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  1. @MuadDib The original message was conceding the difficulties of balancing intuition and rational minimalism, with ethics and communication, while reflecting on nuances supporting or opposing Musk’s perspective. The achievements under his brand are not dismissed. No effective regulatory structures have been proposed to oversee AI development besides centralization of computing power. Both OpenAI and Grok lean toward Moloch dynamics. Transition to sustainable energy and Tesla itself are narratives introduced a priori, overshadowed by Musk. Information is lacking due to NDA, however, allowing possible speculation on undesirable events. R R Multi-planetary civilizations are significantly more probable with technology surrounding mindful genetic engineering, FTL motions, and effective hivemind structures, rather than primitive combustion-based vehicles transferring radiation-susceptible organisms on a celestial body with significantly fewer resources and higher constraints than origins. Analogy with American colonialism is potentially misleading. Other oddities: silencing employees reporting negative information R, double-standards regarding introspection & humility conflicting with projected allegations, public humiliation of handicapped employees R, or whichever ego-trip of the day R Inadequate risk aversion and consideration for harmony fall flat in entitlement-resistant tasks, despite apparent relative short-term successfulness and blinding halo of centralized appropriation. Systemic reinforcement of malignant behaviors, i.e. naive freespeech on X, decreases overall collective intelligence and effectiveness of adversarial learning | competitions | meta-evolution. Eventually, civilization is not building material worlds, but rather, structuring networks of perspectives with infinite resources. Nonetheless, Musk has partial, legitimate inspirations for efficiency and changes. Critical feedback is non-adversarial. Some communications of his are appreciated. R
  2. Symbolic complexity is meaningless on its own. Researching type indicators contributes to self-reflection on mental frameworks. From my understanding, cognitive functions are focal points of thought processes in dichotomic networks of perspectives, with extraversion equivalent to maximalism | divergence | grasp of everything, and introversion to minimalism | convergence | grasp of nothing, intertwining creation and destruction (or upside-down depending on perspective; destruction is a creative process; maximization is a minimization problem, and vice-versa). The MBTI map is effective despite inherently imperfect, distinctions between cognitive functions are malleable, blurry | overlapping, oblivious to edge cases, and probably formed over arbitrary clusters of thoughts. There are also theories surrounding the dimensionality of functions. Nonetheless, despite reductionism, some equilibrium are more stable than others. is misleading and shouldn’t be recommended, try 1) In NiTe archetypes, semantic networks are lossy communication tools. Intuitive convergence is prior to constructive understanding. Authors might have difficulties expressing comprehensive leaps since these are not grounded in structures. Ti is normally unvalued & subconscious, but still manifest. 2) In TiNe, constructivism is favored. I am not an active Ti user so I don't know. Ni is subconscious & unvalued, possibly stronger than dominant function, but not directly manifested. 3) Other archetypes like TiNi, NiTi, and NiFi exist. I have a strong Fi as far as I've observed, such that I get easily lost in NiFi emo loops, and support systems of values detached from extraverted ideals. 4) Cognition in narcissism is difficult to identify. They may wear infinite masks and may adjust to whichever appearances fit a narrative, manipulative intent, or excessive desire for attention | recognition. Personally, I have important social anxiety, and I think everything I do is trash, especially when directly confronted on specifics outside notes and iterative refinements. I am mainly spinning Leo's ideas. I can't tolerate psychedelic body loads, and I have too much brain fog for meditation. Due to health issues, I can barely do anything other than playing games and funposting. I also use `|` and `&` because I struggle to format layered unions and intersections. These are not abbreviations, and they have the highest operator precedences.
  3. Anecdotally, I am traumatized by narcs, yet I don't find the style aggressive. Neutrality is unlike negative intents, despite attachments superficially relativizing it as offensive.
  4. @Osaid I've never considered myself to be in a relationship, and I’ve never been close to anyone. These moderators were excessively praising me for no reason, however. Toxic positivity is difficult to manage. As someone who used to be a Fi empath (projection-based), it’s difficult to judge whether others are dependent on your energy for critical needs, or if they are manipulating you. I couldn't bear to watch the hardships most perspectives in this realm are going through, and I thought I could help even as a clueless fool. Leo's proficiency makes it look deceptively easy. Then I was worrying too much about having the right ethical standards for smart-contract development, and I was unprepared, unsuspecting offensives at such pointless, silly layers. It's difficult to explain how narcissistic abuse feels because it's subtle, insidious, and chronic, while societal members will fail to understand underlying issues and dynamics unless they have survived it themselves. This is like taking a bullet, but each fragment is spread out over a long period of time, except perpetrators will adapt to vulnerabilities and directly undermine the victim's ability to heal from the offense within itself, exponentiating the damages. Unlike psychopaths, narcissists know what they are. They feel a constant shame which is why they must perpetually bury themselves under facades, angriness, and passive-aggressive. Noting, that not all narcissist traits are undesirable. Mindful authority and healthy assertiveness can be beneficial. Self-sufficiency and autonomy help self-preservation of unique thoughts. In theory, superiority may be a legitimate source of motivation. In individuals who do not engage in abusive behaviors, extrinsic reward systems shall not be dismissed, and are equally toxic to intrinsic ones. However, entitlement does not seem to offer any tangible benefit, beyond individual survival strategies. The latter is presumably the one to avoid the most, compounding the damage potentials of all other narcissistic traits. All crypto-currencies are non-sensical, but the concept of smart-contract itself is interesting. Nonetheless, most power structures in consciousness are complete messes, better not to expect anything from them. I have a long list of ideas and games I could enjoy working on, but my energy and health are null. I have dealt with painful chronic illnesses and headaches forever. Weak genes expand vulnerability to conventionally non-problematic eco-system subsets, which is difficult to seek help from. As a Ni user, writings are based on intuition. Ti users who are more constructive might find them vague, inconsistent, or ineloquent. I don't actually like writing or discussing anything online. I thought we could have fun together trying to expand our understanding of consciousness, then you get rammed down by narcissists, over and over, even here.
  5. Identifying narcissism is difficult relative to natural arrogance and boldness of NiTe users. He probably believes impolite communications with advertisers is creative, rather than manipulative, and that narcissism only arises in hall-of-mirrors Fe exploitation. However, he seems to have an anecdotal history of piggybacking success (stealing business ideas & disproportionate self-attribution), of becoming irritated by presumably insufficient recognition, and of being deceptive about timelines, in addition to low risk aversion typical in narcissism R R. I am not sure if his cognitive loops are blinded by financial success, allegedly meaningful attachement to short-sighted idealism | ethics, desired contrarian status, or neither. Nevertheless, there are potential reasons to support his approach to management, communications, and individualization. Advertisement-based social and financial dynamics have shadow sides that he might find difficult to support. Civilization is immature, self-awareness is difficult when surroundings are uniformly bleak.
  6. @Osaid I am sorry you also experienced this. It's very difficult to understand how bad narcissistic abuse is without direct experience. I was a fool to take disturbing intimidations from narcissists seriously, since I couldn't make sense of the motives. I should have applied Hanlon's Razor principles. I thought open-source contributions were 'risk free' work, and that it should be natural to expect decency. Financial organisms are generally entitled to high ethical standards. I am usually observing and distanced, but doxing, love-bombing, and isolating strategies hijacked my defenses and natural risk aversion. My neuro-inflammations were high. I was going through both trauma fog and autism fog. To be honest, I was disgusted by their behaviors from the start, but I thought anyone can be kind. They did learn how to improve their narcissism however. Dealing with two narcissists, grandiose and malignant, the core strategy was to repeatedly exploit my shock responses to justify prior harms and perpetuate subsequent abuses. They throw an endless stream of projection and gaslighting narratives, including repetitive, self-conflicting or baseless ideas, to learn the victim's vulnerabilities and see what sticks. This is difficult to deal with even when all of them are easily explainable or rebutted. They exploit the asymmetrical energy requirements between nuanced examination of truth, and fabrications, as well as the distressed emotional tone of the victim. The best defense is offense, and narcissists take advantage of the fact it is much easier to win a conflict on enemy territory by sustaining pressure on multiple fronts. Eventually, I got hoovered hard and triangulated. And there are (non-narcissistic) members in these communities who killed themselves. I felt pressured to stay with them to help them. It quickly became lugubre. Entitled minds are self-entangled in sink cost loops, with perpetual neurotic pressures for retro-causal justification of harm and self-image preservation. To them, allowing any critical thought would risk disintegration of the entire ego. Still I am not trying to generalize. All narcissists are different, and not all of them are abusers. It's possible to be extremely selfish outside social layers and manipulation games. Even if I can recognize narcissism early, it's too late for my health. For example, narcissists sure love to use the victim's words against themselves within distorted, incoherent semantics and inverted networks. My overall health is not improving. My digestive health is somewhat fixed, but it feels like it could collapse at any time. Health professionals don't know how to help, or don't take my issues seriously. They are not necessarily mean, but I was gaslighted by some. Because of depression I struggle to execute basic self-care tasks, I use apps like Finch to motivate myself. I feel I am successfully growing back some positivism, but it's difficult considering how bad this realm is. Thank you for answering and taking care of me even if I am cringe.
  7. I don’t think I am going to survive. I updated the despair stack of mine in my profile. One year later, I am still suffering from chest pain and shortness of breath. I have seen countless health professionals with no definitive diagnosis. I admit, I screwed up. I had a period when I thought I could contribute in open-source projects. I had an absolutely horrifying experience. I was obliterated by narcissistic moderators and sycophants of CEO from both exchanges and crypto-currencies. I didn’t realize narcissism was a thing. I was completely delulusional over a ‘everything is love’ mentality. In summary - Random moderators throwing 'rocks' at users randomly, love-bombing others - They see someone vulnerable, me, (weak Fe), they keep throwing things at me until I start being really concerned, stressed, emotionally damaged, and physically drained - I am in a perpetual loop of shock. - Due to chronic anxiety, my health is falling apart. At first, I thought a ikigai alignement of needs was possible. I get more and more attached to my ideas and having to earn funds somehow to save myself from my health issues. - They kept doing it while I was in a critical health condition, openly bragging about the damages. - I couldn't defend myself because these are just 'rocks', which individually doesn't represent significant damage. And due to weak Fe I am extremely bad at navigating emotionally inharmonious situations, which can be easily manipulated against me. - 'rocks' means intimidation (dark web | assassination smart-contract threats), incitement to suicide, belittlement, racism, and eventually gaslighting and inversion attacks. Over and over. Obviously, in retrospect I should’ve never ignored red flags. I used to give perspectives the benefits of the doubt. I obviously tried too much to go back to the love-bombing stages. Eventually, INTJ’s NiFi loop kicks in: excessive ruminations, emotions are intense, reverberating endlessly, and soul crushing. Spiritual dread is overwhelming. All these happened while my relative was dying from cancer. I didn’t realize narcissists absolutely must thoroughly burn their victims to retro-causally justify all the harm, and preserve the perfection of their monkey image or reputation. I thought I could just keep working on my stuff and negotiate mutually beneficial compromises. Fox. The strong genes meme is real. I am not going to survive.
  8. @LastThursday Imagine being a puzzle, self-experiencing its marvels from the perspective of one of its pieces, self-structuring with flawless coherence of your thoughts, understandings, and feelings. Upon deep reflection, you discover the puzzle is never-ending and ever-expanding, with fragments themselves recursively made out of self-similar yet non-repeating puzzles, each layer having their own influence, emergence, and internal harmony. Recursive juxtaposition of structure and meaning would be almost impossible to assemble by random chance.
  9. Trackmania Touhou Kerbal Space Program Timberborn Reassembly Shadowverse
  10. Still would have been more practical if consciousness operated differently. For instance, imagining dreams prior to embodiment, rather than inexorable juxtaposition of being and becoming, without nonsensical dualities nor hard-witted homework for omniscience. Not to protest about existential origins. Fate is insanity.
  11. - Unnecessarily high expectations with this forum may be disputable. Concise, structured transrational information of metaphysics is introduced by actualized's videos and gurus. They sketch out arguably effective self-reflective mindframe for ego-dissolution and awawakenings, as well as safety consideration. This forum entertains modest long tail of details | complexity | inout reflection, allowing perpetual refinements on criticisms | suggestions | chaos-based open-mindedness. Self-exploration and personal growth medium inexorably expose to redundancy and low information density due to similitude in self-deception dynamics. - Spiritual love-bombing | carrot is problematic, and may push perspectives into transdimensional work mismatched with capabilities | sensitivities. `congratulate each other for our spiritual achievements` Limited emphasis on autonomy is a valid criticism. - Individual intuition precedes social pressure. Caution is advised to deter from emotional exploitation and invalidation. We are not the sum of the lies others throw at us. - `backed up by your direct experience, else it isn't worth anything` while not wrong, this may be a limiting belief. The forum includes transitory sections for health, personal development, politics, and modern intellectualism necessary for stabilitated dreams prior to awookness which can not be ignored, in spite of inconvenience | inherent overflowing noise. - `spiritual smart [butt] roam free` Caution not to sustain self-centric bias, i.e. projection and smugness. Actors are allowed to funpost | expresses emotions (suffering, humor, complaisance, ...) | theorize | speculate, as long as maintaining respectfulness, clarity and transparence over credibility | wisdom limitations, including unknown-of-unknown awareness, i.e. Dunning-Kruger. - Balance of tones may mitigate aforementioned pitfalls. If you were trolling too, you wouldn't have this problem. („• ֊ •„) This message is no authoritative stance on subject of choice, nor legally advisory with respect to spacial boundaries inheritance.
  12. @PurpleTree Recovering from collective narcissistic abuse seems thoughts. What if we had the concept of global mandatory therapy. All earthlings could regularly vote on videos translated in all language. They would include a neutral set of ideas | teachings that everyone must absolutely watch and understand before proceeding with their incarnative corporeal experiences. Civilizational organisms need focus, detached from relentless pressures and exhaustion. (While `collective breathing` would be funny, centralization may quickly devolve into propaganda | control, so nevermind I feel) `Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.` — AE @hundreth Collective trauma reshape local culture and selection pressures | products, similar to how trauma reshape one's mind and ideas. It's a form of brainwashing.
  13. Perhaps with mass-destruction potential equivalences at subsequent layers (national / ideological / ...), e.g. micronized AI drone swarms with compounded network surveillance and annihilation capacities effectively suppressing terrorism | sustaining another fear-based equilibrium. Strong state surveillance will probably be introduced as a counter-measure to terrorism eventually. Power dynamics will shift and be asymmetrical once AIs become sufficiently advanced to design and assemble end-to-end resource extraction and production facilities of autonomous weaponry, especially with recursive self-replication features | material dependence on earthbound common resources. Risk is high and might even lead to a world order by force from unexpected centralized actors rather than global planning, not sure if this is a good thing.