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  1. I don’t want to upset you mate but that was possibly the worst sales pitch ever.
  2. Me neither, and anyone who thinks I have a problem taking on such people is simply wrong - Bring them on I say! I mean… is anyone here confused that my back is against the wall here? That the tone of my video and its editing style was some unintentional accident? That my target audience is here in Actualized? Seriously…? 🤨
  3. The scientology example was to demonstrate that the person at the top of the pyramid tends to have a certain bias and lack of objectivity. It was an analogy mate, its not that complicated. Analogy “a comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.
  4. I agree that Actualized is not a cult and have said this many many times. There is a difference between a cult (like Scientology) and a cult of personality (like the fanatics around Donald Trump, even though Trump himself is not the leader of a cult). Actualized is not a cult, but there is a cult of personality around Leo which results in groupthink, delusional thinking, and is in my opinion pretty ridiculous. I make this distinction in the video, its even right there in the thumbnail. Again if you actually listen to the words then its not thst unreasonable.
  5. @Leo Gura Dude, I am never surprised when people here disagree with me - what on earth gave you such a silly idea? We have even talked about this before so stop recycling these tired tropes. I enjoy these challenging discussions, I am not afraid to actually confront others about my ideas or beliefs, and in case you haven’t noticed I have quite a lot of fun in the process. You should try it sometime - IF YOU DARE! Honestly though you guys are pussycats compared to the SJW crowd I took on with Psymposia, so don’t kid yourself that a few disagreements on has me sobbing into my pillow 😀
  6. The only attacks were against the cult like mindset which I mske clear I think is absurd, and if you subscribe to that mindset then sure, you are going to feel ridiculed - that was 100% the intent. The victory was for rationality vs irrationality, and again this is clearly stated in the video. I thought Leo had turned a corner by disowning all that delusional stuff which is a win for rationality. If you actually listen to the arguments I make then they probably aren’t what you think they are, but people here get so easily triggered.
  7. Yup, go back and watch my first video on Leo where i describe his earlier content as very interesting, and it was only when I got to the later stuff that his delusions became apparent. Question for ya bud… Did you actually pay attention to the words being spoken in my videos, or did you just dismiss them out of hand because you perceived them as heresy against the infallible guru? If you don’t listen to the words then you will never ever get the nugget.
  8. Quick recap - the video really wasn’t about Leo, it was about the utterly insane personality cult around him, and a quick read through the comments from these so called “moderators” illustrates my point perfectly. To those who took the time to engage with the point at hand, even if you might not agree - thank you. To those who blindly dismiss it - thanks for being part of my inspiration to make it 😀🙏
  9. Hi @Leo Gura It certainly IS amusing, because all the exact things you said in your "I'm leaving" video you now describe as signs of delusion - or is this one of those situations where it only applies to anyone who isn't you? I guess if YOU say that YOU are the most awakened person on the planet who has mystical healing powers then that's OK, but if someone ELSE said it then it would be delusional - am I understanding this correctly? One thing I will say is that if I misread this whole thing as your attempt to correct for last years absurd bullshit, when in actuality you are sticking to your guns, then I can only apologise, and don't worry I will soon correct the record and let my audience know that you are still in fact completely delusion. Again I would ask you to confirm exactly when you will begin to cure all human diseases, and instantaneously solve every problem for humanity. If you could do it by the end of this week that would be awesome. I thought I had made it fairly clear that I don't study your "body of work" because I don't think it is anything beyond a YouTube channel by an inexperienced and sometimes delusional young man. You are not some wizened sage who is worth seriously studying mate, and so I choose to invest my energies into material of a higher caliber. For all the points below I am happy to go and get the actual quotes if you deem it necessary - but do I really need to do this? its all in the first video straight from the horses mouth. I think this is a big part of your problem - I don't think you even know half the shit you have said. That is why your content is so contradictory, but anyway here is some rough counterpoints for you to chew on. No you haven't been promoting psychedelic safety since day one - don't be absurd. Day one of what? Your channel? Was it before or after you told everyone to take 5 MEO DMT or they were wasting decades of their life? Where is this public record you speak of? This wasn't a big criticism anyway so I'm not sure why you are banging on about it. Yes you did claim to be the messiah. You know when you say you are greater than Jesus, greater than Buddha, the most enlightened awakened person who ever existed on the history of this planet. The guy who was chosen by the universe to spread its highest teachings and gifted with the power to heal mankind - those are messianic claims you chump! In regard to the cult leader thing - are you simple? I have said about 10 times now that I DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A CULT LEADER. You do understand that a "cult of personality" is not the same thing as you leading a cult? Surely I don't have to explain the difference to someone as learned as you? So please... tell me again whose vision is clouded If you didn't want to correspond with me then just say so you big soft shit. You were the one who started it with the laughable bravado of "IF YOU DARE", so at least have the balls to say "I changed my mind". You are like the guy who challenges someone to a pistol duel but then comically runs off in the opposite direction when they say yes - its really lame, bordering on cowardice to be honest, and not what one would expect from a god-like being such as yourself. As for my unhealthy fixation with you - what can I say, there is A LOT of material here with you and your followers that just writes itself, and I think the bizarre mindset of this group is worth commenting on. Surely you would agree because you yourself have commented on other such groups, even in your recent video addressing the Jordan Peterson phenomenon - or is this another one of those situations where you are exempt... because Leo? I Think of it kinda like when SNL pokes fun at the ridiculousness of Donald Trump and his zealots, it works precisely because its true - and I'm sure it stings him for the same reason. The pretentious tend and egotistical tend to be burned most by ridicule. Finally mate, you don't have the last word on what spirituality is, nor god, nor anything - you are just a dude. Take care buddy
  10. Guys… what can I say I’m sorry that your guru has agreed with my assessment from 18 months ago, you know the one you all got triggered by and said I had COMPLETELY WRONG. Perhaps try reflecting on what went wrong with your assessment there, could perhaps the same biases be in effect today? I think they are 🙂 I’m sorry that you might feel a bit ridiculous right now, and so might look to divert the topic rather than acknowledge the obvious. I’m sorry my tone offends you, but I believe ridicule is one of the greatest tools in deconstructing the absurd. Im sure none of you have a problem with Donald Trump being ridiculed for his preposterous outbursts do you? I appreciate that I was a little bit harsh in some of my words, but to say you guys need to come down a peg or two is a massive understatement. The level of pretentiousness and ego is insane, to the point I even doubt you know the meaning of those words. Anyway, these threads are rarely productive so I shall say farewell. 🙏🥰
  11. Whether you cognitively agree or not, the fact that you picked up a device and typed out your disagreement, while acting out entirely in accordance with my "assumption" is good enough for me. Perhaps next time you should just dream your thoughts over to me, it would be a much more convincing argument. As for the simulation/illusion/hallucination then I already covered this in the video around the 09:17 mark
  12. OK, let me chime in here and hopefully straighten a few things out. Firstly let me clarify my motivation for making this video and also the previous one about staying grounded, and its to and put the brakes on the kind of mentality that lead to the recent suicide of one of the members here on Actualized. I think a strong grounded foundation is critical for any kind of serious psychedelic exploration, and I would say that when that is not the case then we end up with Conor Murphys and tragic cases like Sunni. I would hope that this would be something that we can all agree on - that (regardless of what else is going on) we have bodies, and that we interacting with a physical plane of existence. No matter how much of it we PERCEIVE, it is REAL (the definition reality was in the video). Actions have consequences, and its happening independent of you - now if we cannot agree on that then you leave the door wide open to future Sunni's, and needless to say THAT WOULD BE BAD. Even Leo has said similar things in the light of these events (look after your bodies, actions have consequences, don't hurt your physical form) so I really don't think there is a whole lot of daylight between me and him here (Leo feel free to correct me). We need to look after our physical bodies, because they are (at the very least) occupying a physical plane, and the shit going around you (while not being the totality of reality) is real. I notice a lot of the usual silliness here and most of it has fuck all to do with the point at hand. The plane of reality I discuss within this video has ZERO impact on what you might want to believe about God, consciousness, religion, or whatever else - so calm your tits. I'm also seeing a lot of the same "everything is imaginary" waffle which is what led to the recent tragedy, I guess some things never change... ho hum. Now the argument I presented within this video is specifically to debunk the case put forth by Deepak within the documentary. You might argue that there are other additional factors that I didn't take into account, but that's not what I was debunking. Deepak put forward his case with some very specific examples in a mainstream documentary, and there were BAD easily debunkable examples. I used the full clip quoting Deepak, and included dictionary definitions of the words at hand, so he was not in any way misrepresented. I will say that I think Deepak Chopra is pretty notorious for his word salad bullshit and that I don't think there is much value in anything he says (most of which he just regurgitates from other more useful sources). So in summary all I would say is that if this (the case Deepak makes here) was the foundation you were using to understand reality then you probably should go back to the drawing board, because its an extremely flimsy basis which might make for a quirky soundbite but doesn't hold up to much scrutiny.
  13. @soos_mite_ah Thank you for writing such a detailed post and for seeing my video in the light it was intended. I hope others will follow your example ?
  14. That's not true at all mate, I have said many times that I personally have enjoyed and found value in many of your videos, so to frame my criticism as a vendetta against you or this forum is simply false. I have defended you against absurd statements on my own channel, have given kudos to you in conversations with other YouTubers, and I was more than happy to show support in the recent Connor debacle in which I completely sided with you - so lets not muddy the waters here. Still, if this particular comment from me has hit a sore spot then apologies, that wasn't my intention. I simply saw others within Actualized raise the same concern and thought you might appreciate an outside opinion.
  15. No mate, its my ammunition. I have zero problem with users like this. They bake the cake for me, so please don't interpret this comment as me complaining, and these guys are welcome to come test their mettle on my channel anytime. I am genuinely trying to help you here - Its your bad PR, just like Connor was your bad PR. Do what you will with that bit of feedback, its your house