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  1. when I was driving, I was at a stop sign. Cars were parked on the road and I could not see well. I did not see any cars coming so I made a left turn. At that moment, there was a car on the left and right side of me that somehow dodged me. I should have crashed. Another time I was driving and going too fast and the road was bad and my car started weaving left and right and cars were coming at me and I didn't get hit.
  2. there is a book with this similar title... funny
  3. @_Archangel_ What has been your experience with it? What kind of evil? And how do they burn themselves?
  4. wouldn't an infinite state of all knowing and all being be hellish because there would be nothing new to learn or create? so the only way to not have that is to have it where we only know and see what is infront of us/our past and to have a finite experience? the thing people seek (all knowledge) is actually better off not known but they don't know that I guess its just that if you knew you were God, how do you "know" you created all of existence and this experience? I can understand that in the left brain, the sense of self (I am) can get turned off and so then that could lead to the (I am god) but I don't understand the part about how we know we created all of everything in the entire existence of experience? I don't have any recollection of creating this room for instance. or how anything was created.
  5. @Adrian colby I was thinking some more about this whole idea of finding metaphors and I feel like one could get infinitely creative in their interpretations.... in terms of this forum it could be like: like the whole jesus casting out demons and healing the sick could have been jesus casting out delusions and showing deeper truths...? jesus rising to the father being more like jesus experiencing oneness. jesus being a born without a father being more like there is no father/god of the universe; its just always been
  6. Was it just that there is no self and that everything is being imagined?
  7. For those of you who claim to have actually experienced being "awoken" or "Absolute God" and seen the "infinity" of everything, the peak of consciousness capability, the entire universe/past/future/every possible reality, infinite imagination, what does it actually look like, feel like, seem like? If you could describe it.... Did your sense of self expand to get larger and what was the transition to and from that like? If there is no limit to the edge of reality, did you keep on expanding/contracting forever? Did things keep shapeshifting forever? Did you change anything about existence when you were in that state or did you just observe? How did you know you were actually God or did you just see it as no self and just as images/sensations/mind creating things and mind getting to say what is happening?
  8. its just pure insanity cuz person A - yoga/meditation/lgbtq is demonic. person B - everything is made up, the mind is king. you don't want to expose yourself to danger so you keep on learning more and more perspectives and don't want to hurt others (or self) and its like okay can I do yoga or not, can I do abc or not, and then its like, okay let me go learn more and more and more to see what I can and cannot do and then you think... a monkey doesn't read a single thing neither does a cat... so why am I... well the monkey and the cat don't know how... and its like... I wish I was never introduced to religion theories in the first place and it would be so much easier to live but maybe life is hard regardless as there are millions of things that can be hard so if we aren't saying A is hard, we are saying B is hard. point the finger at whatever and say whatever about it.
  9. I guess like with the solipism idea ppl are talking about, if its all just a big mind dream, then the person could be dreaming they died, then experience floating above the body and see things, then experience going back in the body and check and see that it checks out what they saw during the "nde" but if its all ultimately a dream we/I/this could be making it up such that the experience of double checking that what happened while dead "actually happened", we in our ultimate dream make it so that it does appear verified because we dream it so I feel like this religion/existence talk can and does make people go crazy because its a never ending search of what is and I've kinda felt crazy and so much anxiety over wanting to "know" and every source has a different opinion on what is true and yet they all contradict each other but its just insanity and then its like why do I care so much but maybe its cuz I am giving it my attention and could just go do something else and there are all these viewpoints that yell "danger and listen to me to prevent you from having danger" but in the end we die anyway (or do we)... and words are just hilarious
  10. I think maybe there is both where we love going to experience as other states of consciousness but also we love being in our body and experiencing those around us and this experience as a human. But also where we hate the other states of consciousness and also hate our human life. So it kinda goes back and forth and in phases. good point on the seeing vishnu if that is what one thinks of. or seeing a friend. or seeing clowns. or seeing a forest. or whatever one sees. I've had interesting visuals of hurricanes and elephants and trees and birds. I was thinking the same thing that a NDE could be like a dream because in the end, the person wakes up anyway.. but there are reports where the person was able to say things that happened or that they saw that they wouldn't have otherwise been able to know if they were really asleep.. but they could still go to imaginary or real worlds (or if real and imaginary are the same then okay that which is) there was a theme where the person didn't feel pain and was hovering over their body and moving at light speed but then eventually getting stuffed back into the body and feeling heavy and painful and so that opens the door for the idea that we are spirits but who knows what is really going on.. or if there is anything to know..
  11. ah thanks everyone x1000. I have come to the conclusion: the universe is infinitely more intelligent than me and probably has infinite teachings to provide (even if I am part of or the universe too or whatever) It could be that the demon stuff does exist like y'all and the videos say and is part of the infinite intelligence of the universe. People see demons maybe because they are unaware of their own evil nature and may even use the demon stuff for evil and then it may bite them in the butt.. but the universe does that as a mirror/karma/learning thing. One may then switch over to worshipping bible Jesus as these people in the videos did because they associated bible Jesus with love and seeing that they wanted to create and embody more love and thus the demons no longer had any power. But there can be shadow sides to this as well that they could potentially realize and so one may eventually drop the bible Jesus and move on to more things to be aware of, realize, notice; more shadows to work on; more things to learn/experience/consider. @_Archangel_ It sounds fascinating that that stuff (maybe) actually exists but also scary that it can cause evil or that one would want to use it for that. People in the videos I watched mentioned that the demons would be able to go into their body or others would have access to their body when they gave permission (such as when they left their body for astral projection and a demon could go in) or that they could go spy on people with astral projection... @Salvijus I guess the world is pretty dangerous with or without that stuff. Your sarcasm was helpful because I was getting pulled in/super scared about this stuff and death/(bible hell)/how reality worked till my bf started to refuse my thinking and so your rejection helped me to reject this one way of thinking and to go away from that fear that the videos had. I watched these near death experience videos of where people say they hell and I started to get scared about reality and if we all needed to be jesus lovers but then have to think that maybe those people were seeing that as a shadow side that they have their own evil that they need to stop doing. and it doesn't make sense to go to hell for infinity for something we didn't realize or hadn't had the opportunity to fully learn to grow out of doing with the finite lifespan as a human. @Adrian colby I feel like there will maybe be infinitely "hidden" knowledge but yet some claim that at the god level all is known I just don't know how one gets there (unconscious, unseen, not experienced, etc.) it is interesting that maybe all these different spirits/gods/energies/abilities are known by the occult more so than the religious and what else could possibly be known that I have no idea about (but maybe I don't even care to know or want to know because it seems the more I read about, the more I wish I didn't read). I totally agree on that anything can affect me if I believe it is real and that the mind is super powerful. As far as all the powers of the mind and knowing what those could be... or even caring... I guess for me, I find learning new things fascinating but then yet these extra powers like telekinesis or magic or whatever.. I don't want to get involved with. I guess one thing I found weird was that one video had where someone said as part of being a psychic, a demon/spirit would go in the psychic and tell them about the other person and then follow that person home and make those things happen and that sounds scary.... or it sounds scary that people could put a curse on me or astrally project and spy on me.. stuff like that. If it is real. but then people would say that they would rely on prayers and it would make the demons go away and I just don't understand how that works either but I guess if this is literally ALL IN THE MIND anything is possible.
  12. This place has a weirdness like that place. That place has a normalcy like this place. The back and forth is frustrating but also super fascinating to experience these different experiences, perspectives. It seems there are always things that we are all missing that we don't know until we have experienced them. The infinitude of learning may go on for infinity and it is both frustrating but also exciting. The universe seems infinitely intelligent and maybe the anger you are feeling is what you need to learn that you need to be okay with things happening slower because there is no hurry up and learn everything and things just take time and the learning never stops so its a marathon not a sprint. but the process can be super fascinating. People will reply with whatever they think will help or however they interpret it and what helped them or they are focusing on.