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  1. Rule are simple: Post a clip of somebody in a certain situation, and try to estimate how people on other stages would react. Here's an example: This gentlemen from Chicago, he's good at establishing boundaries, probably stage red. How would a stage orange person react, green, yellow, if they were in his shoes? Have fun
  2. Sharing one of the most powerful tracks that I've ever listened to, and while Dr. Dre is busy proving that he's still relevant, citing names of his albums in his songs, and while Em is busy with dissing people, Biggie Smalls has gave up life altogether, and started imagining a whole future in hell where he'll be enjoying himself in the afterlife.
  3. Those people on TikTok and YouTube engage with scammers and drive them crazy and insane, but really what's scamming? It is when people give up and the circumstance around them doesn't allow them to do much, coupled with lack of opportunities, and also them having less knowledge of what can be achieved. Are people who are being scammed really victims? if you would think so, then you would have the mindset of a warrior, and you would want to go fight scammers and defend "the poor people", which would also be a dogmatic type of love. But also could be the universal message that is delivered to those who are being scammed is that they are way too comfortable, and also disconnected from the reality, and you would need to wake up and learn what's going on in the world and try to bring balance into it, and in a world that's so very connected, you can't just stay complacent and just eat, drink, and sleep. Usually those who are being scammed are people with savings in first world countries, that are sitting there doing nothing, so out of touch, fearing their life's stability is going to be threatened when somebody with Indian accent call them and threaten them that they're going to loose this or that if they won't comply.
  4. in today's world that applies on western universities and people who go there, other than that, the other people are struggling to go through their days. I live in Iraq, and a state rich of oil and natural resources, and I don't have access to power 24/7. I spend month sometimes sick or trying to avoid hot whether or cold whether just because I am unable to secure a damn room with controlled climate. So what you say is actually a luxury for few people.. I feel seeking knowledge is just a luxury, at one point you gotta ask yourself, what significance it has to find older and older skeleton? for me it only fuels the careers of some people. Museums, professors...etc I mean can't this energy spent there finding those be used in other places? Thanks
  5. What's the value of uncovering ancient civilizations? In some places like Egypt, his has led to tourism boost, but here in Iraq, it has led to nothing! yet in fact, uncovering these civilizations has led to inflation of ego of the Iraqi people, claiming that they are descendant of those civilizations, when in fact all of those uncovered civilizations were vanished and buried under tons of sands thousands of years ago. I tell my folks that these civilizations are nothing but the product of western universities, so better stop saying that Iraq, and Iraqis has taught the world how to read and write! I go on and add that professors in western universities make whole careers and as an Iraqi what are you gaining out of that? But seriously, what is the value of excavating and searching for ancient civilizations, if in particular it's not even done mostly by the people of a certain country?
  6. This is not for you bro, this is not an advice for the general public but something completely different. So take care..
  7. As the title of the thread says "women need to be better people" so in my current believe, how is it possible that could you get better while you are 'practicing' with folks who are operating from a place of fear? you'll most likeley sooner or later become crazy youreself!
  8. Relationships are all toxic, like is is a social construct that doesn't make any sense. The following can present a good explanation, meeting a lot of girls? this is insane! if you do so, please stop, why the criteria should be about the number of people you meet? maybe more importantly you need to find out how and where in this world first, or even in this universe. It's kind of naive the approach of meeting a lot of girls, haven't you already met enough? why things went down the hill with your last girl? I mean if things go downhill with like 3, 4, five girls, then isn't that an indication that there's something that's seriously wrong with your approach? Just generally speaking of course and not directed towards yourself. That's wrong, decades are wasted on this seemingly stupid approach..
  9. This is very useful information there about the five stages that a man or a woman goes through.. Thank you for sharing.
  10. @sholomar @integral @something_else What I am suggesting in my original post that any amount of love that you receive from your lady by playing the game isn't going to be genuine love, hence the title "Women Should Become Better People For You To Get Love" Whatever you're having right now, certainly isn't love. All the women that I have met in my life don't seem releuctunt to settle with one man, cuz they can't! They've already decided that they're going to build their aspirations and dreams on one principle and one principle only: survival. So nomatter what you think, she's always on the look for somebody else who can give the appearance that he's capable to meet that need for her. Just in case you get lazy, die, or appear incapable to meet that illusion of hers.
  11. That's damn right! Well said! Just wow! Why can't your post go forever buddy?!
  12. I am not advocating to shut down your biology, but I feel that you need to clear your creative thinking path, just try to stop your mind from thinking of women as potential partners, and after that whole new level of connection is going to be opened up to you! What you call biology, you need to not indulge yourself into that as soon as you become aware of its existence, It is really cumbersome to always bear notions that are related to that, not only you need to think about evaluating if a person is a good potential for you, but you need additional filters in order to let you selectively activate this mode of thinking with females you meet. An example of that is that you need to choose to see or unsee people as potential romantic partners based on their age and their relationship to you. I am proposing that this mechanism of viewing the world is cumbersome and therefore better to let go of it altogether. Start thinking of women as people, seeing that in reality there's no substantial difference between your 5 old years niece, and between the hottest girl that you can see in a club. I guarantee that you'll be able to connect better with women kind..
  13. @Tyler Robinson It is no surprise that humanity has gone overboard with the concept of survival, it has become a destructive pattern, and humans are actually right now are forging a future hell for the future generations to come with the climate change and such. Humanity has survived good deal, and beyond what's necessary, and I feel the terms and conditions of that need to change. Women of the world are suffering because their men, driven by the BS concept of basic survival are becoming closer to monkeys than intelligent rational beings. In most countries of the world the poverty is there because of corruption, not because of the lack of resources, and it all connects with this random concept that survival is brutal and hard and demanding, etc.. I feel when the problem isn't availability of resources, but rather corruption and bad management, then this is a solid proof that humanity are surviving, but we need emotional intelligence to govern us. It is sad to see a woman that's living in a first world nation is unable to let go or override her natural instincts which as you say mother nature was wise enough to bless or curse her with whichever you see it. Truth could be that the weak man today isn't weak because of inherit wo-wo mysterious reason, but the weak who's been rejected by woman is simply unable or unwanting to climb on the shoulders of others and be at higher positions of the money chain, he chooses instead to connect with himself, emotions and universal intelligence. It's a truth that most men who are able to go up the chain, they need to turn a blind eye to all the inequalities and faults, everything wrong with this world and act as everything is fine! a woman who's in for that also is a participant in the crime, and her reward that she's going to get a cold-hearted man, who has long ago lost touch with himself and became corrupt, and then the process of reforming starts, so good luck to you trying to reform a person who in the name of survival has decided to turn a blind eye to all the corruption and evil happening in this world.
  14. I mean just try to clear your mind that you need to meet attractive girls, and whenever you are in the presence of one, you feel the need to keep this notion on your mind. How cool of an interaction would be if you would stop rating people based on their attractiveness? Maybe a sexy lady dancing in the club isn't dancing to bring attention to her, maybe she's just wanting to have a moment of freedom, so why would I want to stare at her body and let my imagination go wild about how I should approach her, and if she's suitable to me..etc? How cool if you would to start see people as people without attaching any sort of mainstream notions to that?
  15. I don't know, the Internet gives you lots of possibility, and if you have freedom to travel, then why do you need attraction to start with? Seems like you're thinking it is extremely difficult to start with, and you feel that the 'cheat codes' are absolute necessities. According to your mindset, what chances do people who are born with deformities have in this life? Can you tell somebody who has deformities to his face that he will have no chance of getting love unless he plays this game?