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  1. You can lower it to some degree and still be satisfied but how much it depends on you. You have to find ideal balance for yourself.
  2. @NineHfanbase I think its beneficial to be friends with shalow people and be able to appreciate them for who they are even with their shortcomings, just dont make them too close of a friends. No one ever has many close friends anyway, these are rare. So i would suggest working on forgiveness, empathy and tolerance for low conciousness people, just be careful to not let them bring you down on their level and dont let them walk over you.
  3. Few days ago i started talking to camera, just to see how i would come off and i was suprised how hard it is to speak off the cuff and at the same time be authentic and not monotonous. After few days i see some improvements and it gives me an idea to come up with some specific excercises to practice and improve some areas of social skills so that when i am in social situations i would be able to speak without thinking and instead focus on more important aspects of these interactions than trying to think what to say. Some of the excercises i came up with are: 1. Choosing some random word and speaking about it for some time than choosing some word from the last sentence and keep talking about that word for a while too and so on. 2.creating random dialogs with myself, playing roles and improvising. 3.pretending to be comedian, being funny, making jokes and being silly. 4.practising storytelling 5.presenting some random thing or product or trying to sell something and be enthusiastic about it. I think it will be good suplement for my socialisation and its something which i can make habit out of easily. Another benefit is i can retrospect and see my mistakes and i can than see my progress which in real life interactions i am not able to see myself from another perspective and also see objectively my own progress in retrospect. (Obviously its not meant to replace speaking with real people) So what do you think about it? Do you have some ideas for it to make more practical or you think its good strategy as it is?
  4. @NoSelfSelf We can cook something together for example or if its late just to show her how i live and maybe drink some wine or tea together and talk. And yes sex can happen but its not 100% expected and i dont even expect her to come over, the more important reason i ask is i like the fact that i signals her that i am interested in her sexualy. I get a feeling from your responces that you tend to assume that my primal goal is just sex, and generally assume bad attitude on my part. I dont know why it seems to you that way but i would appreciate if you first ask how i think about it and why i do things way i do and when i give you more information you can give me advise that would actually help me.
  5. @NoSelfSelf how is that so? I just show that i am attracted to them and i dont push them to come home with me, i just ask if they wanted to and it doesnt have to lead to sex necesseraly, i just make opportunity to get closer to her. Its not that i fake anything or try to get them to do something they dont like.
  6. I am not talking about specific girl, but generaly i express my desire by teasing, strong eye-contact, touching and leading on dates which i try to end up at my or her place. I am not always perfect at it, but its for what i am aiming for.
  7. @NoSelfSelf @Spiral my goal is indeed relationship, i dont care about sex by itself that much, i care about it more in context of making connection with a girl. The thing is, most dating coaches advise to have sex as soon as possible. So my issue is more that i am afraid that girl will see me more as friend if she doesnt sleep with me. @NoSelfSelf So you saying that it doesnt matter that much if you doesnt sleep with her as long as you keep the sexual tension? That is actually confirming what i am thinking right now.
  8. @NoSelfSelf so you are saying never be patient with them?
  9. Does it pay off to try for a girl if it takes too long to get physicaly intimate with her? I know with some girls its easy to have sex on first or second date but with some girl it takes much longer and its usually those girls i consider of best quality. I have a feeling that i lost many opportunities in the past just because i was impatient or just move on to another girl. So how long do you think is worth to try? Is it good strategy to put some girls on a backburner and go on date with them once in a while? Do you have some personal experience when being persistent with a girl for long time pays off in the end?
  10. @itsadistraction you dont have to talk to everyone to be social. You maybe want to talk to people who has similar interest as you, because some people enjoy talking to anybody and some dont. For example i am much more happier to talk to people at climbing gym than talking to people at party and if i would force myself to go to places where i cant resonate with people that would be recipe to feeling miserable for me. I know, i done that.
  11. For me, practicing on people i am not attracted to doesnt feel authentic to me. I would rather talk to someone which i am attracted to because there is genuine reason i wanna talk to them.
  12. What about people that may be that conscious but just not talk about it. Arent the deeper truths unspeakable afterall?
  13. If you are disappoited because of that video being taken down, you dont need to be. There was nothing new that if you studied this work, you wouldnt already know by now.
  14. Would you rather sacrifice life for what you love or would you rather sacrifice what you love for you to live? For me the answer is clear but i am interested for your ideas.
  15. Unconsciousness is imagined by conciousness to trick itself into identifing with finite being. Unconsciousness is form of consciousnes.