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  1. @Preety_India @Gili Trawangan @egoeimai @Raze@Leo Gura @Kailash Bhattarai@Display_Name@remember@Mada_@w4read@Enlightenment@Username Thank you everyone, I have taken note
  2. I really can't understand what you're saying. What exactly is hard for women? Assuming they are straight, Is it finding the right guy? Or is it related to emotions or physical attraction?
  3. I feel this very clearly. It's baffling to me how I want to have sex with so many women, and none of them want to have sex with me. I am constantly texting girls. And I felt bad that the girl I really liked, turns me down, saying something like she has higher priorities than being with me even for a short while. That's kinda tragic. And the other one straight up told me to fuck off. And some others would suddenly stop replying to my texts. Having feelings for someone who treat you like trash, kills the vibe completely. Most women have it so easy. They just to need to text that they want to have sex, and there is a good certainty their wish will be taken care of. Whereas, I have to go through this long process of initiating conversations, texting and keeping in touch, cause they don't even make an effort to connect back. And there is no certainty. I have been absolutely crushed in the process. In theory, I do know that I am not entitled to sex or romantic love. And I need to take 100% responsibility and stop being a victim. Fuck me, if I don't try. And trying isn't helping. And I am not doing any more masturbation to just dissipate the frustration and make me docile. And I am not willing to pay for sex either, not because of the money, I can pay that, but i could have sex that way, but is that woman going to be make me feel like I am being loved? Probably not. I don't need pickup advice. Give me mindset changes if you can. I'd really thank you for that. And please don't pity me. Treat me like you treat someone normal. I am about to be 25 btw.
  4. @IJB063 I don't know if you noticed but you are giving too much chi (or power) to astrology by hating it. It's becoming a resistance. You were better off letting it go. As to why Astrology is true? No one here could give you a direct answer, cause truth is to be experienced, it has to be direct experience. You have to experience the truth for yourself. Do you get that? Or else you are simply playing mind games. You seem like a scientific and rational person which you are. I am not saying astrology is true. I personally stay away from astrology not because it is false, it may be true, but because i don't resonate with the vagueness in it, I personally find it too vague to specifically direct or align my life with.
  5. I will try until it starts making sense
  6. This is indeed different than what I usually do. My breathing is largely unconscious.
  7. How does kriya yoga help you, in contrast to how meditation helps you?
  8. I am aware that I am typing this. What does it mean to focus consciousness on itself?
  9. I have an instagram channel, but they shadow banned me. So, right now, there is nothing in particular.
  10. I want to be aware of all the traps I keep falling into. To give an example, I mindlessly pursue pleasure sometimes, be it porn, Instagram, Netflix, you get it. I want to develop enough awareness to be able to see the consequences of my urges, and to take an action which would be more loving to myself and more conscious.
  11. Great then Did you have a shift in awareness when you went green?
  12. If I give my own example, my deepest desires earlier were to get rich, and enjoy parties, mansions, luxuries and everything that tags along with that. And now, I am developing a sense of caring about others, and of thinking about others, giving them love, and contributing to their growth, or to any aspect of their life, not in a big way, but in a small way which would make their life better. I still have inner orange traits, but having inner green would be much more about empathy, putting oneself in others shoes, and caring for the community at large. I don't know if I explained this well.
  13. @Preety_India Those are some high conscious initiatives. Good going. But notice how you are still focused on going green externally. What about the inner transformation to green? What do you think it would take to go green internally?