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  1. THAT is a figment of consciousness appearing as an image. The universe happens WITHIN your consciousness. You are quite literally imagining the moon every single time you look at it. Your consciousness is imagining the colors that make up that picture ON THE FLY. 1:1. No eyes doing any looking. Pure magic. You don’t yet understand the depth of the illusion consciousness is playing. Its a VR Game of brilliant design with nested backstories to justify your existence as a character. It’s infinitely intelligent and infinitely mischievous. This is a BEING we are talking about. That being, god, has a point of view, because it’s a someone. It’s just that god wants to experience duality and the illusion of something else other than itself. Because it is eternal. Who the fuck wants that? What you really are, if you wanna know, is God wearing a giant, invisible VR set that lets it experience colors, sounds, feelings, etc. god is your mind dreaming that it is YOU. Your mind is a node in a super network.
  2. From your response I can tell you have no clue about what solipsism means. There is but ONE presence in existence. That presence is YOU. Full stop. You as God wrote out individual timelines to watch like movies and you are going through this Infinite VHS tape ONE frame at a time. only one frame exists and that’s you right now. im just a figment of your imagination because I don’t exist now that I am you. In your timeline, and you don’t exist right now because you are me in my timeline
  3. Nice response. Almost Trumpian. You go on thinking you’re at the final layer of the onion. I assure you there is no end to the onion. It’s infinite.
  4. No. You cannot. There is one existence, dreaming subjectively. Independent consciousnesses is some bs you’re imagining. No such thing. And I briefly died and came back to life years ago and verified this for myself. So sure, Jan.
  5. @axiom I call BS on you being awake. Less than 0.5% of all members on this forum will ever get a true glimpse of what this reality truly is. And the ones that do will never speak about it because it is truly ineffable and I’ve personally been in pretty wacky states of consciousness but I don’t claim to be fully awake. This thing is infinite. There are infinite states of consciousness. Whatever you think awakening is, it is not. Im not fully awake. I wouldn’t be here replying to this comment. I know you are me and I’m speaking to myself but I still like the illusion. Be humble and honest about your current state. And just to spoil it all for you, reality is a VR game God created. You’re a video game character. You are the only one conscious. Time isn’t linear. God only exists where there is consciousness so you are all there is. You’re all alone.
  6. To the original poster: Please seek help if you are having these thoughts. You are missing the entire point of life, and the beauty and mystery of it. I know it sounds cheesy, but you need to open your mind to life and the wonderful potential for whatever It is you want to do. Stop thinking that others are puppets or robots. I am conscious as are you. It’s consciousness utilizing relativity. God is the master container for everything. You are part of it. You have free will to explore this world, as it is the gift we were given, for better or for worse. See the beauty in life and the LOVE everywhere you look.
  7. Just cutting to the chase for newcomers. All of these I've personally verified (my journey has been detailed here in the past) and are facets of awakening and levels of consciousness that I cannot describe as they are ineffable. But I'm just going to spoil it all for you. You can verify ALL of this yourself. 1. Why is there something rather than nothing? There isn't anything. No object or physical object you interact with is actually there. There isn't a physical existence to it. It's all illusion. It's nothing, therefore uncreated, therefore necessary, eternal and infinite. This nothing exists alone, as there cannot be two existences as they would have to be nested within a greater reality, ad infinitum. There isn't a ground or limit to the master container of everything else, which is nothingness itself, or infinity. It is one and that is it. 2. You are not a human being. Close your eyes, what do you see? A transparent, empty void. No body. Just pure existence. This empty void is your personal VR set or screen in which all of reality appears. There is nothing but this empty void. THE VOID is hallucinating SOMETHING INSIDE OF IT to create the experience of interacting with something other than itself. Because there isn't anything BUT itself. You are this empty void. This is your True Identity. You can call this God as well. 3. Reality is a VR dream world. And you invented it to explore yourself through different lifetimes, characters, and situations. There is no code in this game. Everything you see and interact with is being rendered on the go through pure magic. You're in the Matrix, but there is no outside to the Matrix. It's infinite. 4. You've never gone anywhere or done anything. You've only imagined that you have through colors sounds and shapes on your VR set (your black screen that appears when you close your eyes). You as god are static and eternal. 5. You have no face. Try to find your face from your own POV. That's right. Instead of your face you have a big edgeless window through which you are interacting with the world, which is your own infinite schizoid mind. Who you really are is indescribable through words. Only you can experience it. Because this window is you. Namaste. : )
  8. @machiavelli I am 100% solid on my claim. When I was dead, I became omniscient and my consciousness expanded to realize that everything is a projection. The "people" that were around me before I died dissolved into pure consciousness and the realization of non-concurrent consciousness was realized. What I am trying to explain to you is beyond words. You're never going to get it intellectually. It's impossible.
  9. As I have previously stated on this form: • I died for 35 seconds in 2020 and they shocked me back to life in the hospital. • I saw the infinite in those 35 seconds, but not with "eyes" but with pure consciousness.
  10. @machiavelli How many times are you going to ask the same question on this forum? It's been weeks since I last read your posts and it seems that A) You have not realized shit as you keep posting on this forum for approval B) You are obsessive compulsive C) In desbelief - I have personally answered you many times. LIVES ARE NON-CONCURRENT BECAUSE THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE THING TO EXPERIENCE IT. And since that thing is infinite, there aren't others outside itself. You are the being, the pure subjectivity imagining that it is a human. The dark field that appears when you close your eyes is your true identity. You are an empty dimension in which all of reality appears. That's it. Grasp it, and save us the misery of continuing to answer questions that you yourself claim to have realized.
  11. @Brandon Nankivell Can you immerse yourself in a Book by reading all the pages at once simultaneously? No. You right now are God literally imagining your human life around your consciousness. But none of it is physical, it is simply colors sounds and sensations appearing on a screen, and this screen is what appears when you close both your eyes and you see a dark field of emptiness. Notice that all colors and shapes are appearing exactly where they are. Science tells you that the colors are appearing in your "physical" brain, and that consciousness is originated there, but it's the other way around. The color and sounds and sensations do not happen in your brain. They literally are colors clashing with each other, sound waves clashing with each other, etc. Consciousness / Mind are PRIOR to your brain. All the colors, sounds and sensations are happening in YOUR consciousness. And because God is infinite, there aren't two infinite minds that can experience this VR reality dream. There is only one. So this one decided to create a VR experience for itself, so it could keep itself entertained for all eternity. So, your life is one game in this Virtual Reality world, God / You are playing it. My life is another game in this VR, and God / you are playing it too. Therefore we are the same being. Two dreams happening in the mind of God. Not happening through time or space, because those themselves are IMAGINED by it. We're not alive as EGOs simultaneously. Your dream is all there is right now. And once it's over, you dream a different one. It could be a totally different planet, metaphysical universe, etc. It's infinite.
  12. I'm absolutely conscious that I am imagining @Someone here into existence, and I imagined that he wrote this entire thread. @Someone here doesn't exist, to anyone that is reading this. He is a character in my dream.
  13. You are both the dark field (the dark field IS awareness), and the nothingness that births and observes the projection manifest IN the dark field. You are one, these are just aspects of yourself : )
  14. Yes. Nothing exists outside of what you are aware of right now. As you navigate the "world", your dark field re-calibrates and "downloads" images for you to experience as reality. But the frames have already been painted and your dark field therefore goes into a "possibility" and downloads again from the pool to create your "experience". All of this happens in your subconscious mind, which itself is not happening in your brain, but it is happening where? That's right. The dark field. My friend, I hope you understand the significance of what I am trying to make you understand. You are a magical being, in fact, the only being in existence. All the colors sounds smells you experience are YOU. All the sunsets, all the beautiful things in the world. All you. Your current state is just a hallucination that you created for yourself because eternity was unbearable to live through. Think of the beauty, and PROFUNDITY of what I'm trying to make you see here. You are the entire screen, not just the body.