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  1. @Seraphim Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope I can remember to stay calm in case this happens. I remember I also felt presence of others, but it was too short that I didn't move much in that space. I can't answer if it was another dimension, or dimensionless, I have no idea how to distinct between those concepts. I am only assuming it was another dimension because the experience felt nothing like I've ever known or encountered in my life. Also it was too short, but there was a movement, I moved in that space out of "the portal" , but then everything collapsed. I can't say it is a void no, there was energy, even if everything was black, but there was a visual field too, this is how I remember, but then it doesn't make sense, cuz everything was in black. I have no idea. I guess you can call it so, but can you elaborate a bit more?
  2. @Rainy Sparkle thank you for sharing your experiences with me. Pretty interesting what you've gone through especially seeing from three perspectives. I think I know about the state between being asleep and awake. I am familiar with that, I can sense it sometimes, some light dreams come, but then I can pull myself out if them and remember that I am also still half awake. I had lucid dreaming before too, but this, incident in hand is a whole other level. My psyche was shocked, not me the rational mind. The rational mind remembers the shock and can't forget about it easily. You wake up terrified from a nightmare for example, you sense that your body is sweaty, and feel heaviness on chest But my psyche in some level was so shocked that it refused to even form a memory of what happened, only after a day or so, a memory became accessible to me. I remembered the scene i described, and the horror that followed. If it was a dream, this works backwards, you dream about something and if you don't record the details on paper as soon as you wake up, you forget about them easily.
  3. Few months back, and while I was trying to sleep, I suddenly been shifted/visited/transformed into a completely new and different dimension, a dimension where blackness is so black, and there's only energy, and almost no visuals, but I could still see the outline of things as I remember now. I wasn't drinking, I have never taken psychedelics because we don't have them where I live, and that wasn't a dream also. The thing was very real, almost to the degree that horrified my psyche, and my memory experienced a total blackout. In fact the incident did disappear completely from my conscious memory for the next 24 hours then came back again. The incident's duration wasn't long, and I can estimate it like three seconds. I went out of body to the other dimension, got scared like hell, came back to the body, forgot about it for 24 hours, then remembering it again. I never asked for it to happen, and I can't replicate it, it is not a reoccurring thing, and I don't meditate even that much. What the hell was that? anybody else?
  4. I agree it does affect the results to some extent. I didn't want healthy red for example..
  5. I don't think it is something you can reach. It is not a destination. Also i don't feel I've achieved something extraordinary. Probably the yellow score is because I can now see through some of the BS presents in lower stages.
  6. Here's the test link: Here's my result: Never expected to have this much of healthy Yellow, let alone the healthy Red I think I live a double life where I have to tend to my basic survival, hence the red, but in my private life and the time I have to myself, I am more of a Yellow.
  7. Yesterday, I've just finished watching video "Why Valuable things require development over time". What an amazing episode, it goes with the essence of the book "Mastery" . I've just felt hopeful, because I was always regretting my years wasted before I started my self-development journey. However when he said that "It is better done later than never", and gave many examples and ideas about that, I just felt hopeful again. I am 38 and I've started the work around 5 years ago. Hopefully I'll reach good milestones within the next five years, and I'll be only 43 then. We can't do anything about the past anyways, and I feel that on the other hand there was little that I could do to navigate the vast self-help world before Leo showing up with his holistic approach to education which helped me form a big picture thinking and approach to this field, and that in turn will help me choose wisely what I want to pursue rather than getting lost in nfinite possibilities. Thank you Leo
  8. @SQAAD The regimes in these third world countries are fragile, Ghadaffi was an idiot. When the protests started against him, he decided to go to the streets and protest with those who are protesting against him! From's prespective, he wasn't anticipating that thugs that are less developped could kill him, still blinded by those loyal to him.
  9. We might never ever know what this child means.
  10. I used to listen to videos on the podcast, few years back, it was all fine, but then recently the download speed has became very frustrating. An episode can take a half an hour, with speed varying between 500kb and 30kb, and this is how I know it is not my connection. Now the podcast apps has this cool feature, where you can skip the silent moments, and it comes handy when you try to go through an old episode fast, especially when Leo recommends watching it within his new videos. I hope there's a solution to this problem soon.
  11. I don't know if I do care about the truth. If I say yes, then I'll have to ask myself, does the truth serve my survival? because all I care now is my survival. In this sense, it seems that I care about the truth with small 't' because maybe truth is the opposite of falsness, and the latter will always lead me to suffering and delusions. But if you ask me if I care about truth, I would like to tend to say, not really.. but again, maybe I care, but I don't know that for sure!
  12. Seems like a nice city, and one of the major cities in Finland. It is interesting how with all the scientific advancement at your country, but the total population is no more than 6 Millions! in Iraq we are almost 40 millions right now, and increasing at an alarming rate. We don't even have 24 hours electircity but people are having kids anywyas.
  13. There are infinite ways to live life. You can make your world small, you can expand it. You're most welcome! What about your world? what does it like?
  14. You can learn about that right now! Don't wait. For me, all is clear. ISIS are not like the KKK, they are secret organazation, and they embed themselves with people. For every 100 person arrested, there's probably a thousand one free and walking in the street. They don't show who they are until they control a city fully. They will not form an alliance. ISIS is a brutal organization, and they will swallow the taliban, unless the latter became more brutal than them, which is unlikely.
  15. Totally agree. Education has little to do with the spiral. It is because when they import the model of teaching, they constantly remind people that their religion is superior. It is very common when you open any science book since grade 1 until the 12 you'll find verses of the Quran embedded within them. A child or a teenager will learn math, but also the idea of Allah is always present in the science books. Imagine if you open chemistry books for 7th grade, and see verses from the bible within the book. It is the same in Islamic countries. The more brutal one. Brutality wins. Brutality moves people. If you want to enroll in a terrorist organazation and travel to Afghanistan, which one will you choose? the one who protected "the infidels" while leaving? or the one who bombed them?