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  1. @itsadistraction you dont have to talk to everyone to be social. You maybe want to talk to people who has similar interest as you, because some people enjoy talking to anybody and some dont. For example i am much more happier to talk to people at climbing gym than talking to people at party and if i would force myself to go to places where i cant resonate with people that would be recipe to feeling miserable for me. I know, i done that.
  2. For me, practicing on people i am not attracted to doesnt feel authentic to me. I would rather talk to someone which i am attracted to because there is genuine reason i wanna talk to them.
  3. What about people that may be that conscious but just not talk about it. Arent the deeper truths unspeakable afterall?
  4. If you are disappoited because of that video being taken down, you dont need to be. There was nothing new that if you studied this work, you wouldnt already know by now.
  5. Would you rather sacrifice life for what you love or would you rather sacrifice what you love for you to live? For me the answer is clear but i am interested for your ideas.
  6. Unconsciousness is imagined by conciousness to trick itself into identifing with finite being. Unconsciousness is form of consciousnes.
  7. If everything is possible, is it possible for anything to be impossible?
  8. Nothing which would contradict what i said, you just added some complexity to it, offcourse its not binary and there are many dimensions to it.
  9. 1) about 5 years 2) 5x shrooms 1x LSD 3) for about 6 years on and off mostly for 20min, but i kind of spontaneously meditate while in nature or while driving a car, it works for me when my mediations are not scheduled and i let the meditation just happen, so i dont track that kind of meditation i do 4) Its hard to say when i think of my past i cant really know how i felt back then, though i have a feeling that it gets better and better as a time goes but that is probably ilusion 4) the biggest thing for me was discovery of god, my advise would be: enjoy life, be kind to yourself, love as much as you can
  10. I think that not a thoughs but resistance is responsible for suffering. You can be without a though and still resist something and suffer for it. I think its not even limited to ego. Resistance alone is what cause suffering in my observation. And even deeper i think it is probably consequence of duality itself. Duality itself is in a sence some kind of bias or you can say resistance of a unity. As soon as you have duality you have some tension and i think it is a price for existence of finite form, the ultimate karma.
  11. @OneIntoOne Very cute, take some psychedelic and contemplate what you just wrote. You will probably have some laughs.
  12. @The0Self No it isnt, "higher self" or "god" is everything and includes and transcend the duality beetween ilusions and reality. If you say that higher self is ilusion then your definition of higher self is less then what i consider the higher self.
  13. Probably not, because it would require to all of the people to make that decision at the sametime. If only part of society refuse to reproduce that part dies off and that part which wanna reproduce remains so the bias towards reproducing grow even stronger. Thats how the bias originated in the first place.
  14. If a human form die, the existence continues, that means the existence needs to transform to something else and thats basicaly what reinacarnation is