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  1. No you don't understand my argument and appear incapable of it. I don't support avoiding the vaccine to "own the libs" the fact that you even project such ideas onto me highlights your inability to see things from a nuanced perspective. When I say "people beyond help" I mostly refer to extreme forms of mental illness that can lead to domestic abuse, death threats and violence. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink, they may even abuse you for attempting to help them. You can act all sanctimonious from a distance but until (like me) you have had direct experience of these people you haven't the faintest clue and should stay in your lane. I guarantee you would have a full blown mental breakdown trying to help these types. THAT is what I mean when I say some are beyond help. A literal psychopath is another such example. If we all did our best to help them we would drown alongside them and that is the harsh reality most people do not want to admit because of lack in maturity and humility. It requires getting off one's arrogant high horse. I didn't say don't protect the weak, I merely said in the process of helping the weakest there is a point where you must swallow your pride and give up for the betterment of the majority because many will refuse help; there is degrees to this, you cannot help every single individual when doing so puts your very life at risk. I do not like saying this, it is tragic, but until you give me some revolutionary model to help the most dangerous in our society I do not want to hear it. As far as right wing nut jobs go I definitely see their insanity and obviously disagree but when the mainstream lies and people lose trust they turn to them because they have no one to trust and that is a deeply sad failure of the MSM that they won't take responsibility for. Neither side is telling the truth and that is causing political sides to be taken like a football team. You're either on one side or the other and there is no middle or sanity at all. Strange times we are in indeed. And like I said, your comments highlight an inability to comprehend my political points and are thus a waste of time. I'm already derailing the thread enough with this one post thus am done.
  2. Melbourne would have to take the cake as the worst right now, basically living that hermit life.
  3. It's a great ritual, sit in the sun in nature with fruit, supps and water before a strength based yoga session and you are GLOWING
  4. I've already reported your comment, ad hominems get us nowhere. This is getting petty. Even by my standards and I've talked some shit on this forum lol, killing oneself is too far. I'm stealing this quote ahaha, although I'd add "overly protecting the weakest members" which is very much a problem these days. It's like reaching for a drowning person who takes you down with them, we should do our best but know some people are simply beyond help.
  5. @Recursoinominado It was a wrong statistic so ignore that point I'll delete it. I understand where you're coming from, read my post from the top of this page This is under the context that one is in lockdown having hit 90% fully vaccinated now starting to open up. Do you think there's a need for mandating past that point? To me the psychological reactance and distrust in the government that results far outweighs any small benefit. Instead encouraging vaccination rather than coercive bullying is more sensible and allows human rights to be more protected. Everybody wins. It is a very small disagreement I have.
  6. I'd need a source for that personally but it would also depend where you live. It would be very very difficult to weed out these nuances in practice, there's virtually always a combination of factors that influences one's death from covid (old age, obesity, immune compromised, smoker, etc). That doesn't discount the severity of the virus at all!
  7. Very insightful point. Also when the media (at least in my case) lies constantly who are people going to turn to? That's right...conspiracies. If the media was just honest about this people could hold their trust in them and avoid the conspiracies thus there wouldn't be such a god damn shit show. It also doesn't help that we're literally mocking unvaccinated people like they are animals, this is making things so so so much worse. I don't disagree at all I'm getting my second shot this week. I think creating a culture that encourages vaccines (alongside other methods) whilst hitting targets before opening up is great, I'm just against mandating past that point as it increases psychological reactance that otherwise wouldn't be there. It isn't even necessary in the first place if literally 90% of the population are fully vaxxed. You have to make people feel like it is their decision and that they feel right about doing so; bullying, mocking and coercing causes the division we're seeing today. If people are already suspicious, how do you think adding a mandate would influence their opinion? I don't disagree I'm just saying that we are going about this the wrong way. Ehhh, ok? I'm Australian. I just don't want the police coming to my house because I said something bad about them on Facebook, which has happened here. Multiple times. If I had a medical exemption for a mask walking down the street the police would beat the living shit out of me regardless. It's hell dude. Forgetting to wear a mask should not warrant throwing someone in jail for 2 years which is another law that may very well pass tomorrow. More patronising because of a differing opinion. That patronising attitude is literally a cultural phenomenon that exacerbates the problem. Imagine trying to convince someone to get it with this attitude, how do you think they'll react? Yes...You have TOTALLY won over the "conspiracy theorist" by calling him an idiot. (Not that I'm saying you did but I'm sure you understand my point).
  8. My bad, do you have a better one? It's still related to the thread.
  9. "The overall death rate from covid-19 has been estimated at 0.66%, rising sharply to 7.8% in people aged over 80 and declining to 0.0016% in children aged 9 and under.1" https://www.bmj.com/content/369/bmj.m1327 Idk man...sounds a bit extreme.
  10. who needs fornication when you can fornicate the entire universe with ur imaginary shlong in an imaginary world.
  11. God is completely and totally content within itself 100%, it dreams for the pure enjoyment of doing so, its value is inherent in and of itself. The idea that God is just dreaming for no other reason than to hide from itself out of fear is nothing more than a human projection. God does not need to hide from itself, it's people who hide from their essence. Illusion is God's mechanism, but that doesn't remove its beauty.