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  1. Professor Dave is a smart dude, but I don't like his criticisms about Leo and quantum mysticism, he's highly wrong and ignorant in that field. If this dude had a spontaneous awakening and was more opened minded it would shatter his whole scientific world view.
  2. I just got back from my relatives funeral that just recently past away. (My Nana's brother) It was an open casket and I looked at his body and realized that I as God imagined his entire body. Every single hair, every detail on his face is a creation of my mind (your mind) I also realized that his entire body is me, his consciousness is my consciousness, and your consciousness. Because there's just one consciousness 😏
  3. @Leo Gura What are some of your tips to avoid hurting yourself if you don't have a sitter? Like running into a wall for example
  4. I can relate I don't have alot of trauma either and had a decent upbringing with my parents and even my grandparents, sometimes my dad would be an asshole but I wouldn't say it's trauma related.
  5. Besides all the psychedelics you've done, do you do holotropic breathing at all? @Leo Gura I'm going to start doing it and my aim is at least 30 minutes to an hour. Hell, even if I get to two hours that would be great but it's extremely difficult.
  6. I live here in Arizona so the toads are native here, I can't get my hands on the synthetic form, so the toads are my only option at this point.
  7. @Leo Gura what about surrendering to 5-meo-dmt? I heard if you smoke enough 5-meo-dmt you will breakthrough automatically and there's no need to "surrender" or have a panic attack from it as supposed to microdosing it. I heard if you microdose it people are more likely to have a panic attack from it because its sort of ripping your ego away from you but not entirely as supposed to smoking a big hit from it, smoking a big hit of it would basically hit you like a freight train if im correct. When I first microdosed 5-meo-dmt I had a panic attack, but now I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable with it as I'm slowly working my way up gradually to the breakthrough experience.
  8. @ItsNick I've been microdosing 5-meo-dmt just to test it out and felt some of the affects, but i didn't have the breakthrough experience, I'm gradually working my way up to the breakthrough experience. Other than that I haven't taken any other psychedelics.
  9. How do I do 5-meo-dmt alone without a trip sitter? I have no trip sitter. My only concern is throwing up and choking and having no one to watch over me, any advice? I know Leo has done it alone many times from watching his videos.
  10. Honestly I would prefer a girl to have natural breast vs fake breast. I'm not a big fan of fake breast or fake asses, it's just unnatural and I'm personally not attracted to that.
  11. @PurpleTree She has a blue check mark. She is verified.
  12. I've gotten good results for the most part, sometimes the girls wont be on the apps that much and they take awhile to match or respond, so you just have to be patient for them to text back or wait days in advance to double text them so you wont come across as needy, they will eventually text back if you know proper text game. I seem to get more hotter girls on Badoo though. I just matched with another super hot girl on badoo, so it really just depends on how active the girls are on the apps.
  13. @Anon212 Your story is pretty similar to mine.