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  1. Psychedellics: the paradox of the physicality of spirituality
    Psychedellics: the paradox of the physicality of spirituality
    That is the delicious paradox!
    There's really not a good answer to it other than to do a massive amount of psychedelics until your whole notion of a material reality melts away forever.
    I have become more conscious than most humans on this planet. But I still cannot tell you why psychedelics are as effective as they are. It's like a magic key.
    But if you think deeply about it, it's not so complicated to understand why it must work that way. Because your genetics and chemistry regulates absolutely everything about your life. If the chemicals in your body were off by just a few milligrams, you'd be dead. But the mistake you make here is to take that as evidence for materialism being true. But that's just bad epistemology. Just because your consciousness or life is contingent on chemistry does not in any way mean that materialism is true. Because what you're failing to consider is that chemistry is just Consciousness!
    Just because your player character dies when he is shot in the head in a video games does not make the video game world real or physical. That is just a relationship that is coded between various phenomena inside the video game world. A physical bullet is not actually killing anything in the video game world. There's just a rule that says: if these pixels collide with these other pixels, trigger a death animation and restart the game.
    Or consider your dreams. If you are running away from a serial killer inside a dream, and you lock the door behind you, why do you do that? Since this is a dream, isn't it obvious to you that the serial killer could just fly through door like a ghost? Why are you playing these games? And why are you running away in the first place? Isn't it obvious to you that if a serial killer stabs you that nothing bad will happen?
    But you see... the problem is that you're DREAMING. You're unconscious. So you mistake all these illusions for something substantial and physical. You actually believe that the walls of your house are physical. This is ridiculous if you just become a little more conscious.
    I am so conscious that I do not exist on planet Earth. Planet Earth is just a figment of my imagination. I exist nowhere. And I have no brain. That is Awakening. There never was physicality. It's pure fiction.

  2. Age of Information Disaster
    Age of Information Disaster
    Toxic ideologies will have to arise from the diverse pool of ideas and they will have to be disprove in the court of public consensus by living through their disastrous consequences.
    Human culture learns by suffering the consequences.
    For culture to learn that, for example, libertarianism is a toxic and unworkable ideology, it has to be tried and seen to face-plant by hundreds of millions of people.
    We learn by fucking up and feeling the pain.
    Right now we are learning that the alt-right worldview is shit. Trump is teaching us that.
    Society is a self-correcting mechanism driven by pain and suffering. When the suffering gets high enough, people learn.

  3. Capitalism is getting obsolete
    Capitalism is getting obsolete
    Yeah, it's radical. Some kind of alternative to Wall Street needs to be invented.
    The whole point is to break up the consolidation of capital in the hands of a few elites. There need to be systems and laws that push capital downward to average people. One such principle might be that if you leave the company, you lose most of your stock to the guy who replaces you, and holding stock pays automatic dividends if your company makes profit, but only if you work within the company. As soon as you leave, the guy who takes your position gets it.
    Passive sources of income need to be gradually eliminated. All passive income comes off the back of wage slaves.

  4. The Best Educational YouTube Channels
    The Best Educational YouTube Channels
    Here are my favorite channels. I highlighted the very best ones.
    Some channels are German. I included them anyways because they are just too good to ignore and I know there are some German speakers here.
    Which ones do you follow?
    About Society, Politics and Economics
    PolyMatter Economics Explained Wendover Productions RealLifeLore ColdFusion VisualPolitik The Economist Geographics Second Thought CrashCourse LastWeekTonight TED About Science, Tech and Interesting Stuff
    Vsauce Vertasium Numberphile TechLead Joma Tech Techlore About Lifestyle, Career and Personal Finance
    Matt D'Avella Minority Mindset Exploring Alternatives Charisma on Command Finanztip (German) Investment Punk Academy (German) Immocation (German) Finanzfluss (German) Unternehmerkanal (German) About Philosophy
    CosmicSkeptic Sadhguru Earthling Ed About Nutrition
    Niko Rittenau (German) Plant Based News

  5. I think I got owned by a pastor, help me with these arguments.
    I think I got owned by a pastor, help me with these arguments.
    I disagree with a lot of people on this sub, but I agree that we are a part of god having a temporary human experience. That is how I define pantheism.
    I was recently forced to attend a religious class, and had an argument with the pastor.
    My arguments went as follows : Why would god be judgemental based on 1 morality out of the 100,000,000 moralities and enforce it on all of the universe? Furthermore, why would he send those who did not subscribe to his morality to hell?  
    The pastor's response : Everything is moral, even to say that you shouldn't be enforcing morality is moral, even running for your business is morality because you believe that is the good thing to do, a good thing for your freedom, life, and morality is the distinguishment between good or bad., everything you do is because you subconsciously believe it is good, so why would god not enforce his morality on the universe? Everything is done from an underlying morality, so why would the universe not enforce one universal morality?  Even saying that god is having a temporary experience within itself is a morality, because it says that knowing itself is good, only in christianity there is a harsher judgement.
    He also said : God does not send you to hell, he does not need to have a relationship with you, but he offers a relationship to you because he is so good, by not being a match to who god is you are single-handedly rupturing your relationship with him, just like a husband cheating on his wife will rupture his relationship with her, and that by turning away from god, you are making yourself unhappy which is hell, and hell is the choice to turn away from god and who god is. 
    Someone help me refuke that. What argument would debunk that? What is a good argument to debunk religion/show it's wrongs?
    Is there any  SOLID evidence that everything is a part of god having an experience within itself? Some have tried DMT, and said it made them more of a christian, some say they have seen jesus, others say they have seen buddha, others become pantheists after DMT, others became agnostics.
    Is there solid provable evidence that we are a pa of god havign a human experience, because without proof we can assume that there is a giant crocodile defying laws of physics eating everyone up after death. What makes pantheism a more accurate option than christianity?
    I honestly hate christianity, and hate that I got owned like that lol.  This is the best sub for answers in terms of a pantheistic perspective.

  6. Motivational Videos For Your Life Purpose
    Motivational Videos For Your Life Purpose
    Watch this video first:  
    Then watch this one:
    Try to watch them together in a row or at least within the same week.

  7. Why Do Some Get It? But Others Dont?
    Why Do Some Get It? But Others Dont?
    Set aside all mental distractions and give your full attention to what's being pointed to here. Don't try to grasp intellectually what's being said,just listen to what's being pointed to. What is being pointed to, is behind the words. The words themselves,if you follow them, are to lead you to what's behind them. The present moment or "now" is a silent,still,emptiness. This emptiness is not what the mind imagines it to be. It is this emptiness, that allows the perfection to be perceived.Hence the paradox, in the emptiness is fullness..