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  1. @OP: Women who feel threatened by more attractive women are just projecting insecurity without realizing if their boyfriend could be stolen, the attractive women is just helping them dodge a bullet. Life is a multi-facet thing that varies even more by location it's not easily measurable as a sum total. Being a successful man sex workers is harder. But being a successful woman in stem fields is harder. Sexual assault on men and women are both not handled properly but the lack of seriousness from men was created by men to think any sex you receive you should just enjoy and grow up. For women excuses are often shifted on the victim to be at fault but that's just the surface. And then what about being a minority? What if you aren't straight? What if your trans? Starting to see how complex this is getting? People often cherry pick. If your a man who is facing major hardships in one facet and see a lot of women having it easier it's easy to think life is easier for them. I know you are asking specifically about attractive men and women but lots of factors tying into attraction is deeply influenced by general gender dynamics and other aspects of ourself like sexuality. Attraction often acts as an amplifies or reduces benefits and struggles of these dynamics. @Quote: Sex work isn't as easy as you think you aren't going to make bank immediately. It takes a lot of work getting good at photography to take good shots, you have to market yourself, and have a persona people like. And the porn industry is so messed up that pornstars often get exploited and turning yourself into a big enough pornstar to make money is a lot of work to market yourself and to produce high quality content too. Its a pretty common thing for people to see sex work as lazy because they think it's as simple as take a minute to snap whatever picture of your body or just to film a dude fucking you and it's instant profit. Men are often just jealous that there isn't as big of a market for them like the market they created for women. When you perceive an aspect of your life to be harder say working a 9-5 than something like sex work some gain mentalities glorifying working hard so they can justify what they do and pull down those they are jealous of.
  2. Hey ty for that I'll take a look when I can. If there's any other resources I can become more educated on the topic I would greatly appreciate it (I could just google it but recommendations beforehand so i can reduce stumbling on a biased source)
  3. I'm not really familiar with this conflict but I was informed a little bit (so I don't concretely think any of this true) by someone a lot of Palestinian's attacks were often in retaliation and people often justify that as to not be mad at Israel. Correct or nuance this whoever knows more about the topic. But even in defensive retaliation there could be a discussion on if it was done in a reasonable manner. I also was told Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip as a symbol of peace but the Palestinians took that strip and turned it into a zone to attack Israel. I'm not very informed on the topic so throwing this out there if anybody feels able to confirm or correct.
  4. Closure is very powerful when it's possible. My ex after being a year split came to me wanting closure for something super shitty I did. And I was able to apologize for it and show I have grown and no longer believe what I said at all. It helped her tremendously and I also have the privilege of using my growth to be a positive influence in her life which feels great to be able to help when I did so much damage. Do some inquiry. Is there some uncertainty? Trauma or things that was never addressed? Not fully understanding why it ended etc. But in the long run love that runs deep has been primarily time based if there's no big issues or trauma that's being a blockade. Where I can appreciate things for how it was and appreciate the time for what it was instead of thinking on them in pain of what I used to have. Personally what got me over my ex was my current partner of over 9mo now. I think loneliness was what held me back from healing. But I don't know if my experience would give you much insight or not.
  5. Even if your engaging in this life the most conscious thing you can do is be conscious of why you are doing things. Why are you doing x or y? And by gaining a more deeper understanding of reality you can not bullshit yourself and be brutally honest. One example as of recent I had a discussion about the value of life. We prioritize those close to us or other humans because we are naturally biased on that for survival. People didn't like that response. I know my biases are bullshit and I'm not perfect but because I have that knowledge whenever I even dare to say kill a bug when I'm too scared to handle it I do so consciously knowing my biases and even though I killed that bug there's almost a sense of empathy and love and appreciation for the immense value I feel towards it. That bugs death benefited me and I should not take it for granted. Being conscious is the primary tool that's helped me heal, become less toxic, and even though my spiritual development on understanding is not anywhere close to people here and a lot of my growth derived from spiritual knowledge from a total of 2 trips and the rest deconstructing myself, it has helped me tremendously. Even if you don't perfectly embody every insight perfectly it doesn't mean that insight is less valid and doesn't mean that increased awareness won't help you live and engage in things in a more aware way . Bit of a tangent but Leo's advice can still be valuable and that is largely how he helped me.
  6. Its an interesting topic. I have people close to me who are more 'spiritually tuned' than I am who have had visions of 'past lives' that more highlighted lessons they've needed to learn in more than one lifetime. I would say there is something to the idea of reincarnation for growth and raising consciousness.
  7. I would agree that Biden has the better chance mainly due to the left being tired of Trump's presidency, and people overall just seeking change. Biden's presidency won't be good by any means, but we also have to factor in voter suppression and the mess that the electoral college is right now. Many states require their candidates vote for their popular vote but at no repercussion for it so they get away with it.
  8. Cancel Culture is merely a tool that is often being abused. It can be used in a good way as people with lots of influence can spread ideas harmful to society more easily and their cancelling reduces the power they have. However the bad parts of it include even the tiniest infraction leading to cancelling and not giving people enough room to change and grow.
  9. It most definitely is more radical than that. I have experienced it experientially in the past, but its by no means a permanent state and was mainly drug induced in which its been a couple of years since I've last had such experiences. I often try to explain it in a way more logical minds can understand conceptually. It at least gives a good start to wrapping your mind around it. Mainly because I started out as a more rational scientifically minded person and I never could understand what people were saying and only got responses like "do more acid"
  10. An excerpt from the Kyballion: By default many of us perceive things as separate and while this has truth you can also perceive everything as one. An atom is its own individual thing yet it makes up a chair, its own individual thing. Earth is made up of everything inside of it, so is reality. And if reality is one infinite conscious "thing" in the scope of reality itself, reality/God is simultaneously experiencing everything. It is you, it is Leo, it is me. So now coming back down we shift the perspective from "I am me" to "I am God" who experiences everything. In which the "I" does not point to a particular human, but "identifies" as the whole.
  11. At the end of the day real and illusion collapse into the same thing. The answer is often yes and no. Accepting the illusion aspect is hard because well, the egoic mechanism. Its a self-preservation survival mechanism and accepting the illusory aspect of reality would go against this agenda. It doesn't want to die. In a sense yes we are all real there are so many things having their own experiences. But the thing to grasp is the separation between "you" and everything else is only there if you choose to create it. If it is dissolved the difference between you and everything is null. This makes you reality. You God. The old idea of 'you' is dissolved in the whole. Simultaneously being creation and creator. Losing itself in its own creation, exploring itself. Infinitely losing itself in it and infinitely finding itself in it. Self-realization goes against many parts of the mind that serve a survival purpose not necessarily a Truth purpose. Its no wonder its so much work to figure this out. Life will delude itself as much as it can if its a means for survival and maximizing it. Your simultaneously all the characters in a book who has been convinced of the reality they live and being the author making the story.
  12. Testosterone is a slave driver. So glad im about free from it lmao
  13. Why step out of a game thats meant to be played?
  14. I did sort of work up to those doses 100-200-500-1000 was the progression which is super idiotic buuuuut my memory is kinda hazy for the night. I went to the bathroom when it hit, went to my friend and said I don't think ill like it. Tried to puke and I got so hot I had to run outside to cool down. He sat out there with me, I was laying in the driveway, him watching over me my mind completely overrun. Visuals taking over my felt intelligent. Like buddhist monks, I saw time itself. Once I came down we came back in the house and laid down. My come down was an instant realization of "oh my god, everything is one" and I was filled with bliss by this realization. I told my friend I think this would be a very important moment. And to this day, that night started my true journey. I heard people talking so much "crazy shit" them telling me to just do more lsd well it took 1000ug to break me out of my rational-scientific-logical restraints. Don't recommend, but its one hell of a path.
  15. You seem to care or else you would have just completely ignored it. Its being expressive with your writing. The English language is incredibly inconsistent. Misogynist is a noun. Misogynistic is an adjective. Retarded is used as both a noun and adjective. You're getting pretty pedantic for somebody who didn't know this. You don't need to play gatekeeper of how people type. There's a difference between taking control of the bedroom with consent and taking control of the bedroom so you can get her to change her mind about something shes already expressed towards you. The latter is incredibly manipulative and disrespectful of her wishes.