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  1. I thought of smoking cannabis while going out with my friends for fun. I'm not addicted to weed nor do I use it to escape I would say. I've used it occasionally, probably once per 1-2 months but I feel guilty about doing it since it's just for fun use. This post is not just about weed but also other drugs and what your thoughts are on using them recreationally.
  2. I'm a junior (11th grade) and have 1,5 years back before finishing high school but I hate it so much I just want to quit. Everyday I wake up and genuinely dread going to school, don't get my wrong I like being social with my friends and what not but I hate my class and I think there so boring I especially hate math which I think is very complicated and I don't really care about. I don't care about grades but I do care about not failing my exams and having to low grades to not be able to complete high school because you get kicked out. I'm going on quite a rant and in reality it's probably not so bad but I really dread it espically assignments which I feel take up all my free time. Any advice on how to get through high school would be much appricated.
  3. Maybe but related to engineering would be creating things like Elon Musk that's more what I'm envisioning. I have looked at the possibility of engineering something new related to music an example could be inventing a program like auto-tune which is a genius invention that got created out of already existing possibilities but, to be honest, I feel more intrigued by inventing things like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Leonardo da Vinci invented more physical we could say.
  4. I've gone through a lot of the course and found engineering to be something I'm quite passionate about but lately, I haven't really been feeling it and not working on the course (for like 3 weeks) I guess it's because of the fear of how hard it's going to be to accomplish something great. Life purpose statement: To envision and design groundbreaking inventions Since I'm not working on the life purpose course I really got into producing music and I can literally spend hours doing that sh*t but I just feel like I could achieve something greater with engineering than producing music.
  5. The title is related to pick up since I'm not old enough to go to the club so instead, my friend group holds parties that I go to but the problem is there are no new women, and then once there I don't find that attractive. I really come there to get better at pick up but the main thing of these parties are drinking and smoking which I don't participate in. I don't feel like I'm able to make that much progress because I can't just hit on multiple women because there are none. From all of this would my time be better spent staying home or going out with them anyway?
  6. So I've been getting bad grades at school because I want to use my time on other things but I have become really anxious about the fact that the bad grades might lead to me not being able to finish high school. I am currently in my junior year (10th grade) and still have to more years to go. As the question says how do I stop caring so much about f*cking grades!
  7. Thank you all for the replies. I really think the problem is that I see if I can gain something from making music like approval, fame, money, etc. which truly ruins the fun of it because I keep thinking of all the other activities that would bring more value to the table and it just gets me frustrated and anxious.
  8. I recently got into creating music as a hobby because I really like writing lyrics but I get so demotivated when I look at the big music stars and how much time they have spent to get good. My life purpose is also geared towards engineering and creating inventions so I don't know if it's a waste of time doing a hobby that's not too related?
  9. This video by David Maloney really helped: I found out through journaling why I felt resistance towards writing down why my limiting beliefs aren't true. The answer I concluded was because It was boring and tedious and I thought I had to be excited and really motivated about it but sometimes there are just things In life we aren't that excited about but still have to do. Hope it makes sense to yall that have the same problem <3
  10. I don't know how much time I've spent in total on the life purpose course but it's been a couple of months I'm at the making it the real stage where I'm writing down my limiting beliefs and why they're not real and doing this daily. The problem I have is that I'm so resistant to doing it, I normally schedule out 30 mins but that has gone down to 5 mins where I feel like quitting and don't even start. I'm in high school and have reasonably good time to work on the course when I get home but just can't. My question is how do I make myself less resistant to doing the work? Should I maybe do it every other day to be less resistant towards it? (I even heard of people finishing the course in like 2 weeks where they put a lot of time into it every day without procrastinating)
  11. Related to the question he said something along the lines: He replied to this: I read a book about Pornography, it left me thinking: Why it's even legal?" "And what about people who eat 20 hot dogs per day and 1 gallon of ice cream and a 6-pack of Coke? Should we ban hot dogs and ice cream and Coke? There are far too many juicy things in the world to ban them all. Learn to control your cravings. You can install a porn filter on your computer if you really can't hold yourself back." - Leo Gura Link: I read a book about Pornography, it left me thinking: Why it's even legal?
  12. Would there be any downsides of teens trying psychedelics? Been looking into Shrooms or THC extract (which is not a psychedelic but may be safe to start off with)
  13. @Medhansh: I guess I will go with high school mainly because of the social life plus I found out a lot about my shadow side through classmates. @Roy: Yes @bejapuskas: I think there is one program at my school but it's just about getting better and more advanced in the basic subjects...