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  1. @Vrubel yea but "earning" is a loaded concept... Why not try using "hoarding" instead?
  2. @Vrubel @royce because you liked my previous post
  3. The reason why they put laws against money forgery because it's a finite resource. Also they picked papers and coins with special drawings so that they won't be easily duplicated, yet they did put laws against those who duplicate them. What's the implication of that? Money mostly can be a safe investment of your life in highly stable times, and when the world gets complicated, and there are many wars and conflicts, money can even lose it's value in so many different ways. In difficult times, it becomes difficult to make money, precisely because everyone thinks that it's going to make them safe and try to hoard more of it. Rather, you need solutions that are out of the box, try to embrace the big picture thinking. Money is a finite resource means that any money you hoard is going to be denied to other people who might need it more than you do. The game of money is unfair anyways, and there are those who just snap into place and start making money from the get go, and there are those who are marginalized and alienated from society who can't make money even if they try. Also try to imagine you're not living alone! and we're all living at the same boat, and the boat, the society, sinks, you are going to sink with them! Would you rather sink while you're poor? or with tons of money that you've made? At least if you were poor, it means you must've invested your time elsewhere, probably you've made connections and you're going to spend your last minutes with the loved ones, but if you're rich, even your family is going to blame you for not doing enough, so you'll die alone!
  4. Money in the world is limited after all. You can't forge money too. so if you make money yourself, it's taken from somebody else's pocket right? so why not take it from your parent's pocket?
  5. Thank you for moderators. Please continue to support free-thinking and also re-open my post:
  6. If I had been a Palastanian young guy, I would feel I am doomed! war and rocket bombarding me, and I won't be able to say that I want to stop this madness and that I want to live anywhere in this world, and that I don't care about the right to have a state! Had I attempted to express my true feeling, I would probably be executed by my own people!
  7. Let's think about it, What do majority of undeveloped countries (Muslim countries included) do? What are some of their values are? And one answer is that it's survival-based, ultra-moralistic societies. And what tend to happen with those kind of society is that oppression becomes the norm. They tend to oppress free thinking, and free speech, and that would in turn suppress creativity, to a degree that people just race in order to fill a job that give them food and work in the only available field more or less, the survival business. The thing with that though is that there are only limited seats that can be filled. The country has few job spots, and you can only have certain amount of people filling those spots, but when it comes to creating new sectors of business, this is non-existent! and that's because the lack of freedoms! You can't create something new when all your society is brainwashed to think that survival is all there is out there! In my opinion, when you support the right for nations like Palestine to exist, you're already genocide dreams and killing any hope for progress for those nations. You're basically wanting to keeping them in boxes that are called "Countries", hoping that they will progress somehow maybe, knowing what type of values they're operating under. Those countries indeed need freedom, and need some push back against the prevailing values there. Their youth need protection, and you have to wonder, what's the point of supporting other nations to thrive while their sons and daughters are going to be brainwashed already, multiplying in number and thinking that survival is all there's out there!
  8. @Rafael Thundercat I listened to 4 minutes and I don't like it, it's mixing up spirituality with rationality. I don't particularly like this blend, but however than you for sharing!
  9. That's very true, and so many people want to compete with Dubai, and fueled by egos of idiots like the ones who was killed. The have some high rises complexes and they think this is all what it would take to become like Dubai However, this is just even a small part of the city, and it's ruled by iron fist, nothing like what's in Dubai. But if you come to Dubai at least you can see some tangible organizing in life. You would rarely see a car emits tons of smoke, and no backup generators all over the city too. So however you might be thinking, corruption is on a whole different level in Kurdistan. Also it's interesting that Pakistan has attacked sites in Iran, while Erbil people are weeping and announcing 3 days mourning for the fucking corrupt businessman!
  10. In this regard, I would say you're very very informed. However, the thing is that Kurds are corrupt also, so very corrupt, and Erbil is not a livable city. Examples, Poverty is rising and inequality too, and Kurdistan is been turned into mafia-like business Kurdish government doesn't regulate even the traffic, and they want to maximize the ticket numbers because they want to make tons money out of that. Hiding the traffic radars between bushes, so that it "hunts" the speeding cars, and make thousands of tickets per day, and they also grant driving licenses without tests sometimes. People in Erbil this winter have very limited power from the government, and they have to rely on backup public generators, and in the city there are hundreds of generator powering it's neighborhoods. Which makes the city air very polluted with smoke from hundreds of generators. The businessman who was killed was one of those who are building high rises, sucking power from the already scarce , and then also installing more giant backup generator. Government is corrupt and one last example, is when they said they're giving a deadline for vehicles that emits smokes, and after that, they're going to fine their owners if not fixed! So fining everything and just making money out of everything. Also no regulation for life whatsoever, you can have a loud motorcycle, and get away with it, no one will stop you. So therefore I feel the US can't back such a corrupt government, not for a long duration. Kurds leaders are stupid also! highly ultra corrupt! they have business with Iran and Turkey! even though those two states are bombarding them, but do they even close borders or do anything of a significance? Kurdistan presidents are just stupid! they're meeting today with American ambassador who visited them instead of taking shelter in a bunker after yesterday's attack! Like I haven't seen such stupid leadership since a long time! They truly can't even take a stance because they're corrupt!
  11. For me this seems only like Kurds have been used as sort of mercenaries though. For me, that's no difference than when USA was trying to build Afghanistan state or army.. I recall Trump was asked about Kurds, and he gave a compliment in his days, but Biden, I haven't heard him say the word 'Kurds' as far as I know. On the conttrary, news that Iraqi Kurdistan officials were pleading the US to support them with their struggle against BAghdad, but they're met with silence. It seems that you're arguing from a military place only, however when time comes, the US can let go of it's insignificant allies.
  12. The US doesn't give a fuck about Kurds though these days. The sentiment that kurds are allies is dying.
  13. @Nabd yeah yeah. You seem to know everything buddy.. As if you were sitting with Iranians when they decided to attack. You seem to know very little about power dynamics too.. If i was Iranian, I would try to finish this silly entity that's Iraqi Kurdistan right anyways. There's no better time than now because it is invasion season in the world if you hadn't noticed. It is now or never
  14. For me personally, I feel that Iraqi Kurdistan will seize to exist very soon as the Iranian-backed militias starting to advance to it's capitol Erbil, likely meeting very weak resistance from Kurdish forces. Fucking Kurdish leader's reaction to the latest attacks wasn't putting together a military show, but just stating to Iran: "Our patience has limits"... I mean
  15. @Nabd I feel you do have some blind spots yourself too Yeah, I am interested in stabilizing the countries a bit.. we just want some stability now! That's not true at all.. Some revolutionists they have been murdered, but then look at the Capital riot, police didn't try to use all their forces and murder the attackers.. also when law enforcement disappers, it's natural that stores get looted! when saddam hussein fell, iraqi people started looting everything.. I have to say, I participated in that in a small way too! Try to have a look: I feel this is not entirely true, otherwise they would shut the American State Department entierly!