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  1. Except behind that veil is just a pure white light lol
  2. depends on the depth of cessation. It's more so in hindsight when coming out of said experience that the real "knowing" occurs at least for me. As the ego and its created other come back online after cessation you're just like "holy fuck", because the inherent source of everything is revealed. So this "watching" of cessation is really just the ego slowly coming back online whilst God is still somewhat present (but not as much). The intellectual mind actually can't fully grasp or remember the true depth of what God is, nor will it ever, but it can feel it and live by it. A knowing beyond mind.
  3. Stop trying to prove anything, proof requires comparisons, and that ain't very non dual of you
  4. To worry about the existence of others is to assume the existence of oneself. A singular consciousness can have multiple experiences in the relative domain, just like a singular consciousness can have multiple forms in the relative domain. Why not? With regards to the movie/relative, there's a lot in this moment you can't experience based off your state of consciousness e.g. other dimensions, other minds, other entities, etc. On the other hand, Leo is right in saying that all that is is the eternal now because behind the veil it has never been anything but pure bliss. Both are true depending on how you look at it. Absolute vs relative. An inability to properly integrate this will fuck you up. Non duality is about realising that the whole thing is a game, it tells you nothing about the nitty gritty details of the game. To think non duality will give you the answer to solipsism is the equivalent of thinking non duality will give the answers to how DNA operates, how gravity works, etc. etc. "Bu-but, Gravity is just an illusion, DNA cells are an illusion! It's all illusion!" Yeah, and? Did you realise the whole thing was an illusion? Did you realise despite all that the game still uses certain rules and regulations that cannot be broken? Maybe questioning solipsism is more distractions related to/inside the game that cannot be proven or unproven? You realise that everyone on this forum asking this is wasting their time completely? yep! With no one to do the seeing, no ownership at all. I'm surprised people on the forum almost gloat about being absolute nothingness; shit's kinda weird lol. Probably because the belief of being God is more ego inflating than the actual raw experience of it.
  5. I would say he's become noticeably more thoughtful with his teachings very recently. Immaturity is not welcome here.
  6. Try L-theanine if you like coffee and meditation. It's literally meditation in a pill and your focus/performance with coffee will be way better than coffee alone (I also get zero side effects; no anxiety, no crash nothing).
  7. I'm so glad one of the OG's of this forum has returned lol, feeling very nostalgic rn
  8. this is by far the most underrated point in this entire forum, it's literally the source of the forum's obsession with solipsism. All practicality gets thrown out the window into spiritual mental masturbation, and so many people here have been left totally confused and stuck in the contents of their finite mind, believing there's nothing more to it than that. It's kinda sad.
  9. meditation and yoga first my dude, most egos need to be relaxed and open before they temporarily die (with love, no need to hate the ego). Don't think that there's some big insight at the end with psychs that'll fix all your problems and be your salvation, this truly is something that comes from inside of you, not from the drug itself (although this can be hard to see at first) I've had some serious connection with God from yoga/meditation alone and I'm not special at all. You cannot spiritually bypass your problems with psychedelics or any spiritual technique for that matter. I would work on this stuff first before even thinking about psychedelics. Something like LSD is quite energising so I would urge holding off for a bit until you've tamed your mind, body and energetic system. Anxiety is something that ultimately the ego is holding onto, even if it feels like one is trying to push it away, that's only exacerbating it. Allowing and accepting it so radically that even the resistance of it is allowed (whilst maintaining mindfulness) will help said energy to flow through you better, rather than fighting with it that causes it to be "stuck" in a way if that makes sense. Not only will it leave you quicker, but the experience of it won't seem nearly as bad. Adyashanti has some amazing meditations that can really relax a lot of the ego's fears and defences. So yea sorry to be your mom lol but I used to be a very anxious person myself and the trips I had then were not good nor even beneficial (thank god I took a break at the time) but as soon as I was in a better place the subsequent trips were amazing and I'm still integrating those lessons because of how powerful they were. There's seriously no rush with this stuff, and if you're going into the experience with all these expectations of it transforming you completely in one hit, you're gonna walk away disappointed assuming the experience hasn't completely overwhelmed you. Honestly if you're going to do anything judging by your post I would actually look into MDMA right now rather than psychedelics, such a drug can show you how to relax and open up and I think this is your best starting point before diving into a deeply profound trip. Good luck @Richard Purdy
  10. totally normal dude, try to open yourself up to experience anxiety as you breath through it and show compassion to it (and yourself) and remain present, all the while not judging yourself for such an experience or thinking you are weak for it. This is all a process, none of us are where we want to be. Compassion as an actual daily practice makes so much of a difference.
  11. The loud silence sounds exactly like my meditation experiences, it's so silent that it's powerful, unperturbed by anything, allowing everything. I would say (as flakey as this sounds) to simply feel your way into whatever mental space that is and to fully and completely surrender to it, allowing everything including the fear.
  12. Hmmm, sounds more like depersonalisation actually. Maybe try taking a break from all this stuff for a while if you're able to, sorry to hear about this.
  13. Highly agree with this take, the flippancy of some comments is inherently dangerous and breeds a kind of know it all attitude that ain't healthy. I would also add that honouring the relative is severely lacking in the spiritual side of this community, almost to the point of using the absolute POV as a copout, which is also dangerous and breeds Zen devils.