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  1. @Raptorsin7 Question, do you think that maybe (just maybe), hundreds of years of governmental, deliberate and institutionalized oppression in forms of slavery, jim crow, segregation, mass incarceration, etc. could have lingering negative consequences on a particular community? And, the idea of ''pull yourself up by your bootstrap'', is that a solution an intellectually sophisticated, scientifically-minded, fairly educated person would espouse or would such a person instead have a systemic, holistic perspective about the situation or on the other hand, is that a solution a witless simpleton would come up with? Just a thought experiment.
  2. Where did you get this from?
  3. how exactly have you wasted your life if you are only 19?
  4. @SamC What about you do pick up for a while and figure out the response yourself.
  5. @yolosmoothie Be careful not to send that to a chick you want to get with, she might block you from all her social media accounts.
  6. You might as well not go out at all, you are wasting your time by asking for directions.
  7. @Knowledge Hoarder Based on your logic, Germany should've left the Nazi Statues for the purpose of ''not rejecting their country's history''.
  8. @captainamerica You made an asinine assertion, said you were going to be more specific and now you are deflecting. How does that make any sense.
  9. An incel type of guy should never think about changing his behavioral patterns because that would be against ''who he truly is'' (whatever that means). I can't find a proper descriptor for such a spurious line of reasoning.
  10. Question, do you think ''who you truly are'' (whatever that means) or the self is a behavioral pattern such as shyness or confidence or do you think behavioral patterns are characteristics of the self? I ask the question because you allude to behavioral patterns as if they were immutable characteristics or ''who you truly are'' when we already know that a person can manifest a very wide range of behavioral patterns depending upon the environment they find themselves in, they person they are interacting with, etc.
  11. Humans, irrespective of their level of consciousness, are constantly manipulating reality.
  12. Sure, try not to infect others with your ''facts''.
  13. That's not surprising.
  14. This toxic, festering negativity is why you can't make friends and being negative just for the sake of being negative lowers the standards of this forum.