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  1. @Leo Gura I love the parts in the videos berating us ?. But then you shift back to being nice saying you need to be more inclusive ? It's good to polarize just don't end up totally alone ?
  2. @Eternal Unity Great, havn't read that book @Theplay Awesome! Fasting is a huge field to investigate! Its really cool, I feel its just as valuable as psychedelics. @Osaid Yes! I guess once you are a guy living off prana then its not fasting anymore since that's just your lifestyle. @thepixelmonk I thought the same thing! But even Deepak Chopra in his book "Perfect Weight", which is mostly about losing weight within a traditional American lifestyle, even in that book at the end he says that there have been throughout history people that lived off prana. Fasting combined with prayer or spirituality is what really makes the difference.
  3. Hello! Haven't posted in forever. I am so happy to be able to share this! So I made some hippy friends 3 years ago that know a guy who lives off Prana... basically just through breathing air and absorbing nutrition straight from source. You also get nutrition through the sun and baths, your skin absorbs the water as if you drink it, its crazy. He did this 21 day process and then became a breatherian. And so this process is described by Jasmuheen in her book Living off Light, and they were organizing it near where I am living so I signed up! It was crazy... its one week with no food and no water, and two weeks with diluted orange juice with no pulp. The third day I was crying "I'm not spiritual enough for this" but we had a lot of support and the book helps you out a lot. I read a book by a German called Otto Buchinger that helped a lot, totally convinced me about the benefits of fasting. I couldn't find the book on Amazon... I had a spanish translation that someone had brought. The clarity you start getting during the fast is epic, its like you understand so much more, and things seem obvious. On the sixth night nobody slept, after a while its hard to sleep. You have crazy dreams... I dreamed once that during my whole life nobody really did anything that could really harm me, at least in my essence, like all the harm and trauma is illusory. On the last few days I could start seeing some visuals, like static, like the TV was starting to turn off or something. The world seemed a lot less real. On the 8th day when you get to start drinking I saw fractals open up like if I had taken some ayahuasca... and also one of the nights I tried visualizing a spirit giving me light, water, and air, and I fallout hallucinated the being... she seemed 40 years old, made of strings of light, and I felt she was like mother Gaia. Once the orange juice started I felt amazing. You could tell in my journal that my handwriting was neater and I started drawing a bit and coloring it, decorating. I tried drinking my pee and it was clean as water. I felt like I changed my body, including cleaning out memory that was stuck in there. There was another day I cried my heart out and it felt like some deep sadness was purified and cleaned out of my chest and I could breathe deeper. Out of the 10 that started, 7 finished. When I started eating I could feel my body take in the nutrition and absorb everything amazingly... my digestion was super good! There was something interesting that you pooped the first two days, and then on the 8th day when you started drinking orange juice you pooped again! Like it surprised me I still had so much solid crap inside me... Its really cool that fasting helps for everything, I am a skinny guy, and now I actually recovered my weight and more because my body is cleaner and can absorb nutrition from food better. I didn't feel like I could live off prana, but I did get a feel that I was definitely sustained by something more than food and water, that I was sustained by Source. I want to do a fast every year... its really transformative! Definitely worth investigating and practicing, I wouldn't do the 21 day process alone though, definitely need support. Thanks for reading
  4. When I started using psychedelics- shamanic medicine, slowly I started loving myself more. Like really... I used to never thing I was really attractive or anything... and like the love is so crazy that you just start loving everything about you... and so... I started really loving my hair and letting it grow out. The beard too. I used to always spend money getting a cool haircut and get worried about my hair. Its really cool because it reminds me of the "path" of not caring what people think, of the transformation you go through... Its cool to deconstruct that systemic norm of having to have your hair a certain way. People judge you sometimes and stereotype you but when you talk to them and dont judge them for judging you, and just connect person to person they start seeing your just another regular guy who just decided to let his hair grow out.
  5. @Tobia Hey! All great questions... valuable to enquire into them and dive deep into contemplations... but... I suggest trying to get a handle on practical things first... like just having a regular low key happy life. Get the basics handled. Its kind of the ground you need in order to be able to execute that amazing deconstruction work without going crazy lol. Just my 2 cents.
  6. @DefinitelyNotARobot Sounds great that you let yourself stop meditating. Part of the process. 1. Motivate yourself out of curiosity. Wonder how silent you can be in meditating, wonder what thoughts will come up, wonder how your day will be different and what sincronicities will appear because you sat down and meditated, even if its just 10 or 20 minutes. Think bad thoughts, think good thoughts, notice how what thoughts you choose affect your feelings... its pretty interesting. Read Nahms Dream Board thread, really motivating to meditate! 2. Dont force yourself. Go ahead and do it later, or do it for 5 minutes, or just try to remind yourself to breathe consciously many times per day. Maybe if you dont want to meditate do something else consciously like walking, showering, eating, whatever, its REALLY good to do this.ç 3. Find guided meditations that resonate with you, or spiritual teachers you like listening to. A lot of times the meditations can be really powerful and also after a talk is finished you are left in a contemplative mood that helps you enjoy some meditation.
  7. @VincentArogya There comes a point where you just want to sit down and be quiet... and then naturally you will start contemplating stuff again... and the you might get tired and just want to be quiet... and it cycles like that I think.
  8. @ReneFranz This actually sounds good. Try and look at it as fear and emotion purging. When you have a grand vision and you know you are going to move foward and actualize it all the limiting beliefs that have to operate in order for you to be where you are and not further along need to be released, let go of, purged, retired. The beliefs served you up till now so dont feel bad about having them or be upset at them, just see them as structure that your ego built up that can now be let go of. Try and find a way to be happy when you feel fear, it means your alive and you are actually on your way to expanding yourself, getting out of your comfort zone. Just slow down and take it easy if it gets really bad. Ultimately loving yourself more is always the best thing you can do heh... cliche but had to add that
  9. I like thinking more about what I would like to do if I could do anything... it really starts opening up your mind... and then from there then see how that thing you would like to do would change the world in 10 or 100 years.
  10. Hey there! Have not posted in over a year. Crazy how time flies. So many changes... getting wrapped up in life. There are a few addictions I am working on, mostly subtle ones... and the work gets both easier and harder as time goes on. In general life is alot more happier but at the same time the slightest deviation from center feels like it brings instant karma! I find myself bumping into things when my mind wonders into negative territory or seeing bad things manifesting pretty quickly. Pride is still a big thing for me. I see that you get so much power with consciousness work and love, you can start shaping your reality so much more, but whenever I think I am better than someone else some bad thing happens to me pretty quickly. Recently I am seeing the wisdom of really, honestly, and genuinely feeling admiration and seeing the hidden master in all other people, they can show me my weakness, my inability to love, my lack of compassion and forgiveness, and any other lesson that the wisdom of a master tries to teach. Its been interesting. I have been living with a pretty hippy community and my interactions with the "outside world" have been incredible beneficial. Its great to link both the regular world and the hippy family community world together. Its like all things have benefits and lessons.
  11. @Haumea2018 Your tone is harsh and accusatory. The anti-psychedelic rhetoric really hurts the community, we support responsible use of them as medicines. If it's not your path that's fine but don't criticize the path harshly on here @LfcCharlie4 Leo rated his Loc Lower than what ramaji gave him, not higher. We don't tell kids to do psyches, we say somewhere in the mid 20s depending on maturity. A lot of people talk badly about psychedelics without ever trying them which is a shame.
  12. @Chintan desai Kambo is really great, I did it about 7 times in about a year and a half and its been great for cleaning up the body and mind. I like to say that it does not have the "fireworks" of other medicines like ayahuasca, bufo, mushrooms or lsd, but it still helps you so much in moving foward in life. There is something about it that makes you disciplined and fearless about doing whats right for you. I heard that if you are over 70 or have heart problems then you shouldnt do it. Make sure its an experienced facilitator... someone from IAKP or somebody that trained in the jungle. Here is the website of the training site
  13. @Sick Boy 1. You can find people that enjoy our silence. They can appreciate your presence. 2. Try contact improvisation. Its a type of dance that is done in silence. Lots of really nice spiritual folk dance it. 3. Try yoga or something else that you will be motivated to do, dance also. 4. Good! Thats not a problem, thats a good thing. You will just need to find people that are like you too. 5. You might miss out on some girls at first but in the end you will meet a lot of calm, spiritual, artistic and intelligent girls that will be much more nourishing for you then more normal girls.
  14. Hey forum! Wanted to share again I had not worked with Bufo in over a year for many reasons but I finally got the chance to do it with an experienced shaman who has been working with medicines for 20 years and who I had the opportunity get to know over the past year. It was the craziest thing... I got to his house and purged tobacco... which I love because it makes me feel super bad ass to chug down a huge amount of tobaco tea which tastes nasty, but after throwing it up and then chugging water and throwing that up too, you feel amazing. Its a really cheap medicine too, which works great with my semi-hippy budget. Anyways, the crazy thing was that after this purge we were all talking for a bit and my anxiety started getting higher and higher as I felt the moment drawing near. I only stayed conscious in one of my 6 previous ceremonies, and that was after a vipassana retreat and sexual abstinence. Also my 5th trip was super dark and scary, an exoorcism type deal, I had been sleeping around with people I should not have been, and so you get all those energies stuck on you. At least thats how I feel it works for me. I backed out! Yea, I decided to do it another day... and then feeling kind of defeated but calming down and staying at the house... I told my friend that I kind of wanted to still do it but was unsure. He told me if I wanted to smoke a tiny bit so I could at least clear away that fear and feel good again. So I smoked some and the memories started coming back of how good this is, how much love and medicine is in this substance. So I decided to do it. And man, I was brought back into that psychedelic bufo space where things are hyper conscious. I felt like all the best intelligence the universe has to offer was firing on all cylinders on all dimensions of my being, mind, body, emotions, spirit... I started laughing and saying... "I forgot!" "Yes, this is what we all need!" My friend let me hug him and he told me "There is nothing you have to do, or hold on to. Let existence be, let it flower in you." It was sooo beautiful!! He also had this amazing "Ohm" music playing which was great. Then he played the flute and I danced so much! We talked about how crazy it was that I was so afraid and almost did'nt do it. He said that the ego structure is incredibly clever in its ways of blocking and sabotaging love and consciousness... crazy how that works! You definately have to be willing to go through some tough processes once you start working with medicines because once these processes are activated you cant really go back to the old ways of being. Having this private session with a guy Ive gotten to know alot over the past year was priceless. Such a diferent experience... really a blessing, and something I could have wished and dreamed would happen to me 3 years ago when I first heard of 5 meo and 2 years ago when I first tried it. Thank you all for being here to share with! Its really amazing to have this online community!! Cheers