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  1. @spiritual memes LOL. I've been having premonitions that they are going to come down to earth to aid in dawning the new age - eerily at the same time as Leo's alien love shit. they're coming down only because we the earthlings have requested it!
  2. I would like to see a video about all of Leo’s failiures and how he dealt with them
  3. This is definitely not my experience on lsd or shrooms. My intentions are usually quite strong but then the trip usually takes it’s own life and I reckon it’s much healthier to surrender to the process then to egoically micromanage it. Are u saying u can productively explore future systems of mathematics on lsd? I really doubt that. I can’t focus on a thing for more than a moment during the trips and I’m quite good at meditating. On 5meo would u say that it’s at least easier?
  4. In one of the recent videos, I think on the bad trips one, Leo briefly mentioned being able to deliberately go down various lines of “imagination” on 5meo. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting, but for example whenever I do lsd I have like no control whatsoever about what kinds of “imaginations” occur whereas I got the sense that on 5meo I’m getting the sense you can do this with some degree of free will. This would put other Leo’s experiences w psychedelics in a more understandable context, such as being able to converse w god and psychically blessing humans in the probable future. Am I right? And if so what kinds of things could I do, like could I productively explore other systems of mathematics and science? Meet my spirit guides? Meet past lovers and relive past experiences w them? I really enjoyed the video about what awakening feels like and would like to see more of that scientific/poetic content in the future.
  5. According to Ra some of them of from the constellation orion with intentions of enslaving us
  6. I guess this child should have taken the black guys advice and done some mindfulness meditation . Then he wouldnt have had such a toxic life purpose
  7. How do u know this guy isn’t a spiritually advanced member and took the stage blue acting idea really far?
  8. @Leo Gura how does this comment make you feel in comparison to youtube comments about you being a genius. Are you letting this comment affect you?
  9. @Leo Gura If you intend to greatly evolve from what you produced with Charlie, then I'm open to that. Though I think much of what you discussed with Charlie would run quite smoothly with Dawkins and he would in fact agree with you on points such as relativism.
  10. I think Leo underestimates the civility of people like Richard Dawkins as interviewers. Here is an interview with Richard Dawkins of someone quite aligned to what Leo might have to say. Its quite a good conversation:
  11. Leo mentioned a porn star with this tattoo. hook a brother up
  12. I was reading the law of one and Ra says that a few beings have penetrated into "eighth-density" while most humans reside in the third densities. If you have experienced some of the DMT induced states that Leo refers to as being "unprecedented by humans", would you say this aligns somewhat with Ra's 8th density, or perhaps a lower density? More generally, I'm having trouble understanding what he really means by "densities", so any insight would be appreciated
  13. i used to laugh at these drug addicts who would “turn to god”, thinking it was some kind of emotional baby blanket. But now im considering that maybe there was a truly supernatural god-ordained turn to the light. Not just comforting ideology.
  14. This post is in no way enhancing the consciousness of the forum but I’m lovin it