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  1. The boss move would be to consciously do exactly what you unconsciously did: Laughing at yourself with them. Of course that's easier said than done, but that's what you should aim at; being able to laugh even at yourself. Because the truth of that situation is that there is nothing to be serious for or nothing to be worried about, so why not zip your jacket all the way open and over emote some specific character that they or you might see yourself as and have an amazing laughter episode
  2. If something will change you fathers mind, it's the power of you not caring (in a positive way) about what he says and trusting your own process and keeping your eye on the ball no matter how much he argues against what you do. He will be baffled if you can gladly accept his view with no resentment and get back to your own thing with full trust and integrity.
  3. Maybe try finding one particular moment in your day when you feel you are most settled for reading. Then try to read every day at those moments and don't even think about reading other times of the day when you are more focused on other things. Maybe it's right after you wake up? Maybe in the morning after a cup of coffee? Or maybe in the evening or night right before going to bed? Maybe the environment you read in has some affect on your mind's ability to focus on reading. Try reading in different places, like alone in your room, in the library, nature, etc.
  4. In general, I'd say nurturing your strengths and finding ways to use them most effectively is the key to fulfilling life (considering that being the goal). Although, there might be some aspects you need to improve with yourself to be able to express those strengths effectively to get the positive output you desire. Sometimes those aspects tend to be your weaknesses. And also, there are aspects which are linked with functional and healthy life, aspects that are around areas such as health, relationships, money, psychology, etc.. If you find aspects in yourself that you notice having a negative affect on your life, then it's probably a weakness of yours that requires some improvement. Even though I see one's integration of strengths as a key to fulfilling life, I also see personal improvement and growth (in some level) to be mandatory, and those things usually require working on some essential weaknesses. That's a good topic to contemplate in my opinion, because it takes us to the question of what we want out of life and how to get there.
  5. No worries. Gamer kids have already ruined that word
  6. In case you haven't read already: The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. He takes a spiritual perspective on what's really happening beneath the surface when it comes to sexuality, specifically from the masculine perspective. Deida also has a book: The Enlightened Sex Manual. Haven't read it myself, but can intuit it has some golden stuff in it.
  7. Michael put it nicely. In a way, survival in itself is wage slavery. But when it come to your job, it's very personal and dependent on what it feels to you deeper inside. A job in itself has a different meaning to every one of us. Some people demand that their job aligns with their values 99% or otherwise they feel like wage slaves, whereas others can sacrifice more of that and get the value connection from other life aspects.
  8. Are you sure you're taking proper action towards materializing the vision, so that it isn't just a daydream? Maybe your vision is not just motivating enough to you or it's too far ahead, in which case it could be wise to split it into smaller goals and visualize those.
  9. The ability to learn, understand and grow.
  10. No it doesn't, but it makes them freakin' good of a tool. And there isn't only logic and beyond, there are levels of beyond. If depth beyond is what you're after, I'd bet my money into psychedelics over any other known method.
  11. @HypnoticMagician I respect your view as you have some good arguments there, but I would like to point out something here. I agree with you that psychedelics are not for the majority. Even though I'm pro-psychedelics, I can't really recommend them to many people. In my opinion, a person has to be psychologically very clear and stable, and also be serious about life and development, to make psychedelics beneficial, which many people are not. Otherwise the ''information'' received through psychedelic experience will most likely be damaging. Although there is clinical psychedelic use which is totally another case. Also, it's important to notice that the ''damage'' psychedelics may have on you can be an opportunity or cure in disguise, and so lead to healing and other positive stuff in the long run. But yeah, there is not scientific evidence on that I suppose, but that's something I've personally experienced. I'm also concerned sometimes about Leo's strong emphasis on psychedelics, as I know through direct experience how twisted affect they may have even on very stable and clear-minded people, but considering my own psychedelic experiences and the experiences Leo might have had through his many psychedelic trips, and while having had deep enough insights and glimpses of something very deep and profound that Leo talks about in his videos, I can definitely understand why he so strongly suggests psychedelics. Even though he's probably gone so deep, that so called ''common efficiency'' is no more the primary concern, he still strongly talks about the dangers and emphasizes safety. That brings me to the point I want to bring up from your post: You clearly have a bias there, which is totally understandable and in terms of safety, very valid and responsible. But you draw a connection between psychedelics and stuff like high IQ and concentration ability. While those traits are healthy and generally something that a functional human being possess, who say those traits should ultimately be above any other traits and the validity of psychedelics determined by those? I'm not agreeing or disagreeing that connection exists, I only want you to take a close look and think whether there is a connection between what traits you value and what traits society is mostly ran by, and then see if that has an affect to your strong opinion of psychedelics. Among high IQ and concentration you mentioned logic. You question what is the logical benefit of psychedelics. There is research done already of the clinical benefits and more is to come in the future, but sure, some positive research results don't directly prove them to be beneficial in one's own personal development work. But if you've done spiritual work and are conscious enough, you learn that there is more to life beyond logic, and that's something psychedelics can show you. Again, that doesn't allow the safe general usage, but that's certainly a point to contemplate as an other side of the coin. AND if you are wise, those ''beyond logic'' experiences can be turned into wisdom, that can be turned into some very practical stuff that will benefit your normal everyday life and make you a more functional human being. My opinion is that 1) psychedelics can be beneficial in general personal development, but only if you are super super responsible, reasonable and psychologically mature. Because so few people are that way, I'm very careful for talking people into that. 2) However, in the realm of spirituality, non-duality and metaphysics, well... They are a killer. And of course, to use psychedelics for the purposes of (2), the requirements from (1) must to be met.
  12. Socialization tends to go into the famous category of ''damned if you do and damned if don't''. We just gotta make the best of it and use it as we see most fitting. Although, it's amazing we have that choice and option in the first place
  13. I'm speechless... See you in eternity my friend ❤
  14. You want to write down the positives and the negatives and then contemplate for a longer period of time, whether it's better for you to stay or move out. Take time before doing big changes, because a mind has a tendency to find problems everywhere when under stress, especially from stuff that are close to us, like home. Have you talked to her about your disagreements? This television thing is a matter that should be honored by her part, as you are sharing the apartment. She should also be mature enough to respect your privacy, if you tell her that you need it. But those issues won't solve themselves, there must be clear communication. Maybe she doesn't care how you get along, in which case that's a big problem and should be considered as a big minus. But I don't believe that's the case, as it's also serving her to have you there paying half of the living expenses. Also, you've lived together for only a month. In general I would take several months before making such negative assumptions. Living with someone is a process that needs finetuning along the way. Be careful, you might take this as a bigger problem than it really is. I'd say as a rule of thumb: As long as the situation is serving you in a big picture, take longer time horizon to see how your views change and try finding a way to make it work. If you can't make it work no matter what you do, then change the situation. I have experience from living in a commune (me+2 others) for 2 years and I can say, there will be times when you REALLY want to move out and see it's the right decision, and later realize how stupid you were to think that way, and how stress and negative life circumstances clouded your judgement so that all the positives were hidden in the dark clouds.