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  1. Mine is quite good brand with some "BIO" certificate. It's made in China..
  2. Ok, I'm coming back. My guess that I inserted my syringe a little bit to deep / my position was improper and liquid went too far. Also my bowels weren't empty last time. Using doses like 60 mg seems inefficient. I am planning to but a e-vape. I have nearly 3 grams of 5 meo dmt in freebase form. The problem is ordering e-vape from China is risky because it's not legal to import. The cheapest and most convenient way is to get used one. How to choose a proper e-vape?
  3. I'm using it from time to time. It's not as noticable as l-theanine or sulbutiamine. To be honest I didn't notice any effects yet. I have never tried a lobster. Taste and smell of powdered form is really nice.
  4. Green tends to see red as oppressed. They want to help them. I guess it's more likely to see unhealthy green dating red (especially from other culture) than blue. Blue is the most evil stage for them Orange is just too materialistic for their taste. Green doesn't understand the difference between them and turquoise. They see torqoise as wise green. It is similar to relationship between orange and yellow. Blue can't really destinguish orange and yellow is the same. They however hope that they can fix yellow because they aren't totally spoiled as orange. If you want to attract green females you should become turquoise cult leader You can see Sadguru's videos, he is surrounded mostly by young green people who ask silly questions I'm not saying he is a cult leader, but you can become one 8)
  5. Orange seem to not understand the difference between yellow. They see yellow as sightly irrational. They often assume that you do not verify facts. I would consider myself turquoise (early stage). I'm interested in a green girl (which is perfectly fine considering her age). I see possibility of her evolving very rapidly. Otherwise I wouldn't go lower than yellow. People are usually rather attracted to the same stage of spiral. There is always done some dissonance when you are interacting with other stage. Even if you are not really trying to contradict their worldview they act as if you did that. They might be initially attracted to higher stage but it will not stick.
  6. Green tea contains 10 mg of l-theanine, black 30 mg. I would rather recommend getting l-theanine powder. My dose is 150 mg twice a day.
  7. @universe you can get a dog and it will lick your dishes clean
  8. Good morning!! You don't have deep enough connection with your boyfriend. There is something to do about it. I experienced merging with the girl and now constantly feel her presence. Until that time I also felt a need for some kind of validation.
  9. Looks like you are more experienced than me You can ask girls for a coffee. Just start with ones that you are not physically attracted to. Another approach is to learn to distinguish which type of girls you like (it's usually mutual). It is useful to learn personality theory. This way you can avoid unsuccessful approaches. If you learn the signs of attraction it will be easier to navigate. I'm laser focused because I know well what I want.
  10. Try asking people (not only girls, everyone) what time is it. New level is asking when you have a watch or phone in your hand. You will gain some confidence. I did that and one girl was even disappointed that I am asked her only about time You feel shy not because you are shy, it's because of expectations.
  11. Imagine there is some random girl want to be in a relationship. It doesn't matter who it is, she just want someone right now. Would you be interested in having babies with her and spending the rest of your life together? Your approach is off-putting.
  12. What you can achieve is no food cravings, better mental clarity and lower chance of cancer. There isn't any method that promises anything, it's just people
  13. Asking is a shortcut. It is helpful to get a starting point. However I noticed that sometimes I ask too many questions. What it does is turning my mind off because I don't feel responsibility anymore. This is a way to loose willpower. Be mindful when and why you are asking for advice.