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  1. @ivankiss i agree with this, i have met many people who use psychedelics regularly but they have no idea about god or nonduality. And for me, i was very obsesed with philosophy from young age and my mind automaticaly contemplate reality almost nonstop. Now i can reach some levels of god conciousness just by meditating while walking down the street, but when i think about it my mind have spent ridiculous amount of hours of contemplating to get to this point but for most people this is not the case.
  2. @Eternity We cant develope nondual terminology, we will only develope higher level of dual language. And we already developed some higher dual concepts like "Absolute with uper case A" but it is just higher level of duality. We instead need more experience of what nondual means.
  3. @Leo Gura What is your criterion to consider someone fully enlightened? Isnt it kind of arbitrary? You can always improve your embodiment of truth, is full enlightement even a thing then? You can move up and down but it seems to me that there si no upward maximum but it is rather strangeloop. From my experience when i am in higher states of consciousness (sober) i see others as enlightened because i am conscious that their ignorance is only my ignorance projected. They are me after all.
  4. I think it depends on how you define time. If you define time as movement than time is movement by definition. But if you define time as imagination of past-present-future than you can have movement without it.
  5. @Endangered-EGO Surrender to not surreding. Trying too much to surrender will not help you to surrender, just observe you not surrending.
  6. @meta_male you have to experience low so you can experience high, you need both sides of duality to appreciate both, they give each other meaning.
  7. @meow_meow My intetion is not to eliminate pain but to see through it. I can pursue and experience pleasure while being aware its my projection. But i struggle to experience pain and being aware its my projection, its way harder. Pleasure is vital to survival too, but pain is stronger trigger.
  8. You dont want to know what word god points to, so for you it will never make sence. From my point of view phrase "president of United States" can has a secret message in it. But it has not because you use it once again only as a strawman. In the end it doesnt matter which word you use, but the message is there, if you are curious enough to look for it.
  9. @Batman it seems to me that when the pain reaches some level it takes control over you. I had some experiences of seeing through pain (I mean strong pain when it seems impossible to accept) as ilusion but it is very rare and hard to maintain versus seeing through ilusion of pleasure.
  10. @Blackhawk this is a prove, that you dont know what you are talking about. This argument is basicaly strawman. Your concept of god is something completely different than what people here mean by word god.
  11. Why is pain so hard to deconstruct? I can see through pleasure and see it as my projection. I can walk trought world and see conscioussness constructing every duality and see the ilusory nature of it, like nothing is real. I can switch this realness of things on and off but when it gets to pain or uncomfortable situations there is a point when i cant see through it anymore. Why it is so hard? Is it possible to train yourself to deconstruct pain when its happening?
  12. @Blackhawk Give me a single piece of evidence that matter exist. You believe matter exist i guess and yet you have no evidence to prove it. Notice your own hypocrisy here. But you have no interest in understanding what i am saying, you just want to troll. If you are not interested in truth you should get out of here.
  13. @GoobyBooby Being connected to god means you are fully authentic and listen to your inner calling and when you follow your inner calling, you will feel more free than ever. You as god are already doing whatever you want to do and you are free in that sence. What you realise is, that as god you do everything exactly perfect. From a point of ego you have no choice but to do whatever god wants to do, that is why you need to surrender to your higherself, otherwise you will be fighting yourself all the time. Yes there is only one path, because other paths are only projections of ego mind. What exactly means free will for you? You are free in a sence, you can choose to do whatever you want, but you are not free in a sence, you cant change what you want. No free will is no problem, because you can choose the thing you want and you as god are doing exactly that.
  14. @Terell Kirby Fear of infinity, fear of pain and suffering. Frankly i would choose to die rather then experience everything. For me death is far less scary than infinity. I had moments of deep acceptence but moments of being completly scared of myself too.