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  1. I was about to post the same here, but found this post. I am replying to bring attention to it.
  2. @gambler I see that you're trying to make a distinction between being dogmatic and being delusional, but I feel the two comes together, and how it works is that you could be a dogmatic person to start with, then people start lying to your face because they fear you or they have an interest that you can achieve for them right? and then you start believing what they say and become delusional. what do you think?
  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about dogmatism lately and how it impacts decision-making processes. When we talk about dogmatism, we're often referring to a rigid adherence to one's beliefs, but there's another crucial aspect: delegating decisions to others, sometimes more competent, but often not, because those initially in charge lack the wisdom or knowledge to manage the situation effectively. Dogmatism means sticking to an opinion influenced by one's limited understanding and refusing to engage with the complexity of a situation. This refusal often results in the easy way out: passing the responsibility of decision-making to others. But let's not forget why this delegation happens in the first place—those who were supposed to lead didn't have enough insight or the right information to make sound decisions themselves. A Historical Example: Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi War Take Saddam Hussein's actions leading up to the Iraqi War as an example. His dogmatic stance and refusal to acknowledge the geopolitical complexities surrounding Iraq and its vast oil reserves led to catastrophic consequences. He isolated himself from the international community, resisted understanding the full scope of the situation, and ultimately made poor decisions based on his limited perspective. When the international coalition decided to intervene, it wasn't just a matter of external forces imposing their will; it was also a direct result of Hussein's inability to navigate the complexities of his own position. His rigid approach left him disconnected from reality, and he delegated the resolution of his problems to external forces—forces that ultimately had their own interests and agendas. Hussein believed his people would rally to his defense, ignoring their exhaustion from years of conflict and economic hardship. His dogmatism led to the delegation of the future of Iraq to international powers, which resulted in a swift military intervention and the eventual collapse of his regime. The Core Issue: Lack of Wisdom and Knowledge Dogmatism, at its core, often stems from a lack of wisdom and understanding. Leaders and individuals who are dogmatic are not just stubborn; they are often unaware of their own limitations. They resist learning and growing, preferring to stick to what they know—even if it's insufficient. When such leaders face complex situations, their inability to adapt and make informed decisions forces them to rely on others to clean up their mess. In many cases, the people who end up making the decisions might be more competent, but that's not always guaranteed. Sometimes, those who take over are just as ill-equipped, if not more so, leading to even worse outcomes. This cycle perpetuates poor decision-making and can have devastating effects on entire nations and communities. Reality Goes On: Assigning Blame It's important to understand that reality progresses regardless of our actions or inactions. Often, we focus on blaming those who intervene, sometimes labeling them as criminals, while rarely holding accountable those who failed to manage the situation well from the beginning. Saddam Hussein's regime is a case in point. While the coalition forces' actions are frequently scrutinized and criticized, the initial mismanagement and dogmatism of Hussein himself are less often the focal point of blame. By not addressing the root causes and the initial poor decision-making, we fail to learn from these historical events. It's crucial to recognize the responsibility of those in charge from the start and understand that their dogmatism can lead to situations where external intervention becomes inevitable. Managing Our Lives with Wisdom This brings me to a broader and more personal point: we need to start managing our lives with wisdom. Understanding human psychology and power dynamics is essential, not just for global leaders but for each of us in our daily lives. It's astonishing how much time people can spend discussing world events that are happening thousands of miles away while failing to address and fix issues within their own family circles. Gaining insight into the people we live with and building a closer circle of understanding and effective communication is vital. We often overlook the importance of managing personal relationships with the same diligence and insight that we might apply to understanding larger, global issues. By improving our understanding of human psychology and power dynamics, we can create healthier, more functional relationships and communities. Taking Responsibility for Our Situations If we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it often means we haven't made good decisions in the past. More likely than not, we’ve delegated our decisions to others, who may not have our best interests at heart. Others won't care about us as much as we care about ourselves, and their decisions might not benefit us in the long run. Recognizing this can help us take back control and make wiser, more informed decisions for our futures.
  4. I am sorry, I don't want to keep engaged in this back and fourth. Truth is that I don't know who you really are, all I about you comes from the videos of you talking about yourself. Here at the forum your, short comments on my posts are not any better than a newbie's comment, which I usually try to just ignore. Also truth is that I don't know if it's Leo himself or some sort of AI is writing, But if you can't seem to like what I write, it would be easier to let me know that my thoughts aren't welcomed, and I'll be happy to delete them and stop posting altogether.
  5. I am meeting resistance. I am aware of that, but as you can notice there are few members on your forum who kinda agree with sine aspects of my post.. I guess I need to show you one day, I am recently became the best when it comes to handling women. Would you like me to fix you a date?
  6. Women will never ever be able have any authentic connection with anyone unless that person has a strong mind. Someone like Arabian princess might only get to experience that type of connection if she would to place near zero effort on her beauty, then bump into a guy with a strong mind. But when she's so dogmatic and hold her own opinion, she likely never run into that type of guy.
  7. I feel it'll be a good choice if we can agree we don't need to discuss. There are billions of people on the planet, and it's not a necessity that we wouldn't argue and discuss. thank you.
  8. @Princess Arabia That's just such a complex reply, it is divided into 3 sections, first one wants to discuss, second is trying to gaslight me, and it's highly inappropriate BTW, third trying to push your recommendation of "don't think", same message from your last reply. I am sorry, I can't and won't be engaging in such a convo. It only makes it clear that you don't have a direction or a point to make. One thing i can say for sure, not thinking or trying to deny there's a problem to start with isn't healthy at all. Also there's 2 Billion+ of Muslims have chose to cover their women, so there's no smoke without fire. If you can convince me it's not a problem, what about hundreds of millions of Muslims? good luck if you can do that with them.
  9. Emotionally speaking, women are way ahead in this game, and it's like an ongoing war between men and women. I've noticed women want to show their body features and get guys to look at their bodies, and it's just crazy to use your body to get attention, and the shit that girls do to get attention are just insane. Here's a little tiktok that popped up for me today and prompted me to write this post: The girl in the video is even trying to normalize looking at women's butts! No it's not normal to even have a quick glance if you can develop a strong mind.. Another Tactic that's designed to make a guy feel insecure is to talk about the pencil's size.. And for me that's just such a toxic cheap idea circulating, and it's easy to find out that it's a tactic meant to manipulate guys when you remember that woman's canal can fit a head of a baby easily if a baby needs to come out through it. A wise guy's response would be to suggest heading to produce section of a supermarket whenever a woman tries to make him insecure about what he got. Finally, I feel it's best for everyone if guys can develop strong minds, because they're meant to lead and help create a beautiful world for everyone, and it's a woman's job to help him in this.
  10. that's a good point of view! I am glad that you're able to analyze and come up with insights to help you cure your addiction
  11. Akkad that was a good one haha
  12. @Princess Arabia Thanks for sharing how you experience life, that's interesting what you've mentioned, and it looks like you live at a relatively liberate place, cuz judging by your handle, you could be living in anywhere in Arabia, perhaps even Saudi Arabia, but it's good to know that you can experience night life!
  13. can you please get out of my post? I gave you the attention that you was wishing for. this is harassment, and qualifying for action.
  14. if you read my method, I advocate a still photo, you have it open at your browser for few days, you look at it every day until your eyes are no longer hungry. The problem with the real thing is that you don't get to spend a long time with real ladies, and you won't meet the lady that your eyes will love every aspect of her, therefore you won't be able to appreciate their qualities. All you need could be just something to satisfy your eyes hunger, guys love engineering, love geometrical shapes, could be as simple as that. you like how the boobs are different from one lady to another right? each size and shape has it's charm, the big juicy one, and the small flat one, and everything in between. When you choose not to address this hunger but rather want to act on that and try to sleep with someone, that's a different part, that's like having a weak mind who cannot resist. I am saying so because I've said no so many times now, and walked away from many opportunities to talk to girls, sleep with them, etc, while if it was me from the past, I would try to make my best to end up in somebody's pants.
  15. @Princess Arabia I gave your post another read, and at first I thought you were saying that there's no problem to start with, but you went on to explain and that's what I appreciate. you need to understand that a guy think a thousand times about sex during the day, and a typical guy would lose his mind for a moment when or noticing a female, 50, or 100 meters away from him. As soon as you notice a woman, you can't help but trying to see is she pretty? is she not? can I think of her as a sexual partner? or is she just old lady? I sometimes need to look at the face just to see what kind of lady she is. If she was a nice lady, dressed well, then my mind goes to check her body features. after that, my eyes can't help but focusing on some of her body parts, she has a nice cleavage, there my sight will focus at, or tight pants.. etc... This all happen automatically within seconds. Don't you feel the eyes of guys whenever you go out? Try to look at those who are even standing far away and notice how they're noticing you.. With my tried and tested method, my eyes wouldn't even look at the direction of a lady, I've seen enough of ladies on my laptops every day, lots of nice lady parts, and my eyes are not hungry anymore.