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  1. @Kalki Avatar can u go to a guru.kriya is best learned under a reach nirvikalpaka samadhi and kaivalya u need a guru. Which country do u live. If u cant then go to below link and download file
  2. the below article imo has everything u need to start the journey of doing shadow work
  3. In the books mastery by robert greene ,somewhere in that book he writes about temple grandin ,she has autism or something but followed the mastery process and did many things and reached the position of university professor.the story is good and inspirational . i think the story is in the chapter finding your calling ,last part in heading called reversal
  4. @Leo Palhano Does the portugese wiped out majority of native brazilians Does brazilians have details about their history before portugese
  5. He made a lot of promises none of which he delivered.or his ideas are too advanced that it will take time.or he is deliberately making false promises
  6. @Leo Palhano Is elon musk trying to exploit brazils resource?.damn.his PR is on another he is not the nice guy after all
  7. yes . this is true.dictator system can be super efficient.but a good dictator is very rare.
  8. efficieny in a sharia system is what i prefer
  9. in good dictatorship thing get done super fast while in a good democracy things take a lot of time to proces. also in a good democracy there are people who are above the president and they will pull the strings while in a good dictatorship ,the dictatory is the highest man in the pyramid, top of the food chain
  10. India is a democracy But the ruling party is facist.and they won over majority.bjp is opressing muslims and other minorities day in day out.every week there is an attack on muslims somewhere.not only muslims but other minorities like sikhs and christians are opressed.hindus are 80% population and bjp won over their support.experts say that a genocide is on its way within 2 years.democracy is not this rainbows and butterflies thing But a bad dictatorship is far worse than a bad democracy.but in a democracy ,there are lot of roadblock.when a ruling party tries to bring something good,the opposition stops it.nothing gets done.the approval for anything takes forever.while in a good dictatorship everything can be implemented immediately as dictator is everything.
  11. how good a dictator system is depend on the dictator. there are good dictators. and a good dictator system is better than a good democracy. gaddafi of libya was a good dictator.libiya was the richest african country. libiyan govt had many good things like free education, a citizen get a share of oil profit, free health care , libiya is debt free, etc. irans supreme leader is a sufi like person .listening to ayotollah ali komeni gives me peace of mind. he has somethings like what is called in hinduism called shaktipat. he has mastered his ego. without irans help israel would have turned lebnon into another palestine and would have ethinicaly clensed them also and there are bad dictators. salman of saudi ariabia is terrible. he should be tortured to death for his war crimes in yemen. there are lot of war criminal dictators. myanmar is another example. and democracy is not the answer to dictatorship. ameican presidents bush,obama,trump all are puppets. big corporations rule america. presidents are puppets pulled from many direction.presidents exist to give the citizens a false sense of control. also democratic system of a country can be manipulated.imran khan of pakistan was very good. he created employment and many good policy. but he sided with china and russia and usa manipulated pakistans democratic system and over thorew him. there are people above modi in india. they operate behind shadows.foreign powers can manipulate the democratic system of any country and install a puppet regime. if i can rank all good dictatorship > good democracy > bad democracy > bad dictator
  12. “The person who writes for fools is always sure of a large audience.” ― Arthur Schopenhauer, Religion: A Dialogue and Other Essays targetting mainstream audience is alwasy a stupid move