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  1. The only judge on your deathbed will be you. So there is no need to live to your full potential unless you want to, its better to not be neurotic about it. True spirituality teaches you that progress or potential is ilusion. So do whatever you want and dont seek approval from people on internet. Whatever makes sence to you, do it.
  2. but he is also asexual
  3. "So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Luke 11:9
  4. @Batman But its still belief thanks for the warnings, but you dont need to be wory i am aware of the importance of the relative and practical life, but the fact is that it is not grounded in anything rational. agree, but i would rather say that this is not "a possibility", but this is actually the case
  5. I want to share how my perception of the world looks like after few years of concioussness work and contemplation and how my everyday life feels like. I want to note that i suspect that i might be spiritualy gifted because its easy for me to shift my perspective. I did psychedelics few times and it has huge effect on me, It threw me face to face with god the first time i did it. Well, this is my list of mystical experiences I have had since then: When i am eating, its as if i sit on my couch outside of time in a space of empty vakuum and its like i am eating my own body, it feels like this is only thing that have ever happened and i am here for eternity. When i walk down a street, it feels like my body is made out of pure cloud of sensations and the physical body its not there and i am not moving at all but the street is morphing around me. When i go to a grocery store i am aware that i go there on a basis of pure faith and have no evidence that the store will be there, its purly irational act. I am aware that everything i do is basicaly based on faith in my intuition. When i am on the playground throwing the ball in the basket, i am the ball falling into the basket, the whole universe transformed itself into a playground so god can play with his own conciousness, this is how it feels. When i sit and contemplate, its the universe contemplating itself. Sometimes it feels like god is looking through my eyes and sometimes it feels like god is all around me and with me. When i sit on a top of a mountain watching sunset, strange feeling that i was here for eternety hit me. I look into the landscape and perceive it as if there is no distance beetween me and the landscape. When i am on the beach and sun is shining into my face, it feels like it never happened. When i pass strangers on a street i perceive them as part of myself, when i talk i am aware of the divine inteligence which is speaking through me and when i surrender to it, then the speaking is completely effortless. When i am in a forest and see birds flying and i see the beauty, its hard to describe the feeling that i created it and i am all of it, its overwhelming feeling of beautifullness. Sometimes i catch myself when I'm absorbed in the middle of some situation, how absurd the situation is and start laughing uncontrolably. Sometimes when life is hard on me, I remember that this is how i want it to be, then i start feeling gratitude for the hard times because its what makes life meanigfull. Its not all i experience, just few examples which came to my mind. Its not like that my life always feels like this, but i can trigger it whenever i want, my mind is very flexible and i can percieve a world in a absolute or relative perspective as i want. It would be great if you also shared some of your experiences and how your spiritual journey manifests itself in your life.
  6. There is no actual paradoxes in my direct experience only apparent paradoxes which comes from the dualistic ego mind. I basicaly agree with all of you, the problem for me is that what i am trying to say is more nuanced than what i am able to express with words, so it looks that i come from a dualistic perspective which i am not. I just try to understand every little silly detail because its my passion, but i guess that i am probably no longer able to comunicate that with others. I am also not native speaker and it limits me too. @Leo Gura I actually not consider myself having a skull, atleast in any absolute sence @Inliytened1 Yeah that is the same way i make sence of it. And it is what the first option was meant to represent. It just make sence for me from this point of view to say that absolute infinity is more like absolute infinite potential because you will never experience it all. You can experience it all as a whole but you cant ever experience all of its finite variations. What it would even mean to experience every finite variation when past is imaginary so as soon as you move to another experience its like you never experienced the previous. It kind of doesnt make sence in the absolute perspective. And i want to say that i am aware of the mind game here, but i still enjoy it, its like what else is there to do.
  7. i dont understand what you are trying to say this will not solve the problem, and it is compatible with every option i gave in the original post.
  8. Nope i am not missing it. Even outside of time, you need to construct the time to experience a human and you can do that for eternity and never experience a dog. Or you can experience it all at once but that implies multiplicity, because every sub-infinity would take you eternity to experience therefore you need Infinite number of selfs to participate. What you are saying is compatible with every option i've offered.
  9. How could ever god experience everything if he is only one but there is infinite number of possible sub-infinities? For example if god is one then god can for eternity experience every possible way of being a human and that way he cant never ever move on to experience every possible way of being a dog for example. He always have to left something out because eternity is not enough time for one entity to experience everything. Which is not a problem per say but in this case god cant ever experience everything and absolute infinity is just his potencial which he cant never ever experience it all. Or god experience every possible perspective at once eternaly which solve this problem, but it implies that there is infinite perspectives happening at once, which looks more like infinite number of gods not a one. Or the third option is that both of these are true at the same time and its some kind of strangeloopy duality that means that god is one or multiple according to which perspective you take. For me personaly the first option looks like the most align to my direct experience, but it implies that absolute infinity cant ever manifest itself in every way possible. If absolute infinity actually exist then 2 or 3 option must be true or the absolute infinity simply means absolute infinite potential.
  10. you cant the experience of color is what the actual color is its not complicated, you dont need a logic behind it
  11. its quick but still gradual at least i think, its hard to say
  12. @LastThursday That not contradict what i am saying. For example sound can appear from nowhere, but it doenst go from 0 volume to 100 volume instantly, it goes from 0 to 100 gradually
  13. The fact that you can see it, is because it is identical with form. we reached limits of language, but "form = formlessness" is pointing to very real insight
  14. @Purple Man the form is formlessness even "formlessness without form" is in a sence a certain form which formlessness can take
  15. death = change = life Old form is constantly dying and that is how life is created.