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  1. 9 Stages of Ego Development - Post Conventional Examples
    9 Stages of Ego Development - Post Conventional Examples
    Hey @Vynce , happy to share on this topic. 
    For Strategist stage, this Liminal Web essay has many folks listed as well as many organizations and podcasts that interview and feature Strategist thinkers.
    For Construct Aware and later stages, I recommend STAGES International map of ego development, which Terri O'Fallon developed to go into further depth on the later stages (Terri used to work alongside Susanne). Susanne's model basically stops after Construct Aware, which is 5.0 in STAGES, and Unitive is a catch-all for all conceivable later stages. Attached is a meta-map that models STAGES relative to other developmental models, including Susanne's. 
    Some people who I would consider Construct Aware (5.0 & 5.5 in STAGES) include: 
    -Leo has all the characteristics of someone whose center of gravity is at 5.5 Transpersonal, though on an assessment he may score later (6.0 or 6.5) given his many state experiences at later levels. 
    -Fionn Wright 
    -Bonnitta Roy
    -Layman Pascal
    -Jordan Myska Allen
    -Jill Thomas
    -Abigail Lynam
    -Forrest Wilson
    -Simon Divecha
    -Roger Walsh
    -Holly Woods
    -Gail Hochachka
    -John Churchill
    -Shinzen Young
    Some who I would consider Unitive (6.0+ in STAGES) would be:
    -Ken Wilber
    -Geoff Fitch
    -Terri O'Fallon
    -Kim Barta
    -Venita Ramirez
    -Thomas McConkie
    -John Kessler of IPP
    -Spring Cheng  
    -Dustin Diperna 
    -Tom Murray
    -Alexander Love
    I don't see @ValiantSalvatore 's list below as accurate, with the exception of Shinzen Young and Ken Wilber. It's important to remember that just because one is spiritually awakened does not mean they have an ego development that is Construct Aware or later. This is a very common misunderstanding. Spiritual awakening is a separate line of development, and just because one talks about spiritual concepts that seem unitive in nature does not mean they have the other factors that would be necessary to be stabilized at a later ego developmental level. 
    Hope this helps and happy to answer any questions or curiosities around later-stage ego development

  2. I Took Spiral Dynamics Self-assessment Test
    I Took Spiral Dynamics Self-assessment Test
    Here's the test link:
    Here's my result:

    Never expected to have this much of healthy Yellow, let alone the healthy Red
    I think I live a double life where I have to tend to my basic survival, hence the red, but in my private life and the time I have to myself, I am more of a Yellow.

  3. 33
    Did your life change significantly at age of 33? Sadhguru says it will...
    After getting to know about this, I checked the Wikipedia of many successful people including athletes, businessmen/women, Nobel prize winners, scientists, spiritual Gurus etc. I was surprised to see how many of them did have a certain significant event happening at that age. I also don't wanna rule out confirmation bias here but it was nevertheless a worthy observation. Do any of you guys have similar stories?
    Edit :- By "significant", he doesn't necessarily mean it will be positive. It could also be a negative event. He says human life usually has a possibility for propulsion at that age. It all depends on if you have prepared yourself with education, a certain skill, spiritual practices etc, before turning 33. This acts as the "fuel" for the propulsion he says.
    33 could also be the age that life could "crash". It seems to be dependent on how much preparation you did on yourself before the age of 33, according to him. Apparently this is related to what people in the west refer to as "mid-life crisis".
    The other two ages where something significant happens is at 42 for males, 46 for females and 60 for both genders

  4. Rupert Spira on Non-Dualism, Consciousness, God, and Death
    Rupert Spira on Non-Dualism, Consciousness, God, and Death
    So I Just finished watching this 4-5 hour epic conversation that Curt Jaimungal had with Rupert Spira on Theories of Everything. It got me thinking whether it's only a matter of time before we see @Leo Gura speaking on this this show perhaps?

  5. Turquoise Orthodoxy
    Turquoise Orthodoxy
    I have been reading Pavel Florensky - The Pillar and Ground of the Truth and savouring his articulation of Truth from a solid Orthodox turquoise perspective.
    On the forum, I've seen @Leo Gura mention Orthodoxy as the purest branch of Christianity. What grabbed my attention was illumination. Is illumination enlightenment? Or is it rather God-realisation?
    I would like to put together a list of books written from the perspective of Tier Two Orthodoxy. Would appreciate your suggestions.