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  1. You haven't realized existence is a miracle
  2. I have been using subliminals as a tool to engrain the right kind of energies into my subconscious and I have been using them everyday, they mostly start off very subtly and seeping its way into your dreams until they are engrained enough to become actual, This method works for me since I am already a very energy sensitive person so these subliminals have a very powerful effect on me even though they are just finite words but the configuration of words in these subliminals I am sharing have the possibility to shift you to insane degrees of awareness while being able to integrate them into your practice, Even though just listening is enough to have effects if you wanna half ass it and want the simplest way possible, You will 100% get results with repeated use no doubt about it but its main purpose first and foremost is to absolutely supercharge your practice, Take it for what it is and use these consistently and you may even notice results within a single use combined with meditation and being open to reprogramming, No guarrantees, Keep your expectations openminded and let go of the process, Go into this with the knowledge that your subconscious will never release the affirmations that you heard ever and they will be permanently engrained. Thanks for anyone who listened P.S. The second one is my channel that I created and I also make meditation music/isochronic tones and psychic programmed audios, Check those out if those peak your interest, Thank you!
  3. So in my past couple LSD trips I have been having the same insight about how the universe is an infinitely dense superposition of everything, So when this superposition of all possible is-ness simply is itself it contracts itself into a void since no part of the superposition can stay the same without another part of the superposition annihilating it to make room for more infinite expansion, Since this infinite contraction is trying to reconcile all the potential yet unmanifested dream parts it also contracts to the point where it is all of its parts in harmony so deeply that there is a pouring forth of all the possible divisions and also expansions because it is so dense that it has to reincarnate as the full totality of what it is which is infinite every thingness which goes full circle to expand even more since it cannot be the density that it is without expanding itself to contain more fullness and fill it to the absolute brink of what it can contain, At the same time this contracting motion is happening so brutally and forcefully and it already complete its mission to become infinitely dense so it has to take the counterintuitive full circle option which is to expand and implode its infinite density into a infinitely dense expansion of the void which was already infinitely dense long before it decided to embrace itself even more infinitely, I can feel how full this void is while I am typing this but it is still obvious that infinite density is the same as infinite dissolution , so there is no mechanism that the universe is able to adopt that will allow 2 existing ideas and dreams being held within consciousness to interact, I know this is sloppy and I am using a lot of words but the universe is nudging you gently without any affirmation outside of that it exists and nothing could ever tarnish the emptiness since it is so full and impervious to anything that is not infinite density, It is like perfect armor stronger than diamonds. Right now can see 2 different objects in my room like this salt lamp and my clock on the wall over there but I am conscious of how they are actually overlaid on top of each other and are so utterly in love with each other that they are completely immersed in the same spatial dimensions and even more dimensions that are too meta to talk about
  4. I have tried it, To me shamanic breathing always has this sort of cooling sensation in the head and sometimes the buzzing sensations you feel get to the point where it does not feel safe and you could have some sort of loss of motor control that could feel pretty traumatic, Almost like sleep paralysis but on the brink of losing consciousness. I prefer to do the shamanic breathwork after cannabis edibles since the lsd tends to be a bit too stimulating for me to feel comfortable trying holotropic on it again.
  5. I am not dismissing the possibility since even I have experienced interesting almost hallucinogenic flickering visual field effects from nicotine but is it likely that you were just pondering infinity before you smoked it and it amplified the thoughts to the point of having an exponential rise in intensity and bodily sensation but not necessarily a connection to any integratable insight?
  6. It is important to know the God realization itself can be complete integration depending on the depth
  7. @Sempiternity The affirmations are subliminal meaning that you won't actually hear the affirmations but they are actually embedded into the music so your subconcious will absorb them without you having to process the affirmations and there won't be any concious resistence towards the affirmations unlike if they were audible. I understand the skepticism but don't underestimate just how many nitty gritty details that your subconcious mind is absorbing and forming beliefs about everyday from unconcious sources. Your subconcious will hear every single affirmation and start to form new beliefs pretty quickly.
  8. I don't know how you guys feel about subliminal messaging but after experimenting with many different types of subliminal messages, Morphogenetic field audios and isochronic tones over the past few years I have been experiencing absolutely insane spiritual gains and realizations that have completely changed my paradigm and approach towards spirituality and awakening, If you use these audios it may shock you just how much they can change your baseline level of Consciousness given that you are using good subliminal channels you can trust, This particular audio is so fast acting and awakening that it will give you real and deep changes that will connect you to God and Consciousness unlike any other meditation tool besides psychedelics and real yoga that I have found, Also these audios are that much more powerful when using psychedelics just because your subconscious mind is blown right open and is extremely sensitive to subtle information and it will definately make your trip deeper and have longer lasting insights. I honestly believe that Leo should look into subliminal messaging for himself because this is such a great consciousness expanding tool that is very easy to overlook and dismiss until you actually experience the benefits for yourself, And I know Leo would appreciate the affirmations in this audio because they are describing the exact type of connection to God and Consciousness that we are pursuing here to realize ourselves as Absolute oneness and Infinity. This channel is great btw they are by far the most powerful and potent subliminal channel that is on Youtube at the moment and pretty much every audio on this channel is absolutely gold and will give you impressive results. Love you all
  9. These visuals while on LSD or during a meditation session is very blissful, The visuals are so complex that they sort of zap you into the free flowing ever changing visuals. It is an incredibly intense mindfuck on LSD lol. I highly suggest to try watching it in a mindful state or while meditating with eyes open.
  10. This game is really just torture porn for children, I used to play it when I was younger not realizing how fucked it was
  11. Since the universe seems to be expanding at an exponential rate won't it keep speeding up getting infinitely close to infinity? I am thinking if it every got closer to infinity it would eventually merge with infinity itself or as Leo calls the godhead. I am thinking this partially on contemplation on Leo's why is there something than Something rather than Nothing video since that comment about the circle with 0 diameter collapsing in on itself to create a sphere of infinite radius in all directions, That really made me comprehend really well how and why this reality really is infinite, I am thinking the universe that the materialist paradigm study's would eventually have to merge with the entire infinity because it will become irresistible for the universe to just go completely formless,Or will it just go really close in a relative sense to the entire infinity? Am I thinking in the right direction?
  12. Hello , I am a 16 year old explorer of conciousness/psychonaut and I wanted to basically just share my experience of discovering infinite Conciousness and absolute Truth at a very young age. My entire life I have been a deeply existential thinker, I have consistently questioned my reality ever since early childhood, My first memorys of ever questioning my existence was around 1st grade and on a minor level even earlier than that, I remember staring at a wall and my intent was to try and see the atoms in the wall of my room and as I was staring at it I was really focusing on looking through my eyes and being highly mindful of every detail in my visual field, All of my sense perceptions all felt empty and hollow after doing this often when I was bored, I would pay attention to my perceptions to the point where it would feel like I was a groundless bubble of conciousness that was simultaneously nowhere and everywhere at the same time yet completely void of physicality, I started to question whether my entire life was an elaborate scheme that everybody was playing in order to deceive me and trick me that they are real sort of like the Truman show, Fast forward a couple years and this self questioning and unintentional mindfulness turns into a full on existential crisis, I am in elementary school and I am having an existential crisis because nothing feels real and I can see that my entire life is a lie and I in fact do not exist, This lead to me basically losing all interest in school and being diagnosed with bipolar II and severe depression, When I finally got to middle school I stumbled upon astral projection on youtube and it sounded so cool to me that I had to try it, I had no clue that any of this would lead me to an awakening but while attempting to astral project I was also learning how to meditate at the same time, My meditations were as neurotic as you would imagine a "severely ADHD" kid would be, My meditations were very sloppy and I didn't really draw the connection between the existential experiences I was having and the meditation, But after a while I started to learn more and more about these types of mystical experiences, Also I was also a self proclaimed nihilist at this point because my depressive episodes were so existentially terrifying that I was mentally scarred at a young age and that type of trauma at a young age really damaged me, Those depressive episodes were so hopeless and soul wrenching that I wanted to kill myself in elementary school but I also didn't believe in death so I knew that there really was no escape and if I tried to kill myself It wouldn't work and I wouldn't actually die, It felt like I was already in hell for eternity. My parents and friends obviously didn't understand what I was going through at the time so I was pretty much alone with this brutal suffering that no one around me could understand, Fast forward to around 9th grade and I am having an stark awakening into nothingness and relativity, At this point I am really getting close to really feeling what nonduality truly is, I wasn't quite there yet but at around this time I discovered great teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass, Alan Watts and of course Leo, This was a very important part of my journey because this lead me to deeper and deeper states of understanding, I was really starting to have direct insights into the nature of reality and conciousness. In 10th grade I discovered LSD, This was an incredible experience that brought me in touch with the infinite love that also comes with emptiness, After a while of experimenting with LSD, Mushrooms and cannabis edibles I have the oh so incredible god awakening , I have been having some of the most indescribable and reality shattering experiences over the past year and I really have no words for them that could ever describe to , I still struggle with my sense of self and survival needs but I now recognize myself as life and conciousness itself, I see that it couldn't be any other way and that the universe is happening all at once, Right now as I type this I know that I have created everything and that this bubble of experience or incarnation I find myself in is the only one in existence, I know that my experience right now has all the love I could possibly dream of and infinitely more, I can also recognize that literally anything is possible and every possible moment that could ever happen is already in my experience of this moment, I realize now that every possible structure and moment in the universe is working every being to recognize itself as me. There is so much more I could tell you about experiences but words will never do justice to absolute truth, I am sure you all can understand the trouble trying to explain these sort of things without crazy ass strange loops and self reference problems occurring, That being said I love you all and I hope you recognize that as you read this post your life is already complete and by reading this post you are connected here for eternity with my essence and truth.