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  1. Good Pont you make that we first have to find out who the dreamer or "observer" is. Only then can we know what the world is
  2. You are right that action needs to be taken! At the same time it's impossible force actions and lifestyle without a deeper understanding of the nature. Meditation is not about growing yourself ❤️
  3. People are trying to describe the reality as awareness, consciousness, nothingness, emptiness, God or other things. Everything is consciousness the question is are you aware of that?
  4. There's no me is easy to see when you come out of it. Who am I? I am all this. Who is that? Who wants to know? Silence beautiful silence. And then we go on
  5. Dino D and Dodo Thank you very much for that 🤣 Funny thing was I saw this question on Facebook around the same time! Someone asked "What is THAT?"
  6. How can one go deeper than enlightenment? No one can describe it but we surely have our own ways of describing it. That's right... Describe. I'm enjoying this without popcorn
  7. I accidentally became a teacher in Hatha yoga during my trip to India. It's hard to show anything via the forum but remember one thing: breathing is the whole game of yoga. Without deep inhalations and controlled exhalations, you can not expect any good results. Inhale maximum, hold the breath inside for 1-2 seconds and then slowly (as slow as possible) exhale completely. Exhalation is the natural relaxation which means you are stretching with your breath. Much love
  8. Leo must be smiling reading this thread Much love
  9. No one can say how and why it happens. For some people tremendous of effort is necessary just to see that it's not. For others it goes more smoothly although some form of practice is most likely involved. Go your way. Follow what's right for you and keep in mind that what you are looking for is already here. I highly recommend a daily meditation practice and making truth number 1 priority.
  10. Exactly that. It falls away effortlessly. The question should be "How do 'I' get to Enlightment". Who are you? It comes to you when effort stops. The suggestion is that you stay present at all times. There's no room for speculation when you are conscious of what is.
  11. You need to start creating man 🙏
  12. Focus on enlightenment and forget about mind games. Those questions are not important. When you realize what you truly are you will have the answer to those questions. Priority #1: enlightenment then we can start to think Much love
  13. Of course you have control over it. If you hadn't you wouldn't be able to repeat the mantra. The problem is not to see things as real. The problem is to see things as not real.
  14. Wow. You are definitely on to something here. We all have our shades but that doesn't mean it is bad. I'm just very impressed of your honesty. What else do we need than that? Much love ❤️ Edit: I'm so bored of being in the cold Europe for the moment. I've waited more than two months and I have yet to wait one more before I can leave this place again 😂. Until then I just meditate. No books, no creation, no nothing really. But it's fine! Life has it's ups and downs.