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  1. This is a very good, precise distinction.
  2. Disconnection from parents to child in early childhood leads that child to ditch on family later. Living with disconnected parents is a living hell. I can relate to your Taj Mahal experience. Your mental well-being is important than anything. Living with your family is a disservice to yourself. Your parents (almost all) already had their lives. Now it is your turn. Make it run by your terms.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I actually needed this. Good sources.
  4. Leo do a collab with this channel.
  5. @bejapuskas Thanks. This is what I am trying to do. To actualize. I appreciate your advice.
  6. @dflores321 Good. Good luck
  7. Just don't be too focused on this thing.
  8. I agree with you here. And like somewhere I read, "Traumatized people are highly attracted to people with no emotions and who are not always available."
  9. I watched a video where a shy guy was picking up some girls. Every single girl was annoyed and wanted to run away from the awkwardness. Same concept with a shy girl picking up guys, to be honest, no body cared as well. I was shocked. Even dudes laid back. Confidence is crucial for both genders. Confidence is a sign of an actualized person.
  10. Ahh yeah. Let me tell my mom she doesn't exist. Or she is me and I am her.
  11. Trust me, masculine girls love to worship shy guys. All you have to understand is that you have too many feminine traits in you. Get ready for a masculine woman to pick you up. LOL Attraction differes from girl to girl. If a girl is shy too, she will hate you and won't love you in anyway. Love is strong when there is polarity. Masculine energy attracts feminine and vice versa. It's like - & +. There can't be a masculine male and masculine female. There always be a tug of war.
  12. First off, have a very clear distinction between love and addiction. Addiction is: escapism from reality. Denying the turth and living in a fantasy wold. It's a an adaptation to temporary pleasure. Love is: Limitless acceptance no matter what. You are not addicted. Alright I don't want to go too metaphysical here. Don't get rid of love/addiction to this game or whatever all of a sudden. Love this part of you who loves to play. Accept it. But at the same time work on your alternative habit that can replace it. Get rid of everything that triggers you to play the game. For eg: 1. Uninstall the game 2. Dont watch anything about it (videos). Unsubscribe to YouTube channels that talk about gaming 3. If you have friends who plays it too. Don't talk about it when you are with them. In a few months you will even forget about it.
  13. Yeah. This is one of the reasons why I shared this on here. I wanted multiple perspectives figure it out. Basically I gave too much advices to multiple people around me. (My friend and members of my family). For example I told my friend to read books. I literally gave a lecture about the importance of books. And I told him to use some software, and he is finding it cool. Same again, I gave a lecture about this software. The other day I thought... that the whole time I was with him. I was his life coach not his friend. I wasted too much energy. When I came back home the night I regret giving all these advices. Now Everytime he talks about those books and software. I am like, I shouldn't have gave those advices. We should be talking about funny stuff now and all we talk is advice+motivation. it's boring. And everyone I advised, when they meet me they talk about those things. Not what a normal friends should be talking about. I just don't want to be someone who gives advices. And when they need me I will be there. Nah. Hope you got it.
  14. What is it's context and placement here?
  15. Nope. Not seeing myself as highly regarded from the other person. To me regard is nothing. I never wished for it. If I help someone, I do it for good.