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  1. So where does transcending suffering fit into the picture? If you can't handle any amount of pain thrown at you, doesn't this mean we are still being restricted by egoic mechanisms? We are still resisting what is?
  2. You say go with the flow, but yet do not flow with your urges. You seek to resist that feeling by satisfying it.
  3. @Gsk Sorry to hear that you're going through a lot. I don't think you're in a state to be taking in these kind of teachings. Sounds like you got a lot of shit to work through. Start there instead of trying to figure out the fundamentals of reality. I'm sure you have a lot of objections and confusions, but awakening is the only way you'll truly understand. Your ideas of imaginary and real are not the same as it is to an awakened person. When we take on teachings as beliefs and not from direct experience, the teaching immediately becomes distorted. Your understanding of Leo's teachings is not what he is trying to say. It's only a pointer to it. This is a huge source of suffering. And even if we were given the truth, you seemed inclined to deny it. I wonder why that is? Truth will not baby your survival needs. This is a huge hurdle people struggle with. Whether you are ok with it or not, will not change what reality is. What it always has and will be. There's a reason ignorance is bliss. While the truth can set you free, it is not without its own challenges. You must be prepared to give up life as you once knew it and radically accept what is.
  4. Who said you needed a purpose other than to just exist? Who is it, what is it that's being reborn?
  5. It happens, yes. Society gave us a big part of our identity and perceptions and spiritual work can begin to deconstruct this. We become more open and honest with ourselves.
  6. Sure, that's one thing it can be, but not the only. Context is important.
  7. You wouldn't want true free thought. That let's in tons of nasty stuff contradictory for survival and growth. You call it tyranny, others call it sensible regulation. Depends which side of the fence you are on and who it benefits. But the fact of the matter is, Leo has a goal with this forum and its up to him and the mods to call out what they think is misinformation. It's not perfect, but trying to look out for us is a very loving act I'd say. Love does not mean you get a free pass to do whatever you want. Imagine if we just let all the conspiracy theorist rush in here to post their ideas. Oof a nightmare but I'm sure they'd claim tyranny too if they were suppressed.
  8. To say we are not God, we are part of God is just a game of identity. You can shift identity to the part or dissolve it to become the whole thing. Both are valid.
  9. This is a journey for a reason. We can't handle everything at once. Telling people what they should do is ignoring the journey people take to get there. Good intentions does not mean your impact will match. Even if it's the best therapeutic solution at the end of it all, those who are not ready can't do it and it winds up useless. It's so easy to forget this when you're at the top and they aren't.
  10. Of course. Calling it a feature is for the mind to not be dismissive. Reconciling ideas in the mind is a step forward albeit very indirect.
  11. We are the devil. We are not the devil. The devil is God. The devil is not God. I am God. I am not God. All of these are true. Paradox is a feature. For unity, one must reconcile oneness, which includes separation.
  12. I too like to analyze dice from all angles.
  13. They aren't skeptical enough.
  14. I don't justify it. I know the meat industry is awful. I know the damage I am causing. I'm just too selfish to give it up. I would say finances would make it hard for me but I've never done the research to prove that. I've thought about living off Leo's vegetable Stew. I have an ego. I have gained more control over the mechanisms, but it's not perfect. I'm ok to admit that. I'm not going to run in circles and pretend I think I'm promoting a world I want to live in. Honesty is the first step.
  15. They are conscious of it. Which is quite different from forming a mental model. You can translate being conscious into a mental model, but that model is never it and never fully representative. So you can't "know" because it can't be encompassed in a model. It comes before knowing. That's where being conscious lies.