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  1. Even if you get born in the middle of a warzone? Even if you grow up in an abusive family installing you with tons of trauma?
  2. I've had two pairs from Vivobarefoot over the past few years and am using them occasionally as casual use and when going out for a walk in the nature. I don't know about the part of getting your feet ripped, I use them for the feels and looks, and the fact that they fit my wide feet better than any shoes I've tested around that price range. The ones I've used has a thick enough sole, so that I can go along in the forest without experiencing any or worrying a stick or a rock piercing my feet. I'm still ready to replace them for normal shoes if I just manage to find a pair that fits my feet better and is not overstylized.
  3. I read The Book of Not Knowing few years ago. Don't remember the content so well anymore, but I remember that the book was a real turning point for me, connecting so many dots in my mind and changing my perspective on life for good.
  4. You know your forum is top-notch when you start getting feedback on emojis
  5. All the stages can appreciate quality, but for different reasons. For example with material, orange is most likely after status, whereas green wants to express his values. Yellow on the other hand takes the matter more holistically. When looking at consumption behavior through the SD lens, it's good to keep in mind that personal and cultural preferences also affect a lot.
  6. That’s a good point to keep in mind, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it natural, as unlike in the case of evolution we have a choice to consciously affect the process.
  7. And the problem is that we are not ready to handle what’s beyond the limits.
  8. To make his point, which is that quick regulation is needed.
  9. We might not be too far away from that considering the AI’s fast development and its already visible signs of innovative capabilities.
  10. The article is on point. Human selfishness and greed will definitely make AI lethal to human race. I think it’s hard to prevent that even with proper regualtion. It requires super serious action right now, which profit seeking companies and competitive governments are not willing to take, until shit hits fan and it will be too late. Human race needs 1000 years of more development to properly handle such technological innovation.
  11. I started practising piano few years ago. First I learned to play individual pieces through synthesia. Then I added some improvisation on my own. Soon I wanted to start learning sheet music and understand theory, so I purchased an app. The app has been helpful on learning the basics of sheet music, chords, scales, etc. Now I'm starting to put in hours to practise harder sheets while also putting in reps on my technical skills. I have more than enough tools and tips to improve for a long time, with only myself to slow me down. I might need help from a professional when I start moving into the territory of more advanced classical pieces, but that's still pretty long way ahead. These few years have been a bit bumpy and busy in my life, so haven't been able to be consistent and develop a daily habit, but am currently in a flow with building a schedule and developing consistency. The key is consistency with clarity of your motivations. If I were you I wouldn't waste my money on lessons just yet. I'd say that at least the first 1000 hours of piano is 99% of pretty straight forward repetition and 1% of theory that is pretty easy and quick to grasp.
  12. It was easy to hack through Leo’s firewall and make myself a mod. Adobe is not that easy 🥵
  13. Cool. Unfortunately I’m not such a hacker man myself Yeah, It’s easy and quick to line stuff but the noting feature is garbage.
  14. @supremeyingyang Sure. Just pointing out a cool feature.
  15. To me the power of affecting the level of my own happiness keeps increasing year after year, not the level of happiness per se. So the older I get, the easier it seems for me to turn my life into either bliss or shit.
  16. It’s actually able to come up with recipes for you based on the picture of you fridge. Still not an omelette on a plate, but that’s a great start.
  17. @Sincerity @Thought Art I think the thumbnail is actually somewhat aligned with the moral of the story.
  18. I've been using Adobe Digital Editions to read borrowed ebooks. It's generally okay but it has a huge flaw: it resets the book and clears all my notes when the loan expires, so when I renew the loan, I will have zero of my precious notes left. If there's an app that allows you to keep the god damn notes after renewing the loan, I'm more than happy to even pay for it. Also tried Bluefire Reader, no shot with that one either. Would appreciate if someone had some info to share.
  19. I would be careful dogmatizing relationships that way. Just a single relationship can develop you way more than any of those books of yours.
  20. From health perspective, it's one of the most stupid things you can do. From social perspective, it has value. Although, that value (and more) can be generated through improving and developing yourself (without alcohol).
  21. They basically have two types of water bottles, PureVis and filtered. PureVis offers some UV light technology that cleans the water and the bottle in itself, removing up to 99,9% of harmful bacteria. The Filtered version is said to filter plenty of heavy metals. The bottle also comes with an insulation feature, to keep the water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. I remember watching an episode of shark tank few years ago, where this bottle was represented. The guy made a deal with two sharks and they've been expanding the business and increasing sales ever since, to a point of drawing my attention with their advertising. Does anyone have any experience with these bottles or something to say about its technology and capabilities? A useless gimmick or a legit and practical little product?
  22. I used to be bad at math in high school, but then there was a girl in my class I had a crush on, who was a straight A student and was always competing with others, especially in math. I decided to impress her and started putting effort into math and soon became an A student as well. I ended up dating her and after our little romance, my interest in math dropped down, which led me to have an epiphany that my grades were precisely proportional to my level of motivation. So I learned that I really wasn't bad at math, but I just had never had proper force motivating me before. Chances are that you are suffering from lack of motivaton, or the feeling of powerelessness. If it's the latter, then it's good to remember that in the end it's actually a really small area of math you need to handle in those tests; usually it's just statistics. It's a small area but challenging enough to require effort and input. It might seem overwhelming, but once you get on track, it starts making sense surprisingly much. If you can't put in the effort, then it might not be a bad idea to check your motives one more time. I know people who applied to psychology. One guy I know got in the secound time he applied, another one applied at least 4 times, not sure if he ever got in. What seperates those two people is the fact that the guy who got in worked his ass out and attended a math course that was designed for the test, whereas the other guy didn't. And guess what, the guy who got in was bad at math.
  23. Great tips on how to use it as a tool with creative work.
  24. Yeah, it's brutal what measures some people are forced to rely on to survive. Should make us 1st world country folks more humble and to appreciate the luck we had.
  25. Let the man blow off some steam for God’s sake! Nothing personal, still all personal