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  1. @Identity Pu**y would have been so inappropriate for the title.
  2. Generation Vagina! This new generation has become more neouratic, dependent, needy which always whine bitch and moan and complain about anything and everything that come their way. Reffering them as chimps would be a better term to demonstrate who they are. I think, we can not move on to deep self- actualizing topics without addressing the problems we face in our day to day lives.
  3. As chess is the best strategical game mankind has ever created, if you could shoot a video or videos about life seen from the lens of a chess game; the best moves we make, the blunders and the chances we miss with one simple decision. This will also resonate with your video you shot "How to Be A Strategic Motherfucker" too. For example: If you could also shoot separate videos on, The Pawn mindset, The King Mindset, The Queen Mindset, The Knight Mindset ... etc, with its all drawbacks and strengths with the spiral dynamics explanation too. My humble request/opinion.