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  1. My own life experience. Some girls act passive, they will always respond instantly but are afraid to initiate. There are others signs of interest. It happened to me to be approached by a girl few times. In this kind of situation I would go along with her. I don't think I asked any questions I'm slow to decide if I like someone, so in this case traditional gender roles would be reversed. If there are any signs of interest than he is interested. You should easily guess by quality of his answers. There is also possibility that he is just playing. He finds you attractive but is not interested in nothing more. If there is an attractive girl I will use it as an opportunity to improve my game
  2. It depends on the guy. If you are the extroverted one he will let you take the lead. Some girls will not ask you questions because they are interested.
  3. Ok, I get that. In my opinion this system is great. I spent more than ten years studying it and it was worth my effort. However at this point I wouldn't be willing do spent so much time on any map. My maps covered enough territory and I'm getting less and less from studying new ones. Socionics is a high quality map, but only a map.
  4. You would need at least few years of intense learning of Socionics to have only decent understanding. I get that not everybody likes diving in this kind of formal systems - everyone has their own proffered kind of maps, maybe it's not yours. Maybe you are PoLR Ti..?
  5. MBTI types descriptions doesn't give many useful information. I recommend learning Socionics. Working on your PoLR function (your blindspot) is SUPER USEFUL. Without this you are going to judge negatively actions of other people based on this function. You will also supress it and that will create a lot of problems in your life that could be otherwise easily solved. Also intertype relationships are very insightful. If you face any problem when interacting with someone you will get a tool to understand interaction dynamics. It's very important to understand someone's blindspot because there are things that people are almost unaware and you can't do almost anything about it.
  6. Typing animals is controversial, but you can type accurately few months old child. He looks like a typical. Did he change his mind?? There was some drama, he was saying that he is not earning any money (???) as if it was something wrong about it. He seems a bit sketchy to me. He has some good videos anyway.
  7. MBTI is just a test. If you want to learn something check Socionics. It's also based on cognitive functions but it uses slightly different naming convention.
  8. It is not that he is bad at typing. He overestimates his skills and underestimate time needed to type someone accurately.
  9. In my opinion LSD + meditation/kriya and 5 MeO DMT can be very similar. You can reach a state you forget about ever being a human. The difference is that with LSD your assistance is needed to reach glimpses of those states. 5 MeO DMT will destroy your reality and you can't do anything about it. Also 5 MeO DMT is an energetic tool, it's like initiation by guru - you will not get anything like that by using LSD, it's not even comparable. However LSD might be better for contemplation. I do not get so many 'insights', it rather shatters my worldview You should do it at least once. After few breakthroughs I am able to reach short nondual states (deeper than with LSD) without any substance. It also happens to me to trip while sleeping.
  10. Personality isn't separate from physical body, both are expression of one thing.
  11. I'm not here to judge what you did (I wasn't there). She will test you if you are going in the right direction? Isn't it what David Deida wrote in his book? There are a lot of universal truths in PUA if you do not treat it as a tool to get laid. (I'm not denying that PUA is disgusting). Ten years ago I used to read PUA forum and was struck that a shit test has much broader meaning. I think there is another problem I also faced. You (me, everyone) want to establish intimacy as permanent object. The issue is that this is a subtle matter that slips through fingers. You can only have it NOW. It's same thing as trying to catch the God. You got it but a second later you lost it again. Sometimes it's frustrating
  12. It's not about PUA or following any rules. People (not only females) will tell things to test if you are genuine. Everyone does it, all the time. If you are getting triggered it means that you are there is falsehood inside. If she really was sure that you aren't entitled to ever cry she wouldn't have to tell you. Probably she is conditioned that "males never cry". That's why she tested you. If you crying is genuine and thing to do, why would you be reactive? She wants to tear your ego apart.
  13. There is another layer. He reacted based on her reaction of him crying. It would be better to brush it off. I would suggest to treat it as an ego test (PUA's call it shit test)
  14. @cypres I totally agree about eye movements. However I think eyes movements are more obvious if someone is Perceiving function is dominant. Back to Sadhguru. He reminds me my ISTP friend and John Petrucci who is clearly an ISTP My guess is that because ISTP is has stronger Si (not preferred) than Se it makes eye movements more complex. ESxP have this funny way of looking, when their head is moving but they keep looking at the same point. And here is ENTP Mike Patton. Sadhguru is much more similar to JP - rather stiff and less chaotic body movements. They both have this friendly-agressive appearance. Also activities he did as a child are stereotypical for ISTP. ENTPs does not like physical discomfort and they often piss their pants (they don't realize they have to go to toilet until it's to late).