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  1. Interesting to think about. Say I hold back on saying something. That is inauthentic. But I think what I wanted to say would have hurt them deeply. And being consciously aware they are me and wishing to not cause them pain where it isn't necessary - I hold back. This desire for them is authentic. So this turns into inauthenticity for the sake of some other authenticity. Every time you are inauthentic its for the sake of some authentic desire.
  2. Do you think these are pretty safe to do alone/with someone not experienced in them? I live in a very rural area without a car so it becomes difficult to find workshops for it.
  3. haha I meant what is usually controlled by the conscious mind. Sort of like being a backseat driver. I've had some afterglow experiences back when I experimented with dissociatives where I could choose to consciously control my body or just sit back like it was on autopilot like "I" as an observer was just on for the ride. This might hint to me that the observer usually is very deeply involved with the story the body creates.
  4. @Leo Gura Does this mean the body is more driven by the subconscious than the conscious observer?
  5. Some people cling to standards as if it is law. But standards have their use, they provide an interface for multiple people to collaborate or communicate. In programming grammar is vital. Nobody can interpret you unless they are following the same standards. In programming we follow computer standards. Once one learns the standard then can you let loose of many strict rules because people can use the standard itself as a way to fill in the gaps. Grammar itself is not the problem. It's being ideological about it and making it a limitation.
  6. They no longer bother me as much if I put my awareness into letting go. And letting what is be. There is use of activism but misplaced activism can be counter productive
  7. When you sober up you enter back into a dualistic mindset. Without the memory of it you can't begin to embody the ever fleeting insights. The impact of memory and it's feelings can almost "simulate" the experience again. These are great reminders of the experience of nondual consciousness. Of what is being worked towards. Profound experiences that are forgotten might not have as much impact if it is not followed up on. Memory is a great example of how theory and practice can come together.
  8. My girlfriend of 2 years has a lot of insecurity and self-image issues rooted from her childhood. I try to help her but the pain for her often becomes too overwhelming for her to process it and it often gets projected onto me. I've dabbled in this Breathwork lightly. Do you think this could help her process her own problems?
  9. You can create a distinction if you'd like, but there really is none. What is it that is experiencing everything? Some animals see things we can't see. At the end of the day this is all experience at its core. One person experiencing what another isn't doesn't invalidate the experience. Reality vs fantasy is creating some distinction between self and other. Between one experience and the next.
  10. Nailed it. Has everything to do with creation. We create in our minds effortlessly then manipulate reality to display our creation. Our ability to create is finite for we are a finite form, and the more finite we add the more our power to create as a society increases. As if we work as one cohesive unit. Creativity relies on imagination. Our ability to mix and match until it becomes something entirely unique. God creates life which ultimately desires to play God. To realize it's true nature.
  11. What he means is actually remembering the experience. Lots of people smoke dmt and don't even remember the experience. If you do then yeah getting bombarded can make it a bit overwhelming. @Nahm This doesn't seem helpful to someone in the dual. Remembering the experience is what helps one grasp the nondual. To experience the deconstructed sense of self. All this theory won't help without the experience to back it.
  12. Do you ever see something and it immediately brings out an emotional reaction in you without thought. Do you remember getting scared without thought? Or any kind of thoughtless reaction? This is what I think many animal minds are like. No internel dialogue but there still is feeling and reactions to such. They experience directly with no thought barriers. Universal consciousness is all inclusive. Every life you see is a testament to its power.
  13. Yeah. Salvia is in a similar boat. The only major exception is dissociatives that I can think of for hallucinogenic substances. Really hard to remember experiences but very magical and packed with many insights but I don't recommend them for health reasons.
  14. Leo deals with so much here I am honestly amazed at his ability to handle it. Its incredible even when he dishes out the tough love. I know I couldn't do better. If I could, i'd be running my own self-actualization forum.
  15. @Umar_uk Did you not just project your own biases and ideals It's hard to have a conversation when you can't give your own perspective of the world and interactions. The way you are using Leo's wisdom is not how I would apply it. Saying one thing doesn't make the opposite false. This work is all about emphasis. You can make any bit of information sound awful when applied where it was never meant to be. What you get out of Leo and what I get out of Leo are incredibly different. I look where the information can be applied beneficially then look on the opposite end for where it doesn't apply. Do you not do this