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  1. Because you hate yourself
  2. Do a dopamine fast for a week. Cut out all sources of external stimulation, music, tv, video games, phone, internet, youtube etc... A big reason why you can't focus on things is because your mind is addicted to all these easy sources of instant gratification. You need to train your mind to work for things in order to get a dopamine spike.
  3. Reminds me of a psychedelic trip I had where instead of entering into a state of higher consciousness, I actually became less conscious than what I was entering into it. I think it was trying to tell me something
  4. @tenta Some good ones I enjoyed were Yu Yu Hakusho, Steins Gate, Naruto, DBZ, Bakemonogatari, Serial Experiments Lain, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya.
  5. Yes! I love Avatar the Last Airbender. I watched it when I was a kid as well. It was also my favorite TV show back then. Now I know why It definitely had more depth and mystique that you didn't really see much in cartoons back then, which is why I probably liked it. I always felt a sense of power and awe every time Aang entered the Avatar State.
  6. Is it too low conscious? What do you guys think of this medium for life purpose. This might be an option I will explore. Some manga and anime are low conscious, but there are lots of anime/manga out there that are very spiritual in nature and have stage turquoise values sprinkled into the story. They tend to have more depth than your standard American cartoons. I have always really enjoyed watching anime and reading manga. I like the combination of storytelling with art. I used to love writing stories as a kid and would right pages and pages of stories and share them with my friend. I like coming up with ideas for stories to write. It puts me in a nice flow state and am playing with the idea of learning to draw, so I can make my stories come to life.
  7. I don't see it talked much on here. Is it at all helpful in this type of work?
  8. Blue and Orange!
  9. I guarantee I wont be able to handle it now, but I'll give it a shot once I got like 30 years of consciousness work under my belt. Wish me luck!
  10. I'm saying this because I have had direct experience with these type of psychotic "insanity zones" When I was a teen I did 550ug of LSD in an extremely bad setting. With people who where at a stage red level of development. They kept laughing at the fact that I was terrified and thought it was hilarious, no empathy at all and I suffered through the hell out of it. I was all alone. It eventually went on for so long that I realized that if I didnt enjoy it, I would not be able to handle it anymore. So I surrendered and your right... I was never the same again lol.
  11. Let me ask you this. If you were kidnapped and there was no chance of escape and the people there desired to cut off your limbs one by one. Why not enjoy it? Take pleasure in their pleasure as they are enjoying cutting your limbs off. The alternative is to suffer through it.
  12. Isn't being terrified of insanity ego? Why not just enjoy insanity no matter how extreme it is.
  13. I'd recommend 1-2 grams of mushrooms for your first time