is to feel into the space that sorrounds you and goes through you. The idea is that every single perception occurs within this space. Your visual field, the things you hear, the feelings in your body, even your thoughts occur in some space usually in what seems to be the space in your head. Now try to feel into this space and as such into all these perceptions at once trying to keep a relatively calm mind. Now with conviction think to yourself "not me" since you know that you cant be anything you observe... Now genuinly ask "what am i? And boom, theres a good chance you´ll pop into your nothingness, asboluteness.
  12. @Shin heh okay Ill send you some silence