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  1. I share most of your views. But I want to add that Palestinian brother people (Arabs) could do more than gaslight the rest of the world for its inaction. The Arab league is also responsible for this catastrophe.
  2. Furthermore, America support many nations because they wanna avoid that the soviets or another big player fills the vacuum.
  3. Also it seems like humanity goes through cycles. At the end of a cycle it seems the situation is vulnerable for radicalisation. Furthermore, it is tempting to go radical when things don’t turn out the way one expected.
  4. That good. The public space shouldn’t tolerate anti-any group. Imagine an anti-Christian, white,black, Hispanic, catholic group or voice. It’s absurd. Criticism , questioning and inquiry, however, is healthy in any in most subject matters. In this case, American foreign policy in the Middle East, which Isreal plays a key role needs to be questioned for many reason. Especially when America wants to claim morale high over everyone else.
  5. My point with sharing the videos is that criticism seems to come from many prominent Jewish and non-Jewish voices like Chomsky, Bernie Sanders, Finkelstien, Mearsheimer Jon Stewart and etc. Furthermore, these orthodox Jewish people claim that they are not alone and that many orthodox people are critical about Isreal from a religious pov. Honestly, it don’t know what’s what.
  6. Can anyone explain if the information from prominent Jewish scholars like Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstien is credible? They tend to be critical about Isreal which is interesting because of them being Jewish themselves.
  7. I might be wrong, but I don’t think Middle Eastern Arabs hated Jews prior to Israel. So, the right to exist argument has flaws. All people can try to exist but must balance their survival with other peoples ideas and entitlement issues of what those are trying to survive as. Furthermore, I think the hatred is fanned by ego and with the motivating factor that both sides wants to be the sheriff in the Middle Eastern land, which is Isreal/Palestine, or make their own path forward . If anyone wants to entertain a relativistic perspective ,then, no one between Arabs and Jews are the rightful owner of that land, the point being that property right is something humans created. All land belongs to any nation with a strong army to defend it. That’s why many peoples went extinct over the centuries. The Arabs need to address the fact that Palestine/Isreal was Islamic for 400 years, until it wasn’t anymore, why? The west which claims to be pro Isreal needs to address why the Jews were offered lands lands like Palestine, magadascar, and Uganda and not a state in America? America could offer the Jews a state. Russia offered Jews an oblast as a friendly gesture and their friendship is dubious . A friend should take your interest into account. The UK should have anticipated that facilitating a Jewish state in the Middle East might not go down well with the people there. My point being, there is not one party whose at fault for the instability in the Middle East. I missed many factors which other people have elaborated in this thread.
  8. Unfortunately ,in that neighbourhoods are genocides and forced assimilation is common occurrences during the previous century. Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Syrian Christians, Assyrians, African slavery on East Africa and sectarian violence between Shia and Sunni which might come close to genocidial have been going on in background of the Palestinian conflict and receive little attention in comparison to this conflict. The point being selective outrage and denying other atrocities. The war in Yemen is consider on of the worst humanitarian catastrophe, according to the UN. The point is not compare atrocities but if you claim that you care form humans you must try to stay consistent .I am open to evolve, change or adjust my take on Israel if evidence shows them being bad or whatever people are claiming them of being. However, It seems from my limited perspective that Isreal is more open to live among different perspective, as long as it is not a perspective which means sacrificing their survival. And yes, Isreal perspective have become more extreme, but a troublesome reaction to the terror attack was seeing pro palestian people abroad celebrating the attack in open free democratic countries, which is terrible publicity for your cause.
  9. Is not this and other conflict very ego based? That land is considered special and extra worthy to die for must be a motivating factor to perpetuate the conflict. When people cry out about humanity, i can’t help to be sceptical because if humanity was a priority, both parties would actively look for a solution many years ago. Furthermore, all the outside stakeholders would be trying to de escalate violence instead of stoking it, which outsiders allies, and stakeholders from both parties don’t seems interested in doing.
  10. More and more people are giving praise for being wise, but I get a feeling of being an imposter because most of the ideas are mostly from your content. Personally, most of my negativ feeling are becoming experientially better and I have learned powerful techniques and coping mechanism from you which have showed results. Im actually exited about life now which feels great. Im very grateful for your service and contribution, take care and hope you get well. Hakuna matata- No worries, in swahili my native language. @Leo Gura
  11. Some teachers and their teaching which has resonated with me. Manis Friedman- God needs us Simon Jacobson- Charity, thankfulness.