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  1. Really anything by Entheogenic is amazing for psychedelics!
  2. Yeah, I do. So far I've tried Sulbutiamine and L-theanine. Modafinil just came in today
  3. @ds300 I've experienced this. Mdma greatly depletes serotonin. I remember being in the back of my car crying after 3 days of using mdma heavily. That was years ago. I feel tons better now. Keep doing daily meditation, exercising, eating healthy etc... Also try supplementing with 5-htp, really good for restoring serotonin after using mdma. Give it some time and you should feel back to normal.
  4. Is this beneficial? Or should I do this without any boosts.
  5. I seem to be cycling around the two polarities. It is very confusing. Some days I feel hyper masculine and other days I feel very very feminine. I am biologically a male, but needless to say this is very confusing to me and is causing me to not know how to act in social interactions. Especially when attracting females, I attracted a certain girl while I was in a very feminine state, then she hung out with me, when I was hyper masculine and I repelled her. I guess this is part of the process. My identity is being shattered lol
  6. Alpha male. Beta male. It's all just a mask. Don't mistake yourself for a mask. Why do you give other people the authority to define who you are? When they themselves have no idea who they are.
  7. @Shroomdoctor Realize that fear is a fucking illusion of the ego. Be grounded in yourself and no matter if you reapproach the same girl a billion times, throw up on her, act awkward as shit, or portray yourself as a lame ass beta male. It won't fucking matter because nothing can break you or can it? If it can... I'm afraid you have some work to do my friend.
  8. Yeah, taking action also is very important. Honestly being homeless doesn't even sound that bad to me. How can I really be homeless if the whole world is my home?
  9. I guess it is just because my life situation is less than optimal. I live with my parents and I try being present all the time, but my parents keep thinking I am doing nothing, which I am but it is not bad from my perspective. So I am trying to figure out a way to move out of my parents house, which takes planning. If I just sat down and was present all the time, nothing would get done. I would still be at my parents house. My parents already threatened to kick me out of the house if I don't start doing something. So if I don't start planning out what I am going to do, I am going to end up homeless. It is actually pretty funny. Just imagine being blissed out in samadhi. Your just sitting there on the couch doing absolutely nothing and then your parents come up and yell at you to go do something with your life. Like what more do I need?
  10. @Nahm I think I realize what is going on. The reason I stress is because I am trying to rush through the planning process. Instead of just planning slow and mindfully.
  11. I am having a hard time finding the proper balance between the two. Lately I have become so present that I have failed to foresee certain negative things that have happened to me because I didn't properly plan for it. Also I have noticed that constantly planning for the future stresses me out and takes me away from enjoying the present moment. I know you shouldn't constantly be worrying about the future, but is the goal eventually to always be present 24/7 and not plan for anything? Doesn't seem wise to me. What do you guys think?
  12. @Leo Gura Will you post orange's values here as well? I saw that you had a value list for the blue thread, but not for this one.
  13. I have noticed recently that my short-term memory has become really bad as I am constantly focusing my mind on the present moment. I get so absorbed with what I am doing that I forget simple things like turning the stove off or I just completely forget what I was doing because my mind has been constantly trained to be in the now. Just wanted to point that out, as that is one disadvantage I have noticed while trying to reach a state of no-mind.
  14. @BuddhaTree I think having a good baseline level of concentration is good for beginners. It helps to be focused and concentrated while doing your yoga routine. If you just practice paravastha right off the bat, without any prior experience, it will just lead to lots of monkey mind.
  15. @herghly I do concentration. It doesn't really matter which you do. Do whichever one you resonate with you. Edit: If you want you could do both. First do concentration to calm down your mind and then you can let go and surrender by doing paravastha.