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  1. @Leo Gura Do you know any reasons why white cotton garments promote higher consciousness?
  2. Hey guys! Wasnt going to write up a trip report this time, I didnt think there was anything super interesting or flashy to share... but then I thought I might as well. It was a tough trip, lots of angst, crying, tons of throwing up. I see how Ive suppressed and denied so many needs, expressions, feelings... just have held them down so many times in my life. I got really simple insights like, hang out with a friend when you need to, go get laid when you need to. You are not enlightened, dont try to transcend all your basic needs. Saw the importance of keeping shit clean and orderly. I know basic stuff but sometimes I dont apply it. Meditate, breathe deep, take in sun, excercise, diet, and sleep for energy. Do yoga every day. More and more tension is getting dissolved and healed, physically, emotionally, psychologically. And I got really exciting news... I found out about a 5 meo shaman! Cant wait to go ahead and do that trip. The person described it as a hose being plugged into your spine shooting you a blast of kundalini heh
  3. Through some synchronicities I got my hands on this book. I wanted to recommend it to whoever might see this. Its really really good.
  4. I work in a kitchen, whenever I get cut or burnt I scream out "ahhh I feel so alive right now" or "this is awesome!" or something to that effect. My coworkers think Im nuts or some kind of masochist heh You can find the magic in anything if you try.
  5. @Samuel Garcia You have to trust that there is a benevolent spirit or intelligence thats alive in the plant that wants to help you. I dont know how you do it heh, you just do it with respect, humility, and calmly I guess would be the best way to put it. It was pretty clear. Hard to remember everything afterwards but I think the more you trip the more you can retain the insights.
  6. Hey guys, here to share my trip again. I was encouraged this time to throw up since last time I had held in my nausea. They told me it was to let go of all the toxins inside you and at the same time help to get all the spiritually negative stuff out of you too. I threw up alot. The plant showed me my arrogance. Every selfish move Ive made in my life. When it would start to get dark I asked it gently to be loving with me and show me compassion. I would ask who I was and as she would show me I started getting thoughts "shit maybe I dont want to know". The infinity of it was scary but I surrendered to it pretty well. At times I felt my body totally disappearing, it was scary but I kept cycling threw thanking the plant, asking for its kindness, surrendering and keeping quiet. I knew that all scary things were my projections and that it would pass so I would remind myself of that too. I saw how I mistreat my body with food and drink, and with tension, I saw the unconscious suffering of myself and the world and cried. I went threw cycles of feeling the grief, purging and healing. I felt my chakras burst out energy, the tension and fear in my abdominal area was softened alot too. I saw how at my job we create alot of trash and how recycling and taking care of the planet is so important since its part of us. It was really great trip. I drank half of what I drank last time but went much deeper. I think because I was more humble, had less expectations, wasnt as overwhelmed by all the effects. I came in with clearer intentions as well. I recommend it tremendously but at the same time I see how its really scary and hard to face and work through all this unconscious behavior. At brief times in the trip I thought, man maybe I just want to sleep through life, be more "normal", this can be really hard work. But on the other side the rewards are worth it, that feeling of waking up more, of being freer.
  7. @ajasatya Oh sorry about that! Ok Ill post on there.
  8. Allright guys, I couldnt help myself! This book is too good. Its basically all the wisdom from all his youtube videos intermingled with tons of practical excercises in between. No dogma, morality, or fluff. No indoctrination, at least from my perspective. What I really love about it is that he really transmits to you the magical quality of being a realized Yogi and how you can do it too with diligent practice but without having to torture yourself in the process. I really wanted to share this heh.
  9. Dont think of it as not making that money, think of it as spending that money on something that will make your life way better.
  10. I think what he means is that he doesn't know how he moves his body, talks, or does anything at all. We don't either it's just in a state of regular consciousness it seems like we do. But yea, things happen by themselves without us knowing how. It's mystical.
  11. Try putting yourself in someone elses perspective. That always helps. Remember times when youve been loved or felt loved and how great it felt. Realize you can be that source for others as well. Realize that loving others and being unselfish is tecnically the more "selfish" way to behave. You will be much happier that way because you will cultivate your conection to your environment and your energy will flow better, you wont feel as blocked by a sense of seperation. Be careful with forcing yourself too much because being loving to recieve something in return can be smelled by others and it comes out as inauthentic. You could say that would be manipulation, not love. Keep doing enlightenment work, meditation, self inquiry. As your sense of identity starts breaking down you will just be able to act more naturally and authentically and it wont matter what outer actions you take, your conection to Being will do most of the heavy lifting in the love department. Treat yourself nicely, try to keep your self talk as if you were talking to a little kid, soft, accepting, understanding. The way you treat yourself will start showing in the way you treat others.
  12. - I kind of see how everything happens by itself... its a weight off my shoulders. - Theres not that heavy rigidity that used to sorround my life purpose. I do it but there is less obsessing about it. - I demonize much less... I can see that whatever I am judging is something Im projecting. - I can really soak up life even though I dont have alot of money, not worried about status, sex, and money like before. I can really enjoy looking at the sky, birds, plants, running water, or whatever as cliche as this sounds. - I can hear my inner muse much better than before heh. - I tell the truth more and can more easily catch myself manipulating. This work is awesome. I felt like it brought up all my bullshit to the surface real quick so it could be purified. Still got my whole life to keep learning more and more though, but looking foward to it
  13. A thought is basically a distinction. As in something that is distinct from everything else that its not. The thing is since there are no real boundaries between things, and there are not even things technically heh, the distinction is illusory. Reality gets fragmented through thought in order for the human to navigate it and survive. And so what isnt a thought would be observation, or the nature of the thing itself... that self aware infinite nothingness people are always talking about Its a deep topic and hard to explain Read the Book of Not Knowing by Peter Ralston, it will help alot. He basically tells you the answers to these questions but also helps you contemplate them yourself so you can get the deep existential insight firsthand.
  14. @Shiva The thing is, optimizing your life for your death bed is also optimizing your life for the present moment. This is hard to conceptualize but here goes: When you commit selfish acts theres a subtle feeling of heaviness, of seperation, ugliness, contradiction, wrongness, depreciation, manipulation, and deceit. Deep down you know something is off, something is wrong, Most people wont admit to this, but you can see the subtle effects it will have on mood, on the general climate of their emotions. One selfish act promotes the next and so ones life starts spiraling downwards. When you think you are better than others and deserve more you are ironically and very subtlely saying to yourself that you are worse than others and deserve less. Its a weird mechanism. When you commit unselfish acts the opposite effects occur. Feelings of lightness, unity, beauty, integration, rightness, apreciation, truth. One unselfish act leads to another and a sort of magic starts growing in your life. As the years roll by you become happier and happier and those around you as well. We all go back and forth, selfishness is a force of nature and judging it just makes it worse. Just got to observe it and hope that wisdom and love grows fast enough to overcome it