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  1. This. The entire universe is your visual field, which is filled with colors, feelings and sounds. That's it. The "physical" universe is content appearing in the screen that is you. Go one level higher in your reality and you will quickly realize you are IT.
  2. To the op: You are as real as me, relatively speaking. What you really are, as *weird* as this sounds, is an eternal film frame being illuminated by light/god/consciousness. This eternal film frame shifts and morphs to give you the impression that there is physical content happening, but in the absolute, you will realize that your consciousness is static, parked. It is the light that is illuminating the scene you are in. And colors, sounds, smells and feelings are appearing in this film frame. The film frame is all there is, there is no observer. It is self aware. Your "self" is just an idea that was spawned when consciousness imagined your point of view, because without your point of view, reality is incomplete. So my life right now is this eternal film frame, and I can interact with it and all "perceptions" just happen out of thin air. You right now are the only thing in existence. There is nothing going on except *this* right now. However, because you are God in disguise, when this "human" life ends, you jump and now you have 50,000 new character POVs that your previous life imagined. This is how infinity multiplies itself. All people you have ever encountered in your life were imaginary. But because you will one day live THEIR lives (because someone has to) - they are ALSO real. You will one day experience what it's like to be your mom as a young adult falling in love with your own father. You created yourself. See? Your mom is real because you imagined her and now you will live HER life one day. Same thing with you and I. This way reality creates itself like a strange loop, and creates new characters to experience. This "film frame" is eternal.
  3. Nothing exists unless it’s in the field of vision or sound or touch. You’re not receiving input from a physical world and interpreting it in your brain. Rather, you are creating or imagining everything around you. You are a transdimensional singular being that is dreaming up the entire universe.
  4. Physical reality does not exist. Only infinite mind dreaming exists.
  5. You don't have the intellectual or spiritual knowledge yet to understand oneness. You are god right now imagining itself as a human being. There are no other instances of consciousness but yours, and you are imagining all beings you encounter. You placed this limit on yourself when you chose to incarnate as a human being. It is by definition a limited state. When your life is done, you will live one of the lives you imagined. This is how God reproduces and infinity multiplies itself. Everyone in this infinite dream gets to be god.
  6. I remember the first time I realized my mom was me imagining her. That truly terrified me. But now I love her even more.
  7. What, you think God couldn't code? When you look at your computer screen, you are projecting everything onto the computer screen, the entire scene is you, and what is happening on your computer screen or phone is a hallucination. How is that for a mindfuck.
  8. If you want to get a taste for what being absolute infinity/real you is like, and the implications.... Remember, you are absolute consciousness right now. ONE Recall some of your dreams? Any characters you encountered? They all had their own internal monologue as real as you. They are all you, and because you imagined them. TWO Open a Discord gaming channel, or Slack, or anything random you can find, and just join their community. Watch the chat stream. You see all those people chatting and whatnot... Realize that your infinite mind is imagining all of these avatars/users into existence for you to witness. Therefore, the present creates the past, and the entire timeline of events that led up to their birth. And they are all you. You will one day live their lives, when that character gets to be absolute infinity. This is how reality was created, breaking the very rules of logic and reason, as it is infinite. You see? God is democratic. It's all you baby. But there's shards of your being that are in the process of reuniting with the infinite. Life is this process. It teaches you to love, to live, to enjoy the illusion, to enjoy the colors and the sounds, and the absurdity of reality itself.
  9. The present moment or "time" is an illusion. Observe the present moment and you will realize that it doesn't exist. It's a mirage. The moment you can hone in on it, its gone. This is because "time" is how absolute consciousness experiences linear timelines. It's the projector for the movie. But the movie is simply a mirage. People aren't actually moving inside of that square, they are actors and its a projection. Same with reality.
  10. @Neo You are a window, not a body. The whole scene you’re in is you. You are seeing fruit-bowly, momly, greenly, loudly, etc. Again, you are this window. This window is absolute infinity. So, you are like a ghost train, constantly moving forward. In this case, you are the ghost at the front of this train. You are a trans-dimensional empty dimension in which all of reality appears. And then, to trick yourself, you turned around to face the train and see the trail of the train. Youll see the light streaks, but they disappear. Only you remain. But there is only the illusion of the light and the train since it is a ghost train. Reality is an illusion of consciousness.
  11. This. When the ray of light strikes you, it strikes you. And there are no questions left.
  12. Whatever you imagine it to be. Since all possibilities of life already were created in eternity outside of time and space, you are choosing to recall “files” from the server / god / You and you experience that. Reality is everything - so in one lifetime you were born a woman, etc. Other people have their own internal monologues if you imagine they do. You’re in control here.
  13. To add to what Leo is pointing at... In the relative I just came back from a dinner with some friends. We had drinks and talked. I just got home. I am fully conscious that I am imagining that RIGHT NOW. I never went to dinner. I am imagining that. Backwards causality.
  14. Personally, I am past this trap, I understand that I am both the grape and the whole bunch of grapes. I love the dreamspace we inhabit. I LOVE trees and nature. And I just feel like Robbin Williams felt when he got to heaven in "What Dreams May Come". : )