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  1. I wish you could see how you could be happy without needing either a girlfriend or romantic love.
  2. @28 cm unbuffed I understand, Survival at play. She needs to have some high value guy validate her and fuck her. Sounds funny and ridiculous when I think about it. But we are all blind when it comes to our instincts.
  3. I'm now wondering if all men are the same. Same here. I can say the same for her. The first time I told her that I love her, she was like- I'm not worthy of all that. Yeah, hearing your response, I'll just be there in case she needs me.
  4. I consciously let go of the girl I loved. She ignored my message. Seen but no reply for 5 days. While complaining on an Instagram story, about how some guy she was interested in (not me) said that they couldn't be a couple cause she was fat (she isn't). Strange how it all works. The girl of my dreams whom I loved, seems indifferent to my existence. Honestly, I don't feel hurt, just a bit uneasy and concerned. I have already cried like 5 times in the recent past. I could disable my Instagram ( I don't need it) but that would actually hurt her ego and make her feel more unworthy and guilty if she thinks that I've blocked her. I'm not going to text her again. I think i'll just keep the app in case she needs me for emotional support. What do you think ? Disable my Instagram ( I really don't need it besides for her) or just keep it in case she needs me?
  5. I've come a long way. I have cried like a baby begging for women to not leave me, multiple times for the same women. I've tried to manipulate them into liking me. Bombing their phones with text. Being passive aggressive in my texts. Blaming them for hurting me. Until, I could see through it all. I've had my heart chakra open twice, it feels like cold breeze around the chest. And had an awakening about love (I'm not sure whether I'd call it an awakening) but I could actually see how I was loved despite my love rejecting me. It works for me now. It might not work for me tomorrow. Or for you. Or Anyone. Who knows?
  6. From my personal experience, I've not learned how to maintain a relationship. Very tricky. It's hard to understand what the other person actually needs. Like what do you do when they ask for freedom. A kind of freedom which would absolve them from all commitment in a relationship. What will you try to maintain then? In my future relationships, i wouldn't try hard to maintain relationships, I would love them, and if they don't reciprocate, i'd let go with least resistance. Without being passive aggressive ( I did this when i was 20), without manipulating and without being angry. Easier said than done. But life is too short for not being able to let go.
  7. The reason some men end up chasing just one woman, is that they think she is the one. Their only soulmate. And these are the same men, who jerk off to women on the internet they find sexually attractive, or who find other women sexually attractive. Notice how contradictory those two things are. A collapse of the duality between romantic love and sexual desire or sex, is what I describe here: That's one way to stop chasing after one woman. ---- The other is a bit tricky, it requires a kind of balance, i haven't mastered yet. It is a kind of awakening of love where you know that even her breaking your heart is a sign of love, a kind of brutal love which makes it possible for her not to be with you. A kind of infinite freedom that you could gift her to do whatever she desires. If such freedom is not given, then there is a lot of clinging onto, and a lot of attachment, hurt and sadness and not to mention, manipulation. Like men threatening to kill themselves if the woman doesn't accept their love or something similar. To know that the deepest way you could love her is by giving her infinite freedom, you end up not chasing her. @Preety_India I hope this is clear. I do think I could present ideas more clearly.
  8. @Preety_India I've read everything you said. You haven't fully grasped what I was trying to convey and distorted it with your perception of how things work. If you read it again, and I highly recommend you do, you'd realize that I wasn't complaining of problems with women, I was trying to throw light on Men's tendency to chase a woman they fall in love with, and a possible way to transcend that. Now if you read your reply again, after you've re-read my post, you'd know. It's your choice btw, you're not obligated to do any of what I said.
  9. There are no implications and no conclusions. The dynamic between the sexes is a flux.
  10. If you think she is the one and she is irreplaceable. And you are chasing her indefinitely, to exhaustion. And your life revolves around her. Then maybe this might open your eyes. When I realized (It was more of a vision) that romantic love and sex are intimately connected, that I could make love to the one I love, or love the one I make love to, it kind of unified for me, and the duality collapsed. I immediately knew that I am compatible with an infinite number of romantic and sexual partners, and even though i might make her the one, it isn't absolute. Leo was right about this. Sleeping over Leo's video on Love, a week later, it dawned on me, that heartbreak is indeed the sign of Infinite love. That if I truly love her, I would allow her to break my heart and leave me. I would give her Infinite freedom to do whatever makes her happy. Manipulating her, to stay with me, in any way, and not always do we realize we are manipulating, is like tying her up in chains. Maybe she likes BDSM, who knows. Lol. I have a theory that : When Men realize (I'll say it's subconscious for most) that women don't have their (Men's) best interests at heart, only their very own. Seeing that very selfishness of women, and blinded by their own, men adopt Blackpill and Redpill Ideologies. I'm disillusioned by romantic love, until I fall in love again.
  11. - Put the video URL in the box, and grab captions as text to download the video transcripts.
  12. I deleted it multiple times and then built it from scratch. Yeah, i am working on the motivation part.
  13. I'm trying to think of it from a big picture perspective.Working on it.
  14. @Rasheed Hey! Thanks. I have find to something I'm passionate about. And have a vision.