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  1. Who wants to be authentic? You. Authentic means from all distractions, but you don't know that until you started the path into Being
  2. Why concentrate on that before you know who you are? I know what you mean but there's people who go the other way around and waste years. What the individual life purpose is will become clear after self realization
  3. People think it's a problem being alone. But that's who you are. Completely alone. There's only one
  4. What purpose? And will it change anything?
  5. I see so much confusion about what we are talking about. Everything leads back to silence. And when one rests in silence, everything is crystal clear and it has nothing to do with energies. Sorry, but you seem to know so much already so I don't see why you create this thread. If non of my answers are satisfying then it's better you stick to your experience. Much love
  6. You don't need strategic thinking. Who is the thinker? It's all mind and you are not that. Stop pretending
  7. This practice is about letting go of the fear of the unknown. You have nothing to worry about. Practice is the key
  8. You see your ego and you are afraid of letting go? Who are you? And how can you be so sure? Experience is not important and will not make you understand. As long as the questions arises the ego is still the main character
  9. What we sending out is what we get. I know you heard about the word karma. Sending out lies will only lead to more lies. Sending out Truth will give you everything
  10. If you know who your dad is, you don't cry. How do I know what? Who am I?
  11. Empty cup means end of identification with unclear water.
  12. Our greatest weakness is vulnerability. Allowing that is self realization.