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  1. This post is in no way enhancing the consciousness of the forum but I’m lovin it
  2. damn, you can tell that Leo took major inspiration from this dude's style
  3. @The Buddha my god! from the buddha himself. This is a sacred forum
  4. Sometimes Leo's animal koans just don't make any sense
  5. @roopepa that’s hella cool. What kinds of things do the dream entities teach you?
  6. There's quite a bit of evidence that spirit guides, including angels, are a real thing. More than that, we supposedly can connect with them; see the evidence for ourselves. For around half a year now, I've been interested this, and I've actually seen lots of signs, the most impressive of which are literal light orbs that just pop up in the middle of my visual field. This created quite a profound shift in worldview for me, and I was wondering if any of you guys ( the most entertaining of which would be @Leo Gura I suppose) have gone through similar paths.
  7. Lmao - just figured out the great physicist richard feynman learned some old school pickup back in his day. From Surely you’re joking Mr.feynman:
  8. productivity entry 16 1. morning routine done 2. work for an hour and a half done 3. tea + 20 min break + meditate for 30 min, then back to work.
  9. @Lyubov dude, ur attitude is 100x more unattractive than ur height
  10. damn, this threads a lot more clear headed than the reddit people who think they can fly
  11. productivity entry 15 1. take a walk with friend. done. 2. meditate + take notes on David r Hawkins. done 3. visualize stuff for like an hour. done eat + tea. 4. do recreational math ( problem solving) for like an hour. done. walk + meditate on emotional labor done 5. solve the geometry problems for like an hour. done 6. take like a 45 min break then come back. continue solving the geometry problem. done. 3 hr break 7. completed the problem. took notes on hyperbolic triangles
  12. Productivity entry 14 1. Morning routine done. 2. 3 hours of math done. I don't want to learn anything new today. Just focus on what I already have. So when I come back, I want to just go back to everything I've done and polish it - so written up. As if you need to communicate your findings. Write up the two derivations of the Prandtl equations. Then somehow break it up into little bitesize pieces that you test yourself on. And just spend 2 hours or so doing this. You have a limiting belief somewhere in this region of experience, I can't quite pin down what it is. Ok, we had errands to do today, so the 3 hours of work is acceptable. But also, Tomorow I'm solely dedicating the first half of the day to just meditation and emails - I can't let this demon grow inside me again.
  13. Productivity entry 13 1. morning routine Pre meditation done. meditation done. Before the sun sets ( so at 4 ) we want to check all the emails. Don't let them pile up again, and send you into hell like last time. 2. Hunt through your papers to find the relevant fluid mechanics sheets, say 6 of them. Then put them in your new folder, polished up, spending 20 min. on each of the pieces. 2 hrs done. Next session, let's invest a lot of energy into just 1 piece - Let's make a piece just on all the boundary layer arguments, putting them into the same box, say for 2 hours. Spend the bulk period of that time just understanding one of them, say the derivation of Prandtl's equations. 3. Understand Prandtl's boundary layer stuff. 2 hrs done. I got to the point where I could start questioning the fundamentals of what was going on. Then I fell into some kind of frustration. It's becoming clear to me that half-assing this learning process won't cut it. For now on I will vow to be absolutely precise over which piece of information I am going over and not getting excited and skipping over details. In fact, for now on (assuming I'm not in some self destructive hole) I won't even consider Learning something new to be a proper session. I must first clearly define what segment of information I will be reviewing so I can learn it deep, and have room to question its existential nature. Next I will go over deriving the axisymmetric solution to slow flow around a sphere. 4. Check emails for like 5 minutes done. done, and meditated second time today. Ok let's chip away at the emails in between every session. There are so many things going wrong. 5. Slow flow past sphere. done. I sat there for a while trying to figure out what to do once I had the "standard" solution. I wanted to go deep but the thing I was focusing in on was just a calculation ( which I could have focused in on, but I want to do fluid mechanics - not calculus). So at the end I realized I have to better understand the nondimensionalization scheme I was working under because I was just taking it as dogma. In order to go deep I had to merge what I was working on and what I was working on top of. So Tomorrow I will invest a whole session dedicated to hashing out (and writing up) all the nondimensionalization schemes I've run into. Then just really knowing them - how they compare. Why do one over another. How it affects calculation. Really get into the spirit of it all - until I get to the point where I could get the same effect with different technical means or apply it to another situation. Today I got 6 hours done. Would've gotten 8, but the emails gave me a little PTSD. Speaking of which, I will check 10 minutes of it tomorrow in between both meditations - in particular answer the urgent ones from Freyja and Victor. I will relax now. Look forward to building up momentum on this stuff.