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  1. Listen. I have a request. Could you contribute towards upgrading self-help by writing all the things you're resentful towards from this video and what you would change?
  2. The topic is not to blame. After spending some time away from the forum, I am in disbelief about what the users write and what I can infer about their minds and existence from the way they express themselves. All in all, it's entertaining sometimes. Also, what's laughable is that you seriously think consciousness can be degenerated.
  3. My experience, having this problem before even being able to produce sperm (migraines after orgasm) and experimenting with various diets leads me to believe it is of psychic origin.
  4. Pray your place of living doesn't become a civilian building in a "sensitive place", I won't even mention your loved ones since you're this dense. You're part of the problem and I will pray that you realise this soon enough
  5. If you think that the majority of people in Gaza are in stage Red, you are deeply deluded.
  6. I'm looking for somebody to actualize with. I'm tired of getting shit results due to doing everything on my own, nobody to make me accountable (people around me mostly do not care whether or not I'm on my A-game). Let's catalyze our process. I'll keep you in check and you respond in kind. Hope we're gonna be a good fit. Message me.
  7. Read Freud and Lacan about the death drive and the pleasure principle. This is what you're doing with the horror movies and the cigs. Much love
  8. Let me be honest here: my consumption of this forum in the last 2 years got reduced to opening Leo's profile, seeing what and where he posted, and reading the context to his post. This is not because I only care about what Leo has to say, but because his name is a guarantee of post quality. So this came to my mind - what I would suggest is a high-quality forum section with only approved posters and high standards on post quality. My mind is nauseated from consuming garbage. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. So this suggestion might be the solution to the problem. And the nature of the forum makes you have to consume garbage to separate the wheat from the chaff. I don't come here to socialize. I don't come here to play unconscious language games. I am fine with both of these, I just personally think that they should be compartmentalised. Or am I simply wrong and this policy is wishful thinking because the inherent nature of the forum as a medium is too much noise and too little signal?
  9. True, very easy to scroll through his archive and see which is which though
  10. He probably has a bias against this due to the thin line of cult-making when one engages in such affairs. I can name a few other problems with this model as well.
  11. True. Do you deem it possible for such a man to make a leap?
  12. I think this is due to the fact that he needs to maintain huge amounts of self-deception so as not to evolve from his cultural matrix. Do you agree?
  13. Don't make me become significant to your life. If this were true, you wouldn't immediately start insulting me. Your post is an indication of your level of delusion. But I have faith in you. If you wanna make a good environment on the forum, go sit in silence for a little bit.
  14. You are severely deluded. I've been on the Internet enough to smell bait - I'd prescribe getting off forums for a while, for your own benefit. You're wasting time here by posting anything. You got a whole life ahead of you, go get it.
  15. Fantastic genetics? Ever seen him fight? You think Nietzsche would be proud of this man? My only credit to him is that he managed to assert himself in master morality first being a slave.
  16. Your doing nothing is doing something. But trying to do nothing is something worth doing. Beware of losing your mind.
  17. Sam Hyde, huge inspiration
  18. Everything is my mind bro. That's solipsism Oh the irony
  19. 80+ awakenings and you still have no compassion - I'll wipe my ass with your 81st awakening to bless the following ones, hopefully we can have a laugh while I'm doing it or at least afterwards
  20. What's coming to me in contemplation today - it feels so mundane, so casual, this process, just like taking a shit - that God loves everything so much, so profoundly, that he wants to be everything, everywhere, forever, including this experience right now. Am I on the right track? It makes so much sense, I intuit - I am almost certain that Love as an absolute would manifest in such a way.
  21. I want to know, I want to understand. There's probably nothing else in the universe worth understanding more than this, no?