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  1. I think it would train you to be more right-brained and thus more systemic and creative, because your right hemisphere thinks in non-linear networks and free association encourages that. Don't just free-associate words, do it with concepts, play with and idea and follow it wherever it takes you!
  2. They were freestyling (and probably drunk) on those episodes, that's why they're so random and wacky.
  3. Was gonna rant about your clickbaity title but now I see the pun hahah good one. Love Andrew Huberman btw great podcast
  4. Hahahah he is clearly just roasting everyone even himself, don't take this seriously https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roast_(comedy)
  5. Yes! feel you my creative friend! Its like our (hypotetical) brain has the answers in there and asking a question makes it look for them. Sometimes i'd ask a question here in the forum but then I actually sit and reflect about it myself and there's my answer. Having time to think is such a priviledge.
  6. Funny is the twist of the idea, the unexpected punchline which makes you re-arrange the information in another way. Like the other day I saw a policeman on the street pulling a piece of string, do you know why he was pulling it? Because have you ever tried pushing a piece of string?? Funny is also the contrast of an idea and its context. Like Leo talking about paranormal stuff and then saying he will teach us how to get a hot witch girlfriend. Nobody expected that shit from a serious philosophical dude. Funny is also saying something that puts a funny or absurd image in your mind, they way this happens is that your brain projects certain expectatives and when it gets twisted and confused it forces you to want to suck my pale limp dick. bye
  7. Thanks! @Terell Kirby @Mu_ right after posting this question i went to work on it, ended up with that same conclusion. These past 5 years i've been all over with starting my career, learning, inner work and spiritual work, sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how much is there to do and to practice. So I need to prioritize: getting business, health and family balanced so that can sustain my learning, creativity and spiritual work. Gotta simplify strategically or one gets lost...
  8. Now seriously, any recommendations for balancing growing up with waking up?
  9. Hahah nice one! I've been listening to Leo's videos with a Lo-fi beats open on the other window and its also very nice! I call it L e o s t e p
  10. @Ethan1 Check Coggle.it its what i've been using these years, i also do it on adobe illustrator for total creative freedom. Mostly i like doing them on paper, i feel my brain registers the data more.
  11. Why not?
  12. I'd like to join! I'm a HUGE fan of mindmaps, they're my primary tool as a designer. I've never used Mindomo, will check it out.
  13. @Gesundheit Totally agree, sex and attraction its a physical-emotional-mental experience. To question it requires to see your paradigms of what sex meants to you physically, emotionally and mentally. In this forum we can barely get into it mentally for its just text. My story: i was addicted to porn since 12, unconsciously i trained my body to ejaculate to images, thoughts and fantasy in order to numb emotions. Thus growing up thats what sex meant to me, making me only attracted to pornstar-looking women and giving me weak erections and quick ejaculations. Sex was boring and numbing. The past years i've been questioning physically, emotionally and mentally what i want sex to be. Physically meant re-wiring my brain and body and dick. Emotionally meant understanding my conflicting feelings about it and release what i was numbing down. Mentally meant re-framing how i percieve and understand my sexuality. Right now its all about connection, more about the process of it than the outcum, about loving my partner and feeling her fully, more about touching-smelling-talking-hearing than merely visual stimuli. And even though i notice my conditioning wanting me to check-out hot girls, what attracts me the most, what makes heart beat, my eyes shine, my dick hard, and my mind fantasize the most, its my girl. Questioning is an integral spiritual practice.
  14. Because its not about running away, its about making things better.