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  1. Hey guys! Well its sort of a ritual for me to write one of these up after I trip, so here I go I have been feeling good lately... didnt really feel a need to do the ceremony, but I wanted to because I love the tripping and the healing/growth that comes with it. Everything went really smooth... I kind of felt like I sort of remembered what it was like and I didnt get too scared. I cried alot! Sobbed my ass off. Not really sure why, but it felt really good. Felt so much love. I could really tap into the infinity of my perceptions... could really connect with the no thing ground that I am. Its been really helping me lately to feel my feet and legs and center and the force of gravity. Its like from that place I can trace back my consciousness into the no thingness much easier than if I try to do it from my upper body since I usually think I am located in my chest or behind the eyes somewhere. Really inspired to keep singing, playing, and enjoying life. Love this forum and everyone who contributes to it, thank you all!
  2. Focus on life purpose. If you are doing what you love, being creative, enjoying your job then that should be the reward that you are looking for, not the money. Sometimes the solution to your problem is actually having the failure, feeling really bad about it, and then realizing that its okay, that you can still be happy without all the external success.
  3. Inspired by zen poetry I like life. A cold beer washed down by water. The breath of musky air. Hard lessons learned. Old threats resolved Peace, yes. Paid I its price. I thought it hard to write. But simple words give birth too. Easy was seen to hold my scenes. With only a smile to love. Its enough. Plenty enough.
  4. The booklist is tremendous, especially the consciousness section. Here is a video that came to mind... Welcome!
  5. @Feel Good I think the same!!
  6. Puking is one of my favorite parts of ayahuasca hehe
  7. @Nahm Hey! This is so true!! I was going to post something about this... something that really helps is making mantra type sounds randomly throughout the day. The trick is "letting them happen by themselves" like using your intuition to make them and just kind feeling like you are just letting the air out. Some examples "heyyyyyyyy" "ohmmmmm" "maaaaa" "raaaaam" "yaaasaaaaa" Or whatever floats your boat lol. After a while it feels so natural, like you realize that you have been conditioned to stay quiet and not make sounds but that they naturally are ways of expressing and releasing.
  8. @Sick Boy That sounds awesome!
  9. Contact improvisation, a dance where there is no right or wrong, and nothing particular to achieve.
  10. Unhealthy Green
  11. @aurum Hey! Yea definately! But its more like, how good it feels to be authentic and congruent regardless of if it will "get" me girls. Like even though it sucked not getting laid, I told myself I was not going to lie or manipulate my behavior to "have a better chance" or whatever. But its really nice to know you can still meet girls once you give that up heh, I was doubting it for a bit! When I broke the dry spell it was with a girl that I even flat out told, "I havent had sex in a year. I feel like such a loser when it comes to girls" lol and we both laughed. When you meet the right people they wont judge you for being honest and vulnerable with them. @brovakhiin lol no way, these hippies are not orange or blue!!! They dont care about "results" or "achievements" or "efficiency" or "status" or stuff like that. At least not in any very pronounced way. And they are not very moralistic, you can tell they try not to judge or moralize you, its really clear in the way they act... so yea cant really be blue. These people dont care about alpha/beta distinctions. I dont think they are looking at the world in terms of power and stuff like that. Really, its hard to believe... I wouldnt have believed it myself a few years ago. I guess you can call me alpha in the sense that I do care about others opinions and feelings and I dont care that others might think I am beta because of it. But yea, ofcourse it can suck when people treat you badly or think badly of you and you are too sensitive but hey, its part of the growth process I feel.
  12. @SFRL Hey there! lol the kicking a kitty was just a ridiculous example I used to point out how things can turn you off about someone even if they are attractive. Sorry if it sounded like I have a chip on my shoulder for the green stuff... its just that when you come from unhealthy orange doing pickup and finally can forget about it and "be yourself" and it works its just very exciting. You are right about the great people in all stages .@Timothy Yea I did a lot of work on that the past few years. Um... I dont know if I would call myself particularly confident, but just not unconfident. I am pretty open and honest, loving and friendly... not perfect ofcourse lol, but its growing for sure as time goes by. The list you made sounds like it can be helped just working on yourself. Taking care of your body, life purpose, enlightenement, making friends... stuff like that heh. @Truth Nice analysis! Reinforcement is huge.
  13. @Icarus Hey! Yes from experience! I am getting laid again finally being myself lol. YES the fundamentals of sexual attraction do change!!!!! First of all sexual attraction is heavily conceptually based... not sure if you read the Genius of Being by Peter Ralston, he talks about that. Before like in the 1700, chubby girls were hot because they were rich and could afford to gain weight, it was fashionable and hot to be chubby. In Japan girls get their teeth changed to being crooked because its in style, its what is hot right now. If you hang out with green people, you will see that an attractive model looking orange guy with "status" has no chance with those girls. And yes, green guys will turn down and be turned off by superficial orange girls no matter how hot they are. Ofcourse at first glance I would pick the second girl. But if I catch the second girl kicking a puppy and I see that the first girl is really cool, loving person I would rather get to know that first girl, and who knows, maybe we could have chemistry and I could look past her not being the prettiest girl by my indoctrinated standards of beauty I have been imprinted with since childhood. Transitioning to green is more "real" than being in orange. You are more in your heart, in your body, outside of the standard worldviews and judgements that are so commonplace. Again, its not bad to be orange. Its just... well ... superficial and lacking in deep fulfilment.
  14. @SFRL Yes exactly! You have to let go of pickup altogether. Yes without pickup you can still meet people that will like you for you and you will like them for them and yes, sex will happen. But its not the point anymore. If orange uses green as a strategy it will be seen through anyways, its impossible to fake things that well, the egoism will shine through
  15. @SFRL Hey! Yes I was talking here about moving from unhealthy orange to healthy green is all. But healthy blue and orange people would also benefit from moving to green, like for example for the better sex. Sure blue or orange can have healthy, loving sex, but green can introduce elements like the sacredness of sex, or tantric practices. Makes for another avenue to bond further with your partner. Not saying tantra is the end all be all or anything, just saying that blue and orange might not be open to trying it out. @Icarus When you become green and start hanging out with green people you will see that looks and genetics dont play much of a role. Whats important is what you bring to the table beyond that. You will see some "ugly" musicians with beautiful girls or a wheelchair bound spiritual guy with a hottie. At that level though, nobody is ugly, you see that everyone is innocent and beautiful on the inside and you just happen to be sexually attracted to some people and not to others.