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  1. really amazing book, read it for 12 hours straight lol, binged on it, then had to read it again and highlight it hehe lots of little sadhanas in there and great basic info... you are going to feel like you are in the mind of a genius you are going to love it
  2. its funny, my violin teacher told me once that a great composer was in the last few years of his life, kind of sick and dying but he kept getting flooded with new and more beautiful compositions to write... heh must have tapped into that infinite well of intelligence
  3. Best list ever! Only downside... I kinda miss reading fantasy, sci-fi and novels in general sometimes haha... Thanks for the update!
  4. Awesome man!!!! So beautiful. I loved this part "The only way to relate to other beings without creating suffering is the way of utter vulnerability. Like if you literally would lay you naked body in the arms of another person, exhale your last breath and say: You can have everything! My entire existence, it's yours!" This kind of surrender is the exact same surrender that is needed for enlightenment." I think this happens when you fall in love with someone. The trick would be to fall in love with reality, Truth, existence and be able to stay in love forever... Great stuff.
  5. Hey guys!!! I discovered something really amazing for those who want to learn to dance and meet people. Its called contact improvisation!! It has alot of people that are into spirituality, meditation and stuff. Kind of an underground thing, its not very mainstream. Anyways just wanted to share!! Here are some cool videos!
  6. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj Sadhguru talks about yogis who need to be taken care of cause they are in samadhi ecstasy and can't function. Must be the same thing heh
  7. Good old pure mdma. The first time is unbelievable but it starts losing its magic real fast.
  8. lol i actually qualify, spiritual élite is a funny term i wouldnt mess around with other people like that. You can just talk about your experiences openly without trying to manipulate and push your agenda. if they want to try they will. dont worry about "saving" people or showing them the light... It's usually a distraction from looking inward.
  9. You gotta be the type of friend to others that you want for yourself... and then I think you start feeling people out, you start getting a sense of what they are about. After a while you can tell how egoic someone is and if they will vibe with you. I try and stay away from drama and people that are too critical in general. Its just hard to deal with.
  10. @Leo Gura See you on the other side of infinity!
  11. Happy bday! Plug that nose candy
  12. this made me laugh but then... yea its pretty creepy actually This whole killing the ego is the biggest mind fuck