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  1. @Leo Gura Also no to spiritual Guras? I saw something online that you might be related to a catholic priest or something.
  2. @Leo Gura Still a dope mantra though one of my favorites.
  3. I have had 4 relationships as a male and never cheated, I have been cheated on before though
  4. I was just thinking Leo’s last name sounds a lot like the Russian mantra Ura, I was wondering if this is actually the case of how Leo’s family got their last name? Perhaps there were some spiritual gurus in Leo’s dads family tree?
  5. When I was on the brink of death overdosing I saw the possibility of life 2.0 which is basically astral travel or lucid dreaming
  6. i used to do this while trying to see atoms when i was in gradeschool
  7. My primary method for inducing a mystical state is to relax until your state of consciousness starts changing. you can do nothing, You can pay attention to your breathing but as long as you're outlasting a decent time of meditation it will kinda come naturally, Of course you could do this on psychedelics, You can also do this on weed. the profundity of this came to me having a lot to do with me being prescribed remeron, I had always tried to astral travel and got really close a couple of times and this just made this 10x easier I just go to sleep ,wake up during my rem cycle and close my eyes and within 10 seconds i'm astral projecting, I really wanna hear if anyone has had these states of consciousness from simply lying down relaxing or if anyone has tried remeron, The creativity before the astral projection is insane you may see entities or pure emotions as an image, While on the verge of really leaving your body. the vibrations are synesthetic and you realize how everything is just a vibration of empty Consciousness.
  8. My first couple times on lsd I was literally watching porn on my wall like it were a smart board of my imagination pushed outward, and the images were just appearing in the objects of the room I was in, Very cool
  9. 20, Take of it what you will.
  10. bought a 3 month supply of minoxidil to thicken and increase volume and length of hairs I will let you guys know, I’m not really doing it for new hairs but I’m open to it
  11. My opinion is that he should stop if it’s anything like he though before hand trying it, In his critiques of stoners, If it becomes a lazy unconscious thing for him of course I think he should quit, But I also think we should let him experience this for himself and see how the mystical experiences and health side of the coin go, I’ve been smoking for 3 years still going strong so I see no issues with it personally, and infact everyone on this forums critique of weed(especially the ones that have not been recently high) all your understandings lack nuance for how it is for me, None of you folks have described any of the facets I’ve experienced on weed peaks, Yet they are metaphysical facets, They are ones you can identify on psychedelics, Like LSD and mushrooms(mushrooms is more like weed for me) but you have to be a degree awake to catch the facet while your tripping instead of putting it more under the radar and fearing. Try taking a rip of some smoke and realizing your god, It can happen with weed. Also weed has the facet of infinite imagination for me, I could imagine anything like an infinite randomizer of metaphysical creativity, And I could hold it in my mind like a rock for the duration of the experience
  12. @Leo Gura awesome, I feel LSD very much struck me as being this way, I remember my first couple times taking it, Seeing tumbling Salvador Dali’s moving across my room was quite a surreal moment, Had a lot of surreal moments on acid ,it’s quite a head twister. Salvia is just like abstract land, This is like realms of consciousness you just stumble upon and are just in awe that you can even get a glimpse of this piece of reality, Like I will close my eyes and go to a completely white room with melting rainbow smiling dogs how am I imagining this? That’s how it feels sometimes like the power or imagination to hold images and hyperboles is so grand and crazy like you talk about reality being an infinite hallucination, That is probably the most impressive facet of reality to me that I can dream up any visual any world essentially with my own mind, That’s why everything seems perfectly connected when I’m on an lsd trip since it’s literally almost like I’m altering the storyline and elements of the dream, Super alien and surreal. It’s like waking up in a dream and it all starts falling apart in that moment, Its like acid on the fabric of the dream, That’s a good metaphor for psychedelics! btw I far prefer lsd over salvia it’s far more comfortable, Salvia is like a veil of mental haze, I can imagine colors that I’ve never seen before as that haze is coming on it’s unbelievably fractured yet synergistic and structured and almost like if you bundled a lot of hallucinations into like one interconnected knot, It’s like every file cabinet of e universe has been storing commands for how qualia and the world appear get fucked with and you have to be the one to rearrange all those records so to speak and make use of them, God has to come in contact with seemingly long lost parts of itself and experiences of itself.
  13. Yeah I didn't seem to care, I wanted the existential shit very early on, I would lay on my mothers floor, Think about the groundlessness of reality questions such as "if god created everything what is responsible for the creation of god?". I also spent many years in the astral projection/shifting community as it was the only spiritual community I could find back then that would recognize infinite imagination and the fact your dreaming objects just as you would in an astral projection, Its just that you are always in a body that's imaginary and you are always metaphysical and beyond physical reality, There is no limit to the power of dreaming . I also love the fact that Awakening goes on and on forever reaching an infinite climax the earlier you start the more robust the climax, If that makes sense cause there is no plateau to the climax, You may have a couple ego backlash but it will percolate if the infinite consciousness is true and you care to nourish the seed of oneness to infinity, Almost to hijack the universe as god by realizing your creating it all including the apparent room and people, As god through your domain of metaphysical expereince or unconscious mind(it was way more unconsciously rooted back then I was just having the insights as a vehicle I hadn't really mulled them thoroughly quite enough then to solidify the understanding. I had these all in grade school, Okay maybe the infinity part was realized after, I realized oneness in the bathtub plenty of times, I still feel like I'm there in a way, I was like younger than preschool or in preschool cannot remember but yeah the room collapsed into one reality bubble, it was experience and it was absolute truth. This is all the best way I can articulate it from my understanding which has changed and intellectualized. I hope you guys found this satisfying and not garble. I'm just looking back, In some ways I had more mystical experiences in the form of dreams as a child, Which is one thing I envy about my child self is its imagination and capacity for wonder. Hope I did well its nearly 1:00 in the morning Also the fact that nothing exists besides my expereince and that object permanence is a hallucination, All outsides are spontaneously generated inside.
  14. @Leo Gura OF COURSE OF COURSE you could use it to have that effect if you like being tired all day and not having an energetic sativa high like I prefer usually, Your just calling out a low blow, Most weed smokers use it for a more psychological reason than stupidity and silliness (although that may be a facet or knob of how some psychedelics hit. I can tell you that most people have never experienced true guttural, manic and insane humor before, Try laughing at a toaster oven for no reason, That is a state of consciousness, And it may be better than most of the other things humans do for humor when they are sober I HAVE NEVER NEVER NEVER SEEN LEO DEMONIZE A SILLY GOOSE FOR HAVING A QUACKING TIME. BE ANGRY LEO IM A SILLY GOOSE WEED OR NOT, WEED MAKES ME A STOIC GOOSE WHO ALSO HAS THE ABILITY TO LAUGH, Sometimes you will even realize there is no goose or the goose is infinite, ( not joking its common and certainly is bound to happen for me with a low tolerance, Just got to keep plunging into the weed headspace with the right intentions and you may get some potent mystical states of consciousness you weren't expecting, States full of great vitality, Life and consciousness, Of course Love AND PSYCHEDELIC MINDFUCK MUAHAHAHAH : and some of the most pleasurable body sensations you have ever experienced in your life (that's second order importance but still beautiful) I'm just trying to make sure Leo knows his stereotype is not the average high consciousness weed smoker or even the common weed smoker imo, There are a good few of them, Like me sometimes when I'm not sober and manic. Weed will make my unfortunate states of consciousness I was born with into an ACTUAL good thing, Something to take me to infinite consciousness every once and a while (like I experience on lsd mushrooms salvia). Weed will make me experience infinity full swing, If that sounds like laziness to you, I wish I could give you just a chunk of what I was experiencing at the peak of an edible high, This was a full on imagination control involving some of the deepest layers of imagination, Like the ones we typically label either physical reality or stream of consciousness, I WAS ACTIVELY CHANGING DETAILS AND IMAGINING NEW SPACES, LIKE IM DOING WITH THIS IMAGINARY CHAIR IM SITTING ON AND THESE IMAGINARY FINGERS TYPING AWAY...
  15. @Leo Gura Weed is more likely to cause mania and full onset consciousness expansion and willpower improvement my friend, For me, Not laziness. You have been milking this stereotype for literally years, Most of the weed smokers on your forum dont give you excuses to keep thinking THATS what weed is, That sounds like a waste of a mystical experience right there with"smoking to sit and be stupid and lazy"...