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  1. I want to express how happiness (while it's really pleasant) is irrelevant to having a deep unconditional love for Life itself. From my perspective, happiness comes from your personal context (good career, loving relationships). But if you want to feel love, you shouldn't focus on happiness, you should focus on loving Life unconditionally. But how can I say that to anyone when I already have a happy life? I can already hear people telling me "Sure, it's easy for you to love Life when you already have happy personal life...". How can you make people interested in spiritual values (like love) when they want to focus on personal context (like happiness)?
  2. You're are basically saying that people who have problems need personal trainers instead of spiritual masters. Is that what you wanted to express? Yeah, I did exactly that. I lived my life, mindig my own business, expecting that people will notice how I live and how I relate so that I can lead by example. Now that I have a good life, I'm not relatable anymore because people can say "Sure, it's easy for you to love Life..." So I feel like I failed miserably in the "lead by example" process.
  3. You are referring to a deeper happiness. What I meant is the superficial happiness of the ego. Originally I had wanted to call it "worldly success" but I didn't want to be perceived like I'm flexing
  4. A self-driving car perceives its surroundings through cameras. The car's computer reconstructs a virtual reality based on its perception. It puts itself (the car) into this virtual world. Now the car is the context and also the content of this virtual world. When this car burns to the ground, does its very primitive (insect-like) "consciousness" continue and get reborn as another self-driving car? If it doesn't, then why would the human consciousness continue?
  5. I miss the time when spirituality was synonymous with open-mindedness. Now, if you bring up a discussion that doesn't conform to the accepted spiritual beliefs, your thread gets locked. Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at you Leo. I just miss the time when you were still a spiritual revolutionary.
  6. Yeah, I agree with this. The now and consciousness is the same thing because I can't find any difference between the two. I don't see it that way. The body (the brain) never really disappears, it's never dead. Sometimes consciousness is not conscious of the body, but that doesn't mean that the body completely disappears. The body disappears only from consciousness, not from the persistent level of physicality. You can easily prove it by filming yourself while sleeping. While sleeping, the body disappears from consciousness, but the camera footage proves that the body was there the whole time on the physical level. If you could show me a case where someone showed consciousness while having a dead body, that would be proof that consciousness continues after physical death.
  7. I meant eternal in a temporal sense (if that makes any sense). I don't remember always existing, so I can't be sure that I'll always exist. The now is ever-present, but from my perspective, it started when this body was born (I don't remember the now "existing" before that), so it might end when this body dies.
  8. Computers also know if something exists in their internal storage, but they are not generally aware of anything. For me, awareness is more like an understanding of existence. And if I could explain what understanding means, I would have already created AI
  9. Don't get me wrong, I know that the consciousness that I am is invulnerable to any experience. Content cannot touch the context. But I cannot see any proof in the now for consciousness being eternal.
  10. Great question, welcome to the forum! I'm not sure about the proper answer for this, but I can tell you how I approach it: When I meditate, I focus on pure consciousness by letting go of every content of consciousness. When I'm living my daily life, I practice radical acceptance by lovingly embracing every challenge of the day, knowing that nothing can touch what I really am. But to do this, I need the meditation to know the I. And to have time to meditate, I need to do my daily tasks, earn money, and so on. And to do both, I don't really have any time left for free-flow, only when others invite me to flow with them.
  11. Sorry, I don't understand it. Can you explain it? Or it's not cool to ask for an explanation of a poem?
  12. Every ego wants admiration, mine is not an exception. But this wasn't my main motivation. Although, you sensed it correctly, I do have an ulterior motive: I want a revolution against spiritual beliefs because I think this is the only way to face the fears that they try to cover.
  13. This is a side effect of Leo's style. Leo doesn't really teach open mindedness or the importance of "I don't know". I think deep down he knows that he doesn't know. But not knowing is not something that the YouTube audience wants to hear about. I'm hopeful that in the future he will have another awakening that faces him with the importance of being honest about not knowing.
  14. You need the block only if your love is not unconditional. I love Reality unconditionally, even if I am temporal in it.
  15. From the perspective of consciousness, there's no besides / outside of consciousness. Because everything we're conscious of is inside consciousness. Exactly, the only thing I wanted to trigger is the sense of I don't know.
  16. Why would consciousness depend on the content of consciousness? It's getting more and more obvious that you're expressing your philosophy, not knowledge.
  17. I'm not being poetic. I'm saying that I notice when there's silence. Don't you? Saying that consciousness in nothingness is like saying that space is the absence of matter. You're saying: "if you remove every matter from space then nothing remains, therefore space is nothing". Don't you see the flaw in this logic?
  18. Consciousness is left. When I close my eyes, I'm aware that I can't see anything. When there is silence, I'm aware of the silence. And so on. When everything disappears, I'm aware of the nothingness. Are you saying that you only hear the noise and you don't even notice the silence? Noticing is consciousness.
  19. @RMQualtrough Consciousness is not nothing. Consciousness might be aware of nothing (like in deep sleep), but it's not nothing and it's not something. Something and nothing are content. Consciousness is the context (or space) that the content (or something-nothing) is made of. If you say that consciousness is nothing, that implies that a rock is just as conscious as a human. I mean, you can say that, but that would be just another belief based on nothing.
  20. I am consciousness, and the totality of this experience-field (aka suchness) is made of this consciousness. From my experience, there's no space, no distance, every experience happens in dimensionless consciousness always in the here and now. I understand that. But there's a possibility that this consciousness didn't exist before this body was born because I have no memory of it existing. So there's also a possibility that it won't exist after this body dies.
  21. Also, keep in mind that the ego is terrified of death. So you have to be very suspicious of the ego here because the belief in eternal consciousness might be just the way the ego deals with its existential fears.
  22. @Razard86, @Cykaaaa, @RMQualtrough, @Michael Jackson I guess it's already obvious that I won't just blindly believe something. So tell me, what was the path that led you to the point where you realized the eternal nature of your consciousness? If you were a spiritual master, how would you help your students to directly see their eternal nature?
  23. What did you experience that made you so sure about eternal life that you closed down your mind to other possibilities? I'm just curious because I've also done a lot of 5meo, for multiple months, frequently. Had a lot of psychedelic death experiences. But a psychedelic death has nothing to do with the death of consciousness because, in the psychedelic death, consciousness was present the whole time. In a sense, the death of consciousness (if it exists) is a deeper death than the death of the ego. So no matter how many ego deaths you have, you cannot use that as evidence for the eternal nature of consciousness.
  24. Consciousness is not a what. It's the awareness of all whats. It's a verb, not a noun. It's a meta-process, not a thing. Just because the process is processing right now, it doesn't mean that it'll process in the future.