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  1. @flowboy Invite her to hang out days before I try to have sex just to get a good rapport or on the day try I'm trying to have sex with her then, in the beginning, we watch some Netflix and get to know her a little bit better?
  2. @flowboy Thanks! Is there any way that I can show her without telling her I just want to have sex with you?
  3. @Leo Gura Good rapport? Like being handsome, Not shy, Masculine, etc.?
  4. @Preety_India But that would hurt so much if I got rejected @flowboy Yead I once faked my feelings for a girl and told her friend that I didn't like her and got absolutely obliviated
  5. @Parththakkar12 I heard Leo say that you could make or break your life in your teen years so I was just wondering if it was a bad time to get some success sexually that's my core question because I feel bad going to parties and hanging out with my friends for hours not working on myself.
  6. @flowboy True @Preety_India Well, should I tell her I just want to have sex? Or be more subtle about it and ask her if she wants to come to my place
  7. @Parththakkar12 But I mean wouldn't that be a low consciousness thing if you are trying to acquire pleasure from that?
  8. @Parththakkar12 Yeah didn't mean need but desire or drive. So I don't know should I then go fulfill that desire or understand why sex won't bring me the true fulfillment I'm after? Also, should you have sex with women just to have sex with them or would that be a foolish thing to do? (Would you be wiser of then doing it?)
  9. @Parththakkar12 Thanks for the answer. I don't really want to be in a relationship with her just want to have sex with her but at the same time, I don't know if she wants that or if she would rather make it a long-term thing which I kind of fear because if it isn't a girl I like and I have to spend time with her to sacrifice my own growth there's just no way am I doing that. It puts too much pain on knowing that I could be doing something better. I was thinking that I would call her and ask if she wants to come over and have some fun, so she hopefully realizes I just want to have sex with her but no long-term thinking. Is this a bad way of going about it I don't want to be an asshole?
  10. I saw this girl at a party and we kissed. Am a virgin and next week my parents aren't home so I was thinking about having sex with her because I got this deep craving for sex because I feel like am missing out on something since all my friends are doing it and because I don't want to miss out on the opportunity I have. At the same time, I feel horrible just having sex with a girl I don't even like that much just to meet a need. Also, I feel like sex is an easy pleasure and I want to have sex with her so I can distract myself from the real work I have to be doing. But on the other side satisfying my need will maybe make the craving go away and I will see that sex is not really fulfilling me and I will go back to doing the real work. Advice, please
  11. I don't know if visualization will work if I visualize once a day but on different goals every single day?
  12. I'm stuck in a rut and can't get myself to take action because I resist emotional labor since it's so painful. How do I accept it?
  13. @peanutspathtotruth Thanks!
  14. As the title says. I watched this video where Leo does a guided mobilization from 25:00 I just wanted to know if this is part of the path to needing to mobilize yourself every day to not fall into low consciousness stuff like playing video games or eating junk food etc. If anyone has gone through the process of mobilization to keep staying on track did it then become less and less as you kept going with self-actualization?
  15. Kolding, Denmark