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  1. Get you dude. I appreciate you faced the remark head on, and the simple fact you're reaching out here is excellent. I'll still emphase on how young you are and how much you can still accomplish, both in material success and your own psychology.
  2. @Yeah Yeah My previous comment applies to you too. You're even younger. But you're so full of beliefs man. You're right when you say it's a mind game, except you're 100% playing the game of your mind. You have a toxic worldview to deconstruct. It's absolutely not to sound patronizing or whatever. Just recognize within yourself those beliefs are built on nothing except fear
  3. It is NOT. You see yourself on the brink of suicide right now, and you can turn that in your advantage actually. Eckhart Tolle said in his book that he was in a quite similar situation at one point of his life, casually contemplating suicide at 29, constantly filled with self-hatred. It's said that one night it was so unbearable, he basically awoke. I'm not saying that's what will happen to you, but that your pain can actually be a great catalyser. Sometimes, doing effective spiritual work is actually harder when life is too comfortable. Also, you can begin by stop identifying as an incel, or a loser. You're so much more than that, you wouldn't even believe. Baby steps man. It's about regaining sovereignty over your own life, first and foremost. Don't underestimate how much progress you can do in a single year if you start now. And you would only be 39. Let alone a project on 5-10 years. And you would still be young.
  4. @Gregory1 No problem. Both at low dosage would be fine I'd say. Mind is more clear on LSD
  5. Hey Paul. Excellent initiative. Some tips I can give you: Start low of course. Don't expect too much from your first trips, go with a mindset of testing the waters. Your sens of self can freak out when threatened, and you wanna lower the defenses progressively as you learn about every aspect of it. Internalize the fact it's a process. Even if you come face to face with Truth sooner that expected, then it's a whole other process of integration / life transformation, and ultimately union. As cheesy as it sounds, love is your compass. Go with a loving intent. Not only it will help you surrender, it will lead you to what you're seeking (spoiler, you're in this game for God, nothing less). I personally prefer LSD a lot more for spiritual work. Less visual field distortions, way easier (for me) to go insanely meta on awareness itself without distractions from inputs of other aspects of consciousness. I might be biased of course, since it's the first substance that triggered awakenings in me. It lasts longer, even though you will discover that even 8 solid hours with the absolute will pass like a flash. Lastly, treat that with respect. It takes a very mature mind to accept having its paradigms shattered. Ultimately, you will want that. Trust yourself. The purest aspect of you is the ultimate authority in the universe. I repeat, nothing anyone can say can contradict your experience. That's important, because most people are so lost. Go past that and ground yourself with the unshakable Truth that you are, period. Expect loneliness in regular consciousness states. I don't see people here talking about it very much. Chances are most people you know won't have realized anything close you will realize. You can't crack people's mind open, you most likely have to shut up about it. More practical tips: Empty stomach, mandatory. You will still trip, but lesser effects and possible nausea, especially on mushrooms. Never happened to me, but possible bad trips. Starter doses with dried mushrooms would be 1.5G for me. 125 - 150 μg for LSD, but that varies a lot from individuals. Nothing important to do the following day. You wanna max out your integration. Maybe a trip sitter at first, just in case. But that's distracting. Offer the experience a clean mind, so maybe eat more healthy a few days prior, no mind numbing activities (social medias), these kind of things. That's pretty much it.
  6. I had 2 so far. Peaks of my life, understatements for sure. It's not a matter of how accurate it is to what he said. The only "accurate" thing is how different it is from your idea of it. Instead of using the "What Awakening feels like" video to imagine what it would be or feel like for example, maybe use it as a motivation to pursue it.
  7. This is literally heaven. Such perfection
  8. It's literally nothing
  9. The deep end Nothing is left unquestionned. All God. Infinite, eternal The eternity of this moment. Tune in. It's heartbreaking
  10. This infinity is not something that can be taken personally. This is not the point
  11. Small ? You have no idea It baffles me how most people dare to blabber about this
  12. It's all you. You're by yourself