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  1. I would say deep desire for Truth and Liberation. This desire must be strong. Surrender everything else. Truth. Truth is not always pleasant but it will set you free.
  2. That's good. Now you know that nothing on the outside can bring happiness Just be happy and enjoy the ride! And maybe, with time, you realize that You did not choose - it's all governed by a greater power.
  3. I resonate with this in some way... I still think he is totally crushing it these days!!
  4. And then you get sex anyway just because you don't need it
  5. For me, this has been huge and will probobly continue to be. There’s so much to learn ? I believe that woman are absolutely necessary for growing as a man.
  6. I would not use in a retreat like that. Meditation 24/7 in silence for 9 days is enough ☺️
  7. It doesn’t matter! You will not be a worse parent
  8. If you experience beauty and still deny it, you are deluded! For me, the acknowledgment of a flower is in itself beautiful ???‍♂️
  9. SDS is incredible effective to practice equanimity. In my case, it made all the difference when I first started out with meditation.
  10. That’s funny! When smoking you can see the beauty of the path and if practice more the benefits will come. But then forgetting about it when sober leads to more smoking. Maybe weed is the path? I know that Rastafarians practice fasting and loving kindness which is their way of non duality. They also smoke a lot.
  11. Impressive, I must say! Can we have more? ?
  12. Hey Barna! I love this! Thank you for being beautiful ☺️???‍♂️