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  1. Resources for INFJ's
    Resources for INFJ's
    Since one of the most popular personality type here (after INTP and INFP) are INFJ, and I have been studying this material for a long time, so I thought.. Why not compile the best stuff for my fellow INFJs?
    Before getting into it, understand that Cognitive Functions are the first principles on which all the different models (MBTI, Socionics, Objective Personality System, etc) are based on. If you get the distinctions between Cognitive functions right, you can play with these models to see what makes sense and is useful to you. 
    One simplistic way of looking at cognitive functions is:
    Intuition and Sensing are what you TRUST when it comes to new information: Do you trust abstract principles (Intuition) or Do you trust physical-sensory input? (No wonder is porn for Intuition-dominant people.)  Thinking and Feeling are how you decide which information to keep and which not to: Does it work? (Thinking) or Do I like it? (Feeling)  The typical cognitive function stack for INFJs is Introverted Intuition > Extraverted Feeling > Introverted Thinking > Extraverted Sensing.
    And since most people die without properly developing their fourth function, that means INFJ have SINGLE observer ('Addicted' to Introverted Intuition - "What are the patterns?") and DOUBLE deciders (Extraverted Feeling - "Do other people like it?" AND Introverted Thinking - "Does it work for me?").
    To put that in perspective:
    INTP have SINGLE decider ('Addicted' to Introverted Thinking - Does it make sense to me? Does it work for me?) and DOUBLE observers (Intuition AND Sensing) INFP have SINGLE decider ('Addicted' to Introverted Feeling - Do I like it? Does it align with my core beliefs and values?) and DOUBLE observers (Intuition AND Sensing)
    With that, here are the most useful resources I have found from the perspective of understanding and personal growth:
    Over-developed Extraverted Feeling / Empath:
    Not directly relevant, but because she has a soothing voice and gives her own spin to Leo's video on Judgement (also an INFJ Ni-Ti):
    Every individual is unique and if you want a perfect description of each one of those, it would take 7.8 million profiles. Thankfully there are patterns and wise men who identified those patterns wrote about them. But it is still a model and only as intelligent as the person using them. 

  2. Validity/usefulness of MBTI
    Validity/usefulness of MBTI
    @Hello from Russia Try intersecting it with Wilber's quadrants, Spiral Dynamics, Ego Development Stages, Erotic Blueprints, Enneagramm, Horoscope, Reichian Physiology, Cognitive Functions, defense mechanisms, the big 5 personalities, chakra blockages/development, etc.

  3. My mind cannot do shit
    My mind cannot do shit
    learn to love the work or practice. too much love for practice can paralyze u and no love at all can make u hate the practice. there is a sweet spot of balance to how much u can love the practice or job. find it and do the practice or work with the correct  balance of love
    when u  push yourself always push within 5 % outside your comfort zone.when u push within 5 % outside your comfort zone  , u will be in flow state , meaning u will be in a bliss when making the change. u will happy about pushing . if u do that then u will move form point a to point b without effort. means moving from over weight to 15 %body weight without effort. so always push within 5 % out of comfort zone and u will be happy and in deep bliss about u making the change

  4. Obsession with Satanism and the Occult by the World's Elite and the Media? Why?
    Obsession with Satanism and the Occult by the World's Elite and the Media? Why?
    About 8 months ago I set the goal of researching testimonies and evidences of the spiritual realm in all cultures and religions, i.e. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, New Age, Witchcraft, The Occult, Satanism, etc. It's an ongoing project, the result of which you can observe here. However, the last few weeks my research made an expected turn when I had this sudden interest in digging deeper into the spiritual interests of the world's elite. What I found it's almost unbelievable. Is the Elite really obsessed with Satanism and the occult? If so, why?
    I'm sharing below some of the best links I've found on the topic:
    Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), Child Trafficking & Sacrifice, Elite Pedophilia
    Angelina Jolie - SRA / Illuminati Ritual Revelation Top Banker Says Satanic Child Sacrifice Going on Now! Former FBI Special Agent Ted Gunderson Exposes Satanic Ritual Abuse & Occult Practices.#TedGunderson CIA Agent Blows The Whistle We Supply Elite Pedophiles With Children Isaackappy exposing celebrities Isaac Kappy PEDOGATE 2020 PT.2 - Tom Hanx (NEW INFO) Satanic Rituals and Pedophilia in Hollywood EXPOSED by Heavyweight Champion David Rodriguez Heavyweight Boxer Blows Whistle On Child Trafficking. Dropping Bombs (Ep 266) | David Nino Rodriguez 15 Years Old Girl Survivel expose Illuminati Satanic Ritual Abuse. #Adrenochrome #RobertDavidSteele Anneke Lucas: I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6 (ORIGINAL) Kincora 'VIP paedophile ring' victim Richard Kerr speaks out Kristy Allen ~ MK Ultra, SRA Survivor (ITNJ Seating) Fiona Barnett - Witness of VIP Satanic Ritual in Bathurst, 1985 Jay Parker ~ SRA Survivor Testimony (ITNJ Seating) Yummy and Pizzagate Theory EXPLAINED - The deep meaning behind Justin Bieber's "Yummy"...? ?#PizzaGate Part 29: Pool Entertainment Luzzatto Email + WikiLeaks + 9/11 + MORE Occult "Spirit Cooking" email reveals Podesta's "diabolical values" Satanic Ritual Abuse and Secret Societies 1995 Elite Occult Ceremonies, Occult Symbology, Occult in the Media
    MTV Illuminati Commercial 2011 Dark Secrets:Inside Bohemian Grove Alex Jones confronts David Gergen about his Bohemian Grove affiliation Full Bizarre, Demonic Gotthard Tunnel Opening Ceremony, Satanic, New World Order, Illuminati Ritual 25 PHOTOS ROTHSCHILD ILLUMINATI PARTY 1972 Exposed! Must see what celebrities do in secret parties Megadeth's Dave Mustaine: Satanic Forces Satan asked producer to Sell His Soul to the Music Business (Koa Jerome Testimony) Hollywood Occult - Louis Gossett Jr. Admits SPIRITS & "Guides" Involved In His "Celebrity" Illuminati TV Spot MTV Wishes You A Masonic, Satanic Christmas! MTV Illuminati Commercial Tom & Jerry Illuminati Pyramid Worship (Part 1) Super Bowl 54 Half Time Show: Occult Symbolism and the Undermining of the American Culture (Part 2) Super Bowl 54 Half Time Show: Occult Symbolism and the Free Mason Connection Madonna The Servant Of The Devil K.Perry The Servant Of The Devil Rihanna The Servant Of The Devil Lady #Adrenochrome Gaga & Marina #Spiritcooking Abramovic Satanists ? Jennifer Lopez (J-HOE) ON A POLE & Shakira Super Bowl half time show EXPOSED! SUPER BOWL 54 Coldplay & Beyonce 2016 Superbowl ILLUMINATI Halftime Show EXPOSED!!!

  5. Why is self-help/self-development so ridiculed?
    Why is self-help/self-development so ridiculed?
    Because normies are simply not interested in that type of stuff, they find it boring. Talking about these topics too non casually, also comes of as too tryhard, as if you're trying to imply that you're better than them in some way.
    The rule of the thumb is, the more extroverted a person is, the more he/she'll be interested only in what his/her culture offers him/her, thus he/she'll be less interested in actual, serious self development. That's also one of the perks of being an introvert.

  6. I need a buddy from
    I need a buddy from
    It can take some time, but you will meet people who are like minded to you. My main friends are actually just people I meet from this site. Locally, is quite lame in my town and I got rid of nearly all of my local friends a few years ago. 
    What worked for me is just talking about common interests on here. You will eventually work into meeting people on here. I've actually had an online friend for about 3 years now that I meet on here. He sent me a message sharing a video about working out, which transpired into us talking regularly. 

  7. My Life After 150 Experiences of 5-MeO-DMT
    My Life After 150 Experiences of 5-MeO-DMT
    Lol, that's a sad story bro... sorry to hear this.
    Perhaps doing so many trips has damaged your system is such a way that you're unable to benefit much from meditation anymore.
    For me, I've done 6years of spiritual practice and meditation and I live in permenant primordial awareness or what some teachers would call it effortless present moment state. Self-realization is a normal daily phenomena for me, tho it's not mind blowing or eyes-bulging-out-of-the-skull thing but it's getting stronger and stronger everyday. My awareness deepens everyday without me doing much, mind gets purer, clarity and wisodm grows naturally, sensitivity, joy and love is increasing more and more. No issues with mental health whatsoever. Life is getting better, better and better and I see it will continue this way endlessly .
    So yeah, that's my story. Having the best time of my life right now,  each day is better then the previous one, that's how normal spiritual path should look like if you're doing the right things with yourself. That's why I discourage people from using psychedelics since there's no way they will work. You can’t rise your energy by constantly draining your energy with chemicals. Same way you can't achieve happyness or high aliveness by drinking coffee or popping anti-depressants. It only appears that coffee gives you energy but in fact it drains energy and makes you weaker. It's the same trick with psychedelics. They will only make things worse and difficult in the long run. But that's almost impossible to explain to people...

  8. Why psychedelics will not awaken you
    Why psychedelics will not awaken you
    Lol @Jakuchu.
    @Endangered-EGO Well, a Zen master would just ask you, who is it that wants enlightenment?  You're right, chasing is the exact opposite of enlightenment.
    Another good one from Sadghuru himself:
    I can relate to what he's saying because my psychedelic voyages, the ones that truly had a spiritual impact on me, have typically broken me, sometimes for years. In the case of Salvia for over a decade. Visiting these dimensions, and then falling back to mundane existence, can be profoundly depressing. The curious thing that tends to happen is instead of being afraid of death, you're now anxiously awaiting death because you just want to get back to that incredible, loving, all-knowing space. The mundane existence becomes rather uninspiring after that. And this is the real danger of psychedelics if you ask me, they show you too much, too fast. It's not that they don't show you truth, it's that they show you too much truth. There is another way, a way of letting go, that is the path of no path, and the effort of no effort. I want to walk that path instead of having intense ups and downs. Rollercoasters were never my thing.

  9. Kundalini awakening and psychedelics
    Kundalini awakening and psychedelics
    I've had kundalini awakening and Psychedelic awakening. Not all awakenings use Kundalini, but Kundalini can be used.
    There are many mountains, many peaks.
    One school one say one thing, another will say another.
    I am still working on my Qi, and kundalini energy. You can totally use them for enlightenment.
    To understand each one, you simply have to try them. The great thing about psychedelics is it can be a pretty fast thing.
    Kundalini and Qi or Kyra take hours, and years of practice but I think create a deeper baseline awakening and plenty more benefits.
    I know a lot more Qi in general than Kundalini. The more I practice, the deeper I realize energy work goes.
    There are different types of awakenings that use different systems, functions, tools etc and contain different realizations and flavours.
    imo something like 5meo is going to give you a deeper awakening than kundalini but it wont be sustained. 5meo is very energetic imo. 
    They are definitely all related and I would build a toolkit.
    I don't really know much about Kundalini.... But it is a form of Qi energy.
    For me I am using Qigong for overall physical, mental and energetic health and have many mini awakenings through the practice that are in my consciousness and in my energetic/ emotion body, organs, nervous system etc
    If you want a total non-dual infinite awakening into God conciousness and love... 5meo is your direct ticket.
    Each substance, practice, school, teaching, etc will have different aspects and flavours of spiritual and personal growth. Each are important and you will find what you are attracted to and resonate with.
    Still learning though, I have have kundalini awakenings but I am a newb with it. I know more about Qigong mostly when it comes to energy work. 
    The Kundalini practices I have done are shrimps compared to a 5meodmt experience.

  10. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Let me be a bit snarky and ask @Leo Gura, is the vast majority of your experience of life joy or is it not?
    If you answer no then you really have no business judging other masters honestly, and you can't claim authority in spiritual matters.
    And when you're free of ego to the extent necessary to become a master yourself, you won't be making arrogant statements such as "these Buddhists know nothing, I know better". Even if it's true, even if you're the only person on Earth who *really* gets it, you wouldn't claim such things if you actually understood the implications. Instead you would humbly and lovingly approach your students and let them find truth wherever it may lie. You would fully appreciate the scope of spirituality, and understand that not everyone is at the same level. Basically, your authority is bullshit.
    And don't get me wrong, I'm roasting you out of love. <3

  11. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    This. I personally know people who didn't do "100 trips", they did 1000s of trips, DMT, LSD, shrooms, Salvia, mescaline, DXM, even Datura. Very few of them I would consider spiritually advanced. In fact almost every single person that I personally met that I would consider spiritually advanced has never taken a psychedelic in their life.
    Psychedelics are amplifiers of consciousness. If your consciousness is at a high level, they will amplify that state. If it's at a low level, they will amplify that. They're not a magic pill. Even my own excursions, while infinitely fascinating, haven't been the most revealing. The most revealing have been the few meditation induced mystical experiences. Because those stuck with me even 20 years later.

  12. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Hell yes man! Good luck and more importantly, have fun! 
    First, thank you!  

    My go to meditation practice recently has been the "do nothing" technique, just sitting down in a space of complete surrender, except if I notice "trying" to surrender, then I surrender that lol. This is after having done tons of work with normal shamatha and vipassana techniques like those outlined in The Mind Illuminated or for example, Seeing That Frees/Shinzen's See Hear Feel technique. 

    Honestly, if contemplation is what resonates do that! I think the big piece is the silence and stillness of formal practice. If that practice is holding a question and trying to directly experience something's fundamental nature, great! In a sense, this is what we're doing with meditation, but it's not quite as direct. 

    Since you're really into contemplation, I would HIGHLY recommend Zen Flesh, Zen Bones. It's a book of koans that you can use as meditation objects during a form sit, or just read and contemplate as you read. 

    Other books, The Mind Illuminated, Seeing That Frees, Mastering the Core Teachings of The Buddha, Science of Enlightenment, The Book of Not Knowing, Pursuing Consciousness. If you embodied what's in all of these books, you'd be a full blow Buddha haha. 

  13. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Thank you man. Not sure Id go as far as to say it’s like Trump chasing women ? But I see your point.
    Just to reiterate though, I have explored psychedelics more intensely than 99% of the population, and more intensely than the overwhelming majority of the population that’s explored psychedelics. So please understand Im not anti-psychedelic. 
    What Im advocating is the appreciation and recognition of just how powerful meditation is when done without the conceptual baggage of “meditation is pitiful compared to the power of psychedelics. Ill never be God realized while meditating!” All of the recent rhetoric on the forum regarding meditation vs psychedelics primarily lead by Leo, I view as bullshit, essentially. But please know Im not against psychedelic exploration, in fact I believe it has played a pivotal role with my success with meditation. The difference between me and others on the forum, it seems, I reacted from the psychedelics with an increase in the intensity, respect and appreciation for just how deep this practice goes. 
    That being said, ya dude Im groovin with ya in that Now ?

  14. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Wonderful post! I totally agree! Psychedelics are a cop out for grooving fully with the present moment. Psychedelics is this forums new hamster wheel where they are a rat in a maze chasing cheese after cheese. Chasing trip after trip after trip, while ignorantly failing to realize that the real psychedelic experience is right here and now. You don’t need a chemical to connect with God. If you aren’t high on life, and you need a drug to be high, then something is wrong. You gotta meditate and contemplate why you want drugs. It’s another cheese you are chasing the same way Trump chases women and money. 

  15. what is the secret to your success?
    what is the secret to your success?
    Genuine love of what you're doing. If you're just pretending to love it, it won't work. If you're making yourself believe that you love it, it won't work. If you're trying to make others believe you love it, it won't work. If you're trying to love it for some ulterior reason, it won't work. But if you actually and fully immerse in loving the everloving fuck of it - whatever it might be - then things will work in your favor almost like magic. It's very strange what happens when you really, whole-heartedly enjoy and love something. It blossoms and it's almost like it is taking YOU for a ride, rather than the other way around.
    Oh yes and 
    ^ that.

  16. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Also I would disagree that any teaching doesn't address these issues directly. For me the most profound books I've ever read by a considerable notch are the books by Castaneda. You may have a different opinion of those, but they have profoundly influenced me and shaped who I am today. Don Juan (the Yaqui shaman in those books) was very specific about these substances. He said basically that they are immaterial entities, essentially ally spirits. He was very clear that the magical domains they help you to enter are infinite and unknowable. He said there is no end to the mystery, and this is simply something a person on this path has to deeply and fully accept. He also said that after your initiation into non-ordinary states of awareness, you should work towards raising your own personal power, at which point you'll be able to heighten your consciousness enough to enter these magical domains with ease and without any aid. And until you can't do that, you are working with borrowed power, and you will never be able to tell whether or not these spirits are simply tricking you, or showing you the truth. This is the nature of their existence. They are tricksters.

  17. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    I was shocked how much more powerful 2 hours was compared to 1. Even 2 is probably not enough. The thing is though, after a certain threshold of meditative skill, the whole thing has an exponential growth curve with how it develops. 
    Annual retreat minimum, 2+ hours of formal practice are most likely required to get what Im talking about in this post. 

  18. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Good message for the community. 
    I have always felt that psychedelics are ment to be like an amplifier for spirtual practice, & certainly not the whole practice. I really don't get the constant psychedelics vs meditation conversation. To me it doesn't make much sense to compare them against each other. 
    Some people seem to get the impression they don't need to do any spirtual practice if they take psychedelics, but that is recipe for becoming very ungrounded. Especially if they don't have some understanding of the distinction between direct expirence & conceptual expirence. Tripping can become a circle jerk of perpetuating your favorite worldview. 
    I feel it comes down to using psychedelics to reach deep when it is needed, but ultimately finding a practice to ground yourself in. Gain insight into how to deepen your practice, ground it more into Truth & Love. Thus deepening your ability to harness the power of psychedelics, which then deepening your practice again, creating a positive feedback loop.
    Psychedelics without meditation to me, is like trying to use rocket fuel without a spaceship. 

  19. Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    Meditating 2 Hours Every Day - 1 Year Later (& Psychedelics vs. Meditation)
    I don't normally feel a need to share, but I felt a deep calling to share this one with the community. I just released a video on my YouTube channel about my experiences meditating 2 hours per day for a year. If you're interested in hearing about what deep, consistent meditation practice looks like, check it out. If not, you still may find the below post useful.
    Below, I elaborate on some of recent feelings regarding the forum and this whole meditation vs. psychedelics debate, as well as share more in depth about my meditation journey.
    Lately, there seems to be a growing chasm in the community regarding psychedelics and then other spiritual practices such as meditation. In one camp, we have people raving about the power of psychedelics, how they provide higher levels of awakening, raise consciousness to higher degrees and how psychedelics more or less shit on other sober practices like meditation, being far superior for Spiritual Awakening or more recently "God Realization." In the other camp, you have people who are against this growing sentiment regarding psychedelics. I seem to have fallen into the latter camp.
    Initially, I was extremely pro-psychedelics, believing spiritual teachers who more or less dismissed them were full of shit. Let me be clear, I am still pro-psychedelics and still believe many spiritual teachers who dismiss them are full of shit. I have achieved enormous amounts of healing, enormous amounts of spiritual growth, have elevated my baseline levels of compassion and understanding using these tools to degrees that I cannot attribute to anything other than psychedelics. They've propelled my meditation practice into levels and depths that I do not see other meditators achieving, even serious practitioners with more experience. They've tested the limits of my sanity, broken my conceptual paradigms over and over, provided absurdly magical, mystical, and profound journeys into the fringes of consciousness… The journeying has been utterly beautiful and I still have every intention to continue their use for these purposes of exploration. At the very least, they're fun! And even after some heart wrenchingly dark trips, like borderline traumatizing trips that almost feel like they've left scars on the energy body/soul, all of my trips have been nectar for the True Self awakening to what it really is.

    However, after my first 9 day vipassana meditation retreat, there was a 180 degree paradigm shift. Originally, I was using meditation as a tool to propel my psychedelic journeying to deeper levels. I was successful; the harder I meditated, the deeper my trips became. Yet after that retreat, something very primordially deep shifted, almost like an internal earthquake, a transformation at the level of soul, at a level of self identity which transcends individual lifetimes and is instead the self activity driving reincarnation into subsequent and past lives (I don't know the validity of this necessarily, only that the experience points to something 'like' that). I spent 5 straight days in the most heightened states of consciousness I've ever experienced, essentially tripping balls while being completely sober. Every time I sat to formally practice, reality would just melt into and out of itself. My concentration had penetrated so deeply into the present moment, I was just watching infinite intelligence spontaneously emerge, moment by moment, while simultaneously being palpably conscious of the boundless, formless void of God as giving rise and fall to these microscopically transient fluctuations of formed experience. The space of consciousness would boundlessly expand into infinity as the formless jhanas, and contract into a singularity of non-existence… It is a challenge using words to describe just how profoundly powerful these meditative states really were. Since this retreat and after 2 other vipassana retreats within the span of the next 5 months, these types of mystical experiences have become regular. By the end of this first retreat, I realized psychedelics are tools for plunging more deeply into meditation first and foremost, not the other way around. While rigorous meditation will certainly facilitate deeper trips, meditation will also uproot the attachment to psychedelics as the means by which we awaken to God.
    Though I do respect the authority and individuality of everyone's path, from what I read on the forum, Leo and those who align with Leo's paradigm have vastly underestimated the potential for meditation and utterly misunderstood the true nature of God. It is very clear to me Leo understands the mechanics of God, his videos are evidence of this, but true understanding of God is the embodiment of God in all moments, not in the transient states of psychedelic trips nor the intellectual conceptualizations about reality after the fact. Furthermore, the paradigm that claims it understands God because of psychedelics and meditation is peanuts in comparison is a paradigm NOT based in direct experience. It is a paradigm based on reifications of self that happen when the ego structure reforms after a deep psychedelic trip. Without the appropriate attentional skills (mindfulness) sober meditation trains, this paradigm occurs at an unconscious level, at a belief level, at a level that is silently creating the context by which psychedelic experiences are conceptualized after the fact.
    Of course such an explicit criticism will most likely be met with opposition by the ego structure, an authority built behind "You don't know what you're talking about, I've achieved levels so far beyond all teachers, teaching or techniques. Your awakening is far less than mine! Etc. Etc." But please keep in mind, I have enormous experience with tripping. Not just tripping, tripping fucking balls. Please look at my past trip reports as evidence. This position I'm coming from is from the very principles Leo promotes - radical open-mindedness, experimentation, rigorous work ethic, balance, taking my own authority, existential curiosity for knowing what is really true.
    Now let's be clear -
    The True Nature of God
    God is none other than this moment, exactly as it is.
    This moment, exactly as it is appearing in all of its ignorance, entanglement, delusion, and suffering is an expression of divine perfection, as none other than the love of God.
    The capacity for God to awaken to itself is infinite.
    The context out of which experience expands out of, and contracts back into, moment by moment, is God.
    You as what you really are, is God.
    God is not an ego structure, but an ego structure is God.
    God is Mind.
    The human mind is not God, but arises out of God, as God.
    God is pure intelligence.
    God is pure imagination, manifest.
    God is pure formlessness, unmanifest.
    The True Nature of Love
    Love is that which holds space for all states of consciousness.
    When the mind stops pushing and pulling at experience through the contraction of craving and aversion, the surface level of the human mind slowly comes into union with God's Love. In Buddhism this is referred to as Equanimity.
    Equanimity is Love. As the activities of the human mind cultivate Equanimity, you are merging into the union with divine, Absolute Love.
    Notice, the Universe never fights with itself; the actuality of what is happening is the IS exactly as it is appearing as itself. As the Universe permits the actuality of what is, is radical permission of all form, as Love. A mind which radically permits all form, regardless of state, is a mind that embodies Absolute Love. This form of love is heart wrenching, heart cracking because it recognizes the necessity, role, and beauty of horror, delusion, suffering, atrocity.
    All states of consciousness are Loved, recognized in divine equilibrium.
    Absolute Love is not an emotion, perception, or transient form, but the context out of which all forms appear.
    The True Nature of Self
    You are the field from which all arises, passes, emerges, and vanishes.
    You are comprehensible through direct incomprehension.
    You are the expansion and contraction of all phenomena.
    You are the expansion and contraction as all phenomena.
    You are the context out of which all phenomena expand and contract.
    You are the witness that sees self activity act its drama.
    You are the witness, witnessing, and witnessed.
    You are the witness of the witness.
    You are the space from which time and space manifest themselves into and out of existence.
    You are the womb, the creator, the created, simultaneously.
    You are the grain of sand and the Sahara. 
    You are the wave in the ocean and the ocean.
    You are paradox itself.
    You are the absolute unknown mystery, as well as the humility and arrogance that proports to understand.
    You are the nothing at all, the still point where all points of reality envelope, develop and exist as unmanifest potentiality.
    You are yourself, exactly where you are, as you are.
    You are always here; you are always now.
    You could never have been more or less you.
    If these types of insights and pointers are only deeply available through psychedelics, if you believe you cannot become palpably conscious of these insights and pointers through meditation, then your paradigm may very well be backwards. A psychedelic insight's true utility is to bring back the insight into lived, everyday, mundane experience. How can we effectively do that? Meditation. A LOT of meditation.
    There are two fundamental lessons we will learn from deep meditation practice.
    1) Meditation can take us into states rivaling and surpassing the profundity of psychedelics, while doing so in a way which actually trains the mind to access these states without the need for psychedelics.
    2) Right where we are, exactly as we are, is Absolute Truth. This is the beginning of the final awakening that 'what we are' truly seeks. The self activity keeps going, the dramas of life keep playing. The awakenings pull us ever deeply into the unimaginable depths of consciousness, yet on some level 'what we are' understands that what it is cannot exclude even the most unconscious of states.
    The appreciation I have for is ineffable. I found Leo at an inflection point in my life, a point where I was so lost. It was Leo's brash, borderline arrogant teaching style that cracked open my mind to start questioning itself. It was Leo's wit and philosophical intelligence that forced me to challenge my long held intellectual positions about the nature of self, mind, and consciousness. It was Leo's channel that invigorated my interest in psychedelics and facilitated a Hero's journey across the internal cosmos. It was Leo's channel that lead me to understand my own authority and limitation. It was Leo's channel that challenged me to become a true sage, mystic, and lover of Truth. It was Leo's channel that propelled me to take self-actualization and the cornerstone practice of meditation even more seriously.

    But it is precisely because of Leo that I write these words. It is precisely because I Leo that I so vehemently disagree with the direction this forum is heading. And in a sense, I'm writing into the collective here, urging, challenging and demanding that this community, an actual gem for humanity, not get pulled off track.

    And yet will do and become whatever it will. As a move and practice of detachment, and love, I won't be spending as nearly as much energy trying to pull back on the collective ego that is caught in the hamster wheel of samsara, constantly seeking the illusion of deeper, more grandiose awakenings. As long as you're meditating, you will awaken to infinite degrees of consciousness until you die; you don't need psychedelics to do it. And as you're awakening to the true nature of God, you will lose attachment to all of it.
    When you finally awaken, you will let yourself unfold in its own time, in its own sequence.
    When you finally awaken, you will recognizing the perfection of every step up the mountain, honoring the necessity of every grain of sand, blessing the flow of each drop in the ocean.
    Unity will emerge
    As infinity unfolds
    Life will be death
    And all states, surrendered
    All moments will be one
    A seeking which as was sought
    All delusions to be none
    Contractions of craving
    Finally, undone
    As children, we'll keep growing
    Expanding evermore
    But in the light of Truth,
    Does this moment truly soar
    In the Love of God
    Perfection's indiscriminate pour
    I am happy to answer any questions below.
    I wish all of you well on your path. Perhaps you may find value in my perspective, perhaps not. Thank you for your path, thank you for your dharma, in whatever form it takes on.

    With Love,

  20. (Aspiring) freelancers: How many hours per week do you typically work?
    (Aspiring) freelancers: How many hours per week do you typically work?
    10 - 20 hours. I also work on other things aside. Yes, it is sustainable and you can do it without burning out. The thing is to provide value. When someone is able to provide high-quality work people will pay for it more therefore there will be less need to work long hours.
    I usually take Thursday and Sunday off, but I can also work on Thursday sometimes.

  21. Jordan Peterson: Why it's SO Hard to Sit Down and Study/Work
    Jordan Peterson: Why it's SO Hard to Sit Down and Study/Work
    Oh man, I am reading this thread literally after pushing for sex for like 3-4 hours, it's so ironic, haha.
    I mean, I succeeded but I totally get what you mean.
    The upside, though, with girl your don't only get sex, but also companionship, intimacy, mutual love sharing, friendship, ability to vent to each other and let go a bit. She can basically fulfill 90% of your socialization needs and it is a pretty good value in a sense
    It's a very tricky dilemma. Having a hard time deciding what is the best way to approach all this sexy/intimate relationship stuff
    At least I feel confident in my skill I can sustain any type of relating, developing some mastery in this domain really makes you feel much more free and nice, as you were always teaching

  22. Jordan Peterson: Why it's SO Hard to Sit Down and Study/Work
    Jordan Peterson: Why it's SO Hard to Sit Down and Study/Work
    That's oddly true. I basically abstained from sex and relationships for about 10 years in order to fully focus on my life purpose and life's work.
    This made me extremely productive, creative, and successful relative to those people who wasted their time in frivolous youthful relationships which inevitably crash and burn.
    My attitude between age 16 to 26 was: "I got so much more important things to do than socialize with girls." But the sex drive was still very strong. Hence porn was a crucial functional outlet. And this still continues for me to this day. I am actually way more productive than most people by have less sex. Sex is a huge energy sink. Productivity-wise, sex is way more dangerous and costly than porn.
    But also, life is not all about productivity. So I am not saying that you should place productivity above all else. That could be a big mistake. I did it strategically and I made corrections later in life to balance myself out.

  23. Can high integrity people sniff out low integrity ones?
    Can high integrity people sniff out low integrity ones?
    It's incredibly easy, just pay attention to what people talk about. It reveals their priorities.
    Notice how people interact with you; A sign of a low integrity person is they will show little or no concern for you or your needs. They are primary. A high(er) integrity person will be concerned about the people they interact with and the immediate environment around them.
    They understand to a higher degree (whether conscious of it or not) that the systemic nature of the world functions better when the smaller parts that make it up are all flowing.

  24. Can high integrity people sniff out low integrity ones?
    Can high integrity people sniff out low integrity ones?
    Mostly it is about their personal gain. If it does not benefit them in a primitive way they get bored and angry. They can play being a good person for a little while but it will come out.

  25. meditation is not that useful
    meditation is not that useful
    Yes i agree with you on that. People are quick to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Meditation really works but it takes time. I've watched a documentary on Netflix where it basically showed that master meditators get the most benefit out of meditation. It just takes few years to get out of that noobie stage.
    To me i don't care if i get enlightned while meditating. I just enjoy the peace of mind it brings. One meditator was like 42 and he had the brain of a 33 year old man. That's impressive. And the level of compassion he could generate was astronomically high. 
    Those who are really wise will stick to a meditative practice. And then the psychedelics will be the cherry on top. Psychedelics are a temporary tool. You need a daily tool also if you really want to change your state. It was nice when Leo was promoting meditation more 4 years ago.