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  1. Yes. But eventually you have to move and eventually this being follows wherever you go or do.
  2. Hallucinations will be there but no break through because we’re already living in The Breakthrough. 5-MeO-DMT will make your body heavy but completely useless in turns of know thyself. Insights and visions. But eventually we have to transcend psychedelics also and be the Living Truth.
  3. When you become more conscious of your nature you begin to heal. You become whole again. Fragments of the ego starts to fade away and your light shines brighter. The Darkness tries to scare you all the time. But The Light has never seen the dark <3 Transcendence
  4. I resonate. This just seems to be healthy!
  5. As long as you don’t get stuck I see no problem.
  6. I like your responses tzuki and emerald. Concepts makes misunderstanding
  7. You have to level up your ideas about man and female if you want long term success with women. This sound more lile a erotic novel than the dynamics between energies. Sorry man
  8. If stage yellow is not seeking enlightenment he will not find it. Serious seeking of enlightenment plays a bigger role.
  9. Yeah that’s mindfuck! What’s even more mindfuck is that you CAN mobe your body however you want
  10. Thanks for input! People with glimpses doesn’t count, I agree But do you really think 400 is a high number of enlightened people world wide?
  11. How can you tell? And do you have examples?
  12. This video was good! You should definitely continue! My menoris goes back to India when I see you sweating like that 😂 cosmic love
  13. This sounds like kundalini symptoms. Playing with energy is like playing with fire. Circultate energy into the stomach. Maybe it’s time to focus on One technique and do it good? To many things is not better.
  14. If we could do anything we would first invest everything we had in free energy