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  1. @Razard86 lets suppose someone feels immortal and he doesent need others for survival but his desire is to kill you...should he pursuit his desire??
  2. Many people like hitler believed that they shouldent feel responsible and they should persuit their desiers therefore they harmed so many humans..
  3. How to feel joy in every moment without any external thing ? it realy possible ?
  4. What s the point of knowing insanity?...does it have any benefit for us to know this state of mind!!!🤔🤔🤔🤔
  5. God cant satisfy you completey..thats why we still have to make connection with others to satisfy our human need for love
  6. have told us that there is no difference between senses...all senses are identical...can you explain it more???...i cant figur out how feeling love and feeling hatred are identical?