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  1. My first couple times on lsd I was literally watching porn on my wall like it were a smart board of my imagination pushed outward, and the images were just appearing in the objects of the room I was in, Very cool
  2. 20, Take of it what you will.
  3. bought a 3 month supply of minoxidil to thicken and increase volume and length of hairs I will let you guys know, I’m not really doing it for new hairs but I’m open to it
  4. My opinion is that he should stop if it’s anything like he though before hand trying it, In his critiques of stoners, If it becomes a lazy unconscious thing for him of course I think he should quit, But I also think we should let him experience this for himself and see how the mystical experiences and health side of the coin go, I’ve been smoking for 3 years still going strong so I see no issues with it personally, and infact everyone on this forums critique of weed(especially the ones that have not been recently high) all your understandings lack nuance for how it is for me, None of you folks have described any of the facets I’ve experienced on weed peaks, Yet they are metaphysical facets, They are ones you can identify on psychedelics, Like LSD and mushrooms(mushrooms is more like weed for me) but you have to be a degree awake to catch the facet while your tripping instead of putting it more under the radar and fearing. Try taking a rip of some smoke and realizing your god, It can happen with weed. Also weed has the facet of infinite imagination for me, I could imagine anything like an infinite randomizer of metaphysical creativity, And I could hold it in my mind like a rock for the duration of the experience
  5. @Leo Gura awesome, I feel LSD very much struck me as being this way, I remember my first couple times taking it, Seeing tumbling Salvador Dali’s moving across my room was quite a surreal moment, Had a lot of surreal moments on acid ,it’s quite a head twister. Salvia is just like abstract land, This is like realms of consciousness you just stumble upon and are just in awe that you can even get a glimpse of this piece of reality, Like I will close my eyes and go to a completely white room with melting rainbow smiling dogs how am I imagining this? That’s how it feels sometimes like the power or imagination to hold images and hyperboles is so grand and crazy like you talk about reality being an infinite hallucination, That is probably the most impressive facet of reality to me that I can dream up any visual any world essentially with my own mind, That’s why everything seems perfectly connected when I’m on an lsd trip since it’s literally almost like I’m altering the storyline and elements of the dream, Super alien and surreal. It’s like waking up in a dream and it all starts falling apart in that moment, Its like acid on the fabric of the dream, That’s a good metaphor for psychedelics! btw I far prefer lsd over salvia it’s far more comfortable, Salvia is like a veil of mental haze, I can imagine colors that I’ve never seen before as that haze is coming on it’s unbelievably fractured yet synergistic and structured and almost like if you bundled a lot of hallucinations into like one interconnected knot, It’s like every file cabinet of e universe has been storing commands for how qualia and the world appear get fucked with and you have to be the one to rearrange all those records so to speak and make use of them, God has to come in contact with seemingly long lost parts of itself and experiences of itself.
  6. Yeah I didn't seem to care, I wanted the existential shit very early on, I would lay on my mothers floor, Think about the groundlessness of reality questions such as "if god created everything what is responsible for the creation of god?". I also spent many years in the astral projection/shifting community as it was the only spiritual community I could find back then that would recognize infinite imagination and the fact your dreaming objects just as you would in an astral projection, Its just that you are always in a body that's imaginary and you are always metaphysical and beyond physical reality, There is no limit to the power of dreaming . I also love the fact that Awakening goes on and on forever reaching an infinite climax the earlier you start the more robust the climax, If that makes sense cause there is no plateau to the climax, You may have a couple ego backlash but it will percolate if the infinite consciousness is true and you care to nourish the seed of oneness to infinity, Almost to hijack the universe as god by realizing your creating it all including the apparent room and people, As god through your domain of metaphysical expereince or unconscious mind(it was way more unconsciously rooted back then I was just having the insights as a vehicle I hadn't really mulled them thoroughly quite enough then to solidify the understanding. I had these all in grade school, Okay maybe the infinity part was realized after, I realized oneness in the bathtub plenty of times, I still feel like I'm there in a way, I was like younger than preschool or in preschool cannot remember but yeah the room collapsed into one reality bubble, it was experience and it was absolute truth. This is all the best way I can articulate it from my understanding which has changed and intellectualized. I hope you guys found this satisfying and not garble. I'm just looking back, In some ways I had more mystical experiences in the form of dreams as a child, Which is one thing I envy about my child self is its imagination and capacity for wonder. Hope I did well its nearly 1:00 in the morning Also the fact that nothing exists besides my expereince and that object permanence is a hallucination, All outsides are spontaneously generated inside.
  7. @Leo Gura OF COURSE OF COURSE you could use it to have that effect if you like being tired all day and not having an energetic sativa high like I prefer usually, Your just calling out a low blow, Most weed smokers use it for a more psychological reason than stupidity and silliness (although that may be a facet or knob of how some psychedelics hit. I can tell you that most people have never experienced true guttural, manic and insane humor before, Try laughing at a toaster oven for no reason, That is a state of consciousness, And it may be better than most of the other things humans do for humor when they are sober I HAVE NEVER NEVER NEVER SEEN LEO DEMONIZE A SILLY GOOSE FOR HAVING A QUACKING TIME. BE ANGRY LEO IM A SILLY GOOSE WEED OR NOT, WEED MAKES ME A STOIC GOOSE WHO ALSO HAS THE ABILITY TO LAUGH, Sometimes you will even realize there is no goose or the goose is infinite, ( not joking its common and certainly is bound to happen for me with a low tolerance, Just got to keep plunging into the weed headspace with the right intentions and you may get some potent mystical states of consciousness you weren't expecting, States full of great vitality, Life and consciousness, Of course Love AND PSYCHEDELIC MINDFUCK MUAHAHAHAH : and some of the most pleasurable body sensations you have ever experienced in your life (that's second order importance but still beautiful) I'm just trying to make sure Leo knows his stereotype is not the average high consciousness weed smoker or even the common weed smoker imo, There are a good few of them, Like me sometimes when I'm not sober and manic. Weed will make my unfortunate states of consciousness I was born with into an ACTUAL good thing, Something to take me to infinite consciousness every once and a while (like I experience on lsd mushrooms salvia). Weed will make me experience infinity full swing, If that sounds like laziness to you, I wish I could give you just a chunk of what I was experiencing at the peak of an edible high, This was a full on imagination control involving some of the deepest layers of imagination, Like the ones we typically label either physical reality or stream of consciousness, I WAS ACTIVELY CHANGING DETAILS AND IMAGINING NEW SPACES, LIKE IM DOING WITH THIS IMAGINARY CHAIR IM SITTING ON AND THESE IMAGINARY FINGERS TYPING AWAY...
  8. @Leo Gura Weed is more likely to cause mania and full onset consciousness expansion and willpower improvement my friend, For me, Not laziness. You have been milking this stereotype for literally years, Most of the weed smokers on your forum dont give you excuses to keep thinking THATS what weed is, That sounds like a waste of a mystical experience right there with"smoking to sit and be stupid and lazy"...
  9. also, I’m not talking about the absolute of the concepts of advaida I’m talking about the absolute of this right now it’s not going anywhere it’s changeless as radical and dynamic as it is
  10. the way people suddenly are weaponizing their ideas of science against Leo now just because of this alien awakening topic is kinda disheartening to me, Why’s it gotta be science why can’t it be direct perception of reality without a mediator? I would argue that consensus would not be the place to look, Your assuming that’s more fundamental for truth when it’s not, You gotta be the truth to perceive the truth, Otherwise it will just be an empty message and you will hallucinate that there was nothing there when the message contained everything you needed you just weren’t paying attention, But we will see in the future if Leo’s proof is satisfactory, Still won’t change my absolute experience, Sure of it. Absolute definitely comes first than alien if Leo’s videos become more about alien than absolute then that will draw some objections from me but I mean he hasn’t given us any ideas yet maybe he will give us scientific explanations but I wouldn’t count on it just because your expectations want that, That isn’t more truthful if we had a scientist validate it since the scientist or culture could be wrong, So could Leo but also so could the culture judging Leo. Don’t drown in your bias you guys you will see whether this is satisfactory or not in the end, assuming you really care about truth you will be able to sort the wheat from the chaff, Don’t believe Leo but also don’t believe your ideas of what truth ought to show up in. The concept of alien doesn’t ring my truth bell immediately so I will definitely be curious to see where these ideas really lead to,if anywhere hopefully something really enriching and truthful, If they aren’t then I will just stick to my already absolute experience as it always is unaffected by other peoples concepts whether relatively right or wrong they may be… I am not in favor of either Leo or the skeptics of Leo who think he should be more scientific and non psychotic by the consensus standards, Leo may not be psychotic don’t just assume he is
  11. @Leo Gura I can relate with much of what you are saying here. This has been my daily experience as well, Maybe not exact to yours but it is like an effortless consciousness I can just ride on, Lately I have not even been seeing rooms just my own mind, Even the sensation of it being a seperate room is immediately right here it is like a nonspecific permanent samadhi with anything throughout my experience, Although there are gradations of awareness and I can fall totally asleep thinking I’m awake when I’m not, It’s like nested unconsciousness for me that the only barrier is these assumed buildups of unconsciousness like air-pockets between connections, I suppose that’s a feature not a bug though that I have an aspect that is totally dead and unaware to whatever happens in consciousness no matter how lively the sights are I am completely aware that it’s nothing. Basically I am living as my realized imagination and it’s complete nothingness, I am imagining everything just as I imagine an apple in my thoughts. But it has an alien quality but I think it’s separate from what your talking about this is so depersonalized I wouldn’t even call it alien, Alien is not enough, I don’t find the label alien satisfying for me cause I sense it as beyond alien but a complete mind duck of a nonexistent oddity yet not alien or different, It’s not alien it’s absolute familiarness within everything, If an alien were to come to me yes there would be ego shock but that’s me! The extent to which I cannot see the sameness within alienness is my delusion that prevents me from samadhi with all items of my imagination, These realizations and insights all feel so very fresh for me, I am infinite consciousness is the main insight, I just get pummeled by roiling infinity as you described it in your salvia episode all the time, It’s a total recontextualization of every single content of my perceptions, It is quite hallucinatory but it’s less than my metaphysical contemplations used to be which is weird I have reached a point of integration where I can integrate some of the more far out imaginings, Before I was always giving my friends I was trying to teach just straight up whacky examples of relativity with like ideas of like stuff they wouldn’t think is real in consensus, Now it’s just an infinitely present room or whatever is here, It’s a room for me right now. and it goes meta, That’s where psychedelics are leading me rather than tangential hallucinations nowadays, Psychedelics are just more of this than I would be experiencing on a daily basis but same insights, Just different approaches and magnitudes of consciousness but same dynamics apply at the highest level, I have one question though if you integrate all difference with you really be able to perceive anything as alien or truly different? Why’s it alien if I’m everything,including all of the strains of infinity? Isn’t everything going to obviously encompass all difference and divergence? alien being maximum divergence from what we consider normal, Isn’t that a part of the natural that it is the supernatural?
  12. im 18, Took acid at 15 and went from there, I have had about a total of 15 lsd trips and 7 shroom trips a couple salvia trips, It only has gotten better Im glad I found them when I did even though almost everybody I have told about that was in disapproval usually, I could have waited to but I didn't really see the point in it, It wouldn't have really been more powerful for me to wait till I was 21 I don't think, If your spiritually gifted and comfortable with existential collapse Id go for it but please for the love of god be careful with the 5-meo id recommend extensive tripping on the lower entheogens even though they are gonna be different, If you cannot navigate that for years you certainly shouldn't be playing with 5meo so start small and see if you can handle even that, If you don't freak yourself out try more. Id definitely recommend getting comfortable on lower levels or occasional high doses of like mushrooms or lsd( If those ones work for you, You may need 5-meo in the end of the day but Id definitely keep tripping if you feel comfortable and like its healthy for you, Just be wise about it ,don't make it something stupid that your only doing just for fun or just for a sensation, Its more than that this is more than philosophy and has an inflection point with real reality in a way that can be frightening for the unprepared
  13. Psilocybin is also very alien, Salvia too, I mean there are plenty of alien directions to go you just got to try the tools, I'm pretty sure you will not find it is mundane or ordinary if you take a clear look, Everything is supernatural with no opposite except lower orders of radicalness and alienness, Like people who tune out the more radical aspects of reality like God Love and Infinite Consciousness, But if you really care about this you will take a clear look regardless of what the conclusion will be, Don't just play the detached skeptic actually learn certain things like astral projection and moving into infinite consciousness, You may see the alien you might not it depends on your state of consciousness, If your omniscient or extremely intuitive you will find out before your infinite eternitys up or not whether aliens have ever been here, We would totally know it if we died into infinite consciousness and interconnectedness, Everything is always mental so all you have to do is just imagine just like you imagine people right now in a subconscious way, Imagine something else if you can, Imagine one bit of human biology just slightly off, The problem is that humans are not intelligent to totally recreate biology into something new altogether, Unless they have always had control of how they have been imagining reality then they have always been creating themselves as god in their own universe
  14. @Leo GuraThis is the hardest I have seen this forum beat on Leo and Leo has still only begun to comment on this, You guys probably don't know where he's coming from even though you think you do, That's why your calling him insane, Give him a chance to breathe jeez Loise, it will probably take months for him to even lay down the foundations of teaching whatever things (God knows what) that Leo is becoming conscious of right now. See his video on how not everything can be explained simply and why valuable things require development over time, That's important to know before judging an entire paradigm on a whim from a couple quotes you have heard about it
  15. @Danioover9000 That is unreal to me now that you pointed that out, Astute observation his behavior would warrant a diss track if it was another rapper acting like Kanye
  16. @EternalForest Graduation was the first rap album I listened to but I was also a bipolar child sooooooo, Tales of riches and bitches may get to your head if that's all the majority of what your listening to because rap in general is pretty shallow, It is word games at its pinnacle so it will have its limits in terms of expressing truth and love and all that, You listening to that was your own consciousness creating and appreciating the music, Ye had nothing to do with it, What you perceive in Ye you perceive in yourself. I'm just saying Kanye wasn't as important as you think for creating those experiences for you, It could have been a white person singing and you wouldn't know just listening, It could not even be Kanye, So really music is just imagination its not done by human beings, Kanye is God but if he understands the ramifications of that he will become awake btw and I think that's his main constipation as a philosopher is that his conception of god is second hand and theological even though he has called himself that in the past. He'd make better music from god realization, Just like all manic musicians, that's God working through them.
  17. No. his scattered thinking and jumping to conspiracy ideology is just what the mentally ill mind does, He is schizophrenically making connections and he has never been grounded at all his entire life, He's not in love consciousness or a awake incarnation and if he was awake he would not be so indirect and fucking fluffy, He has a fucking beef with Kim Kardashian for gods sake that's clearly childish cause she's just a model like duh your probably gonna get your heartbroken. I'm tired of Kanye's chaos and manic preaching and subtle ideology being seen as awakening, I don't think there is any reason to his rhyme you know? if it is its not fully actualized, and he's not doing music as God he's doing it as a human there is not a more human type person than kanye west or people who become celeberitys and think that their philosophy improves because of it, Its just the ego going haywire and hijacking the system of consciousness in which its a part and you can see inflated people like this getting lost in bs 24/7 cause its their career and life, I think kanye is full of shit as a bipolar person and I see his actions as all the negatives none of the profound, He did not become more spiritual by that gospel either its all ideology and egoic identity stuff, He only feels obliged to be a Christian
  18. @Tyler Robinson You are controlling Leos lips as he talks, How could you not come to terms with what he's saying he's literally you that's your shadow and its clear, Otherwise you would not fear whatever he's talking about even if you sense he's deluded or wrong in the relative, Cant be wrong in the absolute that still shines true but you probably know that, it just seems to obvious that of course that's truth but he's wrong or deluded in the relative, but that still shines true everything uttered or even more meta anything that exists is absolute truth so face it everywhere without fear. This is true even in the relative there is nothing to fear because you are all perspectives so just listen no matter the clash, Relative discernment comes after you understand every word that is uttered is absolute truth absolutely no exceptions, There is nothing to disagree about in the absolute so why do you fear listening to this relative argument if you already feel doubled down in your truth than if its true and you know it then you wont lose it by listening to another person, So why not listen if your right, You wont become less right if anything more right if you watch probably, If your viewpoints are true there should be no insecurity about others worldview, They should be seen for what they are, They are probably relatively fucked like almost all worldviews. Its so easy to say but this is real and conservativism is bad, That's just reaction and you know that but just realizing truth absolutely is a difficult job to an ideological mind cause it can only see truth in domains not everywhere all the time, If you were truly doing this you wouldn't fear Leos views, You can disagree but you got to listen and work through the foreseen conundrum to the end, Cause you cannot discount any perspective if you have the truth or else you are limited and your truth is not absolute, If you got to constantly be avoiding and placing reactive blinders to stay in the news source you are comfortable with and read everyday, You eat your own news sources like candy I'm sure because you configure that yourself and have perfectly set blinders, What's the difference between relative intake? does the other give you more satisfaction so you stay? Just saying, not being able to even listen to a perspective is a sign of unconscious dogma, that's not the natural state of someone in possession of the truth ,always afraid of deluded or wrong people, They probably know the nuance of how every perspective is absolute truth and natural arising out of reality, It cannot come from anywhere else besides reality and truth so why fear the seeming relative falsehoods? I either don't listen to anyone or just see the absolute truth in all the fools and wise people, My finite discernment will be wrong, There is no chaff to separate from this metaphorical wheat of reality and truth, its all true. I cannot double down in any perspective(except all and none of course) even a unitive one cause that cannot be made into a belief, So I don't even bother with whos wrong and whos right only I'm right because I am truth and reality so are you, You just got to stop experiencing truth second hand, I don't know if all of this is relevant to what your trying to figure out for yourself but its worth listening to this if you don't agree with me for example, That's a good place to start if you don't agree with me here. I am repulsed by conservativism true but I know my aversion is relatively justified but absolutely complete fucking hogwash there is no reason to avoid anything or treat it as untrue, Nothing false can show up in reality its only the ego that sets standards for what ought to work out in the relative domain, God is all so it does not bother with the partial perspectives cause they are all finite, Still true cause its all, including the apparent relative false.
  19. For those who have tried both, How did they compare? What worked better at what? I am not assuming they are in the same category but I figured they could have some overlap. I have done LSD extensively but never Armodafinil yet, I wanna try it for similar reasons honestly, LSD is like a light switch for my consciousness, It’s just an intense intense amount of oneness and infinity of the mind, I want this level of focus in a form where I am not being pulled into psychedelia but also remaining in a strong state of meditative consciousness. Anyone think that Armodafinil could take you deeper than lsd possibly? please illuminate the holes in my expectations
  20. @JuliusCaesar I am not expecting it to be psychedelic but I definitely want it to be good for consciousness work, If its not then I will just look to different avenues, But I know drugs tend to affect me differently than typically described by other people
  21. @amanen What was the character of 1cP-AL-LAD like vs LSD-25 for you and would you recommend taking a prodrug or analogue or would taking acid be just as good? Cause I do like some character to my trips and I find that could be useful since I have been trying all sorts of different thc analogue products and they have each had different characters it has been fun and interesting to experiment with, I like the nuance between thc-o HHC and thc-p they each have a different character, I like that, So maybe I should at least try a couple analogues as to make sure I'm not missing out on a more suitable form of lsd for my consciousness needs, If its more of the same Id say its not really worth my time or if it just converts to lsd-25 in my body. I know pure lsd-25 can be really difficult for certain people and can hit them too hard and make them lose track of reality to an uncomfortable level, This I would say is lsd25s weakness and strength is because it is good at melting attachments but will you actually be able to string together an intelligent thought that isn't loosie goosie? Maybe not thats why trying other psychedelics is good because you might find one that has qualities more suited for contemplation, I wanna try Al- lad and if I try an acid analogue I will probably try Al-lad, i wanna know what is different to the hallucination to pure consciousness ratio is with it, Is the visual character strong, Is it metaphysically more profound or just different? Id like to find out these things.
  22. @The0Self Dude LSD-25 has a very good character of it always giving me a very fresh and unique unbogged down experience each time, Pure acid can be reliable for going deep, However I cannot compare it to 5-meo-dmt since I have not tried it, LSD can be a really good tool for just raw consciousness expansion not just tripping, Its a very advanced drug! you can basically master all the forms of yoga on it and integrate all of the subtle energies ,it is very useful, I have had tabs of pure acid hit me differently based on what mood or thoughts I was thinking, the content is almost always different on that content level ,but acid is so goddamn meta I have found though and goes beyond content of hallucinations and more the consciousness structure that enables them. I have sort of graduated the visuals and visionary states and I want something that will be more consciousness less diversion into tangents and more power into oneness, LSD can show you lots in regards to that though its not just a strictly visual drug it has a very strong effect on the potency of your consciousness, It has some character but it tends to be different depending on your psychology, It makes me love the universe but it makes some of my friends hate all people, It can do a mixture sometimes, its neutral, A nonspecific amplifier as Terrence McKenna said, That was a very true description of LSD for me, Its so meta
  23. I create everything, That's my game, This room is fresh out of my mind I can see the synthesis of every possible activity or relationship to the world and I can interact with it in an infinite amount of ways because it is mySelf, that's why I have direct access to it, When I see something I strike to the heart of what it is MIND STUFF!!! If I wanted to imagine its manifestation as something else in form as a slightly different version of this reality, You might imagine if I could go back in time and kill Hitler for example, I could, I mean if I wanted to and willed it, Id have to prime myself to go there but I could imagine it and it would be fully immersive and it would be the real Hitler and you would have never heard of Hitler and it would effect every experience cause I could imagine it so deeply, This is what I perceive reality shifting to be because I am not just a human body, I can inhabit any sort of dream world or finite consciousness vehicle I want cause I'm every world crammed into one.. I am imminently animating the entire empty structure, Like a coiling spaghettification of nothingness twisting itself and changing itself in every possible way. the only purpose of life is to experience everything because it is just blindingly obvious that this is just an iteration of what is implicated in the ramifications of EVERYTHING. What I am is everything so just being myself the infinite worlds spontaneously appear and I can seamlessly go or do anything I want anytime because I am omnipresent in all worlds and all facets of here. I am occupying all domains like I am hijacking the universe, only to discover there is nothing here because I have already viscously experienced myself an infinite amount of times, Like a lump of coal being burnt up by rocket fuel then the rocket fuel being burnt up by the fusion of the sun and then by the entropy of a black hole, I am everything imaginable, You cannot imagine me that's how infinite I am, cause I am gestalt af experiencing everything and leaving more room for infinite growth and more experience of myself, I've already been every creature and experience, That's what I am. At least that's what I am in todays linguistic symbolic conversation I really am the substance of the words your reading, That's what you are perceiving as me if you are being honest, Feel my spirit in these words cause you are reading me for gods sake I'm nothing other than these words to you, Honestly, I know it to be true right now
  24. @nuwu I don’t think it is as simple as one state and single fixation, It’s definitely more meta than that. Don’t settle for anything more or less than relative, Accept equal room for both as that’s what relativity entails and that relativity IS what is absolute. It’s open ended infinity,it’s not this it’s not that,It’s everything. It cannot be anything other than fully gestalt from its unity and synergistic from all angles. You have to manually operate under every domain of reality that way though and that is what god realization is is hacking into every domain of reality because reality is your domain as the creator and you are it, Undivided because you created division, With your partitioning mind, It creates all sorts of subtle distinctions everywhere without understanding where they come from.
  25. @nuwu of course they include eachother they are hyperoperating upon one another,They are eachother,their action upon one another is direct since they are all infinite,zero latency,The absolute infinite is a full spectrum of all expressions of infinity, You can take in more infinity like eating millions of jars of honey in a human body never stop eating honey or millions of Buffett options