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  1. I find it interesting how these perceptions of specific drugs occur when there are many experience reports you can sift through as well as Google for research on any medicinal effects regarding it. Browsing websites like erowid might help you out a lot. But yes mdma has incredible value for personal development. It makes processing emotions, even painful ones, much better. It can help connect with them, find emotional roots, and resolve longstanding issues. It's what makes it so good for say those with ptsd. There is a neurotoxicity regarding how frequent you dose and how much you do. Every 3 months is the general rule of thumb. Treat it as if you have a limited number of mdma trips in your life.
  2. Realizing you are God can be done on most traditional Psychedelics. The distinction between lsd and the likes of nn/5meo dmt is their insights on realizing this can be deeper per trip due to their sheer intensity. For me it was a combo of lsd and dxm. Personally I think it's best to let go of any ideas that psychedelic A will give you this and instead just let go of expectations and see where it takes you. Take the substance for the substance so to speak.
  3. NSFW warning for those who care about the video. The message of the video is opening chakras by external means opens up for an entity to control you, make you do things you would have never done, be destructive etc. Makes a lot of claims with whacky clips, mentions of a reptilian lord.. Follow direct experience. Who knows what he did to invite what he describes as an entity. It's a vague video you can't draw any conclusion about.
  4. This seems to be more distinction mind games. We can all be considered NPCs depending on what perspective you take. It's not really useful though.
  5. @Angelite There is no problem with claiming you are God unless you have a perceived separation between you and God 😉 many people have misinterpreted the you are God statements. The details of the chair are irrelevant to the point I am trying to make. Who is the one that is controlling? You are still making your claims on a sense of separation. You seem stuck on this egoic identification. Yes God is the creator of creation and is simultaneously creation itself. The case in point I am making is there is nothing but God. God is all there is. To say something isn't God is hinging on flimsy dualism. Yes this means God has deluded itself to not knowing itself to experience itself. Yes I am presenting beliefs, beliefs that point to actual insights. Unfortunately language is extremely limited. These can be realized with or without psychedelics. Anyways I've beaten to death about any kind of perspective I can contribute to this thread, so this will be my final post. (feel free to give your reply ill still read it) Hope if anything this was a good discussion for you.
  6. @ardacigin Most definitely not always just temporary. Be careful to not generalize all of psychedelic use under one umbrella. By permanent I mean after such a profound experience, the insight does not fade. It doesn't not depend on memory of the experience. I barely remember the experience because it's been so long. That increase happened before I got into consciousness work. The only thing Leo did was describe it in some way the intellectual mind can digest. You don't have much psychedelic experience, yeah? I remember you inquiring about it before. I would be careful about drawing conclusions about Psychedelics so hastily. @TheAvatarState Yes exactly 🙏
  7. Yes, this is why psychedelic experiences almost always have to be followed up on. They can result in a permanent increase of consciousness depending on how profound it is, happened to me, but the increase is nowhere close to the levels that was experienced on the substance. Psychedelics in a way lay the groundwork of what is to come if you keep moving forward. It can be a catalyst for one to put in the work.
  8. My life is radically different because of my psychedelic usage. It was the catalyst out of the chains of rationalism and atheism. I had a great deal of consciousness expansion just from one experience. After that I became motivated to work on myself, eat and be healthier. I can handle rough experiences, calm myself down and go out of my comfort zone much easier. I can empathize with people better even if they do something I don't like. My love reaches further, I am more social and confident. Probably many other things I can't think of right now. My life is many degrees better because of my past usage. And I can maintain this without drug use. It's been 2 years as I haven't felt any need to do them. Yes and no. When you lift your hand that is me lifting your hand. You are still perceiving me as a separate being which is another notion of separation. If you maintain that the answer is no. If you dissolve that though, the answer is yes. When the ego dissolves, you and reality = same thing. The boundary between you and God become no more. Watch how your perception shifts with these words. Chair > Room > House > Country > Planet > Galaxy > Universe > Reality Do you see the games of the mind here? You can break down a house into many separate things but then unify it under house. You can also unify you and me under planet or above. Whatever we do, the universe is doing that. Under the universe unity, we are one and whatever you do I do and vice versa. Take that as high as you go and that's what people here describe God. Separation is a construction out of oneness. A lot of this work is about deconstruction. Separation still has a part in all of this. Paradoxically oneness includes separation and is why we can see it, but to not be trapped by it, you gotta see the bigger picture too.
  9. Micro dosing I haven't tried but have heard benefits by many. I wouldn't recommend it as a crutch forever, but could definitely be handy when you need it to keep working until you don't.
  10. Again, you are looking at psychedelics from an extremely contracted view. You simply won't get it unless you know what they are like. This an area you should leave alone on casting conclusions if you refuse to gain experience in it. A lot of your statements hinge on a flimsy notion of separation. Internal VS external, God VS not God. Drugs VS not drugs. Psychedelics for the most part are safe. Just use them responsibly and you'll be fine. That's coming from somebody who has done irresponsible dosages of lsd and came out fine.
  11. What's separating dream from dreamer? Absolutely nothing 😉 this human experience may cease to be but you are eternal. You are not just human experience. You are much greater than that.
  12. I'm an outlier being sensitive to weed but all it really did was make me couch stuck and sleepy with a hint of shower thoughts. I wouldn't advise weed as something to do every day. You won't realize how awful you feel until you sober up. I've know many daily smokers who take a break and just feel more alive and energetic after quitting. They didn't realize it because being high was their new default state. Daily smoking creates a habit as well that can be hard to break or create pressure when others do it around you. I use personally use caffeine and hoping to move to modafinil if I can only when I absolutely need the focus boost.
  13. Omniscience comes with the whole. Are you aware of the whole or are you just distorting these teachings through a solely dualistic lens? If you still identify "I" with solely human form you have more fundamental questions to be asking.
  14. I did answer it. I said it doesn't inherently. You don't even need to do ceremonies to take them though. The ceremony is mostly just there as a way to help the tripper have a positive experience. Setting the mood beforehand is a good thing to do.
  15. That's not demonization. That's just an observation on how far psychedelics can take you. He's talked to many masters who seem to not be aware of things he is. It doesn't inherently. Maybe I can trust that you are being genuine, but I cannot trust that you speak truth. That is something each person must discover through their own path. My direct experience does not align with yours. I do not fret over concepts like hell or punishment. Things like that play on egoic survival mechanisms. I am much more than this egoic perception.