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  1. @ExodiaGearCEO Start doing stuff you find interesting on your time off! Do things that make you have lots of fun and that you can meet people doing them. Any activity that your into will do, or just try things out until you find stuff you like doing!
  2. I love this guy. His instagram has some great wisdom on it.
  3. Would you be open to working on this more indirectly? Like how about getting into a hobby that gets you meeting people like taking dance classes or getting into drama and learning acting or theatre. Maybe learning an instrument or singing and getting together with others to make music. Start doing social activities you are actually into that get you running into other people and you practice chatting about that activity. Anything social really gets you practicing. Start getting a life purpose down and serving others with it, youll be happy about doing something your passionate about, you will be helping others, and you will meet people! For me its been a journey of working on everything else in my life so I feel good and confident about myself and then just trying to be honest and direct with people you are attracted to without being over bearing or needy. Just being fun, friendly, and happy about life will get you laid eventually if you are running into new people on a regular basis.
  4. @Lynnel A comforting perspective is that maybe your soul has already gone through those lifetimes, has already learned the hard lessons of suffering and now it gets to choose to live a happier life.
  5. @Seed I agree. I just saw her last video and she is super authentic and cute in her communication with her student. I bought a few of her books and they were really cool. I say let her make products and sell stuff in peace heh. She is pretty funny sometimes too... yea good vibes overall. More cool perspectives to take in and learn from.
  6. @Salvijus I really liked your reply, I feel the same way, there is something about the truth that can almost be smelled, you can tell when something is a bit off.
  7. Thanks for sharing!!! Very uplifting to read you.
  8. I quit my job! I started giving conversational clases of english and spanish to people here in Buenos Aires and its been great... getting paid to have a chat I am also making good money playing the violin on the street, subways, trains... really fun! Life is accelerating! Excited about making a poetry book, and two other side projects, learning the harp and learning popping (hip hop). Its crazy when you realize you can do everything you want!
  9. @hikmatshiraliyev No need to let it go. Definately contact her and ask to meet up. That is what you want. Be direct. If she doesnt want to then you let it go, not really because you let it go, but because it has let go of you hehe. It forces your hand.
  10. @hikmatshiraliyev If you want to meet up, tell her you want to meet up. If she doesnt want to then you have to move on. Really you have to get to a point where you are so happy with life that you dont care too much about getting with any particular girl, and you are just meeting people and sharing time and positive energy with each other until you feel something clicks with some girl in particular and both of you decide to take it further together. Be direct and be honest, be vulnerable. No games. Remember that you are essentially an abundant being and you will get what you want eventually in its own good time. Have fun on your journey, let go of those worries
  11. @Jack Walter Leon I think it depends on who and what you are referring to. Like if you can identify yourself with the formless intelligence that is running everything, including your heart beats and all that then yes, there is 100% free will, you are just not conscious of it at this normal level of consciousness. Now if you refer to your limited human self, then you have free will to interpret situations as you wish, to choose thoughts... maybe not all the time, tons of automatic interpretations and thoughts happen, but you can stop yourself whenever you remember and choose to silence your mind, to pick a new thought, to interpret things in a new way.
  12. Did my 6th bufo ceremony. Really cool group of people... lots of psychonauts and tons of experience in medicine. I could really see how I create all the tension in my body. How I hold my breath constricted... stuff like that. I got a blast of sadness from the people I know that are unwilling to try it. I know its perfect anyway but you get this blast of consciousness and you just want to share it. Man I wish I could master my body/mind! Wish I could live fully relaxed and surrendered each and every moment... would be epic.
  13. This movie trailer always inspires me! hehehe
  14. Theres actually places you can go to dance and party that will actually improve your spirituality! I found them doing contact improvisation, its this not so well known dancing style/community. They throw the best parties, amazing people, they drink small amounts of good wine and beer, set intentions before smoking weed, everyone pretty much loves spirituality, meditating, yoga, healthy dieting, art, shamanic ceremonies etc. Lots of really nice people that inspire you and you actually feel like you are nourishing, refreshing and growing yourself from going out dancing and partying! They are always travelling also. So yea, you can do these things just its better not to go to traditional bars and clubs where there is massive smoking and drinking and random drug use heh.
  15. I went to the subway and made my first few bucks making music! I pasted the money on my wall Im so happy!!!!