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  1. @DefinitelyNotARobot It's easier to accept sounds if you have a choice. I also think that physiology plays a role. Repetitive, loud sounds make body anxious, it's not just me making up stories how I hate vehicle motor sounds. When I'm asleep I'm not aware of noise but it might create less pleasant dreams and diminish sleep quality. I have an impression that using earplugs during a night is almost enough for me. Before my daily tolerance for noise was finished as soon as I woke up.
  2. OK, here are my results. Firstly earplugs. Wax earplugs work for me well. They have to warm up before they are pliable enough. At first they may be too stiff and do not create a seal. Overall they seen to be both effective and quite comfortable. ANC headphones. First I got Taotronics 85 - they didn't work, than I got another pair of 85's. They are comfortable but sound is 'muddy' and quite 'narrow'. Also ANC produces too much white noise for my taste. If there is not much noise around me it's counterproductive. Mostly because of of white noise issue I ordered Taotronics. There is more defined separation between sound sources and sound is relatively crisp. ANC seems to be slightly quieter. They are really good if your head is a size of a soccer ball.. I will keep 85's. They are fine but it's not always worth using ANC. Another bonus is that in 85's ANC can be used without headphones being on. In summary I noticed that noise level has substantial impact on my mood. I'm definitely more calm and less irritable.
  3. I think that it's a mistake to judge Leo's personality by how he acts now. It would be much better to look at his older videos. Personal development makes personality type less pronounced. I'm an INTP and from my perspective Leo's mind seem to work same way. However I noticed that Leo doesn't have strong preference for Ne. Because of that he has INTJ qualities. He also mentioned in one of his videos that he had to develop a sense of humour. If his Ne was strong he wouldn't have to work on that. On the other hand he was able to focus on his goals and be productive, which isn't easy for typical INTP.
  4. Thank you all for responses!! Earplugs: This night I used my rubber ear plugs that are connected by cord. I was unable to use both of them when because I sleep on one side or another. I was able to lay with window opened. Main difference is color, mine are orange with blue cord They work very well, however I am worried that they could go too deep. Plus I feel that I already have too much wax in my ears. Rubber also seems to cause some skin irritation. I decided to buy silicone earplugs. I went to pharmacy not to waste any time on shipping and got wax plugs instead (they didn't have silicone). They seem to be quite comfortable and probably give enough sound insulation. I'm not super sensitive to sounds but traffic at 5 or 6 am is just too much and probably makes sleep quality worse. ANC headphones: It seems to be a dumb idea.. at first. Then I found a test that reasonably priced headphones can reduce low register sounds by 17 dB and the higher the better - up to 33 dB. I would be able to open the window! I got refurbished SoundSurge 85 for less than $20. Hopefully they aren't broken. Fixing windows/apartment: Moving out in close future is not an option. I will replace and add new seals to my window. However I don't believe that I can't fully soundproof my room. Even if I had best windows I will be able to hear low register sounds that will go through the walls. Probably I will try to do something to ban people that aren't living here from crossing this area. I wouldn't be surprised at all if over 95% of traffic were people getting a shortcut. There was even more strict restriction before but it was too strict and because of that now anyone can't drive as they whish.
  5. Despite living far from center there is insane traffic in front of my window. This is just a residential area but drivers treat it as a shortcut to avoid getting stuck into the traffic jam on a main road. What is even worse this road is between two large buildings so you can hear each car very well. I'm planning to replace window seals but I don't believe that it's going to be enough. I'm so angry that I just want to destroy all cars at the moment Enough venting out. Would you recommend wearing any ear plugs? I don't want to have a wax buildup in my ear. I have a pair o rubber one at the moment but the issue is that they will cause wax problems plus I hear myself swallowing, etc. I thought about rode Would you recommend any that will work for me long term?
  6. Lol. I blacked out many times when I was bending back. Nowadays my energy build-up is smoother so it doesn't hit me this way anymore.. and I don't hit my head against the wardrobe anymore. Try to be more aware of energy flow. I also STORONGLY recommend transmissions of consciousness. They quickly made my energy flow less abrupt.
  7. @Thought Art Because you have your YouTube channel linked I know how you look like. In my opinion your issue is that you have light hair/eyebrows/facial hair. You need to grow your beard longer to get more defined face shape, that's all. Seriously you have nothing to complain about. Everyone can find something wrong in their looks. I've got plenty of hair but wouldn't be able to grow even a patchy goatee. Plus I have very youthful appearance. So I have would have to settle for 10 years younger females with pedophile tendencies - I'm extraggerating ;] but they will likely assume that I'm the younger one..
  8. I think that you should shot an episode about fapping I have different experiences. It always made me feel drained, even when I was a teen. I doubt that it's related to health. However now it doesn't cause such negative effects. I think it's all about technique. Probably 80% of guys will feel depleted instead of being energized afterwards.
  9. This is because you aren't controlling energy flow. You have to control your arousal so you are able to stop before it's to late. The longer you can stop yourself from ejaculating the better. Ideally you wouldn't ejaculate at all.
  10. You might be immune despite not having visible symptoms. In this case your immunity after vaccination might be worse than before because of vaccine being outdated.
  11. @Thought Art I red somewhere that being bald makes your head appear to be more oval - feminine trait. Somehow If you have hair it creates contrast with your jawline and it is perceived to be less rounded. Solution is having a beard that will counteract that. I can't find any source, sorry. Good example: Despite steroids abuse he doesn't look aggressive or threatening at all.
  12. @Mada_ L-theanine concentration in a green tea is almost negligible. Black tea has much higher concentration but it's still barely noticeable.
  13. I have no idea. I'm living in Europe. Here it's really weird situation, because it's prescription drug and you aren't supposed to be able to buy it. You aren't supposed to pay any taxes when you import Armodafinil because it's exempted. I have no idea what would happen if it was checked by customs - I would have to give them prescription? It's not clear to me. I took half four times a week, sometimes more. If I take it too often it feels more and more dirty. It seems to be working but I'm becoming more anxious and less productive. Now I'm switching between different substances.
  14. If I remember well I took 4 x 20 mg scoop at most. That seems to be a good dose. For some reason I don't see much difference between different nootropics anymore. They seem to be rather similar and each of them feels smooth. Only Armodafinil feels slightly dirty as it wears off. I also tested Noopepet - main difference is a short duration. Huperzine A is said to be good for lucid dreaming. Noopept might be even better. I had very vivid dreams when I took it ~four hours before falling asleep. I'm switching between a Huperzine, Armodafinil (or Modafinil) and Noopept to avoid side effect of overusing one substance. I also have some Sulbutiamine left so I will also use it from time to time.