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  1. Why did infinite consciousness choose me? Little me? Why do I understand everything? I'm just a person with no special abilities, i have never tried any drugs, but i feel everything. I “feel“ what has to be done. I feel guilty all the time….Leo is “up there“ but we are same….what future is upon me? I'm scared….so much "responsibility" upon me.... Please be gentle with me, i'm very sensitive right now…thank you… Love you all with all of my heart.
  2. i KNOW??? being old and closed minded it's worst punishment of all?
  3. look at YT Jeruzalema challenge all over the world and cry your eyeballs out
  4. Matrix 4 this Christmas #blessed
  5. will i lost my mind when i get old?
  6. can't wait to heal my eyes and start to work anything, I'm poor for the last 4years, it's good actually.
  7. oh God no, just what I "wanted". lol.
  8. i feel bad for him, i hope he gets better, my last manic episode was two years ago, and I'm stable, if i can do it, he can do it too. i have faith in him.
  9. i only believe Beyonce
  10. yeah i know it's better, i took it twice already....
  11. the questions are bad honestly, i dont know if youcan trust the test....
  12. yes, i listen to taylor swift 24/7, it changed my life. lol.
  13. the link doesn't work, can I get a new one? thank you....
  14. @Gabith yeah for me it was scary shit i thought I would die at 33, (now I'm 32) it's not all peachy and roses on this path....
  15. first mystical experience was 6-7 years ago , all of sudden i was high, the air i was breathing was making me high, everything was perfect, it lasted couple of hours , 4 years ago i thought I was Jesus it was terrifying and horrible experience.
  16. i need a penis, be it on woman or man, i don't care....#shallow....
  17. i watched it, his turquoise is graves yellow, but it's was interesting for 6.0 stage and illuminated mind.....
  18. great! i will watch it! thank you ❤️
  19. do you know what shadow is at Turquoise?