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  1. Yeah, I am a dumbass
  2. Also how do yall be knowing who I am??
  3. So me and my ex are getting back together and she was expressing concerns to me about how she wants to feel safe and secure. How do I best do this?
  4. I am doing something about it. You are not here with me to see the work I am doing. I am homeless and going through a rough time in my life. I strive everyday for self-improvement. I do not understand why you think I am doing nothing...
  5. This post has substance in it. You just are expecting something different
  6. I am brought to tears by this world's corruption... The suffering on this planet is so great. Will we ever go beyond it? I am tired of coming across the same acts of selfishness day in and day out. I want to raise the vibration of this planet. We need to do something. We are being bogged down...
  7. Wish them Salvation from afar ?? It is not wise to associate oneself with such beings...
  8. I don't care anymore I will give people what they want
  9. I know it's my time to shine and I'm already improving. There is just so much pain in my heart I don't know if I can go on without hurting someone. I can't help it. I'm broken. I need love.
  10. It does too make me feel better. I want that control back that they stole from me.
  11. They took control of my mind Leo. My parents conditioning is running me and I can't escape. I am trying so hard to defragment the conditioning but it is taking so long. I can't even think clearly. I don't know who I am. They stole my mind away from me.
  12. Thank you so much. I needed that
  13. How to make the mind tell me good things?
  14. Throughout my life I have been treated like shit. I am tired of putting up with it. Today I made a resolution not to take anyone's shit and to set proper boundaries for myself. I will not let people walk all over me. I will tell them what's up and i am not gonna let them tell me what to do. I have every right to control my mind and body and no one has the right to tell me otherwise. I am done with these sick games and I wish I could heal. I am completely lost. I hate everything
  15. I do not understand why people feel threatened by me. I am going out and gaming and people are calling security on me often. Is this a normal thing? Am I really so deficienct that people call security. Or are people just scared in general? My family were losers then. I hate my life and everyone around me I am not getting attention and I have no idea how to heal. I am homeless, jobless, and now am single. I want a woman to appreciate me for me. They all seem to hate me. What did I do wrong? Just for being myself? I hate the world. I want to hurt people. I don't care anymore. It brings me peace, because the world treats me like shit so i believe people deserve it. This is the only way to heal. By unleashing the anger out into the world. Nothing else makes me feel better. Especially locking myself up in a room somewhere meditating, that would just make it worse.