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  1. Interesting CBD makes me feel smarter, probably because of a history of complex trauma though. It is a miracle from God to me.
  2. Modafinil is actually that strong? Find that hard to believe. Have you had Ritalin before and if so how much stronger is it then that? Just curious.
  3. I’ve had paranormal experiences that were undeniable from a young age that has convinced me that there’s an afterlife. Floating objects, moving objects, a random mechanic who’s mother is a psychic that was having dreams about my encounters without even knowing who I am…things like that. There is clearly an afterlife. Paranormal phenomena is real, psychic phenomena is real. Reply if you’d like to know more.
  4. Ever tried Ritalin? Try it.
  5. Have you done meth?
  6. Apparently pregabalin can be toxic to your ears called ototoxicity. Probably not something to worry about but I’d rather not risk it.
  7. Definitely a good chill vibe
  8. Let’s just say I had a “friend” that turned out to be Narcissistic personality disorder (covert) and I was waffling on about all the non-duality stuff and unlike other friends he was absolutely incapable of understanding it because it requires self awareness that leads to Self awareness; facing our personal BS comes first before seeing that essence. Narcissists are incapable of confronting their dark side. Could an enlightened person be evil? Only for as long as they’re not enlightened. There REALLY is no such thing as an enlightened person outside of maybe a Ramana Maharshi and even then there’s a story of him chasing an annoying brat down with his stick because the guy wouldn’t shut up; the absolute doesn’t negate the relative.
  9. Very mature take
  10. I think you have ADHD, I have it myself this is extremely UNdiagnosed in adults (vs over diagnosed in children). Do you struggle with sleep and emotional regulation? Do you struggle to know what to prioritise over any given day? I would definitely look into it.
  11. As someone who takes medical this can’t be overstated. CBD can tone down the negatives of THC and make it more useful for chronic pain. Definitely if one’s going to use the plant frequently it should be predominantly CBD. Also found CBD useful for PTSD.