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  1. This... and if your passion is loud enough you will hate your device.
  2. May the force be with you...or maybe...let source be you. Cheers friends.
  3. Hi Gianna, been there, good money, bad clients...in the end the best thing was regaining my peace of mind. Also as @freejoy mentioned, something better comes along...look for resilience.
  4. Hey!, music is about channeling, if you think about views prior or in the middle of a proyect, you´ll be caught by the mind, great artists create and perform with a silenced one, they just enjoy the moment without expectations. Just have fun and drop your heart in your creations. Followers crave for cristal clear channels. Also, musicians are ageless.
  5. Do that..., more work and less daydreaming, unfortunately the latter is not in the present...
  6. Ultimately, who will if not you...
  7. I think you have to exhaust the hell out of it in order to detach from it, if not, there is a rought path ahead. Make an awesome record...
  8. Maybe he could handle the repress...
  9. Hey Hans, I think you need a new set of commitments, if you commit for new things it will fresh up your prespective, maybe life if showing you something right now, keep your eyes open.
  10. Hi guys, wanted to ask y´all about an episode I had some months ago, long story short I was with some friends at my place, drinking booze and smoking weed (potent sativa strain) heavily, talking, shouting, listening to music, etc... having a good time and i got very drunk and stoned so i went outside to take some "fresh air" and one of my friends went outside also, so we start talking (drunk talk ), dont remember all the details but all of a sudden i became "the witness", i felt the body like under water, slow, i heard myself mumbling to this friend but my mind became crystal clear, i was sober, i was aware of all that was happening in the moment, and i remember saying to this friend "man, im not drunk" (picture this phrase with the classic drunkinsh accent) but for sure i was trashed... I want to quote another member words @hoodrow trillson , since he had the same expirience...he put it as "partial awakening". My question is, was it?¿ or was some other rare state? or simply the most drunk state that i can possibly be? Thanks!!! Feel free to move the thread if necessary.
  11. They gave you the shovel, and you are using it