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  1. As the title says, how many of you guys would also find use in having videos - edits of existing videos specially made to be watched on psychedelics ? Yes, existing videos on metaphysical subjects are already top notch. But they clearly are made for sober minds, Leo recontextualizes often and often re-emphasizes things that are already plain obvious when you're deep in your trip (as I think he should, to not loose too many people on the way). I loved the idea of the secondary channel with shorter videos extracts that go straight to the point. I would definitely find use in videos or maybe just edits made specifically for a mind that has access to "bypassing itself". Maybe some of you would agree too.
  2. Harmful tendencies tend to disappear on their own if you're serious about the work. I remember reading somewhere about a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya asking him if he should stop chasing sexual pleasure to make progress, and Lahiri answering something like: "don't stop if you feel like it. But i can't garantee the desire won't fade on its own with the practice of Kriya" (not the exact words). It's true that you will become more sensitive and aware about what serves you and what doesn't over time, you won't need to ask others anymore
  3. That's a difficult question to answer, mainly because of how tolerance varies between individuals and the concentration of what you get. @BipolarGrowth said in his video 3 tabs felt like a strong weed high, while the 1 tab and a half i took on my first ever trip straight up floored me. Best thing would be to follow what @acidgoofy told you, begin small and up the dosage gradually. In my case, 2 to 3 tabs with 175 in each gives me plenty to work with.
  4. You can absolutely use LSD for consciousness work. One thing that is useful to know is that LSD messes a lot with the energy system of your body. The yogis were right about psychedelics interfering: I do Kriya since quite a while and i've gained energy sensitivity. You can have massive energy flows. Really, this is no joke. At least Kriya is more gentle and gradual with kundalini awakenings. LSD can unlock these, and someone fearful and unexperienced might have the worst time, so this is something to be aware of. But if you work your way slowly, always with surrender, a clean heart with no resentment, love for the sake of things simply existing, the rewards are beyond description. There are levels of purity you can access that will simply break your heart. And if you get the chance to break the duality between you and the world, and feel it as yourself in/as your entire being, your heart will be shattered for good. It absolutely feels like awakening, and as Leo said multiple times, yes it goes infinitely deep, the more you dig the rabbit hole. But it's challenging. You don't get a free pass to break through just like that. Sometimes you have to give up so much. My actual go to preparation to work with this substance is as follows: I take the tabs, begin with 3 to 5 Kriya Supreme Fire ( as it helps tremendously opening the heart chakra, and I found LSD acts primarly on it in my particular case). Then i meditate until it hits. It's a bit extreme, but i almost do not move for the next 8 hours, as my objective is to go as deep as possible. As soon as I can feel my body reacting to the substance, I commit with all by heart and all my being to give up everything. Whatever lies beneath all my dellusions and preconceptions about reality, i will accept and i will love, as i am intertwined with it anyway. Sometimes i get shivers, because it's not easy (but i found making the commitment in advance is a game changer). Hope this gives you ideas, insights and inspires you to adopt a mental framework / a methodology to work with it. Yes it's a psychedelic and hence potentially offers faster progress, but if you're serious about it, it requires a bit of discipline and a strong sens of responsability. Also, trip alone if your goal is consciousness work.
  5. To put it simply, doing consciousness work makes you a more authentic, less in your head being. No wonder it improves your chances with women, it improves your relationship with most people (except low quality relationships that just become unsustainable with you telling the truth in your heart and being authentic). Way to go !
  6. @Gabith someone's a Porcupine Tree / Steven Wilson fan !
  7. @iceprincess I found semen retention very helpful to help me gather enough energy to start working out. It also helped me very much in keeping focus in actually doing things and sustaining a healthy / positive mindset (I wasn't having the best time). Effects are more real than placebo effect, there's no denying. On the other hand, if you do energy work, I believe it's another matter. I'd find myself with so much energy (manifesting in rage, headaches, horniness) after I began Kriya / Kundalini practices I sometimes had to run distances at night and learn how to transmute energy. Maybe pleasuring yourself from times to times would help, but it's true that from an energetic POV, it's energy wasted in nothing. Also, that's from the experience of a guy. No idea if you're a girl.
  8. Never said it was. Merely tools, among others. I assumed you were pretty clueless and talking from concepts alone, so that's on me, apologies. Still gotta say your post is pretty ambiguous.
  9. @SourceCodo Although you didn't mention your experiences, you made pretty obvious statements about people supposedly projecting existential truths into God. And you're still asking for rational proof, which is experientially understood to be completely useless when you do the proper work. All of this was insightful enough to assume you never bothered with 5-Meo. Or have you ? Be honest here.
  10. Hey @SourceCodo. This is not directed to you specifically, but maybe there is inclination of talking too much about things we don't know, in this forum. Not taking the defense of Leo, I think it's pretty clear his process is specific to him. But instead of projecting your own conceptualizations of God onto others who may or may have not have had genuine experiences of God, well Leo gave you a solution long ago to quickly see the truth and then start from there. Yet you still ask for proof, don't you see the problem. Look, try 5-MeO or any strong psychedelic with genuine preparation and intention, then come back to talk. Really, do that. It's that simple.
  11. Maybe test your acid (always a good idea to do so). As everyone said, no need to plug. 20 min under your tongue, then you're good to swallow. I wouldn't expect anything drastically mystical from 100, but if you're very new to the substance and testing the waters, might be good.
  12. If you can do 1h- ish Kriya including 3 Kriya supreme fire (IF you can), 3 Maha Mudra, 72 to 108 Pranayama and 3 Yoni Mudra, then allocate 30 min to 1h to "meditate" in parvastha (post practice state), really you're golden. You can also self inquire in parvastha. Your mind is clearer, hence sharper.
  13. Hey there mate, First of all it seems that you're putting way too much emphasis on consctricting your throat. Try simply reducing the flow of air a little bit, so that you somewhat hear the "SHEEE" air does when it flows through the upper part of your throat. It should feel quite natural and EASY. Don't be tense during Pranayama, you're not doing any bandha. Also it's normal to feel short of breath when you begin Kriya, as you're getting used to take long and slow breaths, in my experience it goes away in a matter of days / weeks. But here's a quick hack for you i use: try to do a couple of Wim Hof breathing rounds ( consists basically of hypervenilating your body with 30 consecutive deep breaths without pauses between them, then holding the breath for around 2 min. 1 round should take you 5 min). You'll find Pranayama / Maha mudra muchh easier after. If it ever helps anyone, i used this to successfully do Kriya Supreme Fire a bit early in the process. It requires you to be able to hold your breath for at least 1min30, which most of us can't do easily. Hope it helps, best of luck mate. You'll thank yourself later by sticking to Kriya
  14. @PeaceOut96 interesting ! Mushrooms have always been "gentle" to me, even on somewhat strong doses. Thank you again for the insights buddy. Peace out !
  15. That's incredible. Actually gave me shivers I had a very similar trip on LSD a week ago (1.5 tab), which I struggle putting it into words so much I gave up on the idea of writting a report about it (you did a great job on your side). I feel I am very much still in the integration phase. Main difference was that I realized at some point that everything was me, but it took a darker turn. This insight was so threatening, I felt so alone. I felt like calling a friend to make sure I wasn't, but quickly gave up on the idea as it was so apparent I would be talking to myself on the phone (let alone the fact the insight seemed impossible to communicate with words). I plan to let that sink in for a few months and face this head on when ready. Thank you for the report man, that was a pleasure to read