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  1. Foundation of Communications
    How to find out if you're going insane? If you've lost your mind, how do you gain it
    Not their reactions, but you need to have a sense of others' subjective reality relative to your own.
    The key problem with people who have lost their minds is that they have no sense of anyone else's reality but their own, to the point where they cannot even tell that they are acting weird or incoherent in the eyes of others. This is the tell tale sign of being lost inside your own mind, like a homeless person rambling to himself.
    No matter how conscious or spiritual you get you need to maintain your ability to communicate smoothly with others. To communicate smoothly with others requires that you are aware of their subjective reality, not just your own.

  2. Nothing matters
    Nothing matters
    Through reading these words, a wave of tender warmth rose up my back. 
    God......                                 ..........no wonder you keep going through this.

  3. Nothing matters
    Nothing matters
    If your boyfriend really thinks that nothing matters, then it certainly won't matter for him if you leave. He's an asshole.

  4. What Makes A Good Man?
    What Makes A Good Man?
    There's "no man", there's just God dressed up as man and the degree that man realizes this and embodies it, but because of Love, the "man" pretends to be a man for others and meet them where they are outside of "heaven" the place where everyone is God/"Lord in Heaven". 

  5. Nothing matters
    Nothing matters
    I love this poetic expression. AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhh LOV IT!!!!!!

  6. MDMA Report - God Is Infinite Love. I Am Not Ready Yet.
    MDMA Report - God Is Infinite Love. I Am Not Ready Yet.
    This metaphor is so beautiful !!!❄️😭💛💛💛💛🌟✨

  7. Is medieval art a good investment
    Is medieval art a good investment
    My god !!!!!!!!!! 

  8. ❄️✨
    MDMA Report - God Is Infinite Love. I Am Not Ready Yet.
    After a lot of contemplation (frequent deep sessions) and tough groundwork (facing fears, shame, letting go of attachments) in the past 2 months I decided to shut the eff up and go balls to the wall with observing direct experience and reaching a state from which I would recognize Myself again. So today I took ~150mg of MDMA to help me with that. Here's what I experienced.
    My intention was to become as conscious as I can and BE in that state, instead of trying to break it down, contemplating it to death, trying to somehow save the state, etc. But also I vowed to accept anything I experience (or not), so that I'm not disappointed and love whatever I get. I learned from my previous experiences that it's stupid to have expectations for trips. EDIT: (Or did I? hahaha)
    So I sat on the floor with my back leaned against the bed and stayed there for most of the trip, focusing on consciousness and subtly asking myself "What is all of this?" in silence, with eyes either closed or open.
    After about half an hour the effects started kicking in. I began to feel really relaxed and comfortable in my body. Probably one of the greatest pleasures I've experienced. I became present like never before and it was amazing! I've never been as much in the NOW as during this trip. While it should have been apparent to me already, here I was shown the true magic of Presence. God is Absolute NOW! Everything is happening NOW! Reality is NOW! The more NOW You are, the more conscious You are.
    Connected to this was the consciousness of the deep profundity of I am what I am. I AM what I AM in this moment NOW! And it cannot be otherwise. God is what IS, RIGHT NOW! That's what God is! The mistake is wanting what IS to be what is not.
    As I said before my intention was to go balls to the wall with consciousness. While I was observing the present moment and basking in its beauty suddenly words came to me which I uttered out loud.
    "I want to Awaken."
    I was taken aback. Not only because of what I said (I've repeated this a few times in my life already), but mainly by the sincerity behind these words. These fucking words were sincere! I can probably count on one hand sentences that I've spoken aloud which were really TRUE. This was one of them! But God responded:
    You are not ready yet.
    I was even more surprised. I was surprised because I recognized this was also true! And a small relief came upon me. Of course I'm not ready. Duuh. I still can't accept so much I'm pretty much a child, haha.
    I asked God "Am I ever going to be ready?". He said Yes. Then I had a light-bulb moment and asked "In the moment of death?" and He responded with " ". Just so You know, I'm not giving these conversations with God very much weight because I'm taking into consideration I might be deluding myself. But so far this mentorship has been incredibly helpful to me.
    So I didn't Awaken. But God didn't leave me empty-handed. After more observation and focusing I became conscious that God is Infinite Love. It was Love so unbiased, deep and indiscriminate that I couldn't believe it. Endless and Unconditional.
    What I find funny is that I felt a bit butthurt that this Love wasn't reserved for "me". I saw it is Unbiased and Universal and it stung me in the ass. Isn't that hilarious?  Just a devil being a devil. I noticed this feeling and moved on.
    See, God is Absolute Self-Love. Here I'm connecting the previous 3 big points: (1) Presence, (2) I AM what I AM and (3) Infinite Love. God is Absolutely Itself, Absolutely NOW and God Loves Itself Infinitely. It's amazing.
    Infinite Love. ♾️ Endless, Unconditional, Universal, Unbiased. Infinite Love of what IS, AKA God = Self = Reality.
    Experiencing this Love felt healing and freeing. It made me utter the next set of sincere words: "I'm sorry I'm not as loving as You. I'm sorry I am so weak. I'm sorry I can't accept everything". And of course it was okay. I Love You anyways, God said. I Am You, always. I remember feeling undeserving of this Love. And the third and last set of words was "I want to be like You". This one honestly brings me to tears the most. Again, it's the sincerity behind it! "I want to be like You" is surrender. It's redemption. The devil surrendering to God, inspired by His Goodness and Love.
    But of course I'm not ready to surrender yet. I am what I am --> If I am unready, I am unready. Today I've been working on accepting this state as much as possible, because that's what IS NOW. I suppose what I really have to do with my work is just accept more and more what Is in the present moment, it's not that complicated.
    Infinite Love also made me realize that I Am God is half the truth. The other half is "I am not God" simply because I can't love as much. Or maybe "I am limited" or "I am human" is a better way to convey this point. The discrepancy between my love and God's Love is Infinite, literally, which I find a bit saddening. Three months ago when I asked God whether I am Him he responded with Yes and no. You're not fully conscious of Me. But I was too dumb to listen.
    So yeah. That's it I guess. Honestly I think my main lesson from this trip is that I gotta accept, accept, accept! God's Love inspired me to love more like Him. God is an Endless Source of Wisdom, Love and Inspiration. God is the Greatest Mentor. I suggest You get in touch with Him! (btw, in this thread I was mostly referring to God as "He" for simplicity's sake. Of course God is not male.)
    Thanks for reading. Check out my other reports if You wish. You might get inspired. Cya!

  9. Understanding but not running away.
    Strict Crackdown On Duplicate Accounts & Immaturity
    Dude, but it's the immature people who need your help the most! A mature self-actualizer can just sit in a room, contemplate and do their own thing. 
    It sounds like you're trying to use brute-force to exterminate all ego from your community. While I understand the motivation and your frustration with egotistical people, I don't know how realistic this goal is. Also, it kinda sounds like you're moving away from Spiral-Wizardry, in an attempt to raise the level of the forum to Tier-2. Cuz from what I remember you saying in the Spiral-Dynamics video, Tier-2 is about mastering every stage of the spiral, not running to the highest stage. 
    Also, it sounds like you're wanting to make this community about yourself, like 'this is the kind of community I want for myself'. You're wanting to personalize this to yourself. Isn't this egotism on your part? Isn't this moving away from your Life-Purpose, or impacting people who actually need your work? 
    If you truly want a community for yourself, I'd suggest going out on your own time and forming it in real life. And, spending lesser time here. And, putting your mods in charge of helping out people in need. If you want a core community of self-actualizers, your mods are good for that. And, you can keep this forum as a part of your Life-Purpose work, or your brand as actualized.org. Because it also looks like you're wanting to mix your personal and professional life here and making the community about your own personal needs. You may have personal needs, which is fine, so you can form another community for yourself that we don't have to know about. Where the stakes are higher. Where people actually have more skin in the game, than random people online. 

  10. 220612_一些指引和尝试
    What exists outside the universe?
    I don't know if there was a last straw. I've had hundreds of awakenings which gradually revealed various facets of the core truth that everything is my own mind.
    I would not have been able to realize it without psychedelics. But also the psychedelic itself is not enough, you gotta seriously question and deconstruct everything.
    In the end you realize that you are an Infinite Mind, and that's what reality is. This Infinite Mind can have no ground or outside of any kind since it is absolutely sovereign.
    An infinity of Gods only exists in your Mind.
    If you want to really be real for a moment, realize that nothing outside your mind has ever existed, nor will ever exist.
    You can claim till you're blue in the face that Leo is dreaming you, but in absolute fact all you ever have is you dreaming Leo, and this will never be otherwise. If you say that Leo is dreaming you, you are dreaming that Leo is dreaming you. Which is just your dream.
    You can try all sorts of clever ways to weasel your way out of this, but it will always just be your dream.
    You will never find anything within existence other than you.

  11. Is Abortion Murder?
    Is Abortion Murder?
    I love abortions

  12. How to stop worrying about “What if?”
    How to stop worrying about “What if?”
    By realizing that if you live trapped in your fears you will become a miserable and weak husk of a human.
    All of life boils down to fear vs love. Either you will side with fear or you will side with love. If you side with fear you will become a devil and if you side with love you will become God.

  13. I want to become a philosopher
    I want to become a philosopher
    To be a serious philosopher you have to be super interested in contemplating the nature of everything. It's not about getting famous, it's about understanding reality. And if you happen to do that long enough maybe one day you will understand reality so deeply that you will generate some unique insights and that could make you a bit famous.
    It's the same advice as if you asked how to become a world-famous weightlifter: go to the gym every day for many hours per day and lift those weights. If you do it seriously enough, long enough, one day you might become well-known. But don't do it for that reason. Do it only if you enjoy lifting and there's nothing else you'd rather be doing.
    Philosophy isn't about reading books, it's about understanding reality accurately. Do you even care about understanding reality accurately? If not, philosophy isn't for you.

  14. 指引_2
    Leo, what do you mean by symbolic construction?
    Symbols represent or point to some non-symbolic perception. All forms of thought (be it concrete mental imagery or abstract propositions) act as symbols, but they also comprise their own perceptual reality.

  15. 思考指引
    Leo, what do you mean by symbolic construction?
    Symbolic/conceptual aspects of mind which create meaning, narratives, explanations, reasons, logic, science, etc. The entire domain of language and all it enables.
    For example your birth and death are actually symblically generated using language and concept.

  16. 220424_日后对神理解我可能遇到的问题
    Discovered a deeper part of myself, no idea what it is
    You are EVERYTHING. Tristan is a part of that.
    It's not that you are not Tristan. It's that Tristan is God.
    Tristan is God. There is no difference between anything. Stop thinking God is something outside or seperate from its creation.
    God is not just the formless, it is equally all the form.
    You are trying to limit God to only the formless. Deeper awakening will show you that this is incomplete and biased.