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  1. It's a matter of how delusional rather than are/aren't . You will follow your delusion until you see past it. Experience it to its fullest and explore every knook and cranny of it. Then you can shine light on the dark.
  2. I remember when I was less conscious and what I felt and went through. It wasn't fun. Even though I am more conscious and have fixed a lot of issues, I still remember what I went through. This a long with realizing all is me and they don't know any better helps me understand what people are going through. Suffering isn't enjoyable for anybody and simply telling somebody they cause it to them doesn't fix it. When your goal is to help people you gotta find balance between the mind and heart. You have more mind right now. People feel things other than thoughts. Take in their own problems as your own. Notice your mind is centered around what you think and not how the other person is feeling. You also seem to avoid anything pertaining to the ego. The goal here isn't to annihilate the ego but to understand its mechanism so you can more consciously act with it. There is no ego per se its just a concept to help you understand your behaviors so you can change them.
  3. Become enlightened and see if it's true. I imagine some are more predisposed to needing social contact and others not so much. You can use theory to justify most scenarios. Direct experience will prove it.
  4. To me, yes. Normal is just a way of trying to fit in to feed off social approval and gratification. You have a hard road ahead if you compare yourself to others for how you should be. Personal Development will make you abnormal. Most of the world is dysfunctional and hardly knows how to work on that dysfunction. Be your own person. Society doesn't depend on you being the same as long as you are mindful of how you interact with others. For me I'd say it actually helped me interact by being more empathetic and compassionate instead of thinking my views are law. Take your own path though. As long as you desire it. You'll find out what does and doesn't work.
  5. I'd say people understand facets of absolute love but it can easily turn into a bastardization of you make a part to be the whole.
  6. While certainly the body isn't static I think one of the key things is that we only have so much time to grow. Unless we perfect extending life. You can start from 0 and try to brute force things but if the reward isn't high enough to warrant the extra effort you'd probably be better off utilizing the talents your body gives you.
  7. I think the important part is to look at the time and effort costs of things. Life is ever changing and 100 years of personal development results in more miniscule changes compared to thousands to millions of years of evolution. Yeah you can brute force but it is inevitable you will have to work harder if you aren't talented in that area. So you must strategically plan your life. Recognizing where you naturally excel in places is more about strategy than it is some can/can't statement. You'll be much better off if you can find a way to use your talents in what you want to do than start from scratch. It's like making a character applying points in a Stat only to not use it. Or getting a % increase in experience gained for a Stat to not use it to put it in video game terms.
  8. There's both the psychological component of scarcity which you can see value from scarcity all over the economy causing a sense of need and the more raw chemical component of a dopamine rush which also is used as compensation for say being bored and what not.
  9. @outlandish To add some info to 400+ the higher you go from there ime is where you start losing grip of reality and become fully immersed in the psychedelic heads pace. It becomes being stuck in one place seeing incomprehensible visuals. Any attempt to move or focus on recognizable reality is too much effort. I'd say it becomes akin to dmt just not as intense.
  10. Yes. You can masturbate about how the future might be but you still have to live in the here and now. Accept how things are now then decide the steps on how you want to craft your life. Becoming enlightened is still playing the game of life. Make no mistake it is not a bypass. It can bypass some challenges but not the game. You are the game.
  11. This topic has been discussed many times before. Free will = no free will. Just depends which side of the coin you are looking at. The actual answer is both are true.
  12. Investigate your feelings on this. There is work to be done there. That aside An enlightened individual is not without ego. This is all speculation at best. But the cage example you are getting too hung up on.
  13. This might have truth if an enlightened person never performed any action but being in of itself is an action. 'karma' can be generated in more subtle ways than a mind level. Your entire existence generates it.
  14. Murder being bad is an example of relative bad. We demonize this stuff because it doesn't fit our agenda. Relative good/bad is useful to help you craft the life you want, but it is not 'fundamentally' bad.