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  1. It's undeniable life (or at least, the observation of it) has a structure, yet it feels like it doesn't have one at the same time. Kind of like God experiencing finite infinities only where it can be fooled into doing so, in such a way existential misunderstandings are fundamental to the flowerish unfoldings.
  2. Certainly helpful to those who don't need help. I wish peeps would stop parroting whatever insights you get at baby's first awawakening experience and start replying to my posts.
  3. i can't do this anymore p-pls give it to me straight, is there a point in anything other than quality of existence? is it just "dreams forever", or there is some kind of endgame to spirituality?
  4. @Nahm this isn't a belief of mine, just something i wrote ironically
  5. i've already tried inspecting my direct experience, and i get that "everything is fine unless you are attached to bad thoughts", but it's not sufficient. p-pls you can't leave me in the dark like this
  6. @BipolarGrowth i need to know what "existence" is like in paranirvana. i like the idea of being able to reach stream entry, but i have to take it slowly with meditation. im traumatized about too many things to brutalize myself with psychedelics @Nahm i assume there is a point in time the physical layers behind this body will decay, and the dream will have to shape itself into a new perspective. i understand dreamer/dreamed are one, but where is there to go? if enlightenment is like switching identification from game character to the screen, it still doesn't explain what happens after the game over screen is displayed i've already tried inspecting the self and reading pretty much all spiritual content available everywhere, and i find shockingly perplexing no other entity is wondering about our eternal fate beyond the ego mind i get that "perception(s)" are like infinite fractals of non-actual distinctions in the void, or something like that.. but existence isn't oblivion for this reason, even if it is
  7. e-escaping from the ignorance leading to unpleasant experiences. by next dreams, i mean whatever are perceptions "after" this physical body dies i don't understand why there is no content available anywhere clearing this fundamental issue away
  8. @Nahm i... i want to be comfy and happy, forever but im scared next dreams might not be pleasant, while the clarity required to escape is fading away (if there is one)
  9. @Consilience @Nahm What is the endgame of spirituality? Is it merging with infinity, or just improving our experience of awareness? Most spiritual contents shared here are produced in such conflicting ways, whether internally or across multiple sources. Is the point of dreams to learn how to never dream again? Some says infinity can not be embodied because it's "infinite, as in, not an experience but a pointer to infinite finitudes". But others like Buddha and Leo seems to share the idea there is some kind of escape after all, and infinity is some kind of blissful state we should all strive for. It's very hard to navigate around for a retard like me p-pls respond. i beg you... I'm stuck with way too much fears to carry any spiritual work to fruition
  10. is it still effective to listen to asmr or calming sounds while meditating? i've all fears existentially possible and this is just too much for me
  11. d-does this mean the cycle of reincarnation will end for your awareness? everything and nothing freaks me out. i dont know what to do
  12. b-but where does the "energy" of the self-entangling mind come from? how can perceptions emanate from nothingness?
  13. BASED Nothing points to what is assumed as the "ground" of consciousness, but consciousness doesn't have a ground other than itself. "Something doesn't exist" or "something exist" is both correct and wrong. Impermanence is permanence.