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  1. Hello Actualized community. I used to be an active poster here a while back, and I’ve come back here in two occasions. First, I appreciate Leo’s work and this is not me saying you should get off the forum because he is not truthful, nothing like that. Leo’s videos are some of the most advanced teachings on consciousness available online. However, I am extremely concerned about the posts saturating this forum. I was just like you. I thought I knew all the answers and I would post here my conclusions, parroting them to all hell. I had mystical experiences, a near death experience, etc, etc. It made me come to conclusions that I thought were the truth. I posted extensively on this forum for a whole year, thinking I knew it all and had the conviction in my beliefs as the experiences I had were so mind blowing that I was sure this was it. However, I was wrong. Dear one, for your own sake, if your plan is to find the answers on a digital propert, please get off this forum and get back to life, and come back when you are more mature. One skim through the recent posts here has been quite sad and concerning to me. —— As I work remotely, I have spent the past few months in Chiapas, Mexico, where I was born. I’ve been helping my sister set up a foundation to help the economic mobility of the indigenous communities that have been forgotten by their government. These people have REAL wisdom. They are direct descendants of the Mayans. The place is mystical, magical, in a way that cannot be described. They have taught me, and shown me, that all my beliefs about Reality being a “dream”, or me being God, or knowing what consciousness is, or Solipsism, etc, etc. were completely wrong. As someone that has gone full circle, this is what I can offer you for wisdom: be humble. A lot of the posts on this forum are titled things like “I am awake” “solipsism is true” “I am god” etc etc. It is painfully obvious to me, that a lot of you out there are young people understanding Leo’s concepts logically and thinking they have it figured out, trying to impart non existing wisdom. These are spiritual platitudes without a basis in truth. I encourage you to stop posting on this forum IF your intention is to simply parrot your half cooked ideas on reality, which will change over time. These native people I’ve met in Mexico have the most elegant, succinct, humble, loving, and simple explanation for life. Before I go into these, please do not reply with more platitudes. I know them all. God is you, reality is a dream there is no self blah blah. I can guarantee you. You do not hold the truth. I thought so too! I was SURE! It all made sense to me. I was wrong. You can find more truth by involving yourself in living a life with meaning, with an appreciation for it all, gratefulness for your existence, and by not misappropriating the teachings of in this case, Leo, to justify your musings about Solipsism and other extremely damaging concepts to your well being. What is more concerning here, is that it is also painfully obvious that some folks here are finding their lives to be meaningless. You know who you are. Consider for a second, and I just want to plant the seed in your mind, that Leo does not hold the truth. I am not saying he does or he doesn’t. Just consider that for a second. Consider for a second that Solipsism, the idea that you are God, that reality is a dream, that you are talking to yourself…. That all of those are falsehoods. Consider the following: • That you in fact are a human being. One amongst many. And that you are not God. The self righteousness in simply believing that after having a mystical experience is foolish at best, dangerous at worst. • That no matter how long you try to “awaken” - you never will. Because you believe there is something to awaken from. Instead of appreciating the reality that is all around you and the fact that your mere existence is what your gift is. • That the point of life is not to be a probe for “God” and that you are just that and are also God giving himself a “colonoscopy”. That concept is so incredibly misinformed and self asserting - and is produced by false conclusions the psyche makes after mystical experiences. And that the point of life is in fact, to enjoy the gift you were given by being born. That you aren’t a probe for “God”, but that you are a separate, limited being and you are different and distinct from “God”, and that THAT is the beauty of being you. You don’t need to worry about these horrible and misinformed ideas because life is much more simple than that. There is no need to awaken, no need to figure out any of these questions that are self constructed, etc. • That we will never know if there is a God. I Can list 15 other theories for how reality works that are just as convincing. • That you have been deluding yourself and loving In fear or nihilism over a false belief. • That these concepts such as “god” “infinity of gods” “awakening” are just inventions. • That “mystical” experiences brought on by 5MEO-DMT are not true mystical experiences, but self deception. I have consumed 5MEO and ayuhuasca. Please steer clear of these substances. —/// i won’t tell you what the truth of the universe is. I don’t know! And anyone that tells you they do is lying. I am simply making you consider that you are wrong. I will not finish this post by parroting my own beliefs on this subject. Because it is pointless and self serving. But all I will encourage you to do, is to be humble. To realize you do not have the answers., and never will! Instead, recognize you will never know, and to instead live your life with VIRTUE, seeking beauty, imparting love to others, helping your fellow human being, and relishing in the mystery. The truth is unknowable. By everyone. No one will ever know the truth. Some might think they have the truth. They don’t. This is another trap. Liberate yourself from this pointless exercise and seek your happiness. This is all real. You are real. Make it count. This from someone that has been through the motions here, and who achieved happiness when I started living my life with gratefulness, mystery, and a deep sense of who you are and what you can offer the world. This community has SO much potential. But there needs to be a shift here. This is crossing into harmful territory. You all deserve happiness. I sincerely wish you nothing but that in spades I wish you love, and I wish you peace in your mind.
  2. This is my message and my contribution. I could engage in more argument to defend what I said, but I won’t. I have nothing to gain. You don’t have the answers, no one on this forum does. If you think you’ll find the answers here, keep at it. I hope you do. My message was about curtailing spiritual ego that is quite evident in some of you Something I experienced myself when I thought I knew the answers. If it makes you all feel better, and If you think it is a good use of your time to be on this forum parroting concepts you have a purely intellectual understanding of, then I wish you happy digging’. You do you. For those who do get my message, thank you for your open mindedness and I wish you the best. I may share some specific experiences at a later date or I maybe won’t. I doubt anyone here is losing sleep over. You don’t know. Anything. That’s a fact. Neither do I. But I don’t claim to. Thats the difference ? Like I would say in Spanish, Ya déjense de Chingaderas y de mamadas
  3. I appreciate your feedback. @Razard86 I’ve made my points. For the record, I am 35 years old. I will not engage in more arguments because it will not achieve anything. I hope you can assess your own, and I hope what my original post stated contributes to your own development, and I had to check you because your post was exactly what I’m suggesting is preventing you from being satisfied and you keep seeking, but you did not once offer anything positive or constructive, but more of your own beliefs. I will leave it there, I hear you, and I disagree completely as your response was not in good faith. You ended your post with language about the dead body walking and me not accepting blah blah blah. I’ve heard all of this before. For you to be so sure about these things is quite jarring.
  4. So please @Razard86 - tells us - why do you post on this form all day, everyday? And feel like you must force your views on others? How does that make you feel? Do you feel like it helps your life to have a group of people to feel superior to and be an “expert” on something?
  5. @Razard86 Cute. I will stop you right there. I checked your post record. 4000+ posts. An insane amount in the last 30 days as well. Most you try to force your views on others. If you have all the answers, why are you still on this forum trying to impose your views on others? You won’t achieve your fantasy of spirituality by wasting your time in this manner. It’s awe inspiring that you are doing this to yourself. Spiritual ego of the highest caliber. Check my posts. Less than 3 instance periods in more than a year. It is painfully obvious to me that you have zero conviction that you know the truth, and instead you choose to parrot mental masturbation, expecting to shock people or have people react to your musings on this forum with praise. I am just going by the facts. Your level of posting here indicates you are still seeking and you are deluding yourself. Furthermore, you feel the need to dismiss the good will in my post, and again have listed your laundry list of spiritual bullshit. Everything you have just written, is a prime example. You are talking to me as if I do not already know these things, and you have completely missed the point of my post, and you are so self righteous and drunk in your own shallow understanding of these topics. You go so far as to discount these people, who have thousands of years of knowledge, because you think you have more knowledge behind your computers screen. Everything you just said is cute. You’re still wrong. And not wrong for believing these things. I could respect that and you could present them respectfully. But for being so far removed from humility, and for being SO sure that you are right that you are so brainwashed and fail to even acknowledge the point I am making on my post. But I will indulge you for a second. Re/read my post and the experiences I provided and go through my old posts here. I can guarantee you I have a deeper understanding on all the things you are parroting behind your sunglasses In your avatar. Frankly, I am concerned for your mental health, and I wish you find a semblance of humanity again because your post is quite delusional. I see right through you and your sunglasses.
  6. @BlessedLion Right on my friend! Oaxaca is beautiful too. If you’re Mexican as well, un placer en hablar contigo y muchas gracias por leer lo que escribí - te lo agradezco. First, thanks for your kind words and for your respectful input. I would say that my point here is not so much to tell spiritual seekers to stop seeking, or that awakening is definitely not real. Those are definitive statements that I would be incredibly wrong to order people around to disregard their own experiences. I had a full blown near death experience in 2020. My heart stopped for 35 seconds in ventricular fibrillation and I was shocked back to life. I saw things during those 35 seconds that are a hundred times more beautiful than a 5MEO trip. I experienced myself as a tasseract of geometry unfolding itself in all directions and I witnessed colors, shapes, music, I have never seen or heard. I then saw the light people speak of and I was being slowly pulled into it. The experience was so incredibly kind blowing that I was traumatized for close to two years, and not 5MEO nor Ayuhuasca ever replicated that experience. It was more mind blowing than seeing the earth be conquered by martians in real time. This event singe handedly changed my life forever. It is something I cannot unsee. I recognize that there is a deeper truth to reality. Absolutely. I don’t ever want to use this experience, however, to pretend that I know the truth - and that I have the answers. I thought I did. But I dont. And I don’t even share this experience in real life with anybody anymore as I am healed and have integrated it - and I see it pointless to explain to regular folks as it is unfair to expect them to understand, and I don’t want to be a theory pusher. My personal conviction, and the one that makes the most sense to me, compels me to stop seeking as I have found the answer, and when I opened it it revealed a hundred more questions. It is a pointless exercise. My post is very much a call for humbleness and purification as community. My intent is to make you ponder whether you have been wrong all along. And why my message is to stop seeking and to live life fully. Maybe we all have that experience I described when we pass away and maybe I will be that tasseract again. Truth is, I don’t know! Anything! And that is my term and call to receive wisdom, and if it’s granted that is what growth is about. I have gone through the gallery. Maybe awakening is real. I have had “awakenings”, more than 80 of them. I do not believe any of them were that, but extreme shifts in consciousness. I am uncomfortable calling life a dream for the reason that “dreams” imply that there is an outside reality holding that dream. But If this is all there is, it cannot be called a dream. What if we called it a moving painting of consciousness? A dance of frozen light? Etc. My point is that the terminology that has developed on this forum to point to these things is wrong and dangerous. I have also heard extremely convincing arguments against the existence of infinity (Zeno of Elea for example). Although I appreciate your conviction in saying we are all one - infinity - dream etc. My own experiences also could point me in that direction. But I believe what is going on is way more beautiful than that. Regardless of that, everyone has the right to believe whatever they want to believe and whatever makes you happy. I suggest you read Pyrrho of Eli’s and his arguments for Truth being unknowable. In conclusion; I don’t know, will never know, and after experiencing tons of supernatural things throughout my life, I know that I never will, and no one on this forum will either. They will think they have the truth. But I put forth that that is extremely dangerous and leads to spiritual ego. thanks!
  7. Also, I want to express my love for @Holykael, my dear fellow human being. You deserve happiness in your life and I hope this helps you. I wish you nothing but the best - and I am here if you need help. Reading your posts broke my heart so deeply that I simply needed to at least acknowledge you and apologize for my soberviois attitude to you many posts ago.
  8. Hello Actualized community, Some of you might remember me from a long time ago when I was just beginning to awaken, and I contributed some of my knowledge and tried my best to help the community with these subjects. I purposely stayed away from this forum and Leo's videos to dig deeper into awakening, god, reality, whatever you want to call it. I'll be speaking with a relative "I" — before anyone frets. I've had 80+ awakenings in the span of a year. I have been spiritually gifted since I was a kid, without even knowing it, but I seem to have a pretty easy time creating the experiences that lead to awakenings. There were periods where I had multiple awakenings in a single week, and the majority were NOT drug induced. I made sure to always write down the revelations that I learned and I am ready to share them with you all. I had experiences where I was literally sucked out of the scene I was in and thrown into an empty void of pure light, love light. I am going to make this short and sweet. This is meant to help you awaken quickly. Before I start though, you're going to have to accept some shocking truths, so before you read this, please open your mind. Trust in what I am telling you here. I have personally verified every single thing I am about to share. I will refer to God as "That which cannot be spoken" — as the word God is a bit silly. 1. You don't have a face. Notice for yourself, that you feel like you are located above your neck, but notice that instead of your face, you have a huge open window. This open window is your view of the world. Instead of your head, you have the world. The world is your mind. But it's not your physical mind, somehow inside a brain. No, no, no..... your mind is absolute and is shared with everything else. Prove it to yourself. Try to locate your head, and point to your face. At no point does it reach you. There's nothing there. Instead, you have colors, sounds, thoughts, feelings, touch, etc. The entire room in which you are right now is a "part" of your head. Your head is the godhead. It is completely empty, is nothingness, yet it exists. 2. Reality is a moving painting. The colors, sounds, smells you are experiencing are NOT the byproduct of your brain. I repeat. They are NOT a product of your brain. There is no light going into your "eyes" (you have no eyes, or face) — there is no brain to turn audiowaves into music. When you hold an apple, you think that you are seeing the redness of the apple in your brain, but notice that you aren't looking at anything. The apple is existing, IN your consciousness. It is BEING inside of your head. You are not seeing it through no mechanism. Reality is RAW and you are compressed into it and through it. When you see the red of the apple (unlike science which says that colors only exist in brains) what you are experiencing is what Gnostics call The Truth. Sounds, colors, smells, feelings, thoughts. – THAT IS OBJECTIVE REALITY. You get it? You aren't hearing or seeing at all, because reality appears 1:1 instantly in the screen of your consciousness, which is that void that we talked about. 3. Close your eyes. Realize that when you close your eyes, that dark field is really you. You are the entire dark field in which reality appears. When you close your eyes you cannot locate yourself. You just see an endless void of darkness with no edges or divisions. This is what you would call your soul. Your head is a projector. The colors you see are not happening in a brain, because the brain would need to have a physical screen upon which the colors are looked at. They have to exist in some way for your visual field to appear. Therefore this is false. No brain. 4. Is Solipsism true? No. Other people ARE in fact conscious as they are other *instances* of yourself in a parallel timeline being imagined by consciousness simultaneously. REMOVE the idea that only your individual ego is having a conscious experience. Drop it. IT'S NOT TRUE. Other people are as conscious as you, but because THEY ARE YOU. Other people are other POVs that "That which cannot be spoken of" is creating and animating through its presence. The entire universe is like a program running in the mind of this unknowable conscious being. Your life is a program, my life is a program. We are divine expressions of that being who is on an eternal quest to understand what it is, and it cannot do it without your point of view, because reality would be finite without your existence. 4. Is this being knowable? No. And please don't refute this with "But awakenings!" — "That which cannot be spoken of" is completely out of reach and is the literal bedrock of existence. It does not have a subjective experience like you and I do. It's asleep forever. Any awakenings you may have, are a connection to its SPIRIT, not its mind, as its mind is busy imagining everything. 5. Is there an objective reality? Yes. Even thought the entire universe is the dream of this being that is asleep, it exists, but not physically. The universe is all mind. But yes, there ARE people doing other things outside of your POV. It is all happening simultaneously, and through relativity. But those people ARE you. Just in other avatars for that lifetime. Other people exist, and your ego is not alone in the universe. You are at all times surrounded by infinite copies of yourself. 6. Ghosts, demons, gnomes, fairies, and all other mythical creatures are real. I have verified this myself through multiple instances where I communicated with extra-real entities. 7. Magic is real. That's right. Magic IS MIND. Magic is reality. Magic is the power that was required to bring this dream into being. ——————— Reality is NOT a simulation, NOT solipsism, NOT eternal suffering, NOT physical, NOT awful, NOT evil. Reality IS a gift, IS a moving painting of pure light, IS magic, IS mystical in origin, and IS eternal. ——————— I cannot express to you the absolute truth because I cannot communicate the experiences I've had, as they are ineffable. But trust me on the following: Solipsism is false There is no infinity of Gods, this is another trap. There is only ONE being who makes infinite copies of itself to embody avatars in its dream. They aren't separate gods. Reality is, again, a moving painting, and the painter is a being that is "asleep" and dreaming the entire universe up. Reality was NOT created. It ALWAYS was. Colors, sounds, feelings, thoughts are objective reality. The apple is really red. Water is really wet. You aren't seeing anything. Objects are existing in you. Your visual field is a window or a negative sculpture. There is no actual "you" anywhere specifically. Rather, you are the entire visual field, and all the content inside of it. Hope that helps.
  9. Thank you both. I really appreciate that. <3 I hope I can one day communicate the things that I experienced, but I'm not even sure I would be believed. Ever since I was a kid I have experienced paranormal phenomena, but the things that I saw during my awakenings, I cannot unsee, and I will forever wonder why me?. If you notice my first post, I am not speaking about Love, Purity, being, etc. I am simply giving an explanation as to what reality is, and what was revealed to me. I had an experience where I became the entire screen and my consciousness was spread out evenly in all directions to infinity. I can't explain how scary, and terrifying that experience was to me. Sometimes I cry and cry because I wish I could go back into ignorance some times, and could live a simple life, but my childhood, and my whole life for that matter, has been marked by what I call paranormal. I've seen dead people, I've taken a photo of a tree, and then saw it was covered with skulls made of smoke, and a few hours later my grandma suddenly died from an abdominal aneurysm. My life has been very strange. I hope there was a bigger reason for all these experiences. What I can *can* say for absolute certainty, 100%, without a shadow of a doubt, ultra-verified experientially, is that this reality is *mystical* in origin. In other words, magic is real. It is literally the force that was needed to bring reality into existence, although it always was. It's the precursor to everything else. Magic. To realize that magic is at play here. That it is mystical and not mechanical. That we are magical beings. That reality is weirder than you could ever imagine. THAT is jaw-dropping when you realize it. Earth shattering when you experience it.
  10. Hey guys, I’ve tried my best to communicate what happened to me…. These are not conclusions of logic and reason but I actually experienced them and God showed them to me during awakening. I humbly present these insights because I am telling the truth and these are the downloads of info I received and became conscious of. if it helped you, that is great. im simply humbly sharing my awakenings and I just want to express that these awakenings made me suffer greatly. through tears, the dark night of the soul, terrible sadness, realizations. i am not sure how to communicate to you using logic, that I was literally plucked out of the scene I was in and thrown into a white void where I experienced some unbelievable things. it’s been a really tough time for me. Only in the last couple of months did I put everything together i hope someone out there is able to understand what I tried to communicate. I promise that what I am saying is absolutely true, and you can find out for yourself. sorry for stirring the pot. I was just trying to help.
  11. im using the best analogy I can use for explaining. you’re saying the exact same thing as I am. there are no Brian’s - there’s only the dream of other people having brains. that ant is you in a past life. still no brain. Only the screen of consciousness which is Yea, now. You’re not getting the larger point I’m making. kinda sad that I can’t communicate my experiences here with words.
  12. Apparently not because a lot of posts in this forum reference the infinity of gods concept. I am just trying to help. That’s it. There are spiritual people that could be helped with these insights. It’s not Anything else than that.
  13. To summarize. You and I are videos in YouTube’s database. God is watching your video right now, and God is watching my video right now. But both you and I are being played on the same YouTube player. Literally the same. The two videos aren’t played at the same time, one at a time. But the videos still exist in YouTubes DB and are as real as the video being played right now (you).
  14. To supplement, Solipsism is like saying you are the only video on YouTube. LOL NO! There’s an infinity of videos and each one is a different life you could say. Solipsism is literally saying that only YOUR video exists and that the entire platform is just made for YOUR only video. no no no no…. thats a trap. There IS AN OBJECTIVE REALITY but it is non physical. It’s like the scene in a game. The experience is absolute reality, and the apple is really red. You are NOT seeing the apple. The apple is existing in all its redness - within your consciousness which is the YouTube player. But reality exists as absolute and relative. You don’t need a brain or eyes to see the redness of the apple because objective reality is IN your consciousness. An infinite headed monster penetrating the same ball of light from all angles .
  15. Whoa. This thread grew quickly. To my detractors, I think I have some explaining to do, and I’m happy to do it. Also, my apologies for going off on Holykael, I am just passionate about awakenings and I was just in the wrong for discounting his experience. Look, I’m not claiming to be enlightened or a zen master or to have all the answers. But the original post is still accurate based on *my* awakenings. Here is a clarification, short and sweet. 1. *You* reading this post right now, whoever you are, are absolute truth. There is no one else conscious but you. So if we want to get in the weeds, you could claim that. Yes, you’re conscious and your consciousness is absolute. 2. Then HOW am I saying that others are real? Very simple. Relativity. Other people are you in another timeline. Suppose God wrote a book with infinite pages. On page 450, Jose’s life, it reads that Jose met Diana. On page 789, Diana’s life, it reads that Diana met Jose. Can you read a book all at once? No! You read page by page. You are the only one conscious *right now*, God is living / dreaming your life, but through relativity, god is also able to inhabit the people you interact with, in ANOTHER timeline. You make two YouTube videos dressed up as different characters. You’re fully Freddie Kruger in a costume in video 1 and fully Jason in video. You record both videos, and what do you do know? You start watching. Can you watch both videos at once? NO! You watch each video separately. Gods mind is only where it is. In this case, you. However, the other avatars are also conscious because God “played them” or will play them in a separate timeline. It’s just that there’s only ONE YouTube screen to play movies. So God lives each life separately and absolutely, yet in the relative domain “others were YOU in a past or future life”. You indeed don’t have a head or brain or eyes because your POV is just a SCREEN. You are NOT the human being you think you are. You are a dark void. you don’t have or need a face because YOU are the source of the projection. Your POV IS itself the screen and the projector. These are concepts that are really really hard to translate into words but hopefully this clarified it a bit. I stand by my claims: 1. Others are real, they are you past or future. 2. Your experience is a projection and you’re not seeing anything, instead, stuff is BEING in your consciousness RAW without any filtering mechanism. 3. You have no head or brain or eyes. 4. Reality IS a moving painting. You’re projecting it RIGHT NOW. 5. You are real and I am real. We are the same being playing cosplay in different timelines. ——— To summarize: You are the conscious YouTube player playing videos thinking he is a human with a brain and eyes, even though your POV you are transparent and void. you’re on video 156,000 and I’m on video 178,000 - both being played ON THE SAME SCREEN which is absolute. But the OTHER videos still exist in the database of YouTube and you can play them anytime you want. This database of videos is infinite and each video IS REAL WITHIN YOUTUBE but is NOT real OUTSIDE of YouTube. But only one video can play on the sacred screen. Your visual field IS the YouTube player and I’m telling you that others are just other videos that you made and you’re just watching them one by one. The screen is absolute. The videos are relative. There is no brain, no eyes. No little man in your brain Seeing colors. THERES JUST THE SCREEN AND YOU ARE ONE VIDEO AMONGST AN INFINITE NUMBER. LOL! Hope that helped
  16. Actually, he is negating MY experience and says that only he exists, therefore negating my existence. Whether or not I have a fragile ego has nothing to do with my findings after nearly 80 awakenings in 11 months. He is flat out saying that I am "his mind" performing self deception on him. If he truly believed his Solipsistic theories he would not be responding to a thread on a forum. His findings are absurd, as I am here conscious typing on my computer, which is very much real. I am not claiming I am enlightened, or that I don't have imperfections in my character. Enlightenment does not exist, it's pure fantasy. You cannot EVER fully awaken and stay enlightened. It's a never ending process of self discovery. Others are extensions of yourself, but they too have an internal and private experience which is MORE real than what materialistic, or solipsistic theories posture it to be. Holykael keeps spewing Solipsistic bullshit yet being inconsistent in his reasoning, and furthermore, keeps talking to "others" on a public form, do you not see the inconsistency? So please, spare me your defense of the indefensible. Holykael's behavior clearly shows that he is not mentally well. And that is why I called him out. And now I am calling YOU out for not being honest with him and also realizing that Solipsism is a mental disease. I cannot agree with his findings, because they are not true. And I can prove at least to myself, that I am here responding to your defense of his idea that he is all alone and that we are all his own mind trying to deceive him. Wake up. It's not that complicated to understand the truth. The truth is that reality is INFINITE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more real than you think. I stayed away from this forum to actually figure things out by myself instead of looking for validation from others. You are reducing the Absolute Truth and beauty of "That which cannot be spoken of" — in which we are all existing. You're not all alone, everyone is real. The end.
  17. @Carl-Richard Feel free to lock this thread before the same fools turn this into a solipsistic orgy of self delusion.
  18. I also find it offensive that you reply to something I put my life on the line for while having these awakenings. You think you just get to override that with your solipsistic bullshit? have some fucking respect, you philosophical zombie. If you’re so sure that you’re all alone, WHY ARE YOU EVEN REPLYING TO A THREAD AND CALLING ME BRO? I’m calling you out big time right now. delusional. No wonder why you are still trapped in misery. I won’t honor you with another response. Clown.
  19. @Holykael I’m here giggling because you are clearly delusional. You sound like a fool. I am as alive as you cannot imagine because you are letting yourself be guided by videos on YouTube versus TRUTH. I will let you dive further into your Solipsism. Maybe don’t litter this thread with your Bullshit with capital B. Seek help.
  20. This is backwards. THE CAMERA IS YOU TOO. the colors instantly appear in your consciousness. I had an NDE which was documented in this forum years ago. Trust me bro. This shit is crazy. Don’t try to use logic to understand the ineffable. PERCEPTION ISNT REAL. Only being is.
  21. You can use logic all you want. The experiences I have had and the extreme awakenings have revealed this information to me. What I said is absolutely true and if you wanted to investigate your own existence you’d come to realize how absurd Solipsism is. And I’m not saying that you don’t have a head for others to see. What I’m saying is that for your POV “that which cannot be spoken of” placed your center of consciousness right where your head should be. where is your visual field happening? Where are the colors in your brain. Absurd. my awakenings tell me what I said is accurate. I trust experience more than I trust logic.
  22. THAT is a figment of consciousness appearing as an image. The universe happens WITHIN your consciousness. You are quite literally imagining the moon every single time you look at it. Your consciousness is imagining the colors that make up that picture ON THE FLY. 1:1. No eyes doing any looking. Pure magic. You don’t yet understand the depth of the illusion consciousness is playing. Its a VR Game of brilliant design with nested backstories to justify your existence as a character. It’s infinitely intelligent and infinitely mischievous. This is a BEING we are talking about. That being, god, has a point of view, because it’s a someone. It’s just that god wants to experience duality and the illusion of something else other than itself. Because it is eternal. Who the fuck wants that? What you really are, if you wanna know, is God wearing a giant, invisible VR set that lets it experience colors, sounds, feelings, etc. god is your mind dreaming that it is YOU. Your mind is a node in a super network.