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  1. traveling vlogs are life<3
  2. Just imagine the spiral view on all these groups of people. A stage green hippie would consider a Vietnam vet a murderer, while a stage blue person considers that person a hero. A stage orange film director who uses his position for sex would be considered a rapist by stage green and blue people, even though it would be legal under the law. And Mandela is considered a terrorist by blue English MPs pre- 1991, and after he is considered a hero post-1994. Maybe I'm too relativistic, but all of these labels are sometimes fluid.
  3. I agree. I'm lucky to be brought up in a country with a lot of opportunities and a genuine pursuit of fairness. However, some developed countries are all slogans and rights for me, and not so much attention on everyone else's rights, historically speaking.
  4. Why does some society spawn more crazy than others is my follow-up question? I don't want to abuse stats, but, why does 4% of the world keep an unproportionate high prison population, 25% of the inmates of the world. Another important factor to consider is who does the labeling? For example, Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist, today, however, many consider him a freedom fighter who ended an unjust system. And rape is also a term that has changed its definition. There used to be a time when rapists were given lighter sentences because their victims were dressed provocatively. I think we should keep improving our families, schools, and courts. Acknowledge our weaknesses, such as our bias, and improve our strengths, such as thriftiness. Our democratic society is good in many aspects, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive for improvement.
  5. I like Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda. One can’t deny he’s almost a dictator, but his country is doing well, on a African context. Rwanda stage of development and past trauma isn’t ready for democracy, I’d estimate. I wonder however what would happen if Russia or Turkey would go full democracy? Would those society transition into it seamlessly, or would parts of there country break down and arouse a regressive response from the populace.
  6. @zazen I agree with most aspects of your assessment. Modernity doesn’t favour the old school pair bounding at the same rate. Look at non-western industrialised countries such as South Korea and Japan. Furthermore, declining birth rates is a global phenomena. Russia and former soviet republic are struggling with that to.
  7. I wonder why few mention humanity’s migration from rural agrarian setting to an urban setting. Imagine sleeping around in a small town. Village folks or farmers wouldn’t stand for it. Now however, with huge metropolitan city settings are people more anonymous to do what ever. Less societal pressure from peers or neighbours. Not saying our current situation is good or bad, but it need to be pointed out that humanity went from mostly rural living to today mostly urban living. If the setting has a prominent or subordinate influence on our value is less important, but I bet that cities has had an impact on the dating market, as most markets are affected by urbanisation.
  8. Your forget to mention the part about these guys being considered heretics among there Arab league brothers. Ghadaffi and Saddam where both secular, so the other gulf and Arab states didn’t mind them being deposed. On the contrary, Qatar and UAE contributed with hardware and soldiers to sack colonel Ghadaffi. He wouldn’t reach that fate without the go ahead from gulf and other Arab states. He was very respected among sub-Saharan African but hated among his ”own”.
  9. I think that the society which Rogan operates in is ripe for “alternative facts” or “conspiracy theories” and he’s doped up brain attracts sensational stories. The media business is failing while guys like Rogan stood ready at rebound position to take over, unknowingly though. Rogan wouldn’t consider himself as news outlet or media for that matter. However, he plays usually an antagonistic role against mainstream media and undermines established journalism. Finally, I usually like him and some of his guest he manage to bring to his show.
  10. I wonder what the penalty for breaking the video game curfew will be. 6 hours of hard Manuel labour for every half hour exceeded above the limit set time?
  11. Middle Eastern and Muslim countries do often get a bad rep. However, most non combative middle eastern countries are pretty low in crime, relative to global trends. This is often maintained through hard stage blue principles, but nonetheless, it is more likely to be murdered in somewhere in the new world or sub-Saharan Africa than the Muslim world.
  12. I’m foreigner in a western country and I notice a great difference between western countries. English speaking places seem more chatty than Germanic speaking countries. Many people here in Sweden consider Americans as randomly sociable; an observation I’ve experienced myself.
  13. America use to be the envy of the entire world; that is hard to maintain. In some aspects, it still is. America is the most popular immigration destination in the world. Thus, there most be something that attracts people to America. A unproportionately high amount of things originates from America in our time, both physical and untangible. One can never count out America in any innovative sphere. Of course there is some problems there, but that true for all countries.