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  1. I´m right now a politician, some things you may want to consider. Why do people consider someone a leader? No one is a leader just by saying it, you are just a leader if other people consider you so and that depends a lot on culture. Second, what are the problems your country is facing? From a top down level (Geopolitics, economic policies, etc...) and buttom up level (local governments, schools, small bussiness) in a context of generational trauma (Culture and history). Even if two countries have the same counciouss developement, they may have a whole different sets of problems. Having a structure such as spiral dynamics is good, but to actually change, you need to get deep and I mean REALLY deep into the niddy gritty details and get to know the people that live there and the people that have a saying there. Especially second comes with it´s own whole set of problems and opportunities. Go out and get to know your street, your village, your city, your state, your country, your continent and your world.
  2. Reality is, the whole american continent is basically the same, just with different flavours. Are living conditions that far better in Gringolandia than in Mexico or Brazil? The Reality is, if you are rich in any of those countries, you are doing good and gang violence is a big problem on the WHOLE continent. The fucking history is basicly the same. All social constructs and mixture of all the races combined living in countries that liberated themselves from oppresion and slavery, that effected a good chunck of people. Any white Texas church is basicly the same is a village community in Mexico, even the music and the hats and the boots are the same shit and any person from Mexico City or Guadalajara is comparable to Los Angeles or New York and Monterrey to Houston or Dallas.
  3. That´s such a disgusting discussion, the best you can do is eliminating this racist cancer out of your mind, which country has what colour and how society is developed based on which colour and get nuanced. Don´t talk shit about things you don´t know shit. Leo, were you ever in Mexico? Were you ever in Colombia? Do you know what the people are like there and not your stupid little documentations, that just have a lot of bias. And then all the rats, that just follow this racist bullshit. I´m working with people in the Barrio, I´m working with high-degree professors, I´m working with all the different classes in the Latin society and they´ll just laugh at your Gringo Superiority Complex, that´s so easy to see from a Latin perspective. Get down to earth or God gives you a beating. Ban me, that whole thread was just racist bullshit.
  4. Hitler was the opposite of high educated. A homeless bum who got a purpose in life during WWI and he was the main driver. And if there was something as absolute Evil, it was the Nazis. I mean they proudly believed in their hate. Really, Germany was just mass Schizophrenia, how else is it possible to genocide about 25 million people in a span of 4 years. Is delusion and ignorance powerful? Yes. Is it shameful to the victims calling the Nazis high educated and high IQ? 100 percent. Imagine you were a Jew and a SS Soldier takes your hat and throws it to the grass stripe, knowing, when you touch it, a sniper will shoot you in the head and if you don't collect it, you'll get a beating and your brain gets mush evey morning, because you don't got your hat in the morning countings, while he tells you, that Germany is a country of high culture and deserves to humiliate you? Really, the conclusion of saying that the Nazis were High IQ and educated, is, that you are humiliating yourselves to the Nazis or you are yourself a cirklejerking Nazi, which by itself is self humiliation, as Nazis' Ideology was total Schizophrenic Inferiority Complex. It's even more psychotic than the american depict Nazis. It's so psychotic, that it is calculated. It's absolute sadistic. It's the orgy of genocide.
  5. Nazi ideology is just a type of schizophrenia.
  6. Sorry if I posted it elsewhere already. But I feel this is very good. a Soviet Movie. But it's so real. I grew up in Germany and when the Germans invade that village and say "Germany is a country of a high culture. A country of high culture uses all kinds of dental Hygiene. Don't bring fruits and vegetables to Europe to evate infections" really hits hard as this is quite spot on the "German" attitude and then massacring all this village. Such a real depiction of mass psicosis. The problem I've found, there are not a lot of documentaries about "bad" stuff in "good" countries and "good" stuff in "bad" countries, so I'll try watching specifically the opposite information to get a broader view. Today EVERY country has good and bad stuff and the most important thing is finding out those missing pieces and not another circlejerk. And the best thing one can do, is go to those places. When I went to Moscow Airport and you drive to the city in the suburbans and you see this sign saying "the Germans reached here" it is very telling for the Russian and all the countries Mindset of the ex Soviet Union as you know, until this point, everything was filled with genocide and absolute hate and psicosis. Also the Germans have a big trauma from WWII even though it's very different, as they have a lot of difficulties to express themselves in a sense that, how to liberate myself from that horrific story?
  7. And a very Russian Movie. It's such a brutal movie, because there was no artistic freedom taken. When they showed the movie in East-Germany to got some reactions before releasing it, one Wehrmacht soldier said, it was exactly like that and even more fucked up, they couldn't just depict the horrors of this pure evil genocide 100 percent. The Cameramen was one of the Partisans at that time. The Director had to flee from the hell's of Stalingrad. A quarter of the Belarusian population were just eradicated, genocide as if it were a fun party. Every other movie just seems to be so trivial after you've watched this movie. And for a blink moment you come in touch with absolute hate that this fascist, racist blueprint in the human counciousness has to be erredicated.
  8. "Even though the horror gave me physical pain, to stop watching it was not an ethical option with something so truthful" - a german review.
  9. It´s cool, it´s amazing, but it is insane fucking insanity. Your being is way too high. And when you want to bring this back to your human form, it makes it a bit disfunctional. So I´d be very careful with this stuff. I don´t know what the consequences are. I don´t really want to think, what happens there, if you stay long enough there. So calming down and living from your human form is the best you can do. It´s not your ordinary psicosis or anything else. I would describe it so fluid and expressive this councioussness. But it´s fucking councioussness and I feel messing around and being Alien is really not something you want to undertake every weekend, heck even once a year, I really feel that the human form is not made for Alien Councioussness, because it is soo expressive. A bit like Marc Eschers paintings, that live, with moving staircases like in Harry Potter. Leo said he was a squirel, I was a Final Fantasy Anime Samurai Hentai God. I´d like to take my conclusion from this Alien Councioussnes, but first and foremost a looot of time, cause mistakes are inevitable.
  10. Just a thought, have you falling in love of someone? Haha
  11. I mean, if you know the plan, you know it, but I don't want to be discredited.
  12. Sorry, those quotes sometimes bug. I think you want to know both. What are you? Well, you get through your own evolution. A baby has it's needs and everything it has, are his sensorial perceptions. It doesn't really have a sense of I. So Trauma in the classic form can't really excerted into a baby, because it has nothing to be violated psychologically, but you can give this baby a lot of biological pain and it will shape, how it will form in the future life. When a sense of "I" comes to light, it can be violated. This "I" can be sexually abused, or psychologically abused or whatever. As long as this "I" is gangraped by its surroundings, there will be trauma, because as a reaction, this gangraped "I" will of course adapt to its experienced circumstances. And it will be the reality for this "I" and as that it will for example develope psychological defense mechanisms. Why is it love? Well as Harsh Bagdia said it, Love is supreme. The Universe wanted to be traumatized, it may heal, it may not, but that's not up to love or God or the Universe, because it's your ego at play, your sense of "I".
  13. What do you want to know? Why you get Trauma or why Trauma is love?
  14. Have you ever felt deep love for someone and they die? This pain is love, too. Have you ever been humiliated and dominated to the core, that you stuck traumatized? This is also love. Have you suffered once so much, that you wanted to kill yourself, because you felt so disconnected from love? That is also love. To act out of love, is not expecting, that you may get any of this ego love and still love. Love your suffering, love your pain, love your trauma. That's why it is supreme. It's supreme to any desires. Can you let go of your desires? I can't.