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  1. The collective Shift in consciousness is really happening. At first I was skeptical but there is no denying of this. I can see there is being a vibration separation happening. A lot of relationships are breaking, including mine. I can see people real intentions at first sight. They cant hide and lie anymore. I can see my fake friends and still accept them as they are. And I can see all my darkness rising aswell. I feel more alive and present out of nowhere. Sometimes I get into no mind and bliss states out of nowhere, which was not normal in the past. So, Yeah at this pace, by 2030 the world will be another thing.
  2. Guys, do any of you have any idea what is this and where to learn more about it?
  3. @bloomer By bullshit I mean lies and deception, not something negative persay. Your attitudes towards it will change when you see how useful it is. But first you need to consume alot of data from the outside and identify with it. Then it becomes part of you as it sticks unconsciously. Dont try to see yourself doing small talk or what to say, non of that will really help, lol. As I said, the process has to happen almost like magic, you wont even realize you changed. Like an overnight Miracle, but it will be so natural by that time you wont see it as such. Just Surround yourself in a consistent enviornment that talks A LOT. This happened to me in work. I completely changed my personality unknowingly. Another thing I see is culture. People in developed countries struggle alot with the socializing aspect alone. So it becomes a mass/collective self fullfiling prophecy as everybody struggles to socialize like we all know each other. Which is something normal in third World countries. Ppl go every where assuming like they just know whats up with each other.
  4. You need to fill yourself of bullshit by being surrounded by ppl full of sht. Its the only way. Then you will naturally spill very useful bullshit like small talk.
  5. Do you guys get horny with these songs? Lol The english genre I feel gets closer to any seduction is R&B. And most of it is not that potent. Yet, the only songs I have found to trigger some sexual energy is Spanish trap. It wont make sense to share any here if you cant understand the contextual language. Basically, in order to get horny through music, the one singing has to be in a sexual mood for it to be recorded and passed to you. Most of them get high at the same time too. And it has to include real dirty talking. Naughty storytelling stuff. Not these, lol.
  6. @Preety_India We are in a similar position. I probably wouldn't be alive today if the universe did not open the door of supreme knowledge to taste the Truth, since my highest need is Understanding. I dont care about money in my core. Authentically speaking I dont give a fck about posessions, sex etc. Is just that in order to survive one has to almost force himself to do these things for a temporary period of time. If it were for me, I would be a happy enligthened Tarzan in an island. Which I might do some day.
  7. @Preety_India Self development is great and real in a way, is just that it can be a great distraction and even obstacle if not done right and at the right time. What I mean is forget about becoming attractive and going inside that rabbit whole. Stay outside of it. Dont jump yet. Maybe put a foot in it to test the water. To live a decent life, you need money. That is a stronger foundation than doing unsustainable self development that will fall if not maintained. And for it to be maintained you need a stable platform. In the past I used to be lot more attractive because I did self development. I worked my ass off. But i was a great ignorant of the big picture. Better had simply focused on money alone. And for making money, trust me you need to get dirty in a good sense. Theres no time to be caring about details of attraction and people opinions. Any self development done in the process of growing wealth will most likely be lost. On the other hand, the only exception is Truth. If you manage to get enligthened somehow, good for you. Theres no going back. Thats permanent stability in the ultimate satisfation. Complete perfection no matter your life situation.
  8. @Max8 Im including pickup as part of self development. @diamondpenguin Its even better when you dont even think about it really anymore.Thinking that you will go out one day might be better, but its still investing (expectation). Somewhere in the past you never used to think you needed to meet girls bs etc. You were confident in your own world before being brainwashed by false lack. What I mean is that you might eventually go out whenever you remember or have time (1 or twice a month or maybe even in 2 months or whatever, theres no planning (investing)). And you are going out not really to meet any one expectation, you simply go out with friends to some social area to have some Fun and only if a girl seems interested and you want, then you know what to do. Everything is spontaneous by simply being in the right place. But you are not even thinking of getting laid, you went there to have some fun with your friends. And the way you reduce any neediness is by being busy and having scort friends. I have 3 scort friends whom once in a while I go out to have some fun and then get laid. Then even use them as wing girls. How can i be needy with women like this? See what I mean. Just focus on yourself and get money. Forget all this crap, I have seen it all. The only last thing you will need its truth, because it is the Truth. And its you. Save your time by following this advice, trust me. Maybe listen to leo once in a while to grow your mind and see new possibilities, but dont go crazy about it or overreact by crashing your present reality.
  9. @Max8 Just to make sure, it also includes pickup masturbation. Man I would be a millionaire by now if I had skipped that shit. Had all that money now to 10x my attraction as I want. And going for high quality bitches (scorts/hookers/dancers/models) is essential to satisfy the lower needs. Then maybe if I have some time left after all, you might want to do a pickup once in a while and seriously dont give a crap bout it. Which will give you massive results counterintuitively.
  10. @Chew211 Yup. People just follow one of their core voice. One must use the three at the same time. Instinct, mind and intuition.
  11. You are reinforcing it in a subtle way. Forget such thing completely and the problem dissappears. You give it energy already by thinking about it. Now, that doesnt mean that if someone wants to destroy you in someway, you wont start thinking and caring. Thats a different matter. Survival is at higher risk. You wanna deal with it directly to forget it later.
  12. My life actually improved when I stopped self development, lol. All you need is contemplation and massive action. Go make money and forget all the bs. Then when your done, go straight to spirituality. Thats it.
  13. Action and proper calculation
  14. I practice everything I need for dating with scort friends. Dont waste a single second/money on random women while you have shit to do. Occasionally you might go and try what you learn with these women with other. It will save so much time, energy and money. Wish I did this alot earlier. You can use them as wing girls too for pre selection.
  15. @flyingguitarist Which section?
  16. I've seen sadhguru ocassionally repeating the fact that he wished he had awoken alot earlier. So, do awoke people in this forum have any regrets? How does that work if possible?
  17. How is that even if im good looking, extrovert with positive personality and confident, girls feel attratcted towards me but the moment they sense some negativity or lack focus from me they get repelled. Its like am positive and negative at the same time. For example, in the past I didnt care much about money so i never had a sense of lack in it but my finances sucked. Still, girls got much attratcted to me. Now, "to be realistic" I kinda had to focus on the lack of it to improve it. If not I would still not care and suck at it. Also, I discovered that the more real I am as I dropped many of my illusions my life has improved overall. Specially suffering to some extent. But i find that I had more success with women when I was more deluded. When I had more powerful dreams and delusions. They can smell that perfume of my delusions and get seduced by them. Now I find that only a few girls really get attratcted to me. The more real I have become, the harder this has become. Including expressing even my negativity. In the past I used to hide my negativity and almost always just show positivity. I could get laid easier but everything was built on a house of cards. Just want to know if anyone has gone through something like this. Dating is a fckng invisible maze to never end. The more I discover the more I discover I have lot to discover. So, is it that as I have changed to more realness, has also my niche changed in the sex market? When I try to attract the girls I used to in the past, the elite rich girls, they get attratcted but also intimidated or even hate me. Its like i carry too much realness for their delusions. Aside from this, I want to know how much does carrying negativity is responsible for success in dating. Im not a negative person, but am aware that am carrying some negative emotions and stress from not so long ago traumas.
  18. @Khr I was delusional in the sense of being inside deeper mental dream states. Now im more real in an animalistic sense. My authenticity is raw animalistic. Im more grounded, direct, assertive, agressive, confrontational, savage and confident. See all those qualities have recontextualized my dating niche completely. I feel weird even trying to approach such girls. Nvm, dating is just too complex. Its not as easy as living in U.S or europe. Third World countries just suck for it. It has made my dating live a fckng maze. And not only mine, but almost every atttactive guy here has lots of problems too. Location and culture is crucial. Just add those two factors plus all the shit you got to learn to date properly. It makes dating extremely random. You might get results once a month, cuz the mass quantity is extremely low for something of good value. What is a 9 here is a 7 in U.S. Which makes good looking girls extremely high value. Thats why I cant depend my sex on pickup in here due to so many fckng factors. You need time to practice too, but i got shit to do. So is a fckng endless maze. So many distinctions to make, so much memorizing, so much updating your knowledge to the current market to where you are... So much stuff no wonder why so many guys suck at it. Its not just you and being confident,etc. Enligthenment is kid stuff compared to succesful consistent dating. For enligthenment you just need to want it and have some balls. You can isolate yourself or invest 90% of your time in it and in a week you will have some results in your meditation. And even better, you can just use psychedelics to get a 100% awakening. Why am I not after enligthenment right now? Well, theres 95% probability my future would go to the garbage can if I fck it or who knows what even after. Spiritual teachers are mostly positive scammers.
  19. Im curious to know if the video is really that powerful to shake my head as Leo says in the intro. I was about to watch it, but took leo seriously since Im trying to improve my social life, money, physique and personality.
  20. @Nahm Thats what I thought. I dont remember exactly how Jed Mackenna said in one part, as after his enligthenment he was kinda upset. Like it was boring and it was not so different as he thought compared to his previous zombie mode life. Yes suffering was gone, but he kinda liked the zombie way too. He said it in a way kinda regretting permanent enligthenment. Which also makes me wonder why he went anonymus. Also, no enligthened being will ever sell enlightenment as something he regret, that would be dumb even if he did. Yet, I have caught several spiritual teachers trying to lie and manipulate to trick others. For example, Shunyamurti and Osho. Im not denying their love, light, truth, genius, etc. Actually, thats the part that compensates and hides any negative aspect from their followers. After all enligthenment is not for everybody. In the sense not that he cant achieve it. But, that it might bring even bigger problems that might backfire later on due to the world we live in right now. See, if you get enligthened in this time era, you are a pioneer of spirituality basically. You will have a harder time going on in the world and surviving. At least initially, which is the hardest part that sets up everything else. If 50% of the planet was awoken, getting enligthened would be alot easier and convenient to everyone despite their location and life situation. The later generations we have it easy as to not getting lost and alone in the world if they awaken. So yes, the collective plays a crucial role here.
  21. Working in vain because of enviorments influences I cant change by now.
  22. Yes and the site is laggy.
  23. I thought it was going to last at least for a week...
  24. This and the getting laid videos are going to be the most seen on actualized.org
  25. Man, online dating is even harder than going solo. Is just so random. You cant rely on it. You gotta treat it like an extra candy someone just gave you.