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  1. Great video, thanks for sharing. 40 min into the video and it clarifies a lot.
  2. Decriminalisation is the way forward. At our current point doesn’t the market have enough matureness to handle legalisation. If Weed and alcohol would be legal, it better be distributed and sold in a government run store, which isn’t incentivised for profit. The Dutch model of coffee shops.
  3. Now you! Start by chopping and frying vegetables, roughly 2-3 yellow onions 2 carrots 4 stalks celery Fry these on medium heat so that it does not burn. When the onion is transparent, you are pretty good at it. It should take about 10-15 minutes. Once you have come to this, add the garlic. Here you can have quite a few gaps. About 6-8 st. Maybe even more. Leave these in the pan for a few minutes only. If the garlic is burnt, it becomes quite bitter. This forms the basis of the pot and here it may be worth putting a little effort. Then pour this into a saucepan and bring to a boil. I usually pour on some water. But not more than what is needed so that there is not too much water in it. Then you start with the chicken. Preferably use thighs, but regular fillets also work. Cut into as large pieces as you want and salt and pepper. Fry so that they have a nice surface. However, they do not have to be cooked through because they will still boil later. Then you pour the chicken into the pot (add turkeybacon or pork bacon if you want). Dice the meat fry it and then add to the pot Feel free to pour about 2 dl white wine into the frying pan so that it heats up. Then pour it into the pot. Scrape out the frying pan so that you get the flavors that are there. If you do not have white wine, you can skip this. But instead do this with water then so that you get the flavors. Add a couple of dl cream, about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard and 2-4 dice with chicken broth. Season with tarragon and bay leaves. You can have thyme too, but I think it's better without. These measurements are a bit difficult and vary. But you balance acidity, sweetness, saltiness, umami with these. Start a little low and feel ahead. I usually let this boil for about an hour. But at least half an hour. You see when the chicken gets a good consistency. Ideally, however, the chicken should not boil Feel free to add chopped parsley to this if available served with rice with or potatoes
  4. No African team made it to passed quoter finals?.let the best team win. Hope Portugal reaches far in the tournament. They have the best player living . I enjoy seeing Ronaldo play, minus the drama diving that he sometimes does.
  5. Let’s be frank. Between guns and young people safety, guns is the priority.
  6. Being a student seems to be dangerous in America.
  7. I agree with this. I remember dudes from school or even some who were older, that liked to brag about their sexual experience. And the all ass play won the most bragging rights. “I fu**ed her in the a** etc”.
  8. I have listened to JP for years. I like his stuff. However, he obviously has bias against the leftist ideas. He often talks about crimes committed by people with leftist tendencies but gloss over right Leaning governments crimes. Thanks for explaining that quote about revenge against gods, Leo.
  9. Indian diaspora in America are the highest income earners of all ethnicity. If they could do the same things in India, that would help, I guess. Indian are successful in east Africa to. Hopefully you’re country improves.
  10. The green outlook on Iraq seems more fair nuanced. Maybe a bit naive .Rather that. The opposite to openly lie about “weapons of mass destruction” as a pretence to take the oil, as the Donald and his blue and orange supporters wanted to do.
  11. One doesn’t have to give up the entire religion. Just accept core value in the host nations, such as freedom of speech. Most aspects of religious aspect are acceptable, but some will never be like polygamy.
  12. Especially where two red lines intersect. Burning books is legal under freedom of speech in many democratic first world countries ,while burning a Quran is a no go for Islamic people. On the Swedish side doesn’t anyone like what Rasmus Paludan did. However, banning burning a holy book is consider an infringement on freedom of speech. In other cases are many host countries flexible to immigrants customs, when it comes to encourage cultural expression like languages, festival, freedom of religion and dietary preferences, which is often overlooked by those receiving these privileges. Problems often arises where to core values are pitted against each other. Good point.
  13. 100 police were injured by stone pelters. Two political parties are arguing for expanding police authority. One minister suggested that shouting rioters as a acceptable response for stone pelting. the cultural divide is huge between sections of the society. One side has to yield in this struggle. I don’t see that neither side ready to do that. Those riots were a reality check for many.
  14. In light of the crazy riots during the Easter weekend, will we see right wing sentiments grow here in Sweden, unfortunately.