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  1. Everything comes from the white light, it is your essence, your very being, it is love, it is peace, and there's nothing left to do then to simply abide in that knowing. Surrender all fear into love, surrender all mind into intuition, and you will know.
  2. I'm someone who learns by doing, not just sitting in front of some dumbass telling me the answers. School is designed to make you good at memorising and following orders. It really doesn't teach you how to think outside the box, and why would it? They want mindless workers, smart enough to complete the tasks yet too stupid to reinvent the system (as Carlin puts it). If your life purpose requires going through it, then by all means do, it can at least teach a pretty solid work ethic, but if not don't kill yourself over some arbitrary letter that society tells you means anything when it doesn't. At the start of one year they make you ask to be permitted to go take a shit, at the end of that year you have to figure out everything you want to do with your life. It's a joke.
  3. I actually got MORE benefits from LSD when I stopped trying to "find all the answers man" and all that egotistical bullshit; the recreational attitude can be more appropriate if you're someone who tends to be uptight which I was back then. Just letting go of expectations and NEEDING anything from it paradoxically lead me to learn more. Granted I was still hoping for something spiritual but it wasn't done with a seriousness that I think some people in this forum have. A massive insight psychedelics teach you is to stop taking yourself and life so seriously; it makes the ego games people like politicians play become hilarious.
  4. he's used 5meo and other psychedelics, he just isn't doing them right now. He has been diagnosed bi-polar in the past so that probably complicates things. I don't deny he's had massive awakenings off meditation alone, but I'm sure his bi-polar influences this. It seems they are in fact at an advantage over "normal" people when it comes to awakening, however it doesn't seem like a healthy expression of it that's for sure lol.
  5. Is being asleep really embracing life though? Is that really life? "If we've been dead a long time, life feels like death."
  6. @Aaron p hahahaha "I just can't....stop.....self actualizing.....somebody help I need to improve on this!" *Other member* "But wouldn't that also be a form of self actualizing?" "GOD DAMMIT I CAN'T ESCAPE"
  7. The Universe/God is a single infinite consciousness experiencing itself subjectively through many different forms and finite minds. The end. Imagine thinking what you're currently experiencing through this finite mind is all there, not only is this incredibly boring but quite literally means all your past psychedelic awakenings didn't actually happen at all thus you've been wasting your time. Just.....lol. It's both unverifiable, boring and helps no one, all it really does is create more confusion around something that conceptually is ridiculously simple. Like Martin Ball says it's ultimately the ego that wants to deny this simplicity to instead try and be super conceptual. So one can debate this endlessly if they want but at the end of the day they are wasting their time.
  8. @Javfly33 Nevermind, I must have misinterpreted what you wrote beforehand. Would rather not go down that useless rabbit hole again anyway
  9. @nistake hahahaha facts my dude, he's my favourite right now
  10. You've clearly had some horrible relationship experiences, so I'm sorry about that. Moral of the story: Men and Women are cunts. Finding peace within oneself will engender a kind of giving that's not excessive and needy; the idea of this being true love is a Disney style lie. Men don't like it, and women CERTAINLY don't like it either, understandably so. Like all things in life, it's about balance.
  11. @Javfly33 I share your distaste for solipsism, doesn't match up with my experiences at all.
  12. Oh I'm certain there are women who won't give a fuck no matter how much the man loves them. Women do this to men all the time, "I gave them everything I could" sounds extremely needy and neurotic, people can't handle that kind of energy. No offence. Yea see most people would associate that with some clinical form of narcissism possibly stemming from a personality disorder, not just being an asshole. And from that description hearing you say you gave everything to a narcissist sounds like a codependent-narcissist relationship, if one doesn't fix that within themselves they will always attract these same destructive characters into their lives whether they realise it or not. It's a vicious cycle.
  13. I think narcissist fits that definition better, in my eyes an asshole is simply a dominant man who also speaks very bluntly and doesn't really give a fuck about the response, if you constantly cared about not offending anyone you'd just turn into a timid pussy, which is what most "nice" guys are. A lot of the time the nice guy act is just a facade stemming from selfishness with insecure overtones, which is why they are the most in denial about their selfishness; the "asshole" who just blurts it out usually has a lot less to hide; they can embrace the shitty side we all have instead of suppressing it. Just from my experience.