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  1. Telling a story of yet another different side of my personality. The story of my desire to become a woman started when I was a child. Probably at age 4 or 5 my parents thought to themselves that it is a good idea to dress me as a girl, put a make up on my face and lipstick, and flip my hair back. They then took me to a photography studio and took a photo of me in a dress. My mom said the photographer was stunned of how beautiful I looked back then and when he asked what’s the little girl’s name, they told him that I am actually a boy! The memory of this photo always remained in my mind, and luckily enough, this photo has survived the ISIS occupation of Iraq in 2014 when ISIS occupied my city, Mosul and while some of the militant leaders came to live in our family house back then after we fled the city, they started to burn all my family’s photo archive and any personal belongings that we left behind when we fled the city, but this photo has survived miraculously. I wasn’t able to find an explanation of why they were after my family photo archive, but one thing that might explain it is that my family was a minority Christian family, and back then the Christian community was ordered to leave Mosul after the head of church refused to negotiate a deal with ISIS that would’ve enabled Christians to stay in the city under strict conditions that ISIS was about to impose. So maybe they were after erasing the history of minorities in the city when they were burning my family’s archive? The rest of article
  2. I purchased the latest and greatest Amazon Kindle, only to discover that I suck at reading! I ditched it and now I am using a tool called Natural Reader This is the free online version: Also there's an Android app that I am using to read the PDF books for me. What I do is to make the app read me about 5 pages per day, and then I come back and review them the next day. I discovered that when you review what you've learned, the benefit will double, and that's because the first time you are becoming familiar with the language or rhetoric used in the book, and second time your focus will be on the content of the book. Have Fun!
  3. I haven't finished reading yet, but man! This book highlights how a woman actually feels, thinks and see the world around her in different stages of her life. If you're a woman and read it, I guarantee you will be crying of how it tells things accurately. If you are a man and haven't read it yet, you're going to have troubles understanding women for the rest of your life. Called The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine Good to be coupled with Leo's video titled: Masculinity vs Femininity - Psychology Of The Male & Female Mind
  4. We men are sex machines, it can take me basically less than a minute to get there using my own hand if I want to, yet women on the other hand are hard to reach there. In good days it would take me more than 10 minutes of rubbing on a woman's clitoris to reach there. As a result of that, men cannot think straight and can be stimulated by anything, even a small chat with a female online can make my little buddy start throbbing and asking to meet my hand! Ironically I've been taking two very simple supplements lately that are supposed to help with the sexual drive for men, at least one of them Meca root, and when I take them combined, I feel like my capacity for love and romance increases, while my erotic desire decreases. Even though Meca is like a natural Viagra, and it helps me have and sustain an erection easily, but then I don't feel the urge to work on that and get to where I usually want to get. The other herb is Fenugreek. I've tried it alone, and it works on your libido. If you take enough of it, it can make you shiver if you start to touch yourself. Yet combined with the Meca root, I find myself a bit more stable of a person, almost like a woman is, and I am able to have better conversation with women, without the urge to get there fast! My theory that this expands my love capacity while simultaneously decreasing my erotic desire. I am suddenly treating a woman with more compassion and love! and seeing her less of a sex object, while at the same time feeling great and having good time with her. This applies on online relationships for now, cuz I still live alone with no girl basically.
  5. No I am not what are you talking about?
  6. Hi Leo, Thank you for the solipsism video, it was amazing as usual, and a great comeback. Here's the deal: - The idea of no other will not likely create monsters out of your followers. -There's a low chance that those who don't follow your work will be able to take what you say in that video seriously. -You've now created a legend, and people might take the video and re-upload it again, this is the Internet man! while if you've just put it, it can hide in plain sight and almost become invisible and everybody forget about it. -Seriously there's little out of the ordinary in that video. -I am now capable of loving others more after I watched it! Cuz they are an illusion, therefore my tolerance for their BS will be greater, my hate and triggering rate to them will be lower. -I won't be wasting my time trying to be extra nice to people whom I know deep down inside that they are closed-minded. -I mean you've mentioned that life is meaningless, and for me that was the big one which got me more. -The world needs your work still, I need your work to compensate for the dark years of "my past". - The impact of the video will likely be forgotten after a while by those who are unable to do trips. I already forgot so much of what you've teached in the past, and only remember what you iterate. -You can't just forgot about what you shared here, and it will be integrated with your next videos, with so many having no clue of what you're talking about (Imagine if you withdrew the Spiral Dynamic Series) Bonus Reason: - It brings a slight concern that you've deleted something you've uploaded earlier. Makes me think that one day you might wake up, have a new awakening and delete all your work. I go back sometimes to your old videos and I refresh what I've missed. It is not enough to get the most of them by simply watching them once, and there are some stuff you've collected and put out there that many of us simply are lacking the time and skills needed to go and collect them and organize them again the way you've done here.
  7. @Fleetinglife that's too much you've written. Even went above and beyond and extracted my past reply when I was triggered (I modified it then) maybe saved it in a notebook before writing a reply or something. Anyways I am Iraqi and so far I've dropped from college, gone through many terrorism and instability eaves here in Iraq, and I live in Kurdistan for the past 7 years now. They are dull and underdeveloped nation, thanks to you. They are searching for criminals in people like me, probably in my backpack, but are unable to secure their airports, we have many times drone come and bomb their airport, but they are searching for terrorist in my backpack and my camera. You've shown signs of being triggered and you wrote a long post which I won't reply to thoururly. Terrorism will happen and genocides when there's no freedom to do art here, artist will become terrorist and join organizations. Yazeedis were slayed because the Kurds who were protecting them left them to their destiny. God knows if I didn't know how inefficient Kurds are and fled the conflict zone in time, I would be now a victim of ISIS
  8. Iraq was never blue in its history probably. At the most cases, it was under red leadership disguised as blue (Saddam Hussain) but then it regressed basically to a modern version of Purple right now. Adjacent houses with high walls, no community organizations, tribalism, you name it, only with added flavor of modern technology, and crappy copies of western educational universites.
  9. @Fleetinglife That's irrelevant what you mentioned. It was casual exchange between me and the guard. Just casual, cause he was insisting to know where I am from just because he's a racist mother fucker. Like can you imagine how unlimited idiotic support from people like yourself is doing here? it is creating monsters! but you will pay the price, wherever you are sitting now, you will pay the price for not supporting freedoms, cuz Iraq is a hot bed of terrorism, and Kurdistan is so a hot bed for terrorism. The whole safety in Kurdistan because they have been turned into monsters, threatening people who are not Kurds or 100% blindly siding by Kurds, if you take a photo in the street, they will question you and consider you a terrorist until you prove wrong. Anyways, Thank you! Come live here! If you could lick their asses 24/7 with this shitty attitude, only then they will treat you good!
  10. As I've established in my recent post, freedom is needed in Iraq or any country backed by the west. It's becoming very hard to live with people who are locked in lower stages. The cost of everything is high. They are becoming maniacs when it comes to upholding their values, and mostly masculine values. Here's what happened to me yesterday, A simple security checking at the mall turned into a political debate! I walked in to a western-style shopping mall in a city north of Iraq in a region called Kurdistan. I know what to do, I handed my backpack to the security guard at the entrance, he started to search it and ask me what's inside. He didn't see anything but some food leftovers from lunch and reusable bags just in case, yet because I wasn't speaking the local language he started to ask me where I am from originally, like he was trying to decide if I am a threat to the security by using this interrogation style, very sectarian and racist question! I told him I am from here, but he couldn't buy it! I had to speak some local words and yet he couldn't buy it and kept asking me where are you from? Syria? the rest of Iraq? Iran? Turkey? I answered him "It doesn't matter! we all all brothers! Borders mean nothing!" he got angry and said "no, that's not true! the land of Kurdistan is different than any other land!" I told him no it's not! he said something along the line OK just go away, go inside.. Can you imagine? this fear-based and manly society is becoming very racist, and the west is doing nothing about it but continue to giving them unlimited support, and thus sponsoring future genocides. A simple walking into the mall, you are bullied because you are a single man with no family, and then you are not a Kurd! that's just Racist, for whomever supports independence of Kurdistan, thank you for supporting this nation without pointing the obvious to them. Thank you for keeping them locked in stage-purple while giving them all the technology! This applies to supporting the rest of Iraq as well. It is the west's job to bring and impose freedoms in the countries they support! it is not my job! I am going to get killed if I speak my concerns here, but you in the west, you sit there, on top of the world, and you fantasize about keeping some loose borders, thinking that the people inside can ultimately develop naturally!
  11. @Leo Gura you've put much love in trying to reason with him, and showed much love with taking your time writing this post. From the conversation that you had it became clear that he doesn't want to stay, yet he's unable to put it in words.. or probably he's on psychedelics probably most of times? Or Stage Torquise? Who knows! I admit I was trying my best to understand what he means when he was replying to my posts. Most of times I fail.
  12. Maybe this manipulation is needed to keep the country afloat? last time the US wasn't in the leading nation of the world we had a World War going on! Imagine if someone as Bernie reaches the white house!
  13. Iraq, Once More, There's this notion in people's mind that progress can or should happen automatically. Iraq today is a collection of homes, with no real sense of community. Mosque isn't a community, it helps people gathering five times a day, but it is pretty much useless. In a sense, Iraq is in a modern version of stage-purple, where people live in small communities (mainly homes and houses), even within the cities, but they have been introduced to modern technology, cars, electricity, medicine, you name it. They have incorporated this technology in their lives while keeping the other aspects of their belief systems intact. The push to freedom is needed, and who's better to do it than the USA? These traditions of freedoms that this country enjoyed needs to be pushed and imposed on other countries as well. The US doesn't need to develop further and adopt socialism like the Scandinavian countries, but they need to keep pushing freedom worldwide Bush style. The modern social countries at the first place wouldn't exist without the new world order that's sponsored by the US for the past 75 years or so. The US needs to shove freedom down other's throats, because the modern technology is making people's lives miserable, they now have the means to proliferate and thrive thanks to the capitalism which made survival less challenging, while keeping the same old belief systems. That's the ultimate hell! Stage green people don't care about the advancement of a community or a country, all they care about is for the latter to have the appearance that they are functioning well, yet truth is that staying afloat is not even achievable without the development of societies of any given country. Why as a stage-green person care for a country to appear functioning, you feel the guilt of any consequences of an invasion or an intervention, while you know deep down in you is that if the society of that country isn't developed, they're going to regress back again and cause suffering for themselves in endless possible ways? If anything, this approach is keeping countries in a bottle neck, preventing their advancement to new better life. People should start caring about dilemmas equally, allocating the same amount of care to decentralization in North Korea for example, as well as expanding freedoms of free speech in Iraq. Why is it different that people are afraid of nukes, while not afraid of absence of freedoms in other countries? are they truly believing in borders? because if so, then 9/11 proven that borders won't even protect you unless everybody is having similar values as you or your country do. Nothing will protect you unless you share the love that you have, that's freedoms with others, in a masculine type of style sometimes if necessary. Or else, just stop selling technology for people immediately, isolate them, take their countries and borders recognition back, and grant them the freedom back to start to develop naturally, instead of shoving technologies down their throat, and hindering their natural course of development, and then sending money through NGOs to deal with the disasters that this situation helped to create.
  14. The American intervention in the Middle East as I've recently read hasn't begun with Bush invading Iraq in 2003, and there were many attempts to manipulate Iraq, for example supporting the continuation of the Iraqi-Iranian war in the 80s. It makes more sense that some super power would come and anchor itself in the Middle East post the oil crisis in the seventies. The objective was and still to avoid such crisis from ever happening again, and if you were in Bush's shoes, and you have the world's most powerful army under your command, and you are from Texas, with a spirit of a cowboy, and also probably involved in the oil industry, you'll find it hard to resist the temptation to intervene and oust Saddam Hussein's regime, and especially after the hit at 9/11. America is at the cutting edge in governmental development, and you can't compare it to any other country in the world. The American have refined this modern governance system over the course of the republic's life, and to be attacked at 9/11 was yet another wake up call, a call to exert more power over the world, especially those countries who are trouble makers, and who are unable to go with the flow, and adopt stage-orange values. You cannot compare the governance in the US with the governance systems in the Scandinavian countries, the latter wouldn't be possible without the American dominance over the world, an anomaly that only made possible because of the help and support from the United State's governments post World-War II. It's not realistic to start to draw comparisons in this regards, it is as absurd as comparing the achievement of an artist in a peace time with the achievement of his grandfather who was in a bloody war and shot and killed tens of people. Probably the governments of the Scandinavian countries are only a demo of what governments can be probably hundreds of years in the future. Iraq isn't even a country, and everything is bestowed on it, the border, the governance system, even our laws are copied mostly from the UK. The Iraqi people haven't invented the oil, so it is not their oil. It is humanity's oil. And people who say that this or that shouldn't have happened, they are just immersed in wishful thinning.
  15. Imagine a big machine that's running. And it is inside a giant box, locked from all sides. You can't reach to it, you can't do maintenance on it. With time it will break down. Until that you can live and for with the situation and even like it, but deep inside you, you know it will break down within short period. I need to get out and flee once more in time before that happens