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  1. i only believe Beyonce
  2. yeah i know it's better, i took it twice already....
  3. the questions are bad honestly, i dont know if youcan trust the test....
  4. yes, i listen to taylor swift 24/7, it changed my life. lol.
  5. the link doesn't work, can I get a new one? thank you....
  6. @Gabith yeah for me it was scary shit i thought I would die at 33, (now I'm 32) it's not all peachy and roses on this path....
  7. first mystical experience was 6-7 years ago , all of sudden i was high, the air i was breathing was making me high, everything was perfect, it lasted couple of hours , 4 years ago i thought I was Jesus it was terrifying and horrible experience.
  8. i need a penis, be it on woman or man, i don't care....#shallow....
  9. i watched it, his turquoise is graves yellow, but it's was interesting for 6.0 stage and illuminated mind.....
  10. great! i will watch it! thank you ❤️
  11. do you know what shadow is at Turquoise?
  12. yeah, i tried everything trust me, only thing is to go slow, and in my small (but beautiful city) there is no turquoise gay men I'm afraid so i have to play "their" game if i want any kind of intimacy.....
  13. there is point in everything, even in suffering.