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  1. Boundaries are just a touchy subject for me, and it seems that the United States against redrawing them. The successive administrations believes in keeping sovereignty of the current states in their current form. We've seen how they waged war on Iraq in the desert storm when the latter tried to annex Kuwait, same is happening now when putin is trying ti annex Ukraine. So that's not allowed it seems so. Middle East culture is tribal, and the ancient history is something that has been discontinued. Current Iraqis can't be attributed to the people who lived in iraq thousands years ago because of the many empires and kingdoms that has been established over the thousands of years. Iraq is in the middle of nowhere, and its nation is kind of like the people who gather in the bus station, they have very little in common. It's not like Japan, where people have been living there isolated on an island continuously for hundreds of years. What kind of social experiments though you're referring to?
  2. Also in this regard, I would like to refer you to my other topic if you have time for that: Countries Are More Like Vessels Than Anything Else
  3. In societies where survival is a top priority, people are often taught that they need to work hard and earn money to survive. This is what I was taught growing up in Iraq. However, I was able to break free from this way of thinking by becoming a freelance web designer thanks to the Internet, which became available after the American invasion in 2003. At first, I had to put in a lot of effort to gain clients, but now I have a steady stream of income from my existing customers. However, when I tried to expand my business, I quickly realized that Iraq's economy is corrupt and dysfunctional. The country is like a Ponzi scheme, with money being distributed among the people, but ultimately leaving the country again. I couldn't see how I could fit into this system, which seemed to benefit only a select few. I don't believe in serving my corrupt fellow citizens who receive salaries from the inflated government. The country is in a bad state and is facing existential threats. More than 35% of the population works for the government, and this makes people lazy and stifles traditional money-making opportunities. The job market is heavily regulated, and people put traditional morality and survival-based values before financial gain. Try to imagine it that was the case in America, it would be having more than one hundred million people working for the government, what would that do to its economy? In this situation, it's hard to imagine how anyone can succeed and accumulate wealth. However, I still believe that the American invasion was necessary. The truth is that things would be just as bad, if not worse, without any intervention. To really make a difference, there needs to be a conscious effort to elevate the nation. Simply leaving Iraq to its own devices isn't a viable solution.
  4. When we talk about countries, it's important to understand that they are not just arbitrary lines on a map or political entities. They are like vessels that hold within them the hopes, dreams, and ambitions of their people. Just like ships, some countries are old and outdated, while others are modern and equipped with the latest technology. The issue arises when some countries resist planned change and continue to operate on outdated systems while trying to implement upgrades to the internals of the ship without proper consideration for the country's specific needs and circumstances. Such unguided upgrades can cause more harm than good, disrupting the delicate balance within the country's systems and potentially creating unforeseen consequences. Example is similar to the situation where a 1600s ship is upgraded with a nuclear engine, and water parks installed, and provided with a full state-of-the-art hospital onboard, and three helicopters. The advancements in medicine have also led to an increase in the population on these ships. With modern medicine, diseases and natural causes of death are no longer a major threat, leading to a significant increase in the population on board. However, this increase in population raises questions about how sustainable it is and how the ship will cope with the growth. It is important to consider how these vessels, or countries, will sustain the changes and upgrades that they undergo. Upgrades that are implemented without proper planning and consideration may cause more harm than good, potentially leading to unforeseen consequences. A sustainable growth plan is necessary to ensure that the vessel can handle the increase in population and that it doesn't negatively impact the environment or resources on board. In conclusion, countries are like vessels that carry the hopes and aspirations of their people. They can be modern or outdated, but they need to be upgraded with careful planning and consideration for the future. With proper planning, these vessels can sustain growth and accommodate the changes necessary for progress. *Aided by Chat GPT
  5. I was walking through a bustling market in one of Iraq's cities when I noticed a young boy, about ten years old, looking frightened and alone. He clutched a bottle of detergent and a small squeegee, his eyes fixated on the distance. Concerned for his safety, I approached him and asked if everything was okay. The boy revealed that a shop owner, who was also a police officer, had tried to beat him up. He was clearly shaken by the experience, but refused my offer to speak to the man on his behalf. Instead, he simply wanted to avoid any further trouble. As we continued to talk, I learned that the boy, Mahmood had no permanent home, and was living in a rented house with a stranger. The man only allowed the boy to stay if he could bring him $10 a day. Failure to do so would result in his eviction. The boy confided that his parents had passed away, and he had no family to turn to for help. Furthermore, there were other children in the house who did have parents, but they too were staying with the stranger. I felt helpless in the face of his plight. The boy was alone, vulnerable, and in a precarious situation. I offered him food, but he declined and simply took a dollar from me. With a heavy heart, I bid him farewell and continued on my way. The encounter left me feeling deeply saddened and troubled. It was a sobering reminder of the harsh realities that many people face in Iraq. Despite the challenges, however, the boy's courage and resilience left an indelible impression on me. I will not forget his story and will continue to think of ways to help those in need.
  6. Probably, but then I wouldn't have been developped enough had I been born in that era
  7. This is a good video. I've watched earlier
  8. @OmniNaut I appreciate your input, but I don't believe it's necessary to police the way I express my opinions. While I understand that comparisons can be sensitive, I don't believe that I should be expected to be politically correct in every interaction I have with others. 2- In my opinion, the US has assumed a maternal role since contributing to the triumph in WWII, overshadowing all other nations. Without the protection of the United States, European stability appears unattainable. From my perspective, the US is not abusing its authority, as certain actions deemed negative are indispensable. 3- It's not clear to me how the significance of passport is applicable in this context since you didn't provide any details. 4- In the opinion of some, including myself, Iraq should not even exist as an independent country and should be completely dismantled as soon as possible in order to save its people from years and decades of suffering. Iraq lacks the necessary elements to function as a sovereign nation and has had its independence imposed upon it numerous times over the past century. There has been no Iraqi man who fought for its independence, and there is no one willing to do so now, as evidenced by the collapse of the Iraqi army in 2014 and the rapid occupation of 1/3 of Iraqi territory by ISIS within a week. 5- I don't feel the need to engage with the internal affairs of the citizen living within the US. Again it seems to me like comparing cuteness of a chick to mother hen. Had the Netherlands been forced to protect itself, they wouldn't have any resources to make their country the happiest. Finally thank you for your wishes
  9. I feel you guys are doing a comparison, like comparing the cuteness of a chick to its mother, the big mama hen that brought it to life and raised it, and now you're saying that the small baby chick is certainly better than its mom.
  10. All the the other 1st world countries are mock up of the United States, no one of those can even sustain without the protection of the US in one way or another. Interestingly enough, as a US citizen you can go and reside at many countries and claim citizenship in a matter of years, but few only do that!
  11. Having lived in Iraq and traveled to several other countries, I find myself regarding the United States as the only "real" country in the world. Interestingly enough, despite having never set foot in the US, I feel as though it is my own country. The US president is my president, and I am disheartened by their lackluster efforts towards my home state of Iraq. This sentiment is not uncommon, given the significant involvement of the US federal government in Iraq. For instance, the American ambassador to Iraq has been photographed standing beside the Iraqi prime minister, a clear display of power and control. As a result, I have made it my life's mission to claim my US citizenship, as I believe it is my right to do so. I yearn to experience life as a US citizen and enjoy the freedoms that come with it. In Iraq, I am weary of suppressing my thoughts and opinions in order to survive and conform to societal norms, and I hope to one day use my newfound freedom to challenge outdated beliefs that bring suffering to those who hold them. It is worth noting that larger nations have abandoned the traditional form of colonialism and instead rely on other methods, such as trade agreements, international laws, and conventions, to exert control over smaller nations and their populations.
  12. I believe neither Iraq or Syria are real countries and dozens of other 'countries' too. Calling them countries is only useful for classification purposes. That's cuz no one wants to claim their lands and as the top powers in the world have found other indirect/implicit ways to dominate rather than claiming lands and dealing with the problems of its nations, so you might as well give those people the illusion of Independence.
  13. I hope that my progress can surprise you one day in the future and I kind of imagine that I get to a safe place where I can safely share my own insights with the world and help lift up some of the suffering of repressed people. I'll try to keep informing you. Thank you for the encouragement once again Leo. I do feel better by now.
  14. I can't agree more with you my teacher. This is my ticket, offering a high value to people. And I've been trying that approach and making friends with people over the past years. I've become a highly emotionally attuned person, and that's going to stay a rare thing even with the advent of AI. Funny example of how this can work, I've been offered once by my British friend James that he takes me into a British Embassy and claims I am his boyfriend and that he wants to take me to the UK. Problem is that James is one "crazy" guy, an opportunistic and corrupt person and hard to deal with to the point that he has virtually no friends anywhere in the world. Also I am already downsizing and in the latest stages of getting my passport so that I can be one step closer to leave this trap. Thank you! For people in America or Europe and why they can't self-actualize, I feel that the sense of abundance might be giving them a false sense of control to the degree in which they always try to face life with an attitude like "We'll make it happen", and "We'll try push through", making them inclined to the path of least resistance as you yourself call it.
  15. You're right! and I am happy to mention that I've took each and every opportunity in order to channel all the hardships that I've faced into my self-actualization journey. I feel I couldn't have made it this far without your teachings sir. Those big insights, and also thousands of small insight and advice. They have painted the inner void of my soul with love and kindness and turned me into an all-new being. Some of the questions that I still have on my mind is that will I ever be able to try some of the psychedelics that you talk about in your videos?