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  1. The IQ test does not test for love or consciousness. So yes one can be high in IQ and still be unloving, cruel, and low consciousness. Just because we are good at one thing doesn't mean we are good at another.
  2. Imagination. Ease difficult times. Get into flow. Change mood. Get silly. Belly dancing haha. Inspirational.
  3. There is a weird area with this. If your friend says they want to suicide (or kill someone else), do you let them do it because that it their truth they think is right or talk them out of it? If the politician is considering makes your psychedelics illegal, your gay relationships illegal, your female right to have a bank account illegal, forced military work, do you not speak up? If your parent's truth is that you cannot date your partner unless your partner convert's to the same religion as your parent, do you not speak up? So again, there is a fuzzy line here. On the absolute scale, sure anyone can think whatever. On the relative scale though, we will still want to convert others to our truth, especially when their truth is dangerous to our survival. (Even the idea, let's not convert others to our truth and just let them have theirs - well even that is a truth one is having and telling others to have). If our partner is doing something that we think is harmful to the relationship but they think it is okay, we will still try to convince them of our truth to either better understand theirs or to try to get them to adopt ours. We will tend to inspire others to pursue their truths when they are in line with our truths and will tend to talk them out of it when it is not.
  4. I realized that I was born clueless as to how the world worked and may die clueless as to how it worked. Yes I know people say one can know the Truth, but that just currently isn't my truth. I guess for me, it kinda takes the pressure off, takes the clingyness to one way of seeing things off, takes the desire to prove others wrong off. I realized that we see what we want to see and put great effort into doing so. (So maybe I don't want to see it right now). Whenever I would take a mind altering whatever, I would want to focus on seeing reality's existential being in a different way but the last time, I totally didn't care and the focus was on something else. I was no longer trying to see the existential framework of the paradigm but rather just playing around with concepts inside it.... I was wanting to play with dolls like how when I was little - then I realized how those had totally impacted me and made me want to be a Barbie my whole life without realizing it. Ugh don't buy your daughter's Barbie's unless you want a child who cares about looks over other stuff. Now I am wondering how many girls/women who were subconsciously influenced by Barbie/Bratz.
  5. Wow yes that is a very powerful answer. I am realizing that our (my) obsession with paradigms and exploring and arguing about them may come from being taught about paradigms in the first place and shamed if we did not agree – religion, will go to hell; science – will make a bad grade on your test; relationships - will get in a conflict/divorce; in the wild - could get eaten by a bear. But we were taught about them because others made them up and wanted to convert us to them. They said, "well maybe this explains reality". "Maybe we need to do this because it functions better." We then argue over how is the best way to function, what is the best stuff to be concerned with. These ideas we have keep on changing our paradigm and we always think ours is the best until we find something better but even that is then the best. When there is disagreement with others, it is like super horrible. We are fighting, resisting considering theirs. Why though? Our paradigm currently is incongruent and dismissive of the potential of that paradigm. Why didn’t we just feel fully into it? Well maybe we thought we would be shamed for doing that so we don’t let it go all the way. We don’t take it in fully. Maybe we are so convinced our paradigm is absolute that it doesn’t allow for considering anything else. The meta of this is that everything mentioned above is itself a paradigm too. I am thinking back to when I was a kid and there was no obsession with paradigms but rather just having fun, playing with toys, making jokes. Everyone we talk to, every thought we think, every book we read, every place we go, every drug we take is constantly shape shifting our paradigm and the stuff inside it.
  6. I had the large excessive ego, sometimes it would get to be a very dark experience, and sometimes I would want to be reliant on it for coping but no so much on the last one as much. I also had this thing where I felt like my brain was fried and didn't work as well (I think I wasn't drinking enough water before, during, and after the experience). I found that drinking more water significantly helps. Then there is also the danger of the law not allowing it. There was also the danger of being so into searching for truth that I was questioning people without considering their feelings/needs/circumstances and came off as an asshole, but yet, to one degree, well those things were definitely worthy of being said but maybe in a different manner and I was also way too pushy on my new insights onto people who were not ready for that type of thinking and it really didn't seem to inspire them either. There is the danger of noting the toxicity in things and then having such a large ego that I called people out on it and ended up tarnishing the relationship (which was probably on marshmallow foundation). I think I temporarily lost my ability to be proficient at my job and the ability to prioritize tasks (maybe like how pluralist stage cannot prioritize stuff)... but I ended up realizing that that job was not fulfilling either and left anyway.
  7. Dream: Me(dream(universe(awake/asleep))); Me = God = Dreamer · I am the dreamer; the dream is the only “here” Non-duality: Me(consciousness/universe(divisions(perspectives(awake/asleep)))); Me = God = Universe = Consciousness · I am interacting with myself here Science: universe(divisions(perspectives(me&others(awake/asleep)))); Me & others = humans · I am interacting with others here Christianity: God(creation(universe(me & others (awake/asleep)); heaven; hell)); Me & others = humans · God is watching me at all times from somewhere else; I interact with others Simulation Theory: Programmer(code(universe(me & others (awake/asleep)))); Me & others = code · Programmer coded me from somewhere else Gnosticism: Place(God in charge of me & others(dream(universe(awake/asleep)) Me & others = humans · God has trapped me in this dream somewhere else … We could have an infinite number of possible combinations/sequences of the above for a potential infinite possible existential paradigms. God(me & others(dream(universe(awake/asleep(dream(universe(awake/asleep)) **Probably got these a little wrong but this is the general idea.. Also wanted to add that creating comparisons helped me to get out of being attached to one possible paradigm and open to considering many. (Still having one personal paradigm but instead of the paradigm only accepting one view as valid, the paradigm accepts multiple paradigms as potentially valid). It then makes sense why people could be so against other paradigms, especially more so when stuff closer to the outer ring is different. The above is kinda written like software and math even though reality is so much more than that.
  8. I am interested in hearing more. I guess for me, even if the "life is a dream" paradigm may raise more questions, that doesn't mean I have to reject that paradigm as being a potential possibility. I can see that the creation is slightly different. For the dreamer god, the creation is a dream and imagined with the physical world being dreamed. For the nonduality god, there could still technically be a physical world or it too could be all in the mind. Yes I see that with non-duality, we are the Earth and it really isn't death but rather transformation of the self with the self.
  9. If the existential dream paradigm where all of reality is a dream and there is no one else but me, the dreamer and everything that is happening is me dreaming it, then the biggest mindfuck of all about resisting change because of our entire foundation for our existence changes, the whole thing about resisting truth because we are so comfortable in our current paradigm, then that means that all the advice that anyone in the dream gives to me and the ones that I give to others... then that means it is all for me to take on and the only one that needs to accept the potential existing paradigm change from it being materialist to dream is me. Question: Do y'all consider non-duality and the dream paradigm to be considered the same paradigm or two separate paradigms? I can see the perspective where the Earth exists after we die (the non-duality paradigm) whereas the one where the Earth is gone after we die (the dream paradigm). The repercussions of that are to not care about what happens with the earth (dream paradigm) or yes care (non-duality paradigm). However, even with the Earth still being here after we die, over the course of infinity, stuff changes and the Earth won't stay forever anyway. Question: There is the part where we have limited consciousness of what all is going on, as in if others do have minds and they are active even if we are not (materialist paradigm, partial God in non-duality), there is also the part where the only stuff that exists is the stuff we (me) are aware of (dream paradigm) (or non duality paradigm if the "I" is everything with a perspective, all bodies). It really makes a difference with regards to what paradigm we choose to operate from and how we interpret that paradigm. Question: I have noted how during non-duality/alternate consciousness experiences, I am having visuals and am putting meaning (words) onto those visuals. Regardless of paradigm, we experience stuff and put meaning on to it. However, the hard part is just like how we come up with words, are we coming up with the visuals that are not just "inside the head" but also those "outside the head as in the entire existence"? Yes I can see that if the experience allows for a new explanatory system and alters the paradigm, we accept it because it makes sense.
  10. It does seem like a pretty weird phenomenon - the voices and images in the head.... It is like our mouth isn't moving to create the words but we still hear them even though our ears aren't involved and our eyes don't have to be open or closed to see the images.. but I guess sound and visual is processed in the head and may happen in the same place as the internal dialogue and imagery. Regarding weird phenomenons - Existence seems weird too. But the internal processes - it is like they are happening and we aren't doing anything to make them happen, or aren't aware of the work involved. Or the stuff happening in the "external", it is like it is happening too but we don't seem to be aware of the work involved there either. So is there any work actually happening or is it all happening on its own?
  11. Why would another form not want me to know the truth and how would you know they don't? How do you know there are any other beings other than you? Extreme chaos is happening all the time. How do you know that they know the future? How do they know?
  12. @meta_male @Focus Cool thanks! My ex-boss added the gnosticism column ha.
  13. Hey. I made a google spreadsheet with comparisons of some potential existential paradigms and their consequences. Note that there are probably more than what is listed here and that everyone may have different interpretations/experiences/perspectives/understandings for what each one is like. It is interesting to note how the paradigm we choose to operate from will influence our priorities, values, and decisions. It is also interesting to note how people have had conflicts (myself included ha) and wars over disagreement with this kinda stuff... when all you have to do is put it in a spreadsheet and compare for fun (but it's not so fun when we disagree on what the lines in the spreadsheet should say and are attached to our perspective).... It could be none of these are "truth", it could be one is, it could be a variety.
  14. Wow this is really great stuff. Thanks for sharing and thanks to those who commented. There is more than just this but I got this- Think about what are your signals (do to create more love, fulfilment, worthwhile, increased capacity for complexity to support the desired mission) and what are your noises (distractions, waste of time, not really adding to life mission, resistance, discomfort)
  15. For those of you who have hallucinated people or other things that look like people, what did you make of it? I did for a split second last night. It was a black and white figure with open eyes making eye contact with me a few inches away from me and medium length hair and it floated past my right side. My initial response was this is creepy. It's hard to know why that happened. I wasn't intentionally trying to see anything. Other than that, it's just been bug hallucinations occasionally. All I can think of is that I was listening to this music for a few hours and it put me in the mind space. My great grandma would apparently see people going in and out of the walls. I was looking online and various disorders cause for hallucinations. This was the music: To clarify, it wasn't where I thought I saw something and turned and nothing was there. I saw it and it saw me. The figure was pale white and the hair and eyes were black. Also, I only saw the head, neck, and upper torso. It moved swiftly. I guess ghosts are a possibility.. if those are real which I have no clue.