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  1. Why are most of the spiritual and enlightened people so sexual? Is it the drive of their sexuality that makes them spiritual and enlightened?
  2. About the importance of time and how it is.
  3. To start off, as all the actualizers here, have one deep core problem in common which will not be solved unless addressed completely. I have been watching Leo's work for almost 08 months now, but still, I always screw up and slack off a lot during actualization. How? Let me explain. I know meditation is essential, contemplation is, journaling is, this is important and that is important. I know that all. But... but why am I and you all still suck? I never remained balanced in my life, sometimes I am on the one side of the pendulum and sometimes on the other. Sometimes become buddha, sometimes push the boundaries and become neurotic fu*k. Why? Because of society and its norms. I know, I have to take full responsibility for my life, but still, understand these: How can I actualize when I have sheep-like friends? I can only actualize or have friends, can not do both at the same time. How can I actualize when my family is manipulative? It does not leave me to do whatever I want. How can I actualize when I have all these distractions? I think the environment plays a very crucial role. Put Leo in my shoes, he will become the same guy. My question, how can all these things Leo tells us to do can be applied in the society we live in? Society is my problem, to make it short. I just do no what to do, and how to solve all these problems me and you have. It feels like I am still living in the matrix, do not know how to crack it. Do you all feel the same way? If no, then please let me know if I am just being a pu**y.
  4. I have always been worried about this marrige issue, because I belong to a culture where we should get married below 27-30, so even If I get married, is it possible for me to continue the journey? Another question for Leo: Leo, have you thought about moving things out a bit, like you thinking about getting married and stuff? (Forgive me, if that is inappropriate to ask).
  5. Today I was surfing on the internet just to find some new philosophical higher consciousness resources, but by serendipity I landed on this guy's YouTube channel named Stefan Molyneux and his YouTube channel is with the same name. I watched his recently uploaded video about the movie The Joker, to tell you the truth, full of deep good insights. But I am not sure what you guys may think about him. Let me know, what you guys know about him, his views and his way of thinking. YouTube Channel link:
  6. This is like one of the topics I would really want Leo to explain us the essence of Lust since it has been described so vaguely by this pop culture. Lust has been a very close partner of every human being. It can be described in many ways and has many facets to it. It has been the origin of many of the problems human kind face. If he can make vid about Lust, how it can lead someone to devilry, self deception or craziness and etc.
  7. Leo in his latest video about his "Many Facets of Awakenings" kinda explained the soul/atman. He talked about how this is the true self. If he can make a video solely about this would be good insights.
  8. @Angelite Seems like tafsir of Quran. Whats this book's name?
  9. I actually half read this book about Emotions and that beautiful concept of "Trapped Emotions". It helped me a lot understand my own trapped emotions. Will recommend it to anyone for enhancing EQ.
  10. Leo, can you please explain a little further? I sometimes win girls that is not an issue for me. I can approach women, but my main problem is that I always screw it after the hook up point. I do not know what could be the main problem there?
  11. The more you get into spirituality and the more you get enlightened, the more you will find people mundane, boring and unattractive. Now as you say it, you already are faced with this issue in your life. It is good you already tackle this issue as soon as possible, because this will happen all the time. Sexual attraction? Oh my, it is completely normal as everyone on here said as well, but if your sexual attraction to your guy is lower than consider it a problem. "Your mission should not be to find some Buddha to bang/marry" - Leo
  12. Mindsets, perceptions, perspectives differ people to people. People see reality as how are indoctrinated with certain types of beliefs and teachings. If there is a glass with little amount of water in it, I would call it half-empty and someone will come and say, hey, this is half-full. Different perspectives, different distortions of reality. The way to look at things is to get rid of all the different distortions created by different people and that is how you will get the juice out of everything.
  13. @Elham Good for you! Wish me luck so I could find my Rabia Balkhi here.
  14. To make it short, I have taken the initiative to make a self actualizing YouTube channel (Not now, in upcoming 4 or 5 years) just as yours, but in my native language Pashto (Afghanistan). I will not be creating my channel just as same as yours or anything like yours, but it will cover same concepts. I am now in the university, but I think I wont create one until I become self transcendent or become full circle. It has been a year that I am following the journey of self actualizing, for the record, your channel has helped me a lot to go through this path. I am thinking about creating the same type of channel for my country as it has been suffering from war for over decades now, with that been said, I came to the conclusion that illiteracy has been the main cause why Afghanistan walk with its ass backwards. Now, I am not creating the channel to save my country, people or culture by any means. This, I think has been my passion that creating an impact in country is the only purpose that god may have created me. I am curious what you may be thinking about this. Edit: *exhales* Well, it is crazy how someone's idea, perception and reality could change within a short period of time, literally a day. Unbeleiveable!!! In the post above, I literally was asking Leo's help to find my vision or at least have a word on what have I intended to do. I literally was bitching, moaning and whining for someone to usher me through my journey or at least show me a way to go through therefore I end up finding my life's mission. Oh Boy! I have spent my entire Sunday, watching Leo's videos about life purpose and stuff, but by serendipity I came across this video about Hero's Journey , there I learned the concept of how someone should go through his/her own unique way through the forest, face challenges, fight the dragon and finally claim his/her reward. From that I learned that following somebody's else way will not make me ME, myself. Now, I will have find my own way of finding my purpose and do it my way! Thank you Leo!