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  1. What does it mean when the person you are with has 2 different faces? Like literally, sometimes their face is A and sometimes it is B and it is like it is 2 completely different people. The face for A looks nothing like the face for B. Has anyone else experienced this? Do you know why it happens? Like it morphs
  2. jumping from paradigm to paradigm quite frequently and having that change your preferences, context battle with hypocritical thinking and actions unsure of what to think or do or prioritize about anything focus on love more than anything else and how to be more loving how to listen to intuition and inner voice or is it even trustworthy how to make sense of reality, who to trust, can i even trust myself, what the heck is even going on
  3.'s not all real ._. unless the moral of the story is everything is real, imagination is real, imagination is all there is
  4. I thought about it and y'all are right. Religion is fake.
  5. @Pudgey Thanks for the responses. What was that like? What did y'all talk about? What did you see? Was that telepathic? I guess yes I can see that one could go beyond their body and experience some infinity but I just have a hard time thinking that I am God because I just don't understand how all of this works and don't remember anything before I was a human or have any memory of creating this universe and I can't just go to universal God mode on command and I don't know how, if I was God, I could be able to get myself to forget how I did things. I guess also, if everything was just random, why do I still feel things like shame, sad, happy, etc.? If I was god and was everything, why would I have any feelings at all? Why wouldn't it just be robotic? But then why do I still get feelings? I feel like in order to have feelings, which I do feel, we have to have duality, and part of duality is love and evil, part of it is separation between self and God. If God made itself as love, it had to have a duality hence Satan, to be evil. Hence if God's place is a loving place, it had to have another hateful place, hence Hell. I guess also, in order for there to be real stuff, there also has to be fake/imagined stuff. We can't say everything is imagined and we can't say everything is real. Likewise, In order to have something phenomenona, you have to also have nothing phenomenona, and those also take up their own arenas. There's definitely a duality between the finite experience and the infinite experience. IDK just more stuff to think about. I guess I was just thinking now how non-duality or universal consciousness is often thought as infinite love but in order to have infinite love, you also have to have infinite evil too??? And in order for something to be infinite, there also has to be finite aspects... So like, it is a mistake to think that evil does not exist... @hyruga Nice points.
  6. @Pudgey Okay so lets say I throw away good/evil. Why would my friend's mom have woken up with her religious document that she placed under her pillow, I think a prayer card, torn to shreds? Makes no sense. Or maybe it could have been any document and it would have been torn to shreds? Just weird. Why do exorcisms work? Exorcisms should absolutely not work if religion is bullshit. I haven't taken enough substances or high enough doses to experience those spirit realms in that way. I guess I see another thing. Like, without the potential of turning into a ghost or going to hell, suicide is so much more enticing to the suicidal person. I guess I see religion as a strong barrier to suicide and a strong promoter of love (if one uses it that way). I guess I just want to know why everyone is so keen on rejecting the exploration of religious ideas. Like why is it that we can explore say what a potato tastes like but exploring religious ideas is just absolutely off the table? Like there is something weird about that too. I guess I don't get why preternatural stuff plays games with us. Why is that? Is it just bored or what? What's its purpose? I guess I have had DMT but it was such a small amount. I saw geometric shapes and it was all 3D. I didn't see any entities.
  7. I guess I am remembering this time someone told me how their mom put this prayer thing under her pillow at a hotel and she woke up the next morning to find it completely torn up. Stuff like that makes me wonder again, why would spirits target religious objects? How do you answer that?
  8. I feel like I need more structure though. Like, I feel too lost saying 'everything is my mind'.
  9. @Leo Gura okay. I guess that is very true. Everything that I am experiencing is happening in my head, hence 'it's all in my head'. I guess I just like to think that not everything is in my head. Like I like to think that say my brothers actually exist and aren't just in my head. I guess my head is in my head too. I guess it's just hard though because yeah one could think that, but what if there really is other stuff outside of my head happening and my head is interpreting that? How am I to know that that is not the case? How am I to know that this table really does exist? Why would I want to accept that it's all mind? How am I to know that there really isn't other people or there really isn't some other God? How am I to know? How am I to know that the ghost was just in my head? If it's all in my mind, then why can't I change my environment with my mind? Why do I have to physically change it with my hands?
  10. @Leo Gura lol yeah. If I buy into the experience, I may take it more seriously and have more passion for it, and that can be great and times and horrible at times. Or I could say this is not real, but then the entire time, I may be saying, this is not real, this is not real, this is not real and I am just rejecting everything. Do you find it hard to have to constantly reject what you see? If I buy into the experience, being that people are within that too, if I buy into the idea that we are separate and not one, I may take them more seriously and it could also be great and horrible at times. If I say they are me, if I don't value myself, I may say, oh well they are just me and I don't care about myself so I don't care about them either. Do you find it hard to connect with others if you are constantly assuming they are just your imagination? I guess for one to experience love, they must also know evil. For one to experience connection, they must also know a lack of. And if there is 'everything is imagined, everything is made up', then love and evil no longer exists. But it is still sad that love doesn't exist. But then why is that sad? Does it make you sad that your paradigm doesn't have love and evil aside from imagining it?
  11. I feel like even if it is wrong, I need the religious one because I want to have someone else there with me. And someone that helps me learn how to love. Like I want that connection. Otherwise with no connection, it just feels so empty.
  12. @Leo Gura If I am constructing this reality, why is it that I just asked a pizza to arrive on the floor and nothing happened? Why is it that I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow on in 1 minute from now? Or like............. how do I actually know I am constructing it and is it possible to stop constructing it? How do I get out of reality then? Like is there an exit door to this place? Can I just turn the game off or start a different one?
  13. @Leo Gura What part about the human games that I am playing is terrifying? What do you mean by 'playing human games'? Just like convincing myself I am a human is a scary thought in terms of - why do I keep convincing myself I am human? I guess I feel like if I had some sort of demonic thing in my house, it would be hard to think of it as good ha. I guess especially if it was trying to hurt me.. but I guess I hurt things too so I am just as bad? But I guess there are spiders and cockroaches and I don't see those as good or bad.
  14. @Gesundheit2 I am watching it. My reaction was: We don't even know what's not true so we may not ever know what is. But Abrahamic religions sure do throw in a pretty big threat. Like the comparison of, if you had 99 well-behaved kids and 1 psychopath, you'd want to pay attention to the psychopath or else you'd think, everything is okay here, and then the psychopath goes and kills the other kids. So then, even though like Hell/demons/Satan are something I don't want to think about, if they are the 1 psychopath, and I choose to ignore them... it's really hard to say what the 'right' thing to do is. @StarStruck Thanks. This reminds me of some various non-duality/you are god experiences I have had where one has various levels of consciousness.
  15. @Gesundheit2 I get told that I overthink all the time. I think I've heard that like 3 times just this week, ha. I think it depends on how much the other person thinks relative to me. But the answers are yes and yes.