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  1. @Knowledge Hoarder It's been used before to enact and promote changes in society successfully.
  2. @Karmadhi I don't think you read my comment attentively. Read it again, pay attention this time. I emphasized multiple times quality women which in this case would be the equivalent of kale but in relationships. ''A quality guy is simply a guy quality women find attractive and quality women want to be in relationships with, whatever your definition of quality women is.'' In which case she should simply not have sex with him but not as a ''technique'' or ''test'', but simply because she does not want to have sex with him.
  3. High quality guys (guys high quality women find attractive and want relationships with) commit all the time, they only do so with high quality women. Delaying sex does not make a woman high quality, is simply a manipulative tactic that would not work on a guy with a healthy self-esteem and basic social skills, which most people who are psychologically healthy and had a good upbringing posses. It definitely would not work with a high-quality guy because those tend to have more options than the average guy, this is incredibly simple to understand. My advice would be to let it unfold naturally. You feel like having sex with him? than go ahead, you don't feel like having sex with him? then don't.
  4. @Karmadhi It's actually simpler than you think. A quality guy is simply a guy quality women find attractive and quality women want to be in relationships with, whatever your definition of quality women is. If no woman finds you attractive, by definition, you are not a quality guy (not in the eyes of quality women at least, of course your quality as a human is totally subjective). If high quality women find you attractive and want to have relationships with you, by definition, you are a high quality guy. Both high quality guys and high quality women have many options to choose from. A guy who would commit to a relationship before sex does so because he lacks options, which high-quality guys have an abundance of.
  5. A virgin would commit before sex as well, so two kinds of people. @cjoseph90 Let's assume the guy commits to a relationship before having sex with you, and the guy happens to be terrible in bed or he simply commits to you, has sex with you and then ghosts you. Then what?
  6. By the next election they will be the biggest voting block.
  7. @Leo Gura You might want to reconsider your position. According to analysts gen z and millennials will become the biggest voting block as I mentioned before. Keep in mind that gen z is from 1997 and 2012 and millennials are currently between 25 and 40 years old. Here is an article that goes in depth about this topic. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/10/millennials-and-gen-z-will-soon-dominate-us-elections/616818/ The general voting turnout of the 2016 election was 54% and the voting turnout among young eligible voters ( gen z and mill) for the 2020 election was 53% percent according to Vox. https://www.vox.com/2020/11/7/21552248/youth-vote-2020-georgia-biden-covid-19-racism-climate-change Stating that young people don't vote is simply inaccurate.
  8. Something that called my attention the other day as I was reading a pew research study about the most relevant and pertinent issues for gen z and millennials which seemed to be climate change, racial justice, income inequality (typical green values). Taking in consideration that the people belonging to the beforementioned generations will become the biggest voting block for the next election, what tactics will the republican party use to appeal to them? I seriously doubt the current republican party will survive the collective increase in consciousness that is taking place among young folks.
  9. @Willie Him and the vast majority of republicans don't need to run on any particular polices because their voting base doesn't require that.
  10. @Tobia Question, do you also regard Trump as a ''reasonable, rational man who does his job well''?
  11. Of course you do, your epistemology and his are at the same level of depth, or rather lack thereof.
  12. That is analogous to saying ''there is a reason why people believe in 'white supremacy' and it's cause it's real'' or ''there is a reason why people believe the earth is flat and it's cause it's real''. You severely underestimate the magnitude of your irrationality, which is a common characteristic with extremists.
  13. @integral The solution is not to teach a 13 year old how to deal with a narcissist, the solution is to call the police. This is incredibly obvious.
  14. We agree on something.
  15. It will not be ''someone standing up and actually invent the solution'' that will solve the problem we are facing with climate change, it will be a collective intervention and acknowledgement by governments, corporations and individuals of the negative ramifications that originate with destabilizing the climate. Just like it was not an individual who created the technology to land on the moon, it was the cooperation of government powers, scientists, etc... I think you are confused, I am not at all worried about climate change nor have I shown worry or ''whining'' in my comments.