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  1. Common traps you can fall in
    The Greatest Trap You Fell In On The Path.
    Common traps:
    Taking any of your thoughts seriously Experiencing withdrawal symptoms or emotional upheaval during self-inquiry/meditation and taking this as a sign of something being wrong or you failing Looking for the true self as an object located in space Looking for the true self inside your skull Looking for the true self outside your skull out in the external world Trying to look for the true self without first generating a state of not-knowing Trying to answer the "Who am I?" question logically or verbally Looking for something mystical or hidden (nothing at all is hidden) Getting lost in your personal story, thinking it is you Trying to think your way into enlightenment Trying to fake-surrender your way into enlightenment Reading more books or watching more videos about enlightenment Distracting yourself from sitting down and doing the work Talking about or debating enlightenment with friends/family Confusing enlightenment with a peak emotional state during meditation Trying to become enlightened at any time other than NOW Thinking there is someone who will become enlightened (there is not) Assuming enlightenment will solve all your practical everyday problems like paying rent or your crappy relationship Thinking you've found a secret, rapid process for becoming enlightened Believing you do not exist because Leo talked about no-self Creating a spiritual identity as the hero on the quest to kill the ego Acting superior and judging people who don't know as much about enlightenment as you've read about. Believing that there is a way, technique, or method to become enlightened (there isn't) Tricking yourself by saying that you'll pursue enlightenment when you're older, after you're successful Thinking you're enlightened when in fact you've only had a glimpse Getting distracted into the "power realm" of spirituality, trying to acquire special powers Thinking that you've discovered all there is to enlightenment and nothing more remains.