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  1. Why bother to jerk off when you can just go out and have sex with women? Or should it be the opposite? Because if you get horny 24/7 wouldn't it be bad to go out every single time you're horny to have sex with women? Or should you just jerk off instead in moderation to stay out of trouble?
  2. Just curious, I'd like to see the amount of people on here that are self employed or work a 9 to 5.
  3. I know there have been people on this forum already who have requested for Leo to make an episode about solipsism. I feel like this topic needs to be addressed and covered as it ties in with spirituality and non duality. It would be a very interesting episode to see Leo do...
  4. @AdeptusPsychonautica Rob... I understand where you are coming from, and I do agree that the claims Leo made were out of hand. I am not defending Leo, clearly Leo has made mistakes, but continuing to make videos about him and bash him isn't doing anything good. You are pushing unnecessary drama. Understand where Leo's mind was at while on the psychedelics. The psychedelics show you that you're God and it can be radical for an individual to realize. So the individual can act irrational and make absurd claims. It's much like how a drunk person would act. When a person is drunk the claims that can come out of their mouth can be stupid and outlandish, but would you still continue to bash someone for talking outlandish while they were drunk? You act as if you have never said stupid things or made outlandish claims in your life. Also why are you still concerned about Leo and his brand? I thought you would clearly move on as a mature adult. Don't you have better things to do? You demonize Leo and his brand but yet you are a contributing member of the forum...? You worry about Rob, and let Leo worry about Leo. Looking at your writing it seems like you yourself are an immature individual with a few delusions as well. Your claim is that you can take on others about your ideas and beliefs. Your basically saying "fuck everyone else's ideas and beliefs, mine are correct and I can take everyone on". That right there is an egotistical bullshit delusion. Nobody gives a fuck about your ideas and beliefs, same with Leo's. Your ideas and beliefs aren't better than anyone else's. But then you criticize Leo's ideas and beliefs saying that his claims are delusional? Get the fuck out of here. Heres another delusion from you... You rant fundamentally about how such hot shit you are for taking on a crowd with Psymposia. Wow rob. Your sooo cool. You must be better than everyone else in the entire universe. Do you think you are? Also calling the members of the forum pussycats? That just shows your level of immaturity and development. Another thing who even uses the word pussycats anymore...? I agree Leo has made some mistakes, and I will still continue to watch Leo's content. But do you see your OWN delusional bullshit as well Rob?
  5. @Leo Gura your mom actually is your father 😏
  6. @OBEler I did have some crazy experiences while having obes, like astral projection.
  7. @The0Self The only psychedelic I have is 5 meo dmt. I got the 5 meo myself from the toad here in Arizona. I just haven't smoked it yet. I am interested in psychedelics, but trying to find where you can them isn't that easy (for me personally) but I don't want to get into where you can find more. The 5 meo is good enough for me right now. I was just curious to know if there were any other ways people obtain mystical experiences without taking the psychedelics.
  8. I know that you can obtain mystical experiences through taking psychedelics, but are there any other ways besides just taking psychedelics? I know that there are some things like... • Meditation • Kundalini yoga • Samadhi yoga • Shamanic breathing These things I listed are the ones that I hear have similar experiences related to psychedelics. Is there any other ways?
  9. @Tim Ho I do respect my grandfather. I just couldn't determine whether or not if his advice was legitimate or not.
  10. Just wondering. I am a single individual and I live alone. Would 30 hours be good enough for me to survive on my own? or would I need more like 40 hours? I am also a minimalist and I don't spend alot of money on things I don't need.
  11. @Leo Gura I figured I'd listen just to see what he has to say given that he is 75 years old with alot of life experience. I just couldn't fathomed whether or not if his advice was legitimate, but deep down in the back of my mind I kinda knew that it was nonsense. I didn't even ask him for any advice to begin with. I'm sure the majority of people has had that "grandparent talk" where the grandparents seem like they have life all figured out and they think the advice they give their grandkids is solid advice but it turns out that it's actually really shitty advice, lol...
  12. The funny thing is I didn't even ask him for advice. He automatically gave me advice...
  13. So I just got done having an interesting talk with my grandfather about careers while we were out for dinner for my dad's birthday and I had to share it. It started by my grandfather asking me if I was happy at my job, I responded saying... "I am, but i plan on not being there for that long because I have a side that I'm working on to eventually become my career which is my YouTube channel, I talk about spirituality." He responds saying... "You must not be happy at your job if you plan on leaving in the future. Go get another job where you are actually happy and never leave." I then told him... "I am happy at my job, but I have a greater purpose than just to be working a typical job." He responds saying... "Does your YouTube channel generate income?" I told him... "No, because I'm just starting out. Just like how any business starts out with no income. Then you gradually work towards building your business to the point where you can generate income." He responds... "Well the world is always changing, and right now it seems were heading into communism, and the US has transitioned into christianity. Your channel about spirituality will not work out, and YouTube probably wont be around in the future. You need to get a job or a career to where you are making alot of money and climbing the corporate ladder. If you plan on leaving your current job in the future and not climbing the corporate ladder, get another job." I couldn't believe what he had said, but I didn't want to get into it with him at the dinner table considered it was my dad's birthday dinner. So does that mean that people should just stay at their jobs forever, climb the corporate ladder and forget about their purpose? Because that is what he is implying. Spirituality and truth is my purpose. I my purpose is the spread it on YouTube. Also people have different world views and beliefs. Not everyone here in the US is a Christian and I am NOT going to make my channel about christianity just because the US is a Christian nation. That is complete nonsense. The world has also been constantly changing since the dawn of time, ain't nothing new here. The crazy thing is that my grandfather has spiritual believes like in reincarnation, but it seems like my grandfather has transitioned into christianity, he says that what's happening right now in the world is God's punishment, and the world needs to go back to religion. I also take into consideration that my grandfather is old school. He is 75 years old, and the way he lived back then is way different than how we are living now. But to say you need to chase money and get a job where you climb the corporate ladder and to forget about your life purpose is very toxic advice in my opinion. What are your guy's overall thoughts about this?
  14. So I'm looking at the objects around me right now and i'm thinking to myself how did all of these objects ultimately come into existence? Was it all basically hallucinated out of thin air? For example like a statue, someone may say "well the statue came into existence by it being manufactured somewhere, it was not materialized out of thin air" but you can continue to ask the question "ok where did the material to make that statue come from?" You can go on to ask these questions to the point where it's a infinite regress problem to where you are left with the big bang. Saying something along the lines of like "well it all came from the big bang" but it's funny because the hot dense point from the big bang (which is a object/appearance) that appreance in of itself was materialized out of thin air. It's no different from dreams at night because this right here is a dream. When you dream at night the whole dream was hallucinated and materialized like... • The people • The objects • The solid surfaces • The objects in the sky The dream wasn't created by another big bang billions of years ago, also the objects weren't created in some factory. Ultimately speaking it all of it was materialized and hallucinated out of thin air lol. So the same applies here. So wouldn't things like the big bang happening billions of years ago, or us evolving from apes, dinosaurs, objects being manufactured in a factory or even history of the all just backstory within the hallucination that never actually happened? Let's say your dreaming at night and your dream is super vivid, you go to a factory to see a solid object like a car that just got done being manufactured, you see people working in the factory. You say to yourself... "Oh ok, the car just got done being manufactured in the factory; that's how the car was ultimately created was by the machines in the factory, I see there's people working in the factory also. These people are adults that were created from there parents having sex, then they later on came out of their mother at birth. The factory too was created by it being built back in time by some architects." But no... That whole scene would be a hallucination that materialized out of thin air lol. The factory wasn't created by architects, it was created by it being hallucinated and materialized. The car was also not created by the machines in a factory, the car was created by it being materialized and hallucinated. The people weren't created by their parents having sex, the people were created by them being legit hallucinated and materialized as adults lol. I know it sounds crazy and it's a mind fuck. But wouldn't all of this be more logical? That everything was created by it being materialized out of thin air?