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  1. As a guy if anything a woman is more likely too lol. Men are too in their heads and as a result cut off from their intuition which itself is crucial to enlightenment. Enlightenment may as well be the literal definition of the word "intuition"; it's a purely creative form of intelligence. Nothing intellectual about it all. It seems more women get into this stuff but the fewer men who do seem to go more hardcore with it. And even though less men would awaken their "headiness" may make talking about this stuff in a technical way somewhat easier (maybe). The intellectual contemplation of this stuff does still have its place I think. The embodiment process from my experience involves a lot of heart opening practice so again women would find this process easier. Take what I said here with a grain of salt though, it's mostly speculation and generalisations.
  2. Definitely, although I think for a lot of people experiencing that nothing on its own makes it easier to see how it relates to and is ultimately the same as the forms occurring within it.
  3. It can seriously suck, but God itself infinitely loves this ego that hating it would go against it and only aggravate it more, like pushing a beach ball under water only to have it slap you harder because of the force of the resistance. Love the ego first, then everything becomes easier. Everything you could ever need or want in life is already 100% within yourself, you are secure and complete inside now and forever. (Seriously) Getting to this mindset however is ridiculously hard but it IS possible, but it takes a lot of sacrifice, swallowing one’s pride, letting go of strong beliefs and having courage and straight up faith. That everything will be ok in the end, and if it’s not ok then it’s not the end. We are all just walking each other home as some wise dude said I think it was Ram Dass lol 😂.
  4. Yeah I spent about all of 2020 with very little to no motivation on what used to excite me, my mind was 100% in the spiritual that everything else fell away for a bit and felt pointless. Thankfully it was just a phase that I’m out of now and I’m embodying this stuff nicely into human experience. It’s almost as if everything goes full circle from wanting to leave this painful human existence only to then see the true beauty of it having become “God” or whatever. From that limitless perspective, the meaning of having limitations is seen. Life would be utterly boring without it! (Eventually at least.) Leave the marketplace, get woke af, re-enter the marketplace. Theres no grandiose purpose, instead you just live because every moment is a blessing; that’s there something rather than nothing for a minuscule blip in illusory time. Compassion itself is all that’s needed to align oneself with it. Love itself is the meaning of life. A very beautiful existence I think.
  5. I would say so yeah; you could definitely have an experience of the void in there. Your awareness over thoughts is crystal clear in there because there's no other input besides your heartbeat and breathing. Once the stillness and silence underlying all experiences is "caught", the floodgates are open for non-dual experiences. Your concentration is superb in there also. Think of it like a low dose mushroom trip which can show you how to go deeper with meditation on your own through example. Just being shown what a powerfully deep meditative state is like alone is enough sometimes. The tank can help with that, but don't expect much on the first few times it is a practice like everything else. Ikr lol L-theanine is so fire, I get the best meditation experiences on it. More people should be talking about this on the forum. I mixed it with shrooms a few times which is amazing. @Droo_ try that first I reckon I wouldn't worry about microdosing in there until you've had at least a handful of floats under ya belt. It could be a cool idea for down the track though, (if it's shrooms that is, LSD would be too stimulating).
  6. You have to have schizophrenia first, but yes the weed will trigger it. Do you really think psychedelics wouldn’t trigger that same person? Schizophrenia is a genetic disorder; an “enabler” would just be anything that exacerbates it rather than causes it. Sorry to sound like I’m lecturing but defs an important point.
  7. From the relative sense you’re in right now, no. Go outside and look haha. From the Absolute realm there is no room, no you, no anything. Don’t even try to imagine what that’s like because that won’t be it. Listening to the sound of silence for 1 minute would be better than a lifetime of fantasising. check out Douglas Harding’s “The headless Way” if you want a proper peek. Exploring that combined with meditation as you let go of concepts will help.
  8. This might sound odd but just spend a couple days conceptually in your mind pretending like all this spiritual stuff is pure horseshit and doesn’t exist at all; there is no God, separation is real and all of it’s material 100%. What that will do (or might) is help you weed out what’s true for your direct experience and what’s still subtly a belief held within your mind. I’m a huge fan of Douglas’ “headless way” as a means of experiencing non-dual awareness sober, as I feel having both the sober AND psychedelic realisations is what really provides that clarity as to what this is and how it relates to every other aspect of your experience. (Of course combined with meditation is what provides the most juice). I think you’d be surprised as to just how accessible this technique is. It can slap you out of nowhere. But I find this approach makes LIVING enlightenment more approachable. What can occur at some point of the path is that this awareness (to massively varying degrees) becomes a somewhat regular part of your life with or withOUT psychs. As Richard Lang said there’s this too and fro between the oneness and the separateness and you almost get acclimated to this (which might sound hard to believe 😂) and that as an enlightened being you aren’t just in that state 24/7 because you’d be ga-ga! Rather when you’re out in the world doing things you can recognise duality and then once all is said and done and you can relax you naturally fall back into that open space that’s interconnected with all. Now as a matter of embodiment your job is to continually grow and heal yourself so as to further open up to God and live from that loving place more and more (but not in a fake people pleaser way, this compassion is purely authentic and needs no reward). This is combined with your own continuing investigations that you do to your hearts content. At the end of this what you SHOULD be left with is a deep sense of clarity as to who you are, what life is, your relationship to it combined with a deep sense of inner peace and love for all beings that you authentically live from in daily life. No small task though. There’s also a deep sense of inner security; you only look within for true satisfaction, thus people naturally attract to you because you couldn’t give a flying fuck whether or not they’re there, but still it’s nice they are. Inauthentic relationships will die surprisingly quickly however, and people may be shocked at how easily you can leave their toxicity. As far as career goes maybe life purpose course? Idk lol 😂 that’s a totally seperate area, but living in accordance with one’s personal values is a good start. “Mastery” by Robert Greene is an excellent read. A complete and total break from spirituality isn’t a bad idea though.
  9. way better than meditation, it's really the price that keeps anyone from doing it more often but it's a worthwhile investment. 400mg of L-theanine (supplement) beforehand will almost certainly provide a good experience.
  10. Edibles with a pinch of caffeine before a heavy yoga session will have you fucking GONE I've seen and been to cartoon worlds on it, the sunset felt like a painting I was melting into. Do not underestimate edibles. Smoking on the other hand is fun but also much more addictive and nowhere near as psychedelic there really is no comparison (not to mention the shitty brain fog of smoking). TLDR: Take edibles, fuck smoking.
  11. Destroyed my traumas, helped me forgive and let go, love myself and the world more, open my mind, let go of my defences more, have more creativity, more connection to the world, more fulfillment, more present to the moment instead of ruminating, less depression, anxiety, insecurities, fear, neuroses and excessive attachments, helped me understand myself significantly more, have more understanding and clarity of life, why it is the way it is and my relationship to it, a deeper sense of purpose, more wisdom, kindness and inner peace.
  12. God is merely lost in its own creation in the same way an artist loses him/herself during the creative process. The infinite dreamer is simply having fun.
  13. at least I tried lol, couldn't leave people supporting it in good conscience.
  14. totally, the seeing is merely a gateway in
  15. Yes there are infinite perspectives, all within one consciousness. The contents of this seperate ego's consciousness is different for everyone, but the light of that pure consciousness that allows for any experience at all is the exact same for me as it is for you as it is for all beings, or as Buddhists would say "all beings are buddha". Illusion/imagination is simply God's mechanism for creation, so dismissing anything by saying "it's just illusion" isn't very useful. So yes all these infinite perspectives are illusory (dreamt by God), but that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't valid if you get me. The contents of our own consciousness are equally as illusory as everything else in the sense that it's masquerading as something other than consciousness. Thus to be operating in subject-object duality saying "this perspective is all there is!" is false; rather "this consciousness is all there is" would be more accurate, and it's from this stillness that has no limitation literally anything is possible. THAT right there is the ground of all being. Any POV at all is operating within subject-object duality by definition. It would be better to find the source of all POVs. Now of course people could retort me saying "well form is emptiness isn't it?" and while yes that's true it is incredibly difficult to understand this without first seeing consciousness at its source independent of its contents, such that when it begins to dream again you see it as just that; a dream. This is often why cessation experiences can be so powerful. Whether it's a thought, feeling, memory, emotion, perception, or the experience of another being one thinks has their own experience...all of it is equally illusory, whether it's mine or yours. It all boils down to (you guessed it) consciousness, consciousness, and consciousness . It's so utterly simple and perfect, and yet because of its unlimited nature it can paradoxically manifest in the most complex ways, but don't get distracted by its manifestations, even if they feel like they belong to you (and that there is a you at all); go deeper into what underlies all experience. The entire world is God's mask; (sneaky little fucker quit hiding from me LOL ) Everything that consciousness dreams up is equally illusory. The words you are reading right now are imagination.
  16. Pure LSD 100 micrograms. Granted it didn't last forever, but that could be just my luck. I would then go on to take larger doses later in life with zero problems, and what we know about brain development combined with just basic common sense should tell anyone that waiting is wiser. 20-21. The difference in maturity in that time frame is massive (or at least it should be). The brain changes incredibly fast at that age so you saying you fail to see it ain't convincing. I did mention if he absolutely must a microdose at the very least so he can get a peak at how bad of an idea the full thing would have been, which seems to be the best case scenario if I can't convince him. Combined with meditation he would not need anymore. lol true, better than saying it should be beneficial, even if it was that still would not be worth the risk. There really is no actual point in the first place, and like he said himself it was clear he was avoiding "petty" parts of mundane life which is a horrible reason to trip. The bottom line is 99.9% of 16 year olds lack the sufficient foundation for a trip. End of story.
  17. Stop promoting drugs to a 16 year old, this is incredibly dangerous, foolish and irresponsible. The chances of something like HPPD and depersonalisation are SIGNIFICANTLY higher for someone his age. I'm speaking from experience here. @Insightful27 don't buy into what @Droo_ is saying. There is actually no point in you even doing psychedelics at that age. You don't even know who you are on a personality level and already want to dissolve that personality, this could cause a whole host of problems in the future. Not only that but you may struggle a lot with integrating these experiences and want to escape the "petty things" in your life for this stuff (again, not healthy). Just have the tiniest bit of patience. It would be best to wait after high-school because from experience trying to integrate all this stuff on top of the stresses of school is not fun (but of course you could just avoid integration and the emotional labour of it, but that itself would make the trip even more wasteful). Give me one good solid legit reason for doing it @Insightful27 that other techniques wouldn't be better for at your age and then I might hear you out. Don't let the arrogance of your age get the better of you here, it feels like you know more than you do because you have nothing but your past as a reference. Your ability to see that now is a true test of your wisdom.
  18. it was too intense and I was pretty out of it for literal weeks afterward; wasn't fun. No 16 year old is ready for this, I don't care what they say. I would seriously just leave this shit. Every 16 year old will think "well yeah but that's them I'm more mature and developed I can handle this" and that itself is the immaturity and arrogance of every 16 year old. And even if someone says they're fine at 16-17 they don't fully know that yet they're too young to even judge whether or not it's good for them; don't believe them. If you hold off despite the temptation that itself will highlight your degree of development. The world around you will stress you out and make you think you have to rush through everything (especially at school with regards to career) and at your age you may apply that same logic to spirituality which is VERY FUCKING DANGEROUS. There is no rush!!!! Focus on the mental health/well-being side of spirituality alongside the foundational self help stuff and if you're super keen on non-duality explore it through sober means first. All paths to enlightenment are challenging but by setting your future self up with the best foundation you will make the process a lot more enjoyable and peaceful rather than insanity/fear inducing. How you get there is VERY relevant to your well-being. Don't go about it the way you suggested. I'm almost like your future self telling your past self: Don't do it! Slow and steady wins the race, fast and overly ambitious leads to burnout and possible failure. You'd be very wise to follow my advice as someone older who has gone through what you're talking about and can actually make proper assessment instead of 17 year olds saying they're fine with it when they don't know at all where it could lead to in the future. And that itself is a subtle form of escapism; not a good reason at all to take psychedelics. Horrible reason actually. That alone will cause a bad trip because psychedelics make you face things you want to avoid.
  19. Don't do it because I did the same and regretted it; take a microdose if you absolutely must just so you know how much of a bad idea taking the full thing would have been. (LSD that is, don't go anywhere near DMT).
  20. If one's enlightenment is perfectly integrated into the relative domain this should make total sense to you. The only difference between you and me is the contents of consciousness in the relative domain, the actual light of consciousness that is the source of all experience is absolutely eternally the same. All beings by nature are Buddha's as they say. We're all God dreaming a different dream may be a more actualized.org way of saying it. You can actually look into another human being and see God within them; there's a real to and fro between the absolute and relative that is quite beautiful. Of course this perspective isn't the MOST absolute, but that isn't necessarily the point in this context. You have to become God to know God. The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me (The ONE eye). This splitting into dualities of subject-object perception is where we as seperate individuals make subsequent conclusions based on these experiential insights. That's where all the theorising and philosophising of this occurs; it has its place but it's not the unspoken truth of course. The basic message will be the same for everyone, it's that subsequent theorising part I mentioned where people start to have disagreements you see, it's just splitting hairs at that point.
  21. "My eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love."
  22. Oh god I know what that feeling is like; you don't even know why you keep going back to it and going deeper but it's so seductive in a way. You can't stop it's so amazing yet you know not to go overboard because of how crazy out there it is. I feel like meditation is non-negotiable through this just to chill tf out but also make such experiences more welcoming and peaceful. yes we can only truly know God by being it. There's an amazing quote by the Christian mystic Meister Eckhart that might resonate with you @ivankiss that goes: "The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me." (Obviously referring to the little I). Or in other words, the "eye" with which the ego sees God is the same "eye" with which God sees the ego. That statement is absolutely brilliant. Because the Absolute realm has no dualities whatsoever thus no experience of such; it can only know itself/have experience by shapeshifting into a seperate perspective so as to "look into" itself. God is looking at the world through your eyes, yet it feels like the ego who is the active participant of the relative experience whilst the true self is more-so an accepting observer; completely and totally innocent, whole and perfect forever. Highly resonate with this sentiment; the ego deserves compassion. It's much better to massage the ego out of existence for a while than aggressively destroying it (although some people prefer that route). I could literally be in the headless "God-head" whilst walking down the street it was so amazing but something in me said it would be best to take a break and be a basic normie for a while . Sometimes the progress is happening TOO fast which is exactly where breaks are needed. And remember that we are all equal, me being more "woke" than somebody else doesn't make me better than them in anyway at all. To fully embrace your perfection whilst remaining totally humble is a very beautiful thing.