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  1. that must be some really good quality shit
  2. It's mostly due to the fact that it can be habit forming, but if you can use it with discipline and respect then the benefits can be immense, I think it works best as a tool for integrating prior psychedelic experiences if you combine the effects with yoga/meditation.
  3. yes! share it on here if you do please! @Fortunate Son
  4. Yes - this is honestly one of my favourite parts of my LSD experiences, embrace it. Same thing happened on my one and only MDMA experience. Meditation totally has enhanced it too for me.
  5. benzos are fine as a trip killer, just know that that is what you're taking
  6. God's loneliness is the exact reason behind duality existing in the first place.
  7. not for a long time only a couple months straight (I always procrastinate it since it's so difficult lol) but it's such an important and underrated practice. More calmness, optimism, compassion, forgiveness, connection to all things and people. Love is ultimately the greatest therapy - you'll feel lighter, more open to express yourself in whatever means you enjoy most. Inspiration flows more easily, grudges and traumas release more easily. The long term effect can be compared to MDMA, not necessarily the euphoria which is almost impossible to attain naturally, but the compassion and empathy aspect that really makes the experience. Repressed emotions will surface quicker, emotional intelligence increases. I could go on and on really lol. But like I said, it's fucking hard, and there will be lots of crying - literally only took 2 weeks for it to happen to me - but it makes a big difference in the end i believe.
  8. breathing
  9. Kriya yoga definitely seems more advanced so a healthy mind is best for it, maybe just mindfulness in the mean time would be better.
  10. Agree with @Serotoninluv - edibles do give a psychedelic feel that I reckon is perfect for a beginner, I find exploring the meditative space under the influence is quite fascinating and insightful and this is after my LSD and mushroom trips. Best to gain experience that way. There's no rush with any of this, the more study, contemplation, meditation and patience one has through this process the better - NO RUSH, enjoy the journey. I think with experience you'll realise such fears aren't necessary but simply a healthy respect for the power of these substances.
  11. I wouldn't say it's an absolute requirement but if you can find a legit one then abso-fucken-lutely
  12. I have to admit you make a lot of good points here - definitely nothing he's done so far is not useful to some degree in my eyes, but certainly moving forward we should see more meditations/contemplations and practical advice to help embodiment of the insights.