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  1. @InterruptReQuest To stop fearing, could try to stop getting scared, nervous, or fearing stuff. In some cases, the fear could be a survival strategy such as fear of driving off a cliff when driving along a cliff. Could take a look at what fear is helpful and what fear is not helpful and then make it so that you can get rid of the non-helpful fear while keeping the helpful fear. What are the particular outcomes for the situation and is fear something that is going to help get me the outcome that I want?
  2. Nerd out on the 9-5 job and one may be able to fill up that passion and pride and help the kids nerd out and fill up their passion and pride too.
  3. If we take the perspective of birth and death not being a thing but rather startless and endless and the arrangement just transforming from one thing to another - there is nothing to survive in the sense that the arrangement is always rearranging itself with itself. If we say ego and the body are not separate but part of the same thing, then we could note that they transform (whether or not that is to keep a segment of the arrangement the same or to make a segment of the arrangement a specific way.)
  4. wow. I love his eye for richness in design.
  5. @erik8lrl This video is so awesome. Thanks.
  6. @Megan Alecia Those videos were really good. Thanks for sharing!
  7. @hyruga Thanks for sharing the video.
  8. @hyruga no worries!
  9. @Jay Ray Thank you so much for sharing this.
  10. @goodjob Nice post. Anything can be possible. Some stuff to think about: As for punishing those that did not obey and rewarding those who did - who are they obeying? Who is the authority here? If there is no authority, there are no rules, thus there is no one to say what the punishment and the reward is. There is no set rule on what is wicked and what is holy. If we are all God, we are the authority, we make the rules, we make the punishments and rewards - we make it however dream up. The rules that humans abide by are all made up. Could say Leo's soul would exist forever or that it never existed to begin with or ask what is the definition of Leo's soul and does it include all soul's or even what is a soul? Or what is the definition of exist and how can one verify that one is even existing? Why would god want to be worshipped? Regarding an apple being forbidden - brings up the interesting idea of whether or not something can actually be forbidden - I can see that if the natural laws of the world do not allow for it to happen then that is one thing, but of the stuff that the natural laws do allow for, if one can actually do it - then is it really forbidden? I guess if there was a hell - what would it look like and how would one draw the line for where on the spectrum "good" is and where on the spectrum "bad" is? I feel like shame is a step above the lowest level of consciousness because at least shame recognizes something - it is aware of its wrongdoing - there can be levels lower than that that are not even aware. Also, what is shameful to one person may not be shameful to another. We trick ourselves and others all the time. If there is a Devil, what would you say the devil is - low ego development? low consciousness? low knowledge? low skills? Why would god care what parts of itself did and why would god not be okay with parts of itself becoming more like itself? Why would god want to avoid stuff?
  11. @Yamak9889 Here is what I have experienced so far in the realm of what could be close to non-duality: I saw that we all seemingly came from the same origin - that humans/plants/insects/animals are all seemingly coming from the same source but are also the same being "I" and there were also visualizations that reminded me of infiniti. The idea of birth that there was no birth and that we were alive when our mom was alive and mom's mom and mom's mom and all the way back and that we are a part of our mom but also the mom's mom and mom's mom to the sense that our identity is everything - that ant's only look different from humans because the reproduction had a slight mutation over a very long period of time and that we are related to ants just like being related to humans but also the identity that we are the ants too. There was the idea that ourselves does not die as long as life is still alive when our individual being dies (basically extending the identity from human body to all of life in that sense - also like how a branch on a tree can die but as long as the rest of the tree is still alive, the tree lives on). (In that moment I was not freaking out - I was actually rather ready to stop breathing ha) - the idea that all the different individuals of "I" allow the "I" to have all these different perspectives and experiences and we can learn of of each other - the idea that all of life must continuously be alive to stay alive and have life today - the idea that we are our mom/boyfriend/boss/cockroach/dog/etc.- I don't think I went deep enough to get the full thing yet though - still more to go.. work in progress.. if that answers your question. I was having trouble with the notion of identifying with being the parent as the sperm and the egg had to combine to have the recipe for the offspring - and before that - the sperm and egg weren't combined yet (or that is how science had taught it) - still some stuff to explore. Yes I probably have lots of ego traps that I need to identify and get out of - thanks for the suggestions. @BigDogRaven I'm sorry that it has ruined many relationships. It can be tricky!! The ego is weird. Congrats on this personal development for a year. If my boyfriend hadn't gotten me into it, I don't know if I would have ever stumbled upon it myself. Maybe as you do more of it, you'll get a better eye for things and it'll make the relationship thing easier too. @AlwaysJoggin Good job on standing up for the bullied. It takes a level of awareness of being able to spot when something is wrong and is hurting the person next to you and how to react to it and what to do/not to do. @Origins Well said. The experiences can tend to be super helpful and yeah agreed - yes we can imagine lots of stuff sitting on the floor meditating but, the experience outside of meditation can tend to go in ways we would have maybe never "imagined" on "our own".
  12. Could argue that drafters should make the same amount of money as engineers if they are putting in the same amount of hours and same effort. However, the drafter's work may require less thinking, less planning, less risk, and less systematic understanding than the engineers. Therefore, even though both skills are valuable, the engineer's contributions may be considered more valuable. There will always be a lopsidedness where one thing produces more value than the other. The trick of the governments will be to understand this as well as prevent the gap from one being too high in comparison to another - understand that the things that produce less or no value at all still need to have adequate support systems and not have those at the high end with too much power (wealth caps). Could have the wealthier countries help support the lower developed countries get their infrastructure (and other things) improved to lessen the gap from one country to another. It is tricky though because what one country thinks as essential infrastructure, another may not - groups will tend to have different values and opinions on what is the most helpful - in that regard - would one not let their country get involved and let the country decide for itself how to develop - but then what if that is not "good enough" and there are "too many people" getting killed, starving, etc. Would be a back and forth of trial and error and seeing what works/what does not and even that would be subjective.
  13. @Yamak9889 I can see that this can be where it gets tricky - to speak in the realm of the absolute or the relative. In the realm of the relative, asking questions can be helpful. In the realm of the absolute, one can say there is nothing to ask, nothing to know or not know, no distinctions to make, nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to learn - I guess the problem (which itself tends to be a problem saying it is a problem) is that staying in the realm of the absolute closes the door in a way that there is nothing to happen. To me I get the sense that it kinda shuts out opportunity that duality tends to allow for. Why then have duality exist in the first place? Why then have me and you, two separate ideas, two separate perspectives, two separate experiences? (Yes or we could say we are part of the same one thing..) To not ask questions can be a way to stop making observations, to stop being curious - which there can tend to be nothing absolutely right or wrong about doing or not doing, from my perspective. I can see though that the foundation of a question - "Why did this cause this?" "What am I looking at" - can produce a false answer - the What will tend to be a distinction drawn, which may not represent the whole; the why be also lead to an incorrect answer as the why may never be fully known if nothing can be known; "How" - same thing; "Who" - same thing - so yeah good point in that the foundation of questions could lead to answers that are not the whole and thus incomplete. Even making an "is" statement may tend to lead to something incomplete from the full infinite. Yeah good point though that it basically can create a situation that makes things more deluded - it kinda puts a stopper on anything.. asking questions on the other-hand can be a tool for pointing out observations and getting the observation that another part of the whole has made. In a way, the idea of a false self cannot seem to fully exist either - maybe less authentic self as we cannot fully verify if something is false - maybe an incomplete missing some puzzle pieces self. A self that is seemingly putting oneself in the position to be more deluded than seeing clarity. For the studies that say that closed minded people should not get advice - if we go on the realm that there is no should or should not - then we could say that we could chose to or chose not to - in a way, one could argue that the closed minded people need more help than the non-closed minded people (or on the absolute there is no need so it doesn't matter and me saying that there is a need to be non-closed minded is also biased and that yes we can just learn to appreciate their closed mindedness or ignore it or forget it or whatever we chose) Yes I can see the perspective that nobody's lives matter and some of us may decide that they do even if they don't - but there's also the idea that stuff does matter - the cool thing about everything is that all of the perspectives allow for different views and some views would point to things mattering and others would point to things not mattering and it can be nice to appreciate the different things and see what all there is in it. I can also see that there is the dual perspective of us being separate individuals and the non-dual perspective of us being part of the same thing - so the idea that another person is closed minded and we are open minded then even is off ha as it would rather be that everything has its own level of closed to open minded or the idea of closed and open in a duality too and there where one choses to draw the line can be subjective so even that makes it to where there is not one or the other, just different arrangements of the whole....... It is a work in progress to sort through all the dualities and notice them as dualities...... I can see that there is the tetter totter of duality vs "everything just is" to one scale and then a larger scale of just everything and it can be nice to zoom in and out of that. Thanks for the inputs. I (we) appreciate the feedback.