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  1. The loud silence sounds exactly like my meditation experiences, it's so silent that it's powerful, unperturbed by anything, allowing everything. I would say (as flakey as this sounds) to simply feel your way into whatever mental space that is and to fully and completely surrender to it, allowing everything including the fear.
  2. Hmmm, sounds more like depersonalisation actually. Maybe try taking a break from all this stuff for a while if you're able to, sorry to hear about this.
  3. Highly agree with this take, the flippancy of some comments is inherently dangerous and breeds a kind of know it all attitude that ain't healthy. I would also add that honouring the relative is severely lacking in the spiritual side of this community, almost to the point of using the absolute POV as a copout, which is also dangerous and breeds Zen devils.
  4. @dflores321 "The club of no one" hahaha @Leo Gura Being God/nothingness for a while has made me appreciate being human with all its suffering so much more. I'm not sure going all the way is right anymore if it means never coming back to this relative game, isn't that what death is for anyway? I guess everyone's path is different. @TheAvatarState Loving kindness is so important on this path, God is alone in its infinite love, and as humans we are united in that aloneness. There's a narcissistic aloneness that makes you feel alien and separated, and there's a selfless aloneness that is intimately connected with all. When you look at another human being you're looking at a literal manifestation of God, which is much more profound then just a fleshy robotic meat suit I think.
  5. "the seekers ignorance must be destroyed with the machine gun of truth" wtf lol
  6. 100%, LSD was my first real glimpse into source and it hit me so hard that a year n a half later I'm still integrating.
  7. Ketamine gave me a similar "experience". Upon exiting the "being" space/void the universe/form becomes nothing more than pure mind. Crazy stuff. Meditation is currently getting me back to that, like the door has been opened to it now. Good stuff dude.
  8. I think a lotta people have trouble separating the absolute from the relative for practical reasons. Relatively speaking solipsism is untrue, but in absolute terms you could sorta argue it to be true although I usually see solipsism as a ego based "everything in my little brain is all I know to be true" vs non-dual terms where there is nobody to experience anything at all; it's truly a void as loving and infinite as that void may be, but it's an incredibly peaceful one that definitely improves perspective. God itself is however not a perspective at all, and it's infinite nature makes understanding 100% of it literally impossible.
  9. Yes I just copy and paste the link usually works to bring up the thumbnail
  10. "your/my pov" is still imaginary. That's still ego, in fact experience isn't possible without ego. No self, no other, nobody is absolute. All experience is relative. A point of view requires a subject, which automatically creates an other. Instead getting hung up on this I would focus on realising that quite literally anything that can be experienced including the sensation of being a self with awareness is all part of the dream, all imaginary, all ultimately empty pure loving unlimited consciousness. Which is nice but....after a while that gets boring. Hence here you are.
  11. The lowest point can be a portal to the highest one. Or at least it can be. I think it was adyashanti that described it as a limbo zone that proceeds God/Spirit. This really only applies to the meditative path though, psychedelics take you straight to source but it's not the full picture IMO. I feel like both you guys could learn a lot from each other. Or I'm just full of shit lol. Yes! omg I know we need a live discussion between the two.
  12. It's usually the love aspect of GOD or the peace aspect of emptiness that keeps me here. Waking up doesn't have to always be some big explosion of madness, a lot of the time it's just a genuine letting go of attachment into a peace state of non-attachment, as if you were slipping into a warm bath made of tranquil love and acceptance. Getting too hung up on theories and concepts can cause this sort of existential despair, because that conceptual world in your mind is the ego's homeland, it thrives in these mental states, which is why I think too much intellectual contemplation can become an issue. Some of it can take you closer but too much takes you away into confusion. At this stage I would just completely let go of the whole idea of becoming enlightened or trying to understand and just sit and be. I honestly feel like you're making better progress than you realise; I remember hitting a wall at a certain point where the only thing keeping from progressing was my inability to let go. It really was that simple. Like Leo said try to enjoy it more and non take it too seriously. A little relaxation goes a long way.