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  1. Great explanation of the technical aspects of Gödels Incompleteness
  2. "DOD desegregated before the south, gay soldiers were allowed to serve before they could get married- in many ways the DOD has been a vehicle for social change; if you had a marginalized group that you want seen as apart of the American tapestry, service in the military helps speed that process along because in the US nobody wants to talk bad about a soldier" "they have recruited people you do not like for a long time" dod learning a bunch of languages, living with locals in cultural exchange and appreciation to create allies. in that way they are trained to be "woke" the CIA setting up fake foundations for abstract art exhibitions across Europe to show Soviets they are woke to recruit their intellectuals and cause dissent in artist communities and cultural upheaval. from YouTube comments "I dont want intellectuals working at the central intelligence agency" tucker carlson
  3. @aurum But aurum, the best part about MGM is that it's still not green. Look at the red mega thread, they don't all look like warlords. Some of the language of green is mainstream and is used at lower stages. What real green gets wrong is the negative consequences of an over-reaching equality, sensitivity, pacifism, empathy; it's all still limited. Why would we call something green that goes against this? To equate black hammer with someone pushing for social justice is some Peterson-level baggage and conspiracy.
  4. Well, Take Vaush as an example of the left who really dislikes Robin DiAngelo and her book. A person who still agrees and understands that the conclusions of critical race theory are completely defensible.
  5. @Danioover9000 compounding interest and investing is not the same as gambling.
  6. @EnRoute honestly, to just say "good presidents don't bomb" is incredibly naive. Trump increased our use in mercenaries by 65%, far more than we have of troops. Trump expanded war and privatized it to hide from his accountability. Trump bombed afghanistan and yemen (and wherever else) more than any other president. thinking "no new wars" is falling into rhetoric. War needs propagandizing among all else, maybe you should listen to what the repub voting base actually wants and you'll see who allows what policies. The fact that you are so quick to find faith in the Trump administration only shows the shortcomings in your redundant dem faith. Of course dems being in office, alone, is not remotely enough.
  7. PS, JR. wants this bad boy in the book list
  8. Asking Leo himself to incorporate discord with his forum should stay within guidelines and not be considered recruiting. Chats can be uploaded to the forum so using discord doesn't have to take away from the site experience/posts. I think it would ultimately connect our community more so we can be the best that we could be for each other.
  9. it's still only a proposal, which will only move troops over to neighboring countries, not home, where they will still conduct ground combat in Somalia.
  10. "Afghanistan/Somalia withdrawal scam"
  11. @Leo Gura No, I'm nearly positive he always uses Postmodernism as a stand in term.
  12. @Leo Gura Peterson hasn't used the term "Cultural Marxism", from what I've seen articles and video titles do. He says "Postmodern Neo-Marxism." Not sure how meaningful the difference is though & not a fan of defending him lol.