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  1. It's a terrible idea. Oh god, it's hard to even imagine that. I don't want to. Bye.
  2. I am quite inspired by your Diary @Arcangelo Had been following on and off since a long time. I am on the same journey and it amazes me how many of them flake. Nevertheless, great luck to you mate.
  3. High value would mean, not money, but ambition and passion, and loving and caring, and beauty - Less than 5%, In reality it's 1% or lower. I know one such woman. She's at my workplace.
  4. I am sure, that for certain women, just looking at them would count as sexual harassment, let alone getting approached and expressing attraction, which is going to have an element of sexuality, for certain. Some friends of mine warned me about women capable of damaging your life by just talking to them. Of the risk of being arrested. I just want to know, the truth. Am i at a big risk here of getting cancelled or arrested? And most importantly, although i absolutely do not intend to, will i unintentionally sexually harass some women while approaching them and showing intent? I want the truth so that I could be more conscious of what I'm doing. I'd want to hear what you all think (both guys and girls) , just don't beat around the bush.
  5. There was this girl taller than me, 9/10, insanely attractive. she sat with her friend on the bench. I felt attracted and went up to her. I said hi. Then I was taking in the time to speak how I feel abt her. And there was 2-3 seconds I was just looking her in the eye. I told her I felt very attracted when I saw her. And that seeing her instantly made me feel better. I just told her how I felt. Midway her friend looked at her smiling and teasing that this guy ( I) am hitting on her. So she smiles genuinely and says- thank you very much. And instead of going forward, I said - this is all I wanted to say and walked away. Idk why I walked away.
  6. I don't remember but I thank myself for looking up all those vids to improve myself and it led to Leo. And this was 2016.
  7. I am a virgin and I have contact of an independent call girl. I am also learning game by going out and approaching girls. I am in newbie phase. I have always held the fantasy and idea in my head that my first time will be special and with the girl I love. The girl I did love ended up blocking me so it's not on the cards anytime soon. What is the tradeoff of sleeping with a call girl? How is it different than casual sex? And how is it likely to affect me learning game? I personally feel like it's a cheatcode and one that I could use if playing the field doesn't work. Any insight on the topic?
  8. I don't think this thread makes much sense. Stop going after all these red flags. People are hypocrites. The same thing done by two different people will get two different reactions. Stop listening to people who don't align with your values or listen and then contemplate, there's no need to forcefully shove their opinion down your throat.
  9. Firstly, the overwhelming response here is not in favor of the guy you're dating. So, if you're swayed by what is being said here, sooner or later, you'll leave him and find someone who doesn't carry any of these red flags. Secondly, you are logically picking apart your relationship, by actively wanting to know if it's a red flag, turns out in theory, it is. No one here knows any context besides what you stated. Ask the guy himself why he wants a tattoo of you. I don't get the whole idea of ending a relationship cause it has some red flags. Contrast this guy with the guy who'd sleep with you, and then dump you. He'll have no red flags in sight until he leaves. A tattoo is an inscription, and he wants to do one of you, so you're important in his life. That's what it most likely means. The more important questions are- How does the guy make you feel? Do you feel secure? Do you feel loved? Are you happy with him? Contemplate your relationships. Think for yourself.
  10. Does the guy have tattoos of other women as well? If yes, something's fishy. If you are the first, then i don't think so. Men are territorial. Why would you expect the opposite? I think it is wiser to go by how you feel, and not by societal standards such as - Being territorial is a red flag, or getting a tattoo in the first month of relationship means something's not right. You could end up losing a guy who loves you dearly. Anyway, what are your values? How do you want your guy to be? I have a feeling you might leave him. Do it before he gets the tattoo. Save both of you if you feel like that.
  11. I haven't yet slept with an escort or anyone. This could be a sensitive topic. Women who are escorts, especially in the third world, I find it hard to believe that they are doing it willingly. There is so much taboo about sex that these women seem out of place doing this. Are escorts any different than Pornstars? I will have no dilemma in paying a famous pornstar say Mia Khalifa or a model, good cash in exchange for sex cause I know she's doing it willingly. I can't say the same for an escort who I know nothing about. I don't know if I am indulging in exploitation, cause if it is, then it is low key rape cause I am doing sex with her against her will. If with her will, then only for money, which is her compulsion to survive. I don't want just sex, I want sex w/ a girl who I find erotic and attractive, and who is doing it willingly, it could be a normal girl or an escort, I don't care. I just don't want to harm women or mess up their energy or their mind unknowingly or knowingly.
  12. Yeah. I see, being social is always a plus
  13. Thx buddy that helps a lot
  14. @Karmadhi It was 20/month, I travel by metro and go for work twice/week so approaching girls near the metro where they are super busy seems like a task. And i'll go to malls on weekends if my friends are into daygame as well.