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  1. The sign isn't the sign. The sign is the noticing of a sign if that makes sense. A very subtle difference.
  2. It's a common misconception that we are getting rid of duality and ego. That's not the case. We are removing the shackles, no longer being constricted to duality and ego. Nonduality includes duality. We are transcending not removing.
  3. Are you bullshit? Am I bullshit? The answer is "it depends" yes and no.
  4. The best answer you'll get in this thread. Notice the duality the thread title assumes.
  5. What separates you from emptiness, form, void, God etc? Nothing? Then it's all one. Don't be afraid of paradoxes. It's a feature not a bug. What isn't God? Is a better question.
  6. Death is a bit of a paradox. The experience of dying is as real as whatever is being experienced right now. But yet to say I am dying hinges on some form of separation. Separation isn't wrong. It just isn't total. For separation we must first have oneness to even separate. Within the nondual paradigm it is just consciousness changing form. Just consciousness experiencing itself. The perspective you talk about is one everybody knows, nothing new. This work is not about removing that perspective but transcending it. To be outside of the box so we can see the bigger picture.
  7. @Psychonaut I've candy flipped once with some friends. 200mg+500ug. It was by far one of the most amazing experiences ever. I had a thought loop which was a little scary but I do think it has incredible potential. For me I can feel a consciousness transition when I am more open to insights which is hard for me to get on acid by itself. Candy flipping did it with ease. The visuals are downright orgasmic too. Put some music on and become the music. The biggest advice for candy flipping I can give is make sure the acid is more powerful than the mdma. My friends didn't enjoy it because they felt like the drugs were like a cat fight in their head for control. Their acid doses were much lower than mine. 200mg+200ug I think. 100mg+200ug would have probably been much better for them. On mdma after effects, it is using your serotonin so of course you will probably feel down until it is fully replenished but it's not always that way. The first handful of rolls can be amazing. My first roll was so amazing that I had a week long afterglow where I felt so much happier than I usually was. What I felt and what I realized on my roll was so vivid in memory it would make me cry in happiness during that week. I've only rolled like 3 times, 2 being by itself so I can't confirm how many rolls it will take me to experience the negative comedowns but I suspect it'll happen eventually.
  8. Yes. Randomness produces design, design produces randomness. Something produces nothing, nothing produces something. Which part of the circle you align with well depends where you put the magnifying glass if you haven't dropped the glass itself.
  9. Randomness is in of itself intelligent. Randomness and design are paradoxically intertwined. Two sides of the same coin. Everything happens for a reason is simultaneously true and false. The key here which makes it a security blanket or not is if you cling to one side and have not integrated both.
  10. My first time was alone and it went great. That's not to say there aren't risks though. You won't have anybody to talk yourself out of anything. I'm in a boat too where doing it with people really alters the experience. The best thing I can recommend to you is really know yourself, do some observance. I'm typically a very calm and collected person who can work with my own mind well. I often see those who are more anxious, worrying, get lost in themselves etc etc to be more likely to need some assistance.
  11. Try it and find out some substances end up showing you one facet and another shows you another. What you end up realizing depends on you. NN DMT is very powerful I'm sure it'll be an insightful one regardless.
  12. It's a model with some amount of accuracy. You decide if it's one worth using. They're tools. Use them when the case fits. Do you believe in a hammer or do you just use it? No point in bickering about if a model is true or not. Nobody can take your experience away from you. No map can fully describe all of this anyway.
  13. You should not be having psychoactive effects from lsd for multiple days. Even on those high of doses. Have personally confirmed up to 1500ug
  14. Awareness. I recognize how I feel, take a breathe and let it go. You have to be honest with yourself about what your ego is doing.
  15. That's fine. I'm just saying the problem lies within you and not the substance in which you shame its promotion of.