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  1. actually some seriously good advice
  2. Your perspective exists on relative terms, other perspectives exist on relative terms, a tree and a cat exist on relative terms, the stars exist on relative terms. And yet on absolute terms none of it exists and can all be boiled down into a singular consciousness or essence as being the very source of all those things that you experience. Understanding the paradox that reality is both one and many is crucial. From nonduality springs duality. The context of the dream completely changes, but the contents within it all remain the same. See this is still not getting it, as “Leo” is just as much a figment of imagination as all the “npcs” from the absolute sense. From the absolute sense all that can be said is just being, just consciousness, just energy, just peace, and nothing more than that. But of course this would just be boring after a while, hence what I think to be the entire reason why you experience a dualistic existence in the first place, which allows the universe to know itself at all. In relative terms God can manifest itself as a form that doesn’t know it is god yet that doesn’t change the fact that it is god. Likewise a person can be unaware of the existence of a species of animal and have it still exist. To say reality is a single infinite consciousness is not the same as saying it is a single finite perspective, and to suggest so is simply untrue and honestly boring to me, and does NOT match up with my own direct experience at all. It is almost pointless to discuss the relative world of form from the absolute sense, because from that place quite literally nothing exists at all, it doesn’t really apply. There is no ONE perspective that is god because perspective requires a subject/object duality to exist, it is the very absence of all perspective that is the godhead, or at least this is how I have experienced it. @Leo Gura I’m still not sure how your idea of “perceptual bubbles” matches up with the classic idea of solipsism, these two ideas directly contradict each other. Also let me know if you disagree with anything I said above.
  3. Same, mushrooms has a fantastic comedown, LSD can too for the next few hours after the peak but after that I'm awfully drained. Would rather mushrooms these days.
  4. Agreed, MDMA probably isn't worth the comedown unless you REALLY have some insane trauma.
  5. yea valerian wasn't noticeable for me at all and I took heaps. I wasn't taking Zopiclone for long and granted I was heading that direction anyway a few years back but that drug just catapulted me into it so fast and it can also cause a ton of amnesia and rebound insomnia above all else. It's somewhat of a cruel joke that a lot of drugs have where whatever it treats is ultimately going to make the issue even worse, and sleeping pills are one of the worst culprits for this. Even weed is a much better choice but ultimately not a long term solution either. I have to stress the type of ashwagandha does make a real difference. For example KSM 66 will give you energy in most cases whilst Sensoril does the opposite, and outside that I've tried other brands and it was total shit. https://nootropicsdepot.com/sensoril-optimized-ashwagandha-extract-125mg-capsules-withania-somnifera-root-and-leaf-extract-10-withanolides/ Is what I take. Outside that there's basic sleep hygiene you can look into, getting out of bed it you aren't tired instead of tossing and turning, having a regular sleep schedule, wearing blue light blocking glasses, avoiding stimulants and doing a FUCK ton of working out and meditation to boot, and possibly addressing some anxiety issues that may be causing this (even if one is not willing to admit this like myself a few years back). And expanding on the meditation part I mentioned it really makes a difference when you get genuinely good at letting go of control and radically accepting everything; trying to go to sleep is only gonna make things worse. You cannot put effort into going to sleep since effort is only gonna cause more stress, your body decides when it sleeps, not you. Hope this helps.
  6. From personal experience, it just ain't worth it. It really isn't. Made me very depressed. Sensoril ashwagandha is what you want for a good night's sleep. I take mine from Nootropics Depot, and whilst obviously not as effective at knocking you out, the quality of sleep will be far superior.
  7. "gender study people" omg somebody kill me now
  8. @Vittorio Problem of the One and the Many; it is both simultaneously. "You are just hallucinating me right now" is a false statement. baha! This dude gets it.
  9. That is an assumption you are making simply because he hasn't made outright claims about reality that line up with Leo's teachings, but simply describing the feeling of these experiences without assertions. @AdeptusPsychonautica I absolutely agree that there is a certain sect of the forum that does exhibit group think and it's probably only made worse by Leo's aura of superiority, which is such a ridiculous trait to have given how utterly subjective these experiences are; there's certainly overall themes that most of us can agree on but outside that it's purely our own personal interpretations that work for us and I feel Leo fails to recognise this and any disagreement on the tiny nuances is seen as simply being a lack of 'wokeness' thus further perpetuating such groupthink in more vulnerable individuals. Honestly he just needs a bit of humbling....maybe a good dose of mushrooms would do the trick .
  10. fair enough yes probably should have mentioned it, it is still something you wouldn't wanna do anymore than you would psychedelics, although physical problems usually happen after a long time of HEAVY abuse so not something to freak out over if you're only doing a moderate amount spaced out over several months regarding each dose. But the stigma definitely isn't warranted imo
  11. Adyashanti is by far one of the best, it's fucking ridiculous the state his meditations put me into in a matter of minutes with virtually no effort. Literally nothing exists any more, and as I come out of it into the world of form it's instantly recognised as still being of this very same essence; I can't look at the world the same any more, it's actually a little frightening sometimes I'm still getting used to it. But his style is so calm that you never panic. The psychedelic awakenings are great too but to be in that state and have it connect to your ordinary life so seamlessly is truly a beautiful thing.