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  1. I live in the satellite city with my parents. The dating opportunities where I live are next to none. I have to travel an hour on weekends to reach locations where I can find the quality of women I want to date and sleep with. I am 28. If i move to the main city, I'd be spending 50% of my salary in just living and food expenses. In all, i would be able to save 15-20% of my salary, no more. I am a Virgin and my parents are pushing for marriage. I am consistent enough with game to get a number close every 10 approaches but they always flake when it comes to going out on a date. No luck so far. Must have done close to 250 approaches by now. Is it worth moving for game?
  2. Stop listening to society. Most of it doesn't come from deep thinking and contemplation.
  3. It's in the title. Have there been updates given that there have been major changes in the jobscape?
  4. I don't understand. What i mean to say is that, if my arm were to be cut off, I would no longer have an arm. This is finiteness, is it not cause I would not have the arm attached to me, if it were cut off.
  5. An example of finiteness is that if my arm is attached to my body, it cannot be detached, cause it is the same arm. I would want to dive deep into this. Could someone share more?
  6. I do not know what happens in my body and mind when I do it. I just experience it. I wanted to know that.
  7. This is distinct from me asking - Whether it is good or bad? I want to know the mechanics of how it effects the body and mind. Do you know or could you suggest links i could go through to study it?
  8. Thx! I will have to independently research!
  9. I already have low libidio to start with. Anyone experienced side effects of low libido with Lion's Mane?
  10. Thanks Guys! I will keep taking massive action and consciously improving my game!
  11. Gotcha! My best approaches were one where I was relaxed and went in with zero expectations. And just was without much filters. The difficulty is that the mind isn't always in this flow state. And most of the times, the mind is tense and cluttered, and there's this anxiousness which builds up which does show up when i approach.
  12. Thx guys! Seems like perseverance is the way to go. And like one of my friends said - you got to love the process
  13. It is frustrating that I put in week after week approaching. I don’t even get dates. Forget lays. I do daygame at malls. I have zero women in my social circle. My work hours are 12 to 9 on weekdays. With 2 hrs travel. I game only on the weekends. Every week feels like starting from scratch. I end up doing 10-15 approaches every week. I got 3 number closes so far. But none of them bothered to respond, either to text or call. I am a 27 M virgin and sometimes I contemplate just getting an escort but it feels like it would shatter my self worth knowing that I can’t even get one girl to sleep with me. I am that bad at this. How long does it take? Will it take years to master this? My patience is running out. I would happy with getting a date but even that seems unlikely given how every girl just isn’t interested enough.