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  1. LDL cholesterol itself isn't a problem. Only sdLDL is dangerous. High levels of sdLDL are mostly caused by consumption of carbohydrates, especially fructose. If I understand high levels of sdLDL isn't enough to cause atherosclerosis, you also need to have constant inflammation. Probably the issue with carnivore diet isn't fat but lack of fibre to feed gut bacteria. Here is an interesting article
  2. It's really worth listening. Thank you for sharing.
  3. @Michael569 Thank you for your response! I got banana one. It smells nice but it doesn't give any taste - it may trick you if you also use some stevia. It could feel it inside of me for two hours after consuming "banana" yoghurt - it feels like eating fragrances. It's not something I would like to use on a daily basis.
  4. I red that if you have bacterial infection fasting is helpful. If it is a virus it might not be a good idea.
  5. Write if you have something worth writing. Pushing someone to react isn't attractive. It doesn't matter what you do as long as your are not needy / unconscious at the moment.
  6. @flume Psychedelics make body much more flexible. Same for breathing exercises.
  7. If you noticed it you are already started releasing it! Most people even if they are tense do not notice that. You have to observe how you seat - if you aren't symmetrical it means that you are creating tension in your body. Sometimes there are weird reasons like receding gums. LSD is very useful for identification and release of tension / trapped energy. I also recommend this:
  8. How do you know? Ingredients contains "flavours" which is unknown - it can be neutral or bad. I don't want to make any assumptions, that's why I'm asking. If there are safe alternatives I would like to hear about them.
  9. I consider ordering some food aromas similar to this one: "For food use! This gives it a delicious taste of Cookie to your food preparations. Water soluble! USAGE A few drops are enough to impart a pleasant flavour to your dishes. PACKAGE CONTENTS: Pineapple Cookie flask 10 ml. Ingredients. Flavor, propylene glycol, water." Are they ok? I thought they might be a nice addition to keto deserts and stuff.
  10. Why whenever we meet other people there must be food involved? Food makes drowsy and diminishes quality of interaction.
  11. Why do you think that she isn't good looking?
  12. @Godishere I think that that a best method is to assume that the person you are interested in is reciprocating your interest. This way you remove pressure from yourself and need for validation - this way you aren't needy. If you try to extract validation it makes her less willing to show it. If she isn't interested it just means that you are not compatible so there is no need to be worried about that anyway. Do you want to be in a relationship with someone who isn't compatible?
  13. @GreenLight In order to be in ketosis state you have to deplete your glycogen. This is the reason why it takes some time to go back. You have to run out of fuel before producing ketones. Mct-oil is something like external source of ketone bodies.
  14. I don't like this label because it sounds super weird. I believe that this experiences are true - we creating our reality, so this person is made out of our deepest desires. I can relate, I have a somewhat similar experience. I also met a person who made me feel trippy. I used about her obsessively - I was hardly able not to think about her for a few seconds. However I was never rejected or anything like that. Wanting her was so intense that it felt painful. You have to dissipate the tension. Even if she was as close to you as it is possible it would still feel that she is too far. Find out how she makes you feel and find her inside of you.
  15. As I mentioned before. It may take you two to four days to be back in ketosis. Eating cabs once a week is too often because you are going in and out of ketosis.