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  1. @AdeptusPsychonautica I have been watching Leo's work since 2016, and to be fairly honest he has helped me a lot over the course of these 4 to 5 years. He has helped me In almost all domains of my life. His early videos are gold — I must say. But what he recently got into is something really delusional and unaccepted, maybe it is good for some people [Kudos], but speaking of myself... I certainly won't buy it. No matter what. Call me whatever. I never accepted his teaching 100 percent, but looking back, It was kinda sucking me into his dogma and ideology. It just did not make sense to me. I was very vulnerable and gullible back then. I completely gave up on my social life, left my family and friends. I literally was at the darkest phase of my life. I had no other option but to find some meaning in my life. This is when I found out about Leo and all of a sudden found something that just made me feel good. But at the same time, his teaching worked my mind and made me more of an isolated kid who thought he was God but in reality, a piece of shit. I personally thank you @AdeptusPsychonautica for making me more conscious of the fact that I am not God. I am human. I perhaps will still be watching his work every now and then but will be more skeptical and critical of what he teaches. I am deciding to finally no longer be a member of this forum, although the forum members here and Leo somehow helped me. Thanks. I will still choose to get out of this package. Thanks to all of you. Bye.
  2. And what do you guys think of this video? I think I am bombarded by these videos now. I see it everywhere on my YT. And what about this. guys. . This is interesting. Why is everyone having a problem with Leo saying he is god. Is he the first one saying that? I think him calling himself a god is a problem.
  3. Damn, I am learning so much from this discussion here. Thanks to Adaptus for raising his concerns here. I actually always wanted to see critics of Leo's work. But I think Leo is not doing a bad job defending his position here. Kudos to Leo. Continue your work, my buddy. You do you. Love.
  4. yeah man, 100 percent. I hate parroting. A very immature Leo lol
  5. How would you differentiate shadow from ego?
  6. Interesting. Just found this video in my feed about shadow work which I thought would be nice to share here for a better understanding of how shadow works.
  7. I searched for and stumbled up this video which caught my attention and immediately made me click on it and watch. What is going on with this guy? He seems really sick to me, the way he talks and acts in the video. Here is the link to the video, and let me know what your take is on this one. It is crazy. I am particularly interested to see what @Leo Gura says about this one.
  8. You may all have had this realization of you not being able to act or respond in a very well-mannered and mature way to different situations. How many good quality friends have you turned off by not being able to be mature? Not being able to be mature in relationships, work and where you get to interact with other fellow humans. How can someone get to the level of maturity of his/her age? How? What can he/she do to grow the fk up?
  9. What's the whole issue with Leo looking for a girlfriend? I am late. Can someome please explain?
  10. Disconnection from parents to child in early childhood leads that child to ditch on family later. Living with disconnected parents is a living hell. I can relate to your Taj Mahal experience. Your mental well-being is important than anything. Living with your family is a disservice to yourself. Your parents (almost all) already had their lives. Now it is your turn. Make it run by your terms.
  11. Thanks for sharing. I actually needed this. Good sources.
  12. Leo do a collab with this channel.