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  1. @Voyager I think a good foundational life purpose helps alot. For the fun of doing it, not for the meaning. That way you can enjoy your Being while you work out letting go of the negative meanings and Dark nights you get attached to. The life purpose can be your grounding, your balance, your temporary center as you keep cultivating Being. Read the enlightenment books on the book list, they really help too!
  2. I think the blast of consciousness gives you a wider or different perspective. And then maybe you just arent as drawn to keep fucking up your life when you realize that type of higher consciousness is possible... or once you see reality in a clearer way. Maybe it just breaks the web of beliefs, the structure of mind a bit that holds the addictions in place. Or if it doesnt break them you can see them more clearly and you just naturally gravitate away from the addiction.
  3. The All free from words, purpose, and reason. Open beyond space and time. Filled impossibly full, extreme over extreme. Dimensionless yet infinite in its dimensions. Lacking ignorance, it seeks to experience limits. For Being without limits it thus has one limit. The limit of not having a limit. And so you are. Exploring yourself and tasting the limitless through limit. Creating form through the formless, dancing with a boundless body. Chancing through the chanceless. Searching through the searchless. Oneness basks in manyness. Oh joy. Such blessings. Playing for eternity.
  4. @Wes Thoughts Mmmm well I dont think anything new. But it has helped to bring abstract insights, concepts, "beliefs" into the body. Like it made me really aware how I disconnect from Being, how lack of consciousness creates negative emotions or negative meanings to things that dont really have them. It helped to get an overview of how my mind works, how existence works. Its hard to put into words, I think I need months to integrate all this. It kind of left me more in the zone of not knowing than of knowing. More humble I think. Oh I saw my roles really clearly somehow. How in the beggining I was kind of proud of myself being all centered and meditative and then kind of ashamed when the plant was kicking my ass. It kind of helped me see those roles and play with them but not believe in them as much.
  5. Hi guys, I wanted to share a bit of my trip with you. At first the experience was really beautiful, the pschedelic effects, the increased ability to contemplate, self enquire, just generally look inside. I tried not to distract myself too much looking at my hands changing and the infinite fractals that appeared. Then I went to get another shot from the shaman. And things got very dark. I felt like I was getting lost in the laberynth of my mind, my consciousness couldnt hold onto any coherent structure, all the beliefs where just falling away. I felt possesed and taken over by a demon kind of, and felt myself facing my own insanity. The plant was kicking my ass heh. Twisted as they say. Thankfully I had heard about that from Leos trip videos so I just kept trying to go back to self inquiring, letting go, accepting, becoming aware. The shaman helped me out, blew tabacco on me and had me reach up to hold his hand. I got a bit paranoid that I was being taken over by somebody else . Thankfully I came back fine, and it feels like a lot of tension was released. I can see things more clearly, I am not over thinking as much. Part of me wants people to do it, and another part of me feels that you really should do lots of research, meditation, find the right shaman, etc. Its scary to think that I could recommend this experience to somebody and they could get fucked up. Overall I feel much better than before. More calm, less overthinking. More intune, intuitive. Hopefully Ill be able to integrate the experience somehow and just keep practicing. I kept a pretty strict vegan diet, just a bit of cheese and yogurt, and some bread, but mostly fruits, vegetables, seeds, lentils, quinoa. I think thanks to that I only got a little naseaus but not much. I didnt throw up. Thanks guys for being here to share with.
  6. @Leo Gura Ok touche. Just wanted to argue against focusing on personal inner growth to the exclusion of helping others, or helping others to the exclusion of personal inner growth. They feed off each other... I think that limiting inner growth limits the help you can give to others and limiting the help you give to others also limits inner growth. That they should go together and be balanced.
  7. @Leo Gura @The White Belt I think trying to put one as a priority over the other is a trap. The work should create change in both yourself and others around you simultaneously, as a system. Trying to save yourself and forgetting the suffering of others or save the world and not working on yourself are two false choices that limit the potential transformation to both the person and the sorrounding community. So basically its both, not either/or, not prioritizing one over the other.
  8. Hi guys. I wanted to share a couple books and links on here that have been very profound for me. They are written by a guy nick named Silo who started a humanist movement in Argentina which has spread to many parts of the world. There are a couple of "reflection and study parks" in the states and several small communities too. I really liked them because the people I have met seem very grounded, undogmatic, and very focused on doing practical inner work. Anyways Ill post some links down below for any that might be curious. use subtitles for the videoíguez_Cobos
  9. I think you should find a way to make ends meet and find a way to get laid every once in a while. But give yourself some time to get those two things figured out. Once you have those needs met you will be able to focus on your life purpose better. On the other hand your life purpose can help you get laid. There is something very attractive about someone that is passionate about something and is pursuing it. I have this ideal that life purpose, an intimate relationship, and enlightenment/spirituality/conection to existence can be three things that synergize each other. Each of those three things seperately can be pretty intense sources of happiness and so in that happier state going after the other two is easier I feel.
  10. I love this post! - Seeing everyone in the subway with their serious and gloomy faces and thinking how beautiful everyone is. - Seeing a disabled kid ride a bike with training weels and his father tell him "Make sure to swallow and look foward!" - Seeing and hearing a mom sing to her baby. - Guy helping a blind man cross the street. - Staring at my girlfriend (now ex) and just feeling so much love. - Improving on the violin. Kinda feels sometimes like angels are helping me. - Seeing special needs kids having fun and how their teachers help them. I wrote this poem in spanish talking about the beauty of consciousness. Ill try to translate it here... Beauty The brightness of color, the sharpness of sound. How can I describe the transparency? A world made out of glass. To know that things cant be grabbed, and are made out of nothing. Miraculous, magical, mystical sensations. Humid eyes contemplate such power. Looking for yourself and finding you are all. Letting go and transforming into the moon. How rich and without luxury. Beauty of consciousness.
  11. I especially love the first one with the asian lady hehe
  12. This is similar to Excercise 5 but it has you looking for the opposite. Exercise: Looking for seperation Sit comfortably and quietly, still your mind, and become aware of direct experience. Ask yourself, "What is seperating me from anything I am aware of?" Where is the seperation between one thing and another thing that I am aware of? Where is the seperation I make between things and myself in my awareness? Where is the seperation I make between myself and my awareness? Try to become deeply conscious that you cant find anything seperating anything else.
  13. Does anyone know? I heard about it from Leo and read about it from Peter Ralston. Supposedly you can somehow realize how you are creating the pain and choose to stop doing it. Like turning off the mechanism that creates it. Does anyone have any insights about this? I had this blister on my foot for a week and the most I could do is try to sink my awareness into the pain to see what would happen. Im not sure it did anything though. The one thing Ive noticed as I grow older is that I actually enjoy pain somewhat. Like the sharp feeling of getting burned, or stubbing my toe... The strong sensations feel so alive. Sounds kind of masochistic but its not that. Would be nice to turn it off on command though