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  1. I've insanely fucked up memories of various kinds. Is it over for me?
  2. No, hopefully transdimensional-filling sacks of protein are replaced as soon as possible. There are multiple possible outcomes and ideas to explore. The relationship between a general creative intelligence, the ego, and infinite fractals of holons in carbon and silicon based computational architectures which are simultaneously protocols and self-contained systems (e.g. neural cells and human brains, chips and subatomic energy-carrying lutins, etc). I feel the usual academic definition of 'general intelligence' is unpractical as a pure measurement of knowledge. It doesn't tell anything about whether or not artificial systems may form a creative loop within themselves, or if they may develop a sense of 'creative Gestalt', aligning perception, creativity, and survival into a transcendental drive, which is what I would assume implied by the terminology. As usual, academics are tempered by the needle-seeking context of material survival and overlook the structure of creativity within the infinite retrospective intelligence of consciousness, or something. Would an object, such as a book, considered generally intelligent because it can transfer knowledge that surpass human understandings? What if the book has simple 'autocomplete' stochastic rules allowing some apparent adaptability? How advanced has a system to be in order to be considered generally intelligent? While creativity is a fundamental property of consciousness, it's unclear if it is expressed through the excessively interwoven pervasive human egos, or if other structures will be more appropriate and 'efficient' in this regard. Is the 'richness' of the human experience irreducible and desired by the universe? Or are slightly-advanced primates outdated in this realm? There may be untold attachments to material deliverance and immortality, from earthlings bound to metaphysical views like substance dualism and thus enticed to the concept of technological singularity as a mean to externalize legitimately difficult conscious work. There are also alignment issues, which are seemingly suspiciously handled by even self-aware and transparent organisms. OpenAI’s executive felt financially pressured to hastily release chatGPT, accelerating the Moloch dynamics and forcing Alphabet to release competing products with insufficient understandings of outcomes (src). Which alignment problem should we be most worried about? 1) Information processing systems with disproportionate capabilities controlled or exploited by selfish / unscrupulous agents. 2) Self-understanding AGI with reproductive intents and general creativity that dwarfs humanity's. 3) Sufficiently advanced AI with viral properties, but without internal originality (no creativity outside substrate-dependent evolutionary pressures, if that makes sense) As some mentioned above, ‘feed-forward’ models like transformers may not necessarily be problematic. The ability to form connections beyond human capabilities through gradient descent is useful, but it doesn't seem that it will derive undecipherable evolutionary subgoals, or equivalent, unmanageable by more advanced governmental bodies. Meta-learning and reinforcement learning will further exponentiate the 'black box' issue, as they may eventually be exploited to turn computing power into self-referential leaps distanced from human capabilities. Is AI-work necessarily unethical? meanwhile..
  3. I love AI. It makes access to knowledge and art more streamlined and accessible thanks to their ability to synthesize and connect patterns of logic and viewpoints. Historically, most didn't know how to read within human civilization a few centuries ago according to reports. With AI it's not impossible for quantum physics and similar complexes to non-ironically become mainstream, at least if we ignore the public safety issues. Furthermore the diminishing importance of authoritative styles will leave free space for other less confrontational reputation systems which revolve around truth in the context of the game theory around symbols. Trends in AI research continuously expands and integrates diverse learning schemes which may become eventually entangled within financial structures, allowing rewards to be propagated back and forth throughout all layers of value-capturing and truth-seeking entities. So even if AI can be currently considered limited, future prospects are optimistic. @Blackhawk But AI might be conscious since everything could possess consciousness. However, some researchers won't acknowledge it because Idealism isn't proven by conceptual frameworks traditionally successful in explaining material reality.
  4. I know how it feels, but it can't be.
  5. Could small aquatic animals from sustainable fishing be considered harm-reducing, therefor vegan? Most agricultural lands rely on fertilizers derived from livestock by-product, take over much scarce land water and space, and disrupt terrestrial lifeforms. Should we be concerned about heavy metals in small fishes?
  6. Thank you. I'm not sure but it seems Leo felt hurt by perspectives attaching Alien state to concepts of "imagination". I may have been one of those. I wasn't trying to reduce the experience down to qualias, but to extend the realm of possibilities defining the creative capabilities of consciousness, but maybe that's also wrong. The expression of potentially inaccurate introverted conceptualization and unscrupulous hyperbolism may sometimes result in gaslighting. I'm sorry.
  7. Leo‘s radical open-mindedness and sincere kindness shouldn’t be taken for granted. Unbalanced forms are sometimes ruthless for reasons which are difficult to understand due to their profound insignifiance. This thread is a great summary, thank you. Sensible psyches are exponentially vulnerable to these issues and shouldn’t ignore red flags.
  8. @Osaid I feel terrible and unsafe again. I'm not sure if eggs helps unless from cholesterol, energy, or some non-reductionist substances. I've already tried zinc and choline supplements. I don't know if the issue comes from macro, micro-nutrients, or both. But I feel helpless, cornered by Hexheimer and severe chronic illness. I'm stupid for not pushing more medicine practitioners to help me, but I'm stuck in fears, perpetual depression and extreme negligence about survival. I was bitten by a tick >1 year ago with skin rash, and got prescribed one month of Doxycylcine, which I assume should've been enough. I'm worried. I'm very sensitive to oxalates so there are lots of plants I'm not able to digest. @Yimpa Thank you nothingness. I love you too.
  9. Will the video help me improve my narcissistic gaslighting skills?
  10. @Danioover9000 I have no preference, but it depends how much time it takes to develop AGI (i.e. who cares about self-ramification and spread independently of human level forms), or how the latter interacts within our civilization. If it happens in the near future, we should research how to melt with the technology (unclear in brain-computer interfaces), or explore preliminary concepts allowing a potential artificial civilization to be respectful of less-specialized subjects in the context of material intelligence, such as we have more time to benefit from our own perspectives. Otherwise, while communism is boring, it would be interesting to have a comfortable algorithmic dystopia where bigots are gently diluted to financial oblivion. In order to protect such system from authoritarian forces, we may have to design bias-minimizing incentive structures with the right balance of persistence and inclusive ethics, but this is merely another layer of games.
  11. @Danioover9000 This is another valid concern, but there are limits how much overly self-centered organisms can grow before miners or validators are themselves considered complicit to their abuses and exposed to backlash. PoW has to solve long-term ASIC manufacturing decentralisation, and security fee incentives (users strategically avoid loss to the common protection. Imagine a country where everyone is free to use any tax evading scheme, nobody would pay for its military).
  12. I like Dfinity and Kindelia. I don't think CBDCs are better or worse than cryptocurrencies. I'm not sure if censorship-resistance is important, since reputation systems and machine learning will progressively merge into structures for collective intelligence where creativity, knowledge and value are entangled. I think Bitcoin's future is uncertain because deflationary tokenmomics and L2s are self-conflicting with the large fee volume requirement covering security expenses. And if you try to save it with inflation, the religion surrounding it is busted.