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  1. Ooh thanks joker! I really agree with you, its kind of crazy because ego try to distort this Intuition Idea, looking really similar to the real one.
  2. The energy come in a strange feeling, idk
  3. Most of them like to do some social parties, we call or close friends and play some snooker, sometimes drink whisky, nothing to go Crazy. But when i'm with this boys, i feel love, like in home, everybody treat me like a person they respect a lot.
  4. Why ego distortion of Intuition looks so real? Is it possible that arguments come before the fake intuition? (Like thoughts saying to dont stay with this friends, and then this fake Intuition come, like if the argument appears before the main idea).
  5. This quest came many times on my mind this week. Intuition is like a higher self, correct? I was contemplating reality yesterday at 2am, and sort of thoughts and insights came. One of them, was thoughts and energy of fear, negative emotions, and one strong feeling saying that i need to stay away to one group of friends, this thoughts and energy looking inside had an idea of wasting time when with these people, that i would not grow spiritualy and financially. The other side of spectrum, moments after this i moved to energy of courage and love, and something that i cannot explain, was saying to me that i can be with this friends, understand that they have defects, issues but are good person, can share great things to me. Both energy looks strong in feeling, but second looked more deep, in love. Can the first be an Intuition? even with a more serious energy? Looks strange to me
  6. I'm asking this because i'll wrote in a note what i want for my life and put this plans to always remember and follow the path. I'm finishing graduation in Sports now, when i started i was thinking in be a good Gymnastics Coach, plans changed and started my love to Circus, currently training to be a Handbalance, probably ready to perform in 3 years At the same time, i'm very good in programming and i love this, here in Brazil they pay A LOT of money for specialists in this. This can give me a better quality of life to travel world and do all i want. My question is, can i work to do this 2 plans(Circus and Programming) happen? Or should i do only one? I know it looks like i'm lost, but i have 22 years old and i see a lot of opportunities and abundance in universe.
  7. I know it's my fault in this case, i grew up with a meaning i create that she was right all the time, that she had all the answers for life. I didn't go out because i had fear to disappoint her, to be like my uncle with vicious in cocaine and other stuffs. But i realized this is a neurosis.
  8. Haha would a little cool if it was, this has been going on for like 5 years. In this 5 years i lost tons of good friends, had little neurosis of this. I'm really thinking in go to another country or City, living by myself i can lead my life to whatever i want.
  9. Yeah! She have a lot of things in her life, Friends, a job with lot of responsability, she go out to parties, have a boyfriend. Sounds funny, cuz she dont want me to have this things, with my young brother is different, he have freedom.
  10. Well, in my case this is a little problem for me haha, i see that every time i'm going out my mother look at me disappointed, she says that i dont need to go outside of home, because we have a good relationship and i dont need more friends(friends are shit in her opinion), i lost a lot of friendships in this. I have fear to be a guy with 0 friends in some years hahaha, so i decided to put love in the way she see things, but dont take her opinion seriously. For me the best way to resolve this is a good conversation or Just accept and do different, your own way.
  11. Incredible! Thinking about this in this week and i agree completely
  12. As long as you are trying to become, trying to get somewhere, trying to attain something, you are quite literally moving away from Truth itself. ~ Adyashanti This quote blew my mind haha, it is talking about that Idea that truth is the now, whey you try something, means you are not being the pure consciousness of present moment? More ideas of this?
  13. You all had this problem too? I'm living with my mom and brother and sometimes sucks. In my house, she work to do all and pay accounts, my brother Just play videogames all day long, the problem is that i'm doing all here, and nobody gives the fuck to me, they want all in their way, on their time, i cannot do my things because in their idea "I need to live to my Family, Always in first place, fuck others", but it's fuck. Sometimes my mother try to manipulate me saying that i need to work on her way, my bro is always sarcastic and never admit his shit. I feel better because i'm currently working, so i dont need to stay all time on house. But i'm thinking in travel to other city after graduate( final of next year). I woke up very well, but they just started the day trying to cheat on me, i feeled a little bit sad.
  14. Thanks Thestarguitarist! I'm really going to focus more on myself, i have some things to build first, like a good job, communication, a good time to "level up" hahaha. When things back, i'll start more cold approach, see what will happen. Any good YT channel recomendation to watch?
  15. Before quarantine start i was on presencial college, some fridays i was chillin on Club with friends and some girls would come, talk to us and magically i got number, a date, Kiss hahaha. Seems like Tinder and bumble is a little bit harder, some girls can just talk and get off(i understand this because some guys can be dirty af). This happen to u all?