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  1. @Jenkins what was it about your life that made you smoke 1-3g a day?
  2. Most people really assume depression is something they'll fix with a diet or treatment or routine, you may spend a few years in that loophole of externalized western problem solving conditioning. The truth about most cases depression is when you make life about the concept of yourself and the extent in which you get suffocated in your own limiting beliefs and fall into a stuckness or a kind of pattern of life where there is spontaneous activity, no expanse of exploration or creativity and you naturally become depressed and more and more dead inside
  3. @Shiva99 the feeling of life confronting you is basically a massive kick up the ass to make you see how much shit you need to work on. it is not to hurt you, it is to wake you up from how trapped you are in the patterns of a conditioned mind out of touch with reality. contemplate, rethink, reframe your values and try to create a life that is aligned with what you REALLY value. that's all. it is your own inner development that will free you and no one will ever save you but yourself find a group of like-minded people and if you can't get yourself to do that begin with a therapist
  4. whenever i feel misunderstood i just look at jesus and think to myself oh this could be way worse
  5. yes. 2 years ago or so, i did not deal with it other than eating junk food and watching tv and waiting to die, the way i got out of it was just time realizing i'm not actually going to kill myself and setting up goals for myself and getting out. although if ur fucked just get help. fuck the shame
  6. I wanted to make a video that is more targeted towards: joe at mcdonalds who wonders why the fuck he's still working here after 30 years nancy who works at the supermarket wondering why she wanted to work at a supermarket alexander who thought getting an accounting degree and a house would finally fulfill him jimmy and stacy who had a kid and thought they would no longer be depressed That was essentially trying to captivate the attention of using psychedelics to understand yourself in the sense of making people aware of how conditioned they are and how deep they are in patterns, I think western conditioning is far too enslaving (for most of us) to ever wake up in any sense at all especially though conventional methods like meditation/self-inquiry, I wonder if you guys could really project yourself before you had some kind of spiritual awakening in your own shoes and try to watch this video from an unbiased perspective and tell me does this make you want to explore yourself? And if you had not had a spiritual awakening, I hope this stimulates some kind of curiosity inside of you
  7. @VeganAwake sure but you are out of alignment with the very nature of what you are. which is ever changing unconditional giving, that which gave rise to the fact you can even write such a message right now. the thing is, you wouldn't say you would eat a cookie sitting on the grass beside a starving child, yet it is happening all across the world you are just not confronted with it in your bubble of comfort, and you'd rather sit in that bubble than help ;p true? - pitfalls can occur even in the most beautiful wide open meadows
  8. @VeganAwake that is the very freedom that allows you to act in the framework of what you are, unconditional love. that is the whole point of liberation, it is not to sit around glorifying liberation to be constantly in flux with reality itself, the spread of unconditional love through involved action
  9. @mojsterr man i can already see where this conversation is going, i have seen what you wrote and you are just emotionally attached to an opinion. it's pointless all i would say is if you actually cared about human beings you would stop eating meat, either way that shit is going to become as socially unaccepted as slavery so whether you want to slow down or progress humanity is your choice
  10. people just backwards rationalize to avoid feeling guilty for doing something they know is wrong - they just can't give up the comfort of eating meat for the suffering of those beings because they just don't give a shit and that's all, if you brought any of them to a slaughterhouse they would burst into a catharsis but hey it just is what it is, for sure the world is going in the right direction though in that sense
  11. most i would say 99% people aren't really psychopaths, they just life in a comfort bubble of an echo chamber where there innate human capacity for empathy and compassion is basically dormant in favour of the conditioning of individualism which is the source of why so many 'psychopaths' seem to be around. it's just how it is if i put a starving child in front of you your empathy would hit you like a drug no matter what you believe about yourself or your emotional state
  12. @VeganAwake the question is though, how far are you willing to go out of 'your' comfort zone to help others/yourself in need? that's the true test right there, and then here comes a billion lies to bullshit yourself HAHA. it's how it is
  13. @Tim R if you were awoken to everyone is you, wouldn't you want the best for yourself? the thing is with people who got this insight as a realization within themselves, the best thing to do either way is work hard on what it is you're attached to that prevents you from seeing that as a reality, day to day, it's not about helping others because that's some bullshit identity stuff, besides the insight its not yet the reality so it's really just meaningless. that is the most compassionate thing to do i think, to do the real work of detachment. naturally it comes to you to help 'others'
  14. @Vagos i meant in the sense one could be they a side effect of discontuination although it's unlikely it is something 'permanent' (talk to someone about that) but 8 weeks with no usage, maybe it's just that you need to give it more time after that time period of usage. it just might be the case you are where you are supposed to be. I mean, in life, in your journey or whatever. This is the reality without the inclusion of external forces changing your chemistry, maybe that would be hard to swallow but if that ends up being true you can accept that and begin to understand it psychedelics won't really change anything too if this is your intention, it will make you feel a bit more free for a while if microdosing and you will definitely feel like 'this is working' but it will just leave you where you're at now, not seeing the truth in underlying issues, but essentially what i'm getting at is, if my original perspective ends up being true for you then it's better to use psychedelics to understand why you feel unmotivated in life. just a perspective to hold in mind from my own experience