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  1. @Something Funny Manufacturing is hard. I tested it myself. It depends what kind of product you want to create. If you start from scratch and create unique product, your manufacturing process is going to be very ineffective. I will assume here that you are doing it yourself. It means that your pay per hour is going to be super low. Another problem is selling your product. You need to spend a lot of time advertising to even make people aware off your product. Than you need to convince them that it's worth paying premium. Because of problems mentioned above I switched to reselling. Product is already made and well known. There is zero risk that I will not be able to sell it. There is also no need for advertisement. Having great product is secondary, first you need to be able to sell it.
  2. I listened to a couple of videos. It's quite interesting. However I'm doing exactly the opposite thing. I can't dedicate a whole room for my stuff at the moment. I keep most (in terms of value) of my stuff in just two suitcases. He claims that you should sell 10 items a day. Two items a day would be perfect for me. I tend to have a lower return form investment but I avoid buying stuff that will earn me less than $15-20. I like to buy stuff that costs $80 and can be sold for $120. It also takes as much space as a boxed mobile phone. I would like to transition to another category of product in order to make my stock smaller. Selling 5 expensive items a week would be perfect.
  3. SHORT STORY: I don't remember exactly. About a year ago I found some cheap used item. I didn't need so I bought it to sell it with profit. Once year later I'm getting reasonable income. My room is messy (not only).., bicycle parts are laying everywhere. I struggle to open my wardrobe because of boxes. I also have video LED lamps under my desk. HOW I WORK: Sometimes I fix stuff or make it look nicer. Sometimes I buy a set of items and sell them separately. Sometimes I just buy cheap, make a good description and great photos same make a good profit. PROBLEMS: My inventory is growing. At some point I will need to scale up because it doesn't make much sense to have more than five or ten identical items. If I'm syndrome selling cheap stuff because I got them as a set with one or two more expensive items. It's time consuming. Preparing two or three auctions a day would be reasonable. At some point I will need to scale up and find more expensive items to buy because my time and energy is limited. QUESTIONS: Do you know any good resources for a speculative reselling? What are good items for reselling? Bicycle parts are good because for an ordinary person it's hard to estimate a value. They are also quite small and easy to store.
  4. Funnily few days after writing this fist post I noticed facial hair in area I never had them. Maybe there were light colored, soft hair but nothing like a beard. I forgot to write an update Now I think that it might work but there is a risk that it's not going to be enough density except on the bottom of my face. My face is rather narrow and anything like goatee would make me look horrible. Maybe my business idea will work out and looking half my age isn't going to have any negative effects on my income
  5. By 'same space' do you mean same room? It reminds me my ESFJ mother. I dubt that you can do anything to change her behavior. Tere is a huge difference in a way me and my mother function. It's like I'm making a making a call - there is a start and there is an end. She acts as if the call is on all the time. The only way to solve this issue is to be in a physically separate space. If separate room is not enough maybe you should lock the door.
  6. I considered using dermaroller on my face and to maintain hairline. It might not be entirely safe if you do it improperly - it's probably not worth for me at the moment. You should avoid cheap rollers that have steel plates instead of needles
  7. Minoxidil doesn't cause hair regrowth, it's not going to recover hairline, it rather improves density in places you still have some hair left. That's why it probably wouldn't help me grow beard. Another issue is that it's not effective for many people - I don't know if it's true but I heard that spray/foam works for only about 30% of people. Oral form is supposed to be more effective. I don't know how long hair will stay if you stop Minoxidil. Some people claim that you may be able to stop using it after one year because hair growth cycle lasts 2 to 6 years. It would make sense that you should be able to use Minoxidil for one year and than keep decent beard for another two years. However scalp hair growth cycle doesn't differ all that much. My father is in his late 60s and have better hair than my friends below that are below 25 yo. Maybe except for the crown region. I suspect that beard probably wouldn't work well with my face shape. I guess that guy that designed me knew what he was doing and it's better for me to shave less often.
  8. I'm soon to be 34 with almost no beard - only very sparse goatee. I also look quite young. I met my distant cousin, I've seen her when she was a child and she didn't remember me. She is 19 and she thought that I'm 21 yo Sometimes it's beneficial to look younger but in a work environment it's going to be problematic. I decided that I will test Mindoxidil. I used it twice a day. I didn't take any photos before and after. You are also supposed to use the bottle up to month after opening it. My results: after a month I noticed that my beard is getting thicker. After almost two months my beard is much more dense, like twice as much hair..? However I haven't noticed any changes in areas I did not have facial hair. I had zero side effects - no skin irritation at all. I also applied it once a day to maintain my hairline (some people may experience receding hairline while using Minoxidil). I suppose it would for hair regrowth but luckily I'm still 0 in the Norwood scale. It works, however it seems to make beard more dense but it doesn't seem to be effective for beard growth if you don't have any. Not for females, sorry I think that's the end of my experiment because I don't plan on buying another bottle. In my case it doesn't make me look any better. It's just more visible when I'm not shaved. I suppose it's time for me to dye my hair grey. * Minoxidil may cause skin to produce less collagen, this is also the reason I'm not willing to continue experimentation that doesn't produce enough results
  9. I recommend this podcast "sexual attraction vs energetic attraction" I believe that the Twin Flame is a real phenomenon. There is a person that I knew that has to exist before I finally met her - she matched the energy I was searching for. There was something trippy about her (waveing walls etc) and when I connected deeply with her via messenger I had amazing energetic experience - it felt like we melted together. I felt aftereffects for a whole week. At this point I feel kind of disgusted of other females I guess that soulmate is someone that matches you energy attraction to a certain degree.
  10. I tried using LSD analog twice while socializing. First time it was 100 ug during wedding party another time 150 or 200 ug during a party. In my experience it enhanced social skills and confidence. However it's not going to work if you don't feel comfortable. Wedding party was amazing because there was a girl with whom I had great chemistry. LSD made my mind so fast that I was fully in control of her emotions. I was able to say thrle perfect thing to steer precisely in the right direction. Anther attempt wasn't that successful. I couldn't connect this way with anyone, so there wasn't anything to enhance. I felt powerless. Whole experience was rather underwhelming.
  11. I highly recommend (I had similar issues and it worked for me): 1. Bending back 2. Sticking thumbs into your shoulders (google 'Himalayan mruga yoga' by Kevala Foundation) 3. Stretching by standing and touching the ground with fingers/fists/palms. 3.5 Superior version is Maha Mudra. However it was impossible for me to perform properly (with legs straight) because I was barely able to touch my feet, I had to stretch a lot. After few months I can touch the ground with palms so Mahamudra isn't a problem anymore. Also hanging might be very good - it would work in a similar fashion to 3 and 3.5.
  12. Plugging makes trip shorter.
  13. Good quality chocolate doesn't have that much sugar. You can eat chocolate instead of bread! I wish it had none but even stupid law in UE doesn't allow to name chocolate as 'chocolate' if it has other sweetener instead of sugar Don't panic I had super annoying tooth pain, I was sure that I will need to have a canal treatment. I turned out everything was fine. I suspect that I had some vitamin C deficiency.
  14. I'm still using my first wax plugs when sleeping. They still work, however because they aren't sticky enough now, they are much less effective in blocking sounds. I ordered foam plugs similar to those - they seem to be safer. Mine are going to be green. As far as I know pink/yellow ones have much larger diameter and might be only suitable if you have big ear canals. Leo made me buy foam earplugs but there is an issue with wearing them. They will block not only noised but it will make impossible to listen to music or use YouTube for work, cooking or whatever. Here are two solutions: - using bone conduction headphones - using closed headphones as an ear protection. Sometimes I wear them, even if they are completely off (no ANC).