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  1. I’m inclined to agree at this point, taking psychedelics too seriously as being always literally true and the ultimate key to enlightenment is destined to go wrong and inflate one’s already existing issues (narcissism For example), and one cannot know this (solipsism) is inherent in all “God realisation” experiences because they will always be filtered through the lens of a narcissist no matter how strong the psychedelic is. It’s obviously true they have use (especially in the beginning), but yet now to me it’s obvious they have limits also, and if one cannot admit that, their progress won’t continue in an enlightenment direction, it will go in a delusional direction.
  2. I’ve never thought of God as wanting anything.
  3. For some people it’s like your ground before you even start living. Not that everyone should be like that though, the people closest to God are the most depressed when it’s absent.
  4. 2 infinities 🥴 does not compute 🫠🤣 Infinities within infinities could just be described as Infinity. People are already confused enough 😂.
  5. Say waat?!? There’s another Leo vid??? 🤣 I neeeeedd it 🤣
  6. A single backdrop to infinite experience. Best way I could put it. And yes that “one eye” (consciousness) manifests as human, but cannot be limited to one human, because it cannot be limited period.
  7. For me it feels like a contraction in awareness that simultaneously evokes forms in a specific place/time. That’s where the bubble with a self is formed you might say. It literally has to shrink into something finite for these purposes. It’s so difficult to articulate these things.
  8. Noooooooo omg 😂 ALL bubbles including your own are imagined. Infinite consciousness is where the boundaries that make it a bubble dissolve, alongside the seperate self. The seperate self IS what a finite POV bubble is, so if you believe that finite separated experience is God then by definition you believe that the ego is God, which is extremely delusional and dangerous.
  9. There’s a lot more to spirituality than just non-duality lol.
  10. By my use of the word “universe” I would include those other universes, it would still be contained in the nothingness that is the very essence of God. It’s something I cannot unsee; that Nothingness is the backdrop to absolutely everything all the time, and it cannot be any other way, no matter what dimension it occurs in. That quality of stillness is completely unshakable. Concepts are a mere joke compared to something this actual. So literally everything you look at is the face of God because of it, but you can still appreciate the dualistic surface manifestation of it as a cat, chair, etc.
  11. Consciousness is not limited to the mind, but rather the mind is the limiter/filter for consciousness to experience itself at a particular place, time, location and dimension. This is precisely why when reaching infinite consciousness those dimensions of space/time/location fall away; God has purposefully placed upon itself these limitations. The mind is a thing, but God is not a thing, it’s the no thing that contains all things, even though ultimately all those things that occur inside it are of the same substance. No amount of mental masturbation can reveal this, just resting in silence is better actually. In the face of God this smaller “I” you’re still referring to is actually nothing.
  12. If God could copy itself, then it would be a “thing” and therefore not God, because God is nothing. God is simply the “no-thing” that contains all things. Is there two empty spaces that contain the universe or one? The very question doesn’t even make sense.
  13. You can know for certain that consciousness is infinite/without limit. This allows for infinite perspectives under a single higher awareness. The understanding that consciousness is not owned by a human being is what enlightenment is, philosophically pondering that my finite mind is all there is is not.
  14. The truth is that right now our consciousness is finite. If you think it isn’t you haven’t experienced “infinite consciousness” lol. The only thing stopping one from accepting that is ego. @Someone here Because the underlying substance of God and it’s many deviations are the same, it is both one (at the deepest level, and many (on a surface level). Understanding that reality is multilayered in this way is fundamental to this work. Without it there is no awakening. I can be looked at as both a human being and a collection of atoms, can I not? It works in the same way. On the surface-seperate, at the core-one. But both are true, just on different levels.