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  1. Thats another downside, you dont know that in beforehand. I am more good-looking than charismatic and i still had better success in day game. Even though i had optimazed my online game pretty much. I can get dates with average girls from online but its too much work and i still dont get matches from the top kvality girls but with these girls i can get dates if i approach them in real life.
  2. Girls have much bigger standarts on dating apps thats fact. It can even lower your self esteem if you do online dating only. I did pick-up a hot girl from street and she had 100+ unanswered messages on dating apps. That girl probably wouldnt give me a change in online world even though most girls consider me handsome, in online world its not enough for them. In the vast majority of cases when i got dates from online apps it was with below average girls. You better put the work in real world than online apps, its much more fairer enviroment for most men.
  3. Maybe you have been just extremly unlucky and you need to keep trying. Or maybe you push too hard and that makes you look desperate and you need to relax for while and try again later with a clear mind. Or maybe you overlook something and you need to look at it from a different perspective. I dont know man, just try something you havent try yet ,i wish you luck.
  4. I agree but in some cases she can be testing you or manipulating you. However it doesnt change the fact that in all cases is better to let them pursue you.
  5. Dont wory about that. Do your own thing and when she responds assume she is interested. If she doesnt then move on. And dont text too much, if she respond make a date. If you are not dating for atleast two months with a girl then keep the texting only for making dates.
  6. Another way to think of it is that you could be stuck in 5minute loop for eternity and you would never find out because you lose your memories everytime when you come back. Now imagine that the loop is infinite and it has no start or end because every part of that loop is right in the middle of it. And the loop spreads in more than one dimension but in infinite number of dimensions.
  7. There is no "before" the ilusion. Time exist only within the ilusion and time itself is part of the ilusion. Its strangeloop bending into itself and it has no start or end.
  8. but also sages usualy explain complex things in a simple way
  9. @Gesundheit I think we complicate that too much at this point. There is ofcourse value in the big picture but sometimes question isnt about that and the structure of that question can imply that. You can still assume he needs a big picture answer i can agree with that. I think sometimes it goes to an extreme and we just play wordgames and say nothing in the end. You cant go too deep with words anyway.
  10. You are saying exactly the same thing only using your own words. You can always catch me on some words and turn it around and say that i dont get it but thats the limitation of language and your own projection on my words. They are true but not answer to my question. Lets say i want to play some videogame and ask some question on some specific goal in that game and then everyone just start telling me the game isnt real. But i already knew that, i just want to explore the game, why always assume that the player is delluded and think the game is real?
  11. Youre ofcourse right but i think you missed the point distictions are imaginary but they exist in form of imagination and you can still use them and pretend as they are real.
  12. There are good and bad dating-coaches.
  13. This is an advice some men need on theirs level of selfdevelopement. It helps to elevate them to a higher stages. From blue to orange. And it has some truth to it too. Sometimes its easer to change the external conditions than accept it.
  14. Some men are really struggling and need improve themselfs before they can be themself and atract women naturaly or they can accept themself as they are and be single for the rest of their life, nothing wrong with that neither.
  15. I am saying that its not automatical that he deserve it only because he is a man. Some need to work on themself and some are naturaly good. In a sence nobody deserve anything, either you are able to atract women or not.