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  1. It's time to find a clearing To wrestle in the dark The maze among the lights See the nodes that emerge in the face It's time to quit the race To carry nothing forward For we owe it to ourselves To bury yesterday, leave it quaking in the earth If we don't know what we're speaking And we are not who we've been There's a chance we're only waking From a dream of the god in our breast How will we be in that waking? How will we be in the womb? We may all begin aquatic But we leave only dust from our bones You won't find me where I fall You won't find me where I fall We may all begin aquatic But we leave through the fire for our homes
  2. Maybe this will cheer you up
  3. I spend a lot of time in silence and that has helped me. The last 4 years after my awakening have been the hardest but most rewarding years in my life. I have had a lot of emotional issues having to come to surface. Remember to be kind and gentle to yourself. And if you need medical help do not hesitate. This guy says it nicely. All the best!
  4. @Moksha Always nice to read your posts! People want to believe that awakening is the cure for all of their suffering, but it is only the beginning. Couldn't agree more. Love!
  5. Wander into the world Wander gently my friend Wander into the world With nothing to fear Wander into the world Without despair The spirit of God Is already here.
  6. Student : How do I wipe my ass after I become enlightened? Teacher : You don't God does it for you.
  8. The more you think about it the more you will complicate things, try to relax. The more we try to hold on to something the more it slips away.
  9. Son Lux - Brighter Wounds, the whole album