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  1. Do you guys have any techniques for finding the underlying cause of addiction?
  2. @Elsiedottie and @Hello from Russia Thanks for the advice!
  3. @Logan Thanks for the advice! I will apply them today I also just found out about motivation under Leo's blueprint. It has some great tips on how to do visioning as well.
  4. @Tarzan I agree, but I just get frustrated when I'm trying to make my workouts structured and fun at the same time. It's like I'm saying to myself "I won't stay healthy if I only do fun exercises" Maybe it's a limiting belief I have about exercising. @UDT Can you link to the video, couldn't find it on your channel. Thank you both for the helpful advice! (Also how do you create a signature on a post )
  5. Hi guys. I have been trying to quit this overeating addiction for some time now but it has not really worked. I think it's because I overlooked my vision for quitting. Leo doesn't have a video on how to create a powerful vision (I have not found one yet) so I wanted to ask in the forum. I don't know if I'm being a perfectionist about creating a vision cause it seems like I'm limiting myself from taking action because I want the vision to be perfect. Any advice? Thanks in advance
  6. Lately, I have been struggling trying to quit an overeating addiction. The thing that I overlooked the most was having a vision and visualizing daily upon it. Hope this helps
  7. @Opo Yeah no problem. It's maybe because of my last workout routine where I only did three sets but was going 100% every time. It was really frustrating and also build a lot of resistance.
  8. I recently stumbled across this video about how to workout smarter. In the video, Firas Zahabi says that you should not workout to your max, but to a point where you do not feel sore the next day so you can exercise more and get long-term results rather than short-term gains. I applied this technique and it eliminated a lot of the resistance I had towards working out. It also helped me with making exercising a pleasurable thing rather than a painful one.
  9. @DiamondDawg Just what I needed! Thanks Here is the interview: London Real – Peter Sage Extreme Entrepreneur