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  1. Tom Torero was the Godfather of frame.
  2. I agree. In American movies were the character are religious they often pray before dinner in a sense of gratitude. I always like the idea of being grateful before dinner.
  3. Black people can be racist too, or tribalistic more specifically, which one would consider below racism. If you following current events, you have maybe noticed that there's a war going on in Ethiopia between ethnic groups. I'm from Africa and there you would notice that the corruption fueled by tribalism retards society more than racism. That's a personal reflection, so yes blacks can be racists too.
  4. <3
  5. @Thestarguitarist14 I'm black also, but don't live in America. I like Leo's stuff, I've been watching for years. That incident bothered me too. However, I wondered why such a thing would piss me off that much. I was irritated for half a week. Feel free to do a psychological analysis.
  6. Your right, but funny things is that when Scandinavian people immigrated to North America, most people concentrated on places that has similar weather.
  7. Here in Sweden there is two type of Swedish people, summer swedes and winter swedes. In the summer are people generally happier, because many are off from work. I kind of oversimplified it, but there’s something to it.
  8. God please provide me with strength to carry what is in my ability, (visualisation), God provide me with stillness over that which I can’t alter,(visualisation) and provide me with the wisdom to differentiate. Im happy to add prayers to my routine.
  9. Marriage seems to be the right move if one has children with the person. Otherwise if your looking for companionship, then I don’t see any point to getting married. Marriage gives security to your airs and a fair compensation for your wife for carrying your children and breastfeeding them. Marriage is a reasonable survival construct for the mating market, not the dating.
  10. My opinion is that such a large organization needs some central authority. I know it's blasphemies to suggest, however, if Russia is acting out in the world, people usually blame Putin. If people have any trouble with western liberal values, the European government and media get blamed. If US intervenes in some foreign land, the US government, alternatively the army or business sectors such as the oil and gas industry gets pinned with the blame. If Muslims act out, a unison chorus of people says; it has nothing to do with Islam. It's mostly a human problem to be completely fair. Everyone wants to attach themselves to the glory of their culture but dismisses any problems that slightly relate to that culture/institution.
  11. RIP Tom. I have listened to Tom. He helped people. He did dogdy stuff . Him dying makes me want to retreat to stage blue. His mostly stage orange and red advice comes with consequences.
  12. I feel that kind of reactive to my environment perception of me. If people are cool with me I’m cool. I feel trapped in people perception of me and want to become braver to rely on my own perception and intuition. Otherwise I feel that I got somewhat of a clue on what’s going on in life, which is where I derive some happiness from.
  13. One has to give Joe some credit for being early on controversial topics as psychedelics. Covid is kind of related to the topic of health, so he acting as an authority is an overreach on his part.
  14. How many viewers, listeners or subscribers doesn’t equals truth telling. If CNN looses viewership doesn’t it necessarily mean that their journalism is faulty. Journalism shouldn’t be a popularity contest.
  15. I wonder what Russia’s rationale for their behaviour? I read something about “interest sphere”.